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Foscarini Murano

Company Profile

Foscarini can guarantee it clients a high standard of service, as endorsed by the ISO 9001 certification its obtained in 1996. The management assures brand identity and coherence by careful conservation of its Murano heritage, whilst being ever ready to consider new objectives and to exercise its rare capacity for talent scouting. The Company works with established designers who've created new trends. In particular, Rodolfo Dordoni, who designed some of Foscarini's best-sellers, including Lumiere, Denis Santachiara for his magical Elfo, Aldo Cibic for his tongue-in-cheek Cocò, Marc Sadler for his rare synthesis of elegance and technology in Mite, Ferruccio Laviani for the almost pop impact of his brand-enhancing Orbital, Dolmen and Supernova, Defne Koz for the subdued feminine grace of Dress and Circus, Jozeph Forakis, creator of Havana, so emblematic of his harmonious use of ordinary plastic, and Valerio Bottin, who designed a whole series of lamps reflecting change and refinement in modern taste.