• Offer Profile
  • Customer-based focus
    New ideas, top quality and the customer’s “wellbeing”, as company founder Robert Reiss once put it over 130 years ago, are the basis for REISS’ success. As a medium-sized business based in Germany, we manufacture complete office furniture for administrations, industry and trade in accordance with the latest standards. We aim to be a genuine partner for our customers when fulfilling their requests and specifications.

    REISS offers
    • Innovative products in a clearly structure portfolio
    • Customised work-station and project solutions
    • Long-term high-quality solutions for product development and manufacturing
Product Portfolio
  • Office furniture systems

      • Workstations

      • Office living space

        A working atmosphere, the space for individual creation and function oriented design, which produces efficient performance - thus enabling excellent working results. An integrated ergonomic approach for every phase of the working process produces optimum conditions for every working area. With working areas from REISS a livable working space is produced meeting the expectations of the employee.
          • REISS STANDARD

          • The standard for the office

            If you want easy, practical solutions then REISS STANDARD is just right. Successful functionality need not be expensive. Many extensions and linking elements enable individual solutions.
          • REISS ECO N2

          • Endless opportunities

            With the REISS ECO N2 office furniture programme holistic room concepts can become reality. Its huge number of variations offers several solutions for every workplace situation. REISS ECO N2 allows a wide range of interior concepts to be realised – from the stand-alone workplace to the open-plan office. The large height adjustment choice meet all ergonomical requirements.
          • REISS ERGO

          • More vitality in the office

            REISS ERGO brings vitality to daily office life. All writing desks and monitor desks either have a fixed height of 740 mm, are adjustable from 650 mm to 850 mm or are sit-stand desks from 650 mm to 1.250 mm.
          • REISS NOVO

          • The ergonomic upgrade for the office

            REISS NOVO is an interesting alternative for those who want more than the standard but don't want to replace their entire office furnishings. With its subtle design, REISS NOVO fits into any office landscape and noticeably enhances your office both functionally and ergonomically.
          • REISS IDEALO

          • Comfort all the way

            Design as a measure and maximum of functionality. REISS IDEALO connects these requirements in a convincing way with clear classical lines - from function oriented writing desk to the large scale conference solution.
          • REISS ELEGANCE

          • The new management furnishing solution

            You would like a set-up according to your style? REISS ELEGANCE offers you as much functionality, ergonomics and design as you want. With REISS ELEGANCE, you combine healthy working methods with a representative ambience in an entirely elegant way. REISS ELEGANCE office furniture offers you ergonomical functionality and the highest degree of reliability in any combination. They are energy-efficient in use, sustainable and manufactured in the highest quality. An elegant solution for your requirements.
        • Sit-Stand-Workstations

        • The principle of movement

          Robert Reiss developed and produced Germany’s first sitting/standing work desk 100 years ago. Today, REISS is the benchmark for height-adjustable writing desks. At the time, the company founder wanted everyone to be able to choose between a sitting and standing position depending on how they felt. REISS sitting/standing work desks, with individual design, maximum ergonomic function and high standards of quality and reliability, now express an attitude towards life.
            • REISS ECO N2

            • Sit-Stand-Desks

              REISS ECO N2 meets all ergonomic requirements of a contemporary office work station. Whether it be through quick lift, crank lever or motorised quick adjustment, the crossbar-less frame ensures comfortable legroom and space at any height.
            • REISS ERGO N

            • Sit-Stand-Desks

              The appearance of the REISS ERGO N is characterised by a slender guide column rounded on both sides, making the standing/sitting work desk suitable for almost any office environment – either by blending in harmoniously or accentuating the design.
            • REISS ERGO

            • Sit-Stand-Desks

              If ever a name became synonymous with a range, it is definitely the case with REISS ERGO, which combines timeless design with tried-and-tested technology. Everything is in tune and available for ergonomic office furnishings.
            • REISS NOVO

            • Sit-Stand-Desks

              REISS NOVO is the all-rounder among the REISS standing/sitting work desks. Whether it be as an additional accessory or for meetings at the workplace – any model is possible thanks to the wide variety of frame and table top designs.
          • Communication

          • A modern culture of open communication

            An information society is unthinkable without complex communication. Structures and hierarchies are continually growing in significance. Conference systems must be taken into account. From specialized conference and course space to the classical conference solution via the highly variable meeting areas. With REISS conference solutions you will always be in the spotlight of discussion.
              • REISS NOVO

              • Freedom of speech

                Small but powerful, and an all-rounder when it comes to communication. Face-to-face at any level or round-table work meeting. REISS NOVO soon gets people talking, even in breaks.
              • REISS IDEALO

              • Diversity of opinion

                REISS IDEALO looks almost architectural. Even when things get emotional, the straight lines and simple practicality of this conference table impress in any discussion scenario.
              • REISS ECO N2

              • Management quality

                The REISS ECO N2 range is distinguished by its variety of equipment and combination options, ensuring every object can be precisely arranged as required. REISS ECO N2 tables make no compromises, and that includes in relation to design.
              • REISS STANDARD

              • Dialogue partner

                REISS Standard is the perfect partner for everyday office communications, enabling all relevant questions to be answered simply, while still ensuring variety in design.
              • REISS INTEO

              • Diversity of opinion

                Prepared for variation from head to toe. REISS INTEO is extremely versatile thanks to special combinable tops. The range specialises in conference usage, offering the right communication solution for any space.
              • REISS TABILO

              • Exchange of ideas

                Mobility and flexibility are essential in the working world. And REISS TABILO is predestined precisely for this. Smooth, braking rollers, varying sizes, and fold-away tops make this table highly effective. Its purist design is another impressive forte.
            • Storage

            • Tidy atmosphere

              Efficient work is decisively influenced by the reduction of organizational additional jobs and auxiliary jobs. The storage space solutions from REISS enable different organizational office processes to be realized. At the same time they integrate functionally as well as visually into every office situation without difficulty.
                • REISS Cupboard System

                • In good order

                  The REISS Cupboard System offers perfect order with maximum flexibiliity. Modular design enables numerous tidy solutions for every office environment.
                • REISS Container System

                • Everything in order

                  The REISS Container System is ideal for organising and storage due to its intelligent interior, adjustable shapes and mobility.
                • REISS Catering Container

                • Proper Service

                  The REISS Catering Container fits everything you need for a coffee meeting or to entertain you guests. Drawers, especially designed to store cutlery, glasses and tableware offer plenty of storage space and are clearly laid-out. The REISS Catering Container with its sturdy casters is always ready when- and wherever you need it.
              • Acoustic

              • Acoustically efficient

                Concentration and communication, variability and flexibility. Office space today has to effectively promote performance. REISS Acoustic Solutions enable room structures that create optimal audibility and ensure productive work. Acoustically effective components for table systems, in storage spaces as well as the room layout provide an efficient and sustainable effect on the room atmosphere.
                  • REISS UNI

                  • Acoustics and screening system

                    REISS UNI can be used in single-leaf form as an absorber on bulletin boards or the back of cabinets. As a desk screen, REISS UNI, like legroom and side screens, is designed with a thickness of 22 mm, in a double-leafed sandwich style. The freestanding rotating Paravent elements are 1.6 m high, also featuring a double-leafed design.
                  • REISS System 23/24

                  • Perfectly structured

                    Whether as table extension or partition, acoustic solutions with the System 23/24 perfectly define room and workplace and offer an acoustically pleasant atmosphere. The frame profiles are coordinated with the REISS desk range – available in semicircular form as System 23 or cornered as System 24.
                  • REISS System 40/41

                  • Professionally protected

                    The System 40/41 features a high degree of sound-absorbtion, lightweight design and secure assembly to enable sophisticated, flexible acoustic solutions. The frame profiles coordinated with the REISS desk range are available in semicircular form as System 40 or cornered as System 41.
                  • REISS Acoustic Components

                  • Audibly better

                    Noise is distracting. The REISS storage system sound-absorbing décor and roller blind fronts as well as the fitted rear panels allow selective influence of the room acoustics. Unwanted noises are dampened and concentrated work is supported. The acoustic components are available in selected décors and colours suitable for customised systems.
                • Reception

                • Always welcome

                  The reception area is the visiting card of the office. Irrespective of whether it concerns information, consultation or just pleasant greetings. Variable and representative, REISS reception systems meet all the requirements at the most important work area in the office.
                    • REISS OVERTO

                    • The warm welcome

                      REISS OVERTO, the representative reception solution, convincing by its distinct froms and simple elegance. Irrespective of which configuration, you will always radiate a "Welcome in the Office".
                    • REISS ERGO

                    • Top performance from the very beginning

                      REISS ERGO gives top performance at reception: because the representative reception desk solution from REISS ERGO captivates due to its consistent modern as well as attractive design, simultaneously maintaining the optimum degree of functionality.