Company Profile

The furniture of [B]crea is 100% Dutch. The exclusive Dutch furniture designers uses only the highest quality materials. Bringing design and common sense together, [B]crea has become a European leader in creating modern furniture. The design also shows that typical Dutch common sense. Eric Titulaer: \"I do not want to improve the world but I do want to improve sitting. That is not limited to the form but starts at the function. When my pieces of furniture end up in museums that is nice, but I design them for people to use.\"

Product Range

  • Contemporary living room table
  • Design furniture: Chair
  • Design furniture: Sofa
  • Design living room furniture
  • Design living room table
  • Freestanding furniture: Fixed-height table
  • Garden chair
  • Leather sofa
  • Living room seating: Benches
  • Living room seating: Chair and armchair
  • Living room seating: Sofa
  • Living room seating: Traditional chair and armchair
  • Living room seating: Upholstered chair
  • Living room seating: Wicker chair
  • Living room table