Company Profile

If you're looking for flexible and modular computer furniture, with a Lifetime Warranty, you'll be able to find what you need here at Anthro! We make furniture for just about any application where you use computers or computer-based equipment. Office furniture, computer desks, home office furniture, electronic workbenches - we've designed them with you and ergonomics in mind. If you have any questions about our furniture, we would love to talk with you in person! We can help you in the layout of your office furniture; we can discuss the ergonomics of each Anthro product with you; we can configure a computer furniture solution that works best for you; and most important, we'll make sure your computer desk will absolutely delight you.

Product Range

  • Computer ergonomics: Mousing surface
  • Computer ergonomics: Printer stand
  • Computer furniture: Computer desk
  • Technical furniture: Cable managment tray
  • Technical furniture: Computer cart
  • Technical furniture: Technical bench