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  • ENGEL offers injection moulding turnkey solutions from a single source: As the global leader in injection moulding machine manufacturing, we stand for seminal development and production of injection moulding machines and their automation. With the latest technologies, state-of-the-art production facilities and sustainable service & support, we enable our customers to be competitive and successful.
Product Portfolio
  • Systems solutions

  • Turn-key solutions perfectly customized to individual requirements

    Customized automation at all levels: we design and supply complete production systems from a single source. Our turn-key solutions perfectly combine injection moulding machine, robots, automation and auxiliary equipment. You can rely on best part quality, stable processes and efficient automated manufacturing.

      • Injection Moulding Machines

      • The ideal machine concept for every application: ENGEL reassures with its experience and know-how as global market leader in plastics machinery. With proven and innovative injection moulding machines from 280 kN to 55,000 kN clamping force, hydraulic, fully electric, horizontal and vertical solutions.
          • ENGEL duo

          • The powerful injection moulding machine for large parts

            With its flexible layout and compact size, the ENGEL duo integrates ideally with your production. No matter whether you produce large parts, manufacture highly sophisticated components for the automotive industry or absolutely need a perfect surface for your high-tech products.

            • compact size – injection moulding machine with a small footprint and low height
            • flexible machine layout – perfectly designed, variable large-scale machine with a standardised modular kit
            • short cycle times – thanks to optimised movement dynamics and synchronised locking
            • efficient production – smart energy concept & maximum cost-effectiveness in the production of large-volume and large-scale parts
            • clamping force – from 3,500 kN to 55,000 kN
            • clean & highly precise linear guidance system - available for clamping forces from 3,500 to 7,000 kN
          • ENGEL e-cap

          • The caps & closures machine with maximum energy efficiency

            Maximum output with minimal energy consumption: The ENGEL e-cap is the all-electric, high-performance injection moulding machine for your efficient caps & closures production. Shortest cycle times, top productivity and a maximum of good parts allow you to achieve unbeatable production conditions in the future.

            • maximum performance – powerful injection unit combined with increased ejector force & increased clamping speed
            • precise manufacturing – impressive process stability results in a maximum of good parts
            • optimum efficiency – less energy and cooling water consumption & top availability
            • top system competence – strong global partnerships for moulds and auxiliaries
            • clamping force – from 1100 kN to 4200 kN
          • ENGEL e-duo

          • The electric powerhouse for large precision parts

            When large parts require extreme accuracy: The ENGEL e-duo injection moulding machine combines the power and flexibility of our successful dual-platen, large-scale machine with the special precision and energy efficiency of our proven electric drive technology. In particular, the ENGEL e-duo is ideal for manufacturing parts with long flow paths that perfectly meet your high quality and efficiency standards.

            • efficient production – space-saving, flexible injection moulding machine with an intelligent, energy-efficient drive concept
            • high productivity – high injection speed & integrated servo-hydraulic system for parallel operation of the core pulls
            • precise quality – perfect platen parallelism, intelligent contact force system and force transmission through two symmetrically arranged spindles
            • clamping force – from 5,000 kN to 7,000 kN
          • ENGEL v-duo

          • The space-saving vertical machine for large lightweight components

            The future of the automobile is driven by lightweight design: This is why we developed the ENGEL v-duo. This vertical large-scale machine is a sensitive power package that achieves extremely precise results, especially, in fibre composite applications and processes with high cavity pressure. In addition, it is highlighted by many individual equipment options, excellent energy efficiency and its compact size.

            • space-saving precision – ideal for inserting prepregs or for the high-pressure RTM process
            • versatile clamping unit – maximum accessibility & operational safety make the ENGEL v-duo the perfect choice for fully automated production processes
            • excellent cost-effectiveness – tie-bar guiding, platen parallelism control & ENGEL ecodrive as standards
            • clamping force – from 4,000 kN to 36,000 kN
          • ENGEL victory

          • The tie-bar-less machine for efficient production of technical mouldings

            Flexible, energy-efficient and reliable: The universal ENGEL victory is your perfect modular system for manufacturing a wide range of technical mouldings. With its proven tie-bar-less technology, you can use this relatively small injection moulding machine even for large moulds. This means that you only invest in the clamping force you actually require.

            • universal all-rounder – the optimal basic machine for all-round applications and a variety of technologies
            • low energy consumption – low friction, clamping pressure lock-in & electro-hydraulic control pump, ENGEL ecodrive (optional)
            • absolute freedom – ENGEL tie-bar-less technology for complex, innovative, mould designs, rapid mould change & unobstructed robot movements
            • optimal mould protection – patented ENGEL force divider for outstanding platen parallelism and uniform clamping force distribution
            • clamping force – from 280 kN to 5,000 kN
          • ENGEL e-victory

          • The tie-bar-less machine for precision technical mouldings

            Whether filigree or complex, optical or micro-parts: the ENGEL e-victory injection moulding machine delivers quality that meets the strictest requirements. With its servo-electric injection unit, the tie-bar-less mould area and the low-emission drive technology, the ENGEL e-victory is the smart, clean choice for the production of precision technical mouldings or small medical parts.

            • perfect precision – tie-bar-less injection moulding machine with a precision, servo-powered, electrical injection unit
            • flexible use – suitable for moulds with and without core pulls thanks to "on-board" hydraulics
            • excellent energy efficiency – tie-bar-less machine with a servo-powered, electrical injection unit, clamp pressure lock-in & innovative, quiet ENGEL ecodrive servo-hydraulics
            • excellent mould protection – ENGEL force divider: perfect platen parallelism & uniform clamping force distribution
            • more freedom – for complex, innovative, mould designs, rapid mould change & unobstructed robot movements
            • clamping force – from 280 kN to 4,000 kN
          • ENGEL e-mac

          • the small all-electric injection moulding machine for standard applications

            Small machine and high output for a low investment: Impressive on account of its speed, precision and extremely economical, energy-efficient operation, the ENGEL e-mac is your successful entry into the world of all-electric injection moulding. To keep a long story short: it is an investment that pays dividends surprisingly quickly thanks to the attractive purchasing price.

            • compact efficiency – injection moulding machine with high productivity and small footprint
            • flexible range of applications – advanced options package for standard applications
            • long service life – thanks to linear guiding of the moving platen
            • low energy consumption – all-electric drive concept with an innovative energy recovery system
            • clamping force – from 500 kN to 1,800 kN
          • ENGEL e-motion

          • The all-electric injection moulding machine for high-end applications

            Greater output, more speed, higher precision, top cleanliness: The ENGEL e-motion is the optimal production unit for the ever-growing demands of a dynamic market. Thanks to a sophisticated, flexible, all-electric machine concept that gives you constant, clean quality in a highly efficient way.

            • low maintenance costs – durable injection moulding machine with a perfectly designed, closed-circuit lubrication system
            • high dynamic – short injection times due to dynamic servo-motors with breath-taking acceleration performance
            • efficient production – energy-efficient drive systems & high performance thanks to short dry cycle times
            • precise cleanliness – clean room capability thanks to sealed toggle levers & precision linear guides for the moving platen
            • clamping force – from 300 kN to 6,500 kN
          • ENGEL speed | e-speed

          • The high-speed machine for maximum output

            Maximum speed, dynamics and performance: The ENGEL speed is trimmed for durable high-performance from top to tail. All system components withstand the most exacting demands and are thus ideally suited for intensive use in the packaging industry. And if you are looking for unbeatable energy efficiency in this class of injection moulding machine: the ENGEL e-speed will impress you with its all-electric clamping unit and innovative energy recovery system.

            • fastest ENGEL injection moulding machine – designed for permanent high-speed and maximum output
            • short cycle times – extremely fast dry cycle times, high injection speed, parallel movements
            • improved efficiency – even with high shot volumes, thanks to the servo-electric screw drive
            • perfect cleanliness – durable machine concept with encapsulated toggle levers & linear guidance of the moving platen
            • clamping force – from 3,800 kN to 6,500 kN
          • ENGEL insert

          • The vertical injection moulding machine for perfectly overmoulded insert parts

            When it comes to overmoulding inserts, precision is a premium. With its compact, variable machine concept and vertical clamping unit, the ENGEL insert is the ideal solution. To meet every mould requirement, this model range is available with a vertical or a horizontal injection unit. Plus, as the ENGEL e-insert, available with a servo-powered, electric injection unit and featuring the innovative hydraulic ENGEL ecodrive as a standard, it will achieve even more precision.

            • individual injection moulding machine – available in the single, rotary & shuttle variants, depending on the mould area requirements
            • minimal footprint – ergonomically optimised working height without operator platform & short design especially with a vertical injection unit
            • excellent energy-efficiency – low friction, clamping pressure lock-in & electro-hydraulic control pump, ENGEL ecodrive
            • easy accessibility – efficient protection of the open work area by means of a light curtain
            • clamping force – from 300 kN to 4,000 kN
          • ENGEL elast

          • The elastomer injection moulding machine for special requirements

            Whether your elastomer products are designed to seal, dampen or provide protection: the ENGEL elast is the flexible power package for elastomer applications of all types. This complete series of machines and automation solutions is perfectly suited for highly-efficient, process-assured processing of rubber, solid and liquid silicone or thermoplastic elastomers.

            • homogeneous material preparation – using FIFO or screw units for rubber strips or solid silicone
            • fastest cycle times – an injection moulding machine with machine movements specially designed for the task
            • high platen stiffness – for particularly stringent quality requirements in elastomer and silicone part production
            • clamping force – from 450 kN to 6,000 kN
        • Digital Solutions

        • With intelligent machines to a smart factory

          ENGEL‘s digitalization strategy is perfectly aligned with the life cycle of your products. From part design and mold sampling to production and maintenance & service. We have the right digital solutions to help you utilize the full potential of your injection moulding machines and sustainably reduce your carbon footprint.

          Your advantages with our digital solutions:
          • Compensate process fluctuations for constant part quality
          • Reduce energy consumption and scrap
          • Reduce batch fluctuations ehen using recycled materials
          • Everything in view for better planning of resources
          • Simple operation for minimising errors
          • State-of-the-art security standards protect your data


            • Design

            • Reduce the Duration of the Start-up Phase and Accelerate your Processes

              Digital solutions support you with the design and component construction of your plastic products. Based on a realistic simulation, you can define a suitable production concept and tool. Plastic component construction is optimised for its injection moulding capability. Intelligent software programs facilitate component design.

              • Increase the quality of the simulation
              • Reduction of tool optimisation loops
              • Reliable transfer to the machine
              • Intelligent connection between development and production
            • Sampling

            • Our digital solutions support the injection mould sampling. The result: a production-ready, process-stable mould. Innovative software products help to achieve the specified moulded part quality more quickly and easily. The mould and the process settings can be optimised and efficiently prepared for series production.

              Advantages of Digital Solutions in Injection Mould Sampling:
              • Start series production faster
              • Reduce costs and energy and avoid problems in series production
              • Reduce the cycle time
              • Simple operation supports your employees
            • Production

            • Digitalisation in the injection moulding manufacturing process

              ENGEL's digital solutions ensure consistently good quality for your products and enable significant cost and energy reductions in your injection moulding manufacturing process.

              With easy-to-use software solutions such as digital machine data collection, you have a continuous overview of your production. You can exploit all the potential and support your employees.

              Advantages of digital solutions in the injection moulding manufacturing process:
              • Know what's going on in your injection moulding manufacturing process
              • Digital products promote sustainable production
              • A stable production process saves costs
              • Simple planning trough machine data acquisition
              • Intuitive operation supports your employees
              • Cross-site compliance with process settings
              • Documented quality and traceability
            • Maintenance and Service

            • Higher Machine Availability and Less Waste Thanks to Online Services

              Digital service solutions ensure higher availability and more output in production. With predictive maintenance systems, you detect wear and avoid unplanned downtime. The customer portal provides an overview of your plants. A team of ENGEL hotliners rectify faults quickly and globally with the remote maintenance tool, 24/7. Application engineers optimise your injection moulding processes

          • ENGEL Injection Molding Automation

          • Complete Production Cells by One Provider

            Expertise in injection molding automation at all levels: From the injection molding machine to the robot and conveyor systems to peripheral equipment. All processes and elements are perfectly coordinated. You can rely on the best part quality, stable processes and high productivity.

            Increase Productivity with Innovative Robot Technology

            We offer reliable and precise linear and multi-axis robots for demanding production requirements and environments. As part of the automation portfolio, our robots are optimized for injection molding and are available in a wide range of payloads and reaches. They ensure high productivity and effective parts handling.

            The Advantages of Our Injection Molding Automation Solutions:
            • Wide range of products for injection molding automation
            • Injection molding automation customized to your requirements
            • Make production processes faster and more efficient
            • Save time with fast set up and start-up
            • Uniform standards in Europe, Asia and America
              • Cartesian Robot

              • viper: Powerful and flexible to use

                ENGEL has been building high-performance cartesian robots, also called gantry or linear robots, since 1980. Our viper robots are the perfect addition to your injection molding machine. The innovative and sturdy design offers increased payload capacity with low dead weight. The digital solutions from our inject 4.0 program ensure that all movements are aligned.

                The Advantages of Our Cartesian Robot:
                • High load capacity for machines from 20 to 5,500 tons
                • Integrated control conccept for easy operation
                • Reduction of cycle time trough optimized path planning
                • Flexible connection of gripper solutions
              • Sprue Picker

              • Compact Sprue Pickers pic A and e-pic B

                Our sturdy, reliable and energy-efficient sprue pickers guarantee fast and precise removal of sprues. They can be easily integrated into your production cell. Application-specific load carrying capacities make our pick-and-place robots ideal for more efficient production.

                The Advantages of Our Pickers:
                • Space-saving due to compact design
                • Long service life
                • Easy operation and integration into the production cell
              • Articulated Robot

              • Easix for flexible manipulation tasks and precise parts handling

                We integrate articulated robots from leading robot manufacturers. The robots are designed for precise positioning paired with the maximum degree of freedom to execute highly repeatable motions. Whether you require particularly flexible automation or must meet special requirements, such as for the cleanroom.

                The Advantages of Our easix Articulated Robot:
                • Consistent operating logic for more convenience and efficiency
                • Precise positioning in a small space
                • High speeds for fast parts handling
                • Flexible connection of gripper soulutions