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  • Offer Profile
  • Flokk is the leading manufacturer of high quality workplace furniture in Europe, developing a growing family of brands. We are the proud owner of product brands HÅG, RH, BMA, Offecct, Giroflex, Malmstolen and RBM. About 650 employees all work together to realize the vision of our company:

    Inspire great work!
Product Portfolio
  • HÅG

      • Task Chairs

          • HÅG Capisco

          • The HÅG Capisco is a design icon that continues to withstand the test of time. Inspired by a horseback rider’s posture, its pioneering saddle seat and overall unique shape, offers endless ways to sit or half stand. This encourages you to vary your position. Front ways, back ways or sideways, whatever feels most comfortable next.
          • HÅG Capisco Puls

          • The HÅG Capisco Puls provides you with all the benefits of the HÅG Capisco, except that it’s lighter. For lively environments such as creative workplaces, it’s a versatile choice. It’s easy to wipe down, and like the HÅG Capisco, perfectly suits height adjustable desks.
          • HÅG SoFi

          • The HÅG SoFi is the ultimate task chair. Visually warm and welcoming, it hides the fact that it’s packed full of smart functionality. Designed to create a neat impression, its complete user-friendliness makes it ideal for both your own desk, and multi-user working environments. It’s easy to adjust and continuously energizes you.
          • HÅG Executive

          • The HÅG Executive Collection represents unbeatable comfort and exclusive design. These are high-quality chairs that respond to your every move, providing excellent support and balance. With their advanced functions and features, and choice of sumptuous leather, working long hours will seem like a luxury.
          • HÅG Futu

          • The HÅG Futu combines compact looks with high-precision engineering. It’s ideal if you lack space, yet require an effective task chair. All technical parts are integrated into its shape, making it more streamlined. This helps it easily blend in with its surroundings.
          • HÅG H03

          • The HÅG H03 rocks. Literally. It lets you rock back and forth, even sideways, whilst firmly supporting your back. With its intuitive mechanism, you can change the sitting depth and height of the backrest in one quick and easy movement. Ideal for multiple users, or if you are frequently in and out of your chair.
          • HÅG H04

          • The HÅG H04 bears all the character traits of the archetypal office chair. Strengthening our philosophy of balanced movement when it was first introduced, it maintains a timeless quality. Everything about it feels instantly familiar.
          • HÅG H05

          • The HÅG H05 includes many of the features you’d expect from a classic HÅG chair. What’s more, it incorporates smart functionality that lets you adjust the seat depth, back height, and forward and backwards tilt resistance all at once. Ease of comfort and movement is what it’s about.
        • Meeting & Collaboration

            • HÅG SoFi Communication

            • The HÅG SoFi Communication helps soften the mood of meeting rooms. Like the HÅG SoFi, it includes smart functionality that’s unique in these types of chairs. Designed to energize you, its informal appearance will help you communicate in a more relaxed manner.
            • HÅG Executive Meeting

            • The HÅG Executive Meeting Collection adds an air of authority to the boardroom. Offering all the comfort and luxury you get from the HÅG Executive Collection, you’ll feel completely at ease throughout any long meetings. All thanks to being in balance, which keeps you continuously energized.
            • HÅG Futu Communication

            • The HÅG Futu Communication is an elegant visitor’s chair designed to complement the HÅG Futu. Thanks to its flexibility, it has a rocking motion which provides good ergonomic support and comfort.
            • HÅG H04 Communication

            • The HÅG H04 Communication is a visitor’s chair designed to complement the HÅG H04. Whether it’s on the opposite side of your office desk, or used throughout meeting rooms, it portrays a similar timeless design. Like all HÅG chairs, it has a rocking motion which provides excellent comfort.
            • HÅG H05 Communication

            • The HÅG H05 Communication is a visitor’s chair designed to complement the HÅG H05. Whether it’s on the opposite side of your office desk, or used throughout meeting rooms, it portrays a similar timeless design. Like all HÅG chairs, it has a rocking motion which provides excellent comfort.
            • HÅG Conventio

            • The HÅG Conventio has been designed with meetings and conferences in mind. Its standout feature is its rocking mechanism, which is unique compared to most other conference chairs. It lets you move more freely whilst being seated, and helps to release energy. Thereby keeping your mind clearly focused.
            • HÅG Conventio Wing

            • The HÅG Conventio Wing is tailor-made for meetings and conferences, like the HÅG Conventio. It has the same rocking mechanism too, which allows you to move more freely whilst being seated. It’s light and airy, yet sturdy, and enables you to arrange rows of seating quickly and efficiently.
          • RH

                  • RH Logic

                  • Perform better with RH Logic as your colleague
                    You deserve an office chair that is right for your body. With RH Logic, you can choose a high or low back and a number of other design features. The result is a comfortable office chair that helps you to perform better throughout the working day. RH Logic is also available as a 24/7 and ESD friendly office chair.
                  • RH Mereo

                  • A Scandinavian sensation - designed for you
                    Uncompromising ergonomics combined with innovation and design. The office chair RH Mereo helps you to achieve an active sitting position, better concentration and better performance. RH Mereo is perfect for workplaces where several people use the same office chair.
                  • RH Extend

                  • A functional chair at a comfortable price
                    This elegant office chair is as user-friendly as it is ergonomic. RH Extend is designed to give your body the best possible support and relaxation, while at the same time encouraging you to move around. RH Extend is easily adjustable to give everyone a unique working position. All RH Extend office chairs are also available in ESD editions.
                  • RH Activ

                  • RH Activ. Perhaps our most flexible chair.
                    If you are looking for a standard work chair that can be adapted to suit different people in different office environments, RH Activ is a natural choice. RH Activ is easy to use and stimulates your core muscles during the working day. RH Activ is also available in ESD and cleanroom editions.
                  • RH Visit

                  • A chair for more comfortable meetings
                    Choose a chair for meetings and conferences that allows natural movements of the body. The seats and flexibility in the back create a comfortable experience while helping you to maintain an upright sitting position keeping you more alert. RH Visit makes long meetings seem shorter.
                  • RH Lounge

                  • A chair for those relaxed moments
                    Designed for relaxing moments and informal meetings. Choose RH Lounge for a spacious chair with soft cushions. When you are well seated, your thoughts can run free. RH Lounge is a perfect match for elegant reception areas, meeting rooms and hotel lobbies.
                  • RH Support

                  • More Support at work
                    A series of work chairs designed for people who work in non-standard ways. Stay supported working at different heights or even “back to front”. RH Support is available in various models so that you can customise your work chair for your own needs. RH Support is also available as an ESD work chair
                • RBM

                    • Meeting & Collaboration

                        • RBM Ana

                        • RBM Ana is a very popular chair in Scandinavia, a best selling chair through all times. Filling assembly halls, canteens, meeting rooms and cafeterias with activity. Easy to position in rows and easy to stack. The simple design in combination with the ergonomically crafted seat, makes it a clear favourite. The RBM Ana is available in a wide range of colours applicable for polypropylene shells as well as the steel frames.
                        • RBM Ballet

                        • An inspiring chair following a timeless and modernist tradition. RBM Ballet makes a vivid impression on all environments. The chair is stable and comfortable. Works just as well around the dining table, meeting table and in the conference room. Either with a 4 leg base, or as a functional chair with 5 star foot base in PA or polished aluminium.
                          RBM Ballet is easy to stack and may also be linked together. Moulded coloured plastic shell, with or without seat padding. Armrests are available on the 4 leg model.

                          RBM Ballet Medium with a smaller shell is available for the 5 star foot base.
                        • RBM Bella

                        • RBM Bella is a pure pleasure. A chair that can enliven any circumstance in any company, conference hall or canteen. Clean, smooth lines designed for the hip as well as the proper environments. The high, slightly curved back provides good ergonomic support. RBM Bella is available in various colours of laminates, veneers and stained veneer.
                        • RBM Low-back Bella

                        • RBM Low-back Bella is a further development of RBM Bella and has a lower back height than the classical RBM Bella, yet a generous, slim and open form with a strong appeal. The chair is designed for stability and solidity, well-suited for all users in various environments in conferences, canteens, meetings e.g.
                        • RBM Noor 4-leg

                        • RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that brings life to rooms. A collection of meeting, conference and canteen chairs with high ergonomic comfort, adding vitality to working spaces and sociable places.

                          The tubular leg model is available in a wide range of vibrant colours applicable for polypropylene shells, 3D oak veneer shells as well as the legs.
                        • RBM Noor Sledgebase

                        • RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that brings life to rooms. A collection of meeting, conference and canteen chairs with high ergonomic comfort, adding vitality to working spaces and sociable places.

                          The sledge base model is available in a wide range of vibrant colours applicable for polypropylene shells, 3D oak veneer shells as well as the steelbase.
                        • RBM Noor Footbase

                        • RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that brings life to rooms. A collection of meeting, conference and canteen chairs with high ergonomic comfort, adding vitality to working spaces and sociable places.

                          The 5 star footbase model comes in a wide range of vibrant colours applicable for polypropylene shells and 3D oak veneer shells. The aluminium seat- and footbase are available in black paint (standard). Polished alu. or white paint as options.

                          Upholsteries are available on seat, seat/back and fully upholstered.
                        • RBM Noor Wooden legs

                        • RBM Noor is a contemporary classic that brings life to rooms. A collection of meeting, conference and canteen chairs with high ergonomic comfort, adding vitality to working spaces and sociable places.

                          The wooden legs chair model is available in a wide range of vibrant colours applicable for polypropylene shells. 3D oak veneer shell comes in oak nature or dark stained oak. Wooden legs in oak nature as standard and dark stained colour as option. The aluminium seat base is available in black paint as standard. White paint and polished aluminium are optional choices. This model has a high finish with a perfect visual material meeting between aluminium and wood.
                        • RBM Noor Up

                        • The only thinkable way we could find to raise the bar was to increase the height.
                          RBM Noor Up is a new mid-high bar chair model within the RBM Noor family. 63 cm above the floor is our secret. It’s a perfect height for social sitting and a perfect way of keeping the conversation going. For a long time. It provides a natural ergonomic seating comfort for the users and is ideal for use to tables with heights around 90 cm height, as the RBM Allround tables.

                          RBM Noor Up fits perfectly well in break-out areas, coffee bars and meeting areas in various environments as open offices, canteens, private homes and other social places where people meet to interact.
                      • Tables

                          • RBM Standard

                          • This conference table is perfect for gatherings and large events. It is stylish and practical with numerous shaped table tops, sizes and accessories that allow creative and successful arrangements. RBM Standard folding tables are flexible, easy to connect, fold and transport (transport trolley) and require little space for storage. A great choice for auditorium, canteen or assembly halls.
                          • RBM Ultima

                          • As the name suggests, RBM Ultima is the ultimate folding table. A versatile and elegant design with unique charm that will fit in any conference hall or meeting room. It will enhance the interior of any environment. RBM Ultima is stable and easy to collapse. When stacked, the table takes up very little space and can easily be transported on to a trolley and stored away when not in use. RBM Ultima is perfect with the RBM Ballet, RBM Bella or RBM Noor chairs.
                          • RBM Sweep table

                          • With its soft curves the RBM Sweep table is great combined with the RBM Sweep sofa or chairs. It adds comfort and familiarity to any reception area, lounge or waiting room. The oval table top echoes the shapes of the sitting furniture making them ideal partners. The elongated cut out slot and birch profile along the edge adds to the character of the table. The table is available in three sizes.
                          • RBM Allround

                          • This is, as the name implies, a versatile table. A loyal and devoted friend. A reliable piece of furniture, functional and allowing. And always there for you. RBM Allround makes it easy to assemble to any work gathering or sociable occasion. The series includes several useful table top shapes and sizes, table heights and functions which go well with chairs such as RBM Noor and Noor Up, RBM Bella or RBM Ballet.
                          • RBM Eminent

                          • RBM Eminent is a functional and practical table that can be easily linked to create a long table or in other required set-up systems. It’s clean design and rugged build makes RBM Eminent a sturdy table that can withstand all types of daily activities in canteens, schools, institutions, conference rooms or assembly halls. RBM Eminent comes in a variety of table shapes, sizes and colours on legs and table top surfaces.
                          • RBM Connect

                          • Contemporary design and functionality. RBM Connect has an architectural quality that can vitalise the creative advertising agency as well as the mobile office and the assembly room. It is an easy-to-use table, mobile, light and flexible. RBM u-Connect has castors and is easily stacked together and moved around in the room for storing.
                            RBM e-Connect can be collapsed and folded with a simple operation and stacked together flat on a trolley. Practical, as it should be.
                          • RBM Twisted Little Star

                          • Its playful name alone can make you happy. Twisted Little Star is a table with many qualities. Its unique and smart shape will stimulate the atmosphere of any office, library, canteen or meeting room. Designed to bring people closer together, several tables can be connected like a jigsaw puzzle in order to create a larger unit. When not in use chairs can be tucked away under its edge. This is pure craftsmanship. A multiplex table top surface available in various colour. The table comes with legs in solid oak, dark stained or white stained colours.
                        • Lounge

                            • RBM Flip and Fold

                            • Every art gallery, airport, reception area and waiting room should have this beautiful furniture. A versatile and module-based system that creates happy shapes and sitting surfaces at different levels and angles. The module flips and folds and can be connected to change functionality and expression. Up and down becomes front and back. Three different seating heights. Padded material in five different moulds with leg positions in three heights.
                            • RBM Sweep

                            • The risk is that you do not want to get up again. Not only is RBM Sweep a charismatic furniture, it is also a comfy furniture. Receiving visitors in the lounge, reception or waiting room, for a change of scene in the workplace or to relax in. RBM Sweep invites to mini conferences, tête-à-têtes or a time–out. Choose or combine armchairs with two or three seat sofas. The visual expression is characteristic and creative. The Sweep chair and sofas match the RBM Sweep tables perfectly.
                          • Task Chairs

                              • RBM 300

                              • The RBM 300 chair series has a wide selection of models and is designed for several environments. A collection of robust and stable chairs that can withstand wear and strain, for example in schools, workshops etc. The RBM 300 series has been designed to endure many different users over a long period of time. All chairs in the RBM 300 series have freely adjustable seats and backs.
                              • RBM 500

                              • RBM 500 is a flexible office chair suitable for small offices and learning institutions e.g. where there are many different users. The round shape of the seat and back add distinct character. The chair is ergonomically designed for optimum sitting comfort; you can easily set your favourite position.
                              • RBM 600

                              • RBM 600 is an office chair available in 4 models which is easy to adjust and therefore well suited to active work places with multiple users. A stylish task chair with a special dynamic sitting mechanism, RBM Active Dynamic®. This mechanism allows the chair to provide good ergonomic support no matter how you sit - whether you are leaning forward or backwards.
                              • RBM 700

                              • RBM 700 is a work chair that is both seen and felt. A chair that combines modern, distinct design with ease of use. The chair is easy to adjust according to individual requirements. Regardless of your weight, height or working position, the 700 series can quickly adapt to your desires and needs. The RBM 700 series consists of various models, all ergonomic and flexible to fit your body and working positions and situations. The chair features a uniquely designed ergonomically backrest.
                              • RBM 800

                              • Ever since we introduced our first RBM 800 series chair we have set the standard in comfort and functionality for task chairs. The redesign RBM 800 has a neat design with slim lines and environmental friendly materials. The chair is available in 3 different models with various back heights and is designed with high ergonomic comfort, good functionality and user friendliness. RBM 800 offers the user a comfortable workday in a chair that supports and relieves the body in all the right places.