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Venture Lighting International

Company Profile

Venture Lighting International, an Advanced Lighting company, was founded in 1983 as a metal halide, high intensity discharge lamp (light bulb) manufacturing company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Venture has continued to develop innovative, environmentally-friendly products designed for a wide range of metal halide lighting applications. Venture's high quality, competitively priced metal halide lamps, including the revolutionary, new Uni-Form® pulse start system, have accelerated the annual market growth rate of metal halide to double that of other lighting technologies. In recent years, advancements in metal halide technology have extended its use from outdoor applications to commercial, retail and office space. Venture's exclusive Uni-Form pulse start technology continues to lead the industry with its state-of-the-art system approach to metal halide lighting. Says Mr. Hellman, Venture is committed to the continued development of new technology and applications for metal halide. As the lighting industry evolves and shifts toward high-end technologies, Venture is mobilized to maintain a position at the forefront of metal halide technological advancement worldwide.