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  • Walls, tables and chairs for the contemporary office

    Methis provides solutions to a vast array of different problems concerning office layouts. Continually stimulated by the most up to date research trends, the company’s skills extend well beyond the furnishing sphere to develop workplace solutions and spatial management to satisfy all aspects of an organization as regards image, ergonomics, comfort and well being
Product Portfolio
  • The Collections

  • A care for detail and for chromatic and textural combinations are at the basis of the Methis office world philosophy. The office becomes the mood of those who work there, as a garment can tell of suggestive scenarios where the most fascinating principle becomes the absence of the characteristic features of these places, in the search for increasingly more absolute spaces.
  • Walls

  • evosystem is an integrated system consisting of double and single panel walls and doors featuring elegant finishes and an exclusive collection of high quality materials (ceramic, veneer, lacquered mdf, melamine finish, painted, frosted and clear glass). A wide array of custom-made solutions can be created, enabling the system to be used to design customized partitions combining the decorator’s creative fl air with the need to efficiently rationalize the available space. The unitary construction concept allows the products to integrate perfectly with each other and to achieve a customized and functional use of the available space.
    Integrated architecture inspired evosystem: walls, structures, external cladding, floors, false ceilings and wire management create the intelligent synergies of a unitary architectural project.

    • The wall system with structural frames designed for executive offices and featuring partitions, storage walls and wall cladding. A comprehensive collection of quality finishes (ceramic, veneer, lacquered mdf and painted glass) gives life to harmonious and creative tailor-made offices with an extremely stylish look. It is also possible to create radically different "office worlds"
    • EVO WORK

    • The wall system with structural frames designed for office environments and featuring partitions, storage walls and wall cladding. A comprehensive array of modules to suit the most diff erent planning requirements. Quick to erect and handle on the installation site since they can be adjusted on the spot, simplifying all the assembly work and facilitating area re-confi gurations.

    • Evosquare is the new system of plate glass walls from Methis. It features an interesting quadrangular section profile that achieves a wonderfully balanced appearance and a sober, modern line. The light and versatile partitions make the most out of the luminosity in the rooms. They can also be used along with the Evo double plate partition wall system. A wall that can be “tailor-made” and sized to suit the requirements of each individual project.

    • Glazed modules with transparent, frosted or painted safety glass. Solid modules in lacquered or fair-faced MDF, laminated, wood, metal panels. Sliding and swing doors in hardened glass or solid with laminate finish.
      Linear joints with 2, 3 and 4-ways, square or with variable angles and fully aluminium profiles to underscore the lightness of the system.

    • Comprehensive collection of doors that perfectly match the double plate and single pane walls. Many different types (swing, sliding, double pane and single-plate, with aluminium frames or frameless) featuring elegant fi nishes and stylish, hinges and handles. Available in a vast range of materials (ceramic, wood veneer, laminate, painted, frosted, clear glass).
    • HOOK

    • "Metal architecture, as a homage to Jean Prouvé. More than a partition, but a constructive system, where the joints disappear into the folds of the metal. The corrugated an lacquered system is pierced regularly like a punch card or a music score. The wall becomes a device of infinite potential that can be fitted with a comprehensive array of shelves and accessories."
    • EVO PLUS

    • evoplus is the new “total” partition system featuring jointless, perfectly integrating double plate and single plate glazed walls, blank walls and storage units. The walls can be easily assembled and re-assembled to obtain different configurations.
      Thus the room designs and materials can be customized with the utmost freedom, allowing the system to change over time and adapt to different layout requirements.
      The light glazed panels and structural elements with their clean-cut lines achieve a severely minimal effect that combines with high performance as to sturdiness, sound insulation and safety.
  • Desking ranges

  • Methis presents a complete range of office tables. The Methis collections are comprehensive enough to furnish any type of room setting: from the refined and textural elegance of the “Delta Executive” collection to the rational functionality of Cloversystem, without forgetting the Delta Work integrated filing system with its modern lines. A wide range of cabinets rationalizes the available space and provides filing arrangements for every need.

    • Delta Executive is the collection of executive office furniture by Methis and features a wealth of stylish and extremely eye-catching furnishing solutions. Besides achieving a formally clean-cut effect, the triangular section of the monolithic side panel provides all the elements with a light yet compact structure. Elegant finishes and the many textural combinations available (ceramic, walnut and wengè wood, painted glass, lacquered mdf, chromium plated and painted frameworks) can be used to “imagine” uncluttered office environments that are as refined as they are unexpected.

    • deltawork, the plain and simple version of the delta system, comprises basic modular elements that, when knowingly combined together, can furnish the entire office environment in a functional and formally harmonious way, from the single work station to systems with integrated filing facilities. The strictly plain design is based on the formal suggestion of the monolithic side panel’s triangular section that makes all elements both compact and light. A vast number of configurations allows the office layouts to be planned to suit many different ways of working: individual and group work, stations for workers who do their jobs in one place and for those who have to move around, with solutions that get the most out of the available space and allow interaction with guests.

    • A smart system that ensures the user always assumes the same posture, with different anthropometrical characteristics. The “up & down” mechanism that adjusts the height (680-760 mm range) is activated by pressing with the feet and raising the top.
      A system of sturdy, light, perfectly ergonomic tables that can be used to form a wide variety of configurations, with particular attention to comfort and a careful choice of materials.

    • Methis proposes a vast collection of cabinets and furnishing accessories. Solutions able to achieve efficient and rational filing and storage for any sort of document or object in the office.

    • cloversystem is a pioneering office furnishing system with strongly architectural characteristics.
      A people-friendly project; the ideal synthesis amongst simple construction, smart engineering and versatile use, It adapts to every possible change in use and to all volumetric scales in an uncomplicated and efficient way.
      Just a few basic elements (post, bracket, top, screen, beam, cabinet) that can be completely mixed and matched to achieve an infinite array of creative and functional configurations, ranging from the single workstation to the linear bench, as well as island workstations and hot desk and without forgetting the welcome area and private rooms with architectural panels.
      Structural components, like the beam or the accessory bar, become active elements for filing, wiring management, bearing light fittings and computer screens, freeing surfaces that can then be used for daily work.
  • Chairs

  • IVY is much more than an office chair. Stylish design, technological research, the choice of materials and the attention paid to environmental matters make IVY a groundbreaking project engineered with man’s well-being and comfort in mind.
    The my and talk chairs for dynamic working office environments complete the range.

    • Prestigious and elegant armchair with a plain and sober design. Its marked personality combines technology, ergonomics and excellent materials in a perfect balance of style. Padded backrest available in the low and high version with built-in headrest.
    • IVY-PRO

    • Dynamic, professional chair with exclusive ergonomic features. Comfort, technology, design and innovation blend to create a smart product planned for Man’s well-being.
    • IVY-WORK

    • A simple, flexible and advantageous “work tool” that combines design features, quality and comfort in a highly efficient product for office work.

    • The visitor’s chair of the ivy collection is comfortable and elegant, perfect for meetings, hosting and informal gatherings. Available with and without armrests, on wheels or stationary.
    • MY

    • The personal chair for use in the office. The dynamic, comfortable chair that’s designed to adapt easily to every individual. The my collection includes a vast range of models: two alternative mechanisms (synchro, permanent contact) and upholstery in Crep and Polefin flameproof fabrics available in many different colors.
    • TALK

    • Light, safe, versatile: talk caters for the multiple needs in collective office areas. Comfort and convenience in an ideal synthesis. Models with padded seats-backrests or with just the seat upholstered in flameproof Crep or Polefin fabric, available in various different colors or alternatively, with the backrest and seat in polypropylene. Both versions come with and without armrests and feature a simple, sturdy structure made of steel coated with black paint