Bell Pins

Company Profile

The initial technology was absorbed from Companies in West Germany and slowly the technical experience led to the design and manufacture of more than 400 automatic Machines. The turnover as on date stands at more than 10 crores employing 600 people within an industrial area of 40 acres. The company at one point of time realised that backward integration will be the best solution. Hence, the company today has a Wire Drawing unit capable of drawing Copper Coated or Galvanized wire from 5.5 mm to 0.4 mm. Moreover, the design and printing of which packing material, which was laborious, was made easily by the company's own printing unit. The company on the whole today place a dominant role with about 32% market share in the wire based stationery products line. The company has been regularly exporting its goods to U.S., Europe, Africa and to the rest of Asia.