Company Profile

Originally founded by entrepreneur Maurice Coleman in 1929 as a sideline to his Brooklyn-based Progress Electric Co., the Alarm Device Manufacturing Company (ADEMCO) went on to emerge as an international powerhouse with one of the most trusted, recognized and well-respected names in the security industry. Today, we are the world’s largest and most experienced manufacturer of electronic security systems, with our products protecting millions of homes, businesses and government facilities across the globe. As innovators and industry pioneers, the ADEMCO Group developed many of the groundbreaking advances that have shaped today’s residential and commercial security systems, including the first custom English language keypads, the first CCD video camera for security applications, and reliable supervised wireless technologies. We’re poised to become a world leader in the growing field of closed circuit television. And now, we’re even bringing the Internet to people’s front door—with revolutionary keypads that put security, home control and the World Wide Web at our customer’s fingertips!