Company Profile

Allsteel - A Different Way of Doing Business By focusing on every customer to create a unique and memorable experience, we are able to create long term value for our customers: spaces that make a statement, products that address real problems, solutions that are tailored to increase the bottom line and help organizations be more effective. At Allsteel, being responsive means listening to what our customers say their needs are, and deliver a complete solution that is specific to their needs today, and in the future. As a result of the way we approach our business we are rewarded with customer loyalty and trust. How do we do this? If you ask our customers they will tell you that it is the quality of people at Allsteel that make the difference Good design is functionality made beautiful. Elegant lines, beautiful finishes and a wide selection of options are details that are designed into every product to help employees work more comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, in a workspace that inspires. Advanced Functionality means actually solving real problems. We believe that our products should be designed to solve the problems faced by customers every day. This is why we seek out customer feedback throughout our entire design process. Solving problems by advancing the functionality of each product is our approach to product development. Durability is engineered and manufactured into our products so they stand up to extended use and multiple reconfigurations, and look great over time. Durable material choices, precise engineering and lean manufacturing practices allow us to offer products that are intended to have a long life. We pay attention to what materials are used and how they affect the environment. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty. Service should do more than fix problems – it should anticipate them. Because we strive to make our customer’s jobs easier, we have put people, systems and programs in place to help you in getting your offices up and running and keep things running smoothly. All of our members are empowered and encouraged to go above and beyond customer expectations. It is part of our culture. Our members are committed to helping customers succeed. Allsteel shares and contributes to the values set out by HNI corporation. Its right in our mission statement: “Through the years, the soul of this company has centered on personal and collective integrity, a belief that all stakeholders- our members, customers, shareholders, suppliers and communities- should be treated at all times with honesty, fairness and respect. The company operates on a simple principle: to be a great place for shareholders to invest, strive to be a great place to work and do business with.” You’ll notice how our culture fits the way you do business. Allsteel. Designed to work. Built to last.