Company Profile

Biomorph Interactive Desks are designed for computer equipment, and with one important added factor - "for the people who have to sit at them." Biomorph's patented surface designs, the result of extensive research and development, encourage a comfortable and healthy way of using computers. With an evolutionary design that complements the human body, the unconventional desks provide a range of flexible options that allow the natural integration of people and computer equipment into the Biomorph workspace. No matter what individual needs or preferences may be, the Biomorph Interactive Desk adjusts to a perfect fit. Biomorph products are designed, manufactured and distributed directly to the market by Ground Support Equipment (US) Ltd., which was established in New York City in 1980. Owned by Stephen Barlow-Lawson, the President and Design Director, the company specializes in innovative, design driven solutions. Utilizing a network of factories around the world and in the USA, the company brings together the best of international design and engineering in the Biomorph product line.

Product Range

  • Computer ergonomics: Footrests
  • Computer ergonomics: Monitor arm and riser
  • Computer furniture: Computer desk
  • Technical furniture: Cable managment tray