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IB office

Company Profile

Thanks to its vaste and complete range of products, IB OFFICE is one among the many firms which deals with office furniture manufacture and that pays big attention to the continuous transformation of the operative spaces. IB OFFICE proposes to solve the different demands of the interpretation of the environment, offering a qualified service which consists of: -an analysis of the productive system. -an evaluation of the necessities of the customers. -office space planning and design. The team of designers has been creating programmes for the management office likewise the operational office whose vital space for people has been organised with harmoniuos solutions of technology and design. The range of office furniture systems gives an answer to the many requests present on work-places, not only those of the present time, but also the future ones. From the beginning the philosophy of IB OFFICE, has been focused to priviledge the professionality of the designers and human resources; consistant capitals have been invested to sustain the two main goals: insertion of a production plant that has recently resulted to be very dynamic, and the conquest of a significant penetration level on the national and international markets.