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  • Offer Profile
  • The Jäger Group of Companies, headquartered in Hanover, has been supplying for 70 years, high-quality components and subsystems of rubber, plastic and metal.
    The guided by the third generation group is recognized as a qualified, global partner in the automotive and machinery industry, in the environmental and agricultural technology and in petroleum exploration.
    To meet the specific requirements of this very heterogeneous target groups, our activities are focussed in specialized individual companies. Since 1992, the Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH managed the Jäger Group of Companies.
Product Portfolio
  • Group of Companies

      • ARTEMIS Kautschuk- und Kunststoff- Technik

      • Since the company's foundation in 1975, Artemis develops, produces and sells components and systems made of rubber and plastics for original equipment manufactures and specialist shops.

        Today, Artemis has 190 employees. The company has been member of the Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH affiliated companies since 1993. Its premises in the south of Hanover cover a surface of 19,502 m2, of which about 12,100 m2 are utilized as production, warehouse and office space.

        As a supply operation, quality regarding technical properties, adherence to delivery dates and cost-effective prices maintain the highest priority at Artemis. Modern production technology and cross-departmental project teams enable short development times for technically demanding projects.

        Artemis develops, produces and sells components and systems for original equipment manufactures and specialist shops. Their product program includes:
        • Rubber molded parts
        • Rubber-metal bonded parts
        • Stators for progressive cavity pumps
        • Rotors for progressive cavity pumps
        • Conveyor belts for recycling and disposal systems
        • Profiled process conveyors for most transport applications
        • Feed belting for wood sanding machines
        • Ball plugs
        • Billiard cushions
        • Systems for the agricultural industry / belted chains
      • EA Broekema BV

      • Broekema, a leading pioneer of root crop harvesting belted chain since the late 1950's, has grown into an international supplier of the highest quality belted chain conveyor belting of the Broekema Systems:
        • belted chain conveyors
        • Gears and drive rollers
        • Conveyor rollers

        Their products are found at manufacturers of harvesting machinery in over 30 countries, where their export ratio consists of 90 %. To better serve their customers in the United States and Canada, they opened a production facility in Minnesota, USA.

        The Broekema product is offered to manufacturing companies of agricultural harvesting and handling equipment for use in root vegetable crops such as potatoes, sugar beets and various types of vegetables, as well as for conveying, washing and sorting systems for the food processing and the fishery industry as well as the canned food, French fry and potato chip industries. New materials and potential applications present the future challenge.

        The EA Broekema BV exceeds the rising demands related to higher reliability, longer operation life etc.; both through investment in their own new products and machinery as well as for the end user. The industry also knows their name in association with articles which by today have become the norm in connection with Broekema; their striving for ever-improved services is widely recognized, as is the longer functional life with less damage to harvested crops their products bring the user. As expected from a high quality business, EA Broekema BV has obtained an ISO 9001 certificate.
      • Jäger Automobil-Technik

      • Module supplier with development competence
        As development partner and module supplier for the rubber and plastics sector, Jäger Automobil-Technik GmbH & Co. KG teams with first and second tier suppliers to the automotive industry to promote current and future development in the automotive industry. Design and material selection according to application, function and manufacturing needs, outstanding service and a zero-fault policy are key factors in our company policy. Their services and competence are valued by well-known manufacturers worldwide, who continually profit from the innovations in their good ideas.

        Starting with customer specific developments up to comprehensive logistics concepts, Jaeger Automobil-Technik provides everything out of one hand. Use our competence in development, production and purchasing for your products.

        As partner of system suppliers for the automotive industry, Jaeger Automobil-Technik has specialized in production of components and modules for:
        • Gearbox and clutch
        • Electronic control units
        • Roof systems
        • Air suspension
        • Door modules

        They utilize own material development to optimize components and supply custom made solutions for:
        • Thermoplastics
        • Elastomers
        • Refinement
        • With metal
        • Modules and subassemblies
      • Jäger Automobil-Technik Produktion

      • In 1972, the company Jäger Automobil - Technik Produktion GmbH in Osterode was founded under the name Optimer. In 2009, this was changed to Jäger Automobil - Technik Produktion GmbH; the logo had already appeared by the end of 2008.
        Even before the company was taken over by Arnold Jäger Holding in 1988 and entered the technology park in 1992, it produced tooling for the automotive industry.

        67 employees are specialized in low volume rubber molded parts, high volume plastic parts and 2-K parts.

        Because business was so successful, the existing plant became too small and in 1990/91, a new location in Osterode was sought and found in an old iron foundry. Because of a fire, the building was completely renovated.
        In 2000, successful expansion led to enlargement of the management building. Just as it does today, at that time the industrial park provided the region with workplaces and perspectives.

        In addition to activities in the automotive sector, Jäger Automobil-Technik Produktion has also made a name for itself for the development and production of the first completely synthetic bowling pin, the "TWISTER". You may find out more about this innovation under:
        • Bowling-Pin TWISTER®
      • Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff

      • Since Gummi-Jäger was founded in 1942, application oriented consulting, material suitable construction and functional production development in the area rubber and plastic have comprised the success factors of the Jaeger Group of Companies. Since then, competence and performance have continually grown to meet the specific needs of the customer.

        Our basic business is application oriented consulting, material suitable construction and functional production development in the area rubber and plastic. As a medium-large family owned company, we are flexible and can place ourselves on the market totally in the interests of our customers based on our independence.

        Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff offers you solutions to optimize your company processes and so lower costs, for example through customer-oriented logistics solutions, efficient procurement, security of supply and e-commerce.

        Mechanical engineering
        Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff develops practice-oriented mechanical engineering solutions, customized to the customer's request and of the highest quality. For example:
        • Molded parts
        • Profiles
        • Hoses
        • Sealing rings and cuts

        Industrial Technology
        We offer a wide range of standard design elements wherever low volumes make investment in additional tools and equipment unprofitable, the majority of which you may also find in our Webshop:
        • Rubber to metal parts
        • Profiles, profile cords
        • Elastomer and high-pressure sheets
        • Hoses and fittings
        • Protective plugs and caps
        • Plastic semi-finished products
        • Drive engineering
        • Balls
        • Adhesives, sealants and lubricants
      • Jaeger Rubber & Plastics (Shenzhen)

      • Jaeger Rubber and Plastics (Shenzhen) Ltd. was founded 2006 as a WOFE in Shenzhen, PRC and is focused on:
        • Sales of components and modules for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries in Europe and the USA.
        • Sales to the automotive industry in China
        • Sales to the wastewater treatment industry in China

        Today 25 highly motivated and well-educated employees work at this Shenzhen facility.

        Their core competence is providing aeration solutions for biological wastewater treatment. The success of Jäger Rubber and Plastics is based on continuous product innovation, friendly, competent service and zero-fault philosophy. Their customers are design engineers, OEM accounts, contractors and design-build companies all over the world.
      • Jäger Umwelt-Technik

      • 30 years ago Arnold Jäger, proprietor of Gummi-Jäger during its 2nd generation, was approached by the German water utilities to develop his first aeration membrane from rubber. At that time, German water purification plants typically used aeration technologies relying on ceramic membranes. Yet rising energy and wage costs in the German communities compelled them to seek new technologies.

        Inspired by the idea of saving energy and lowering operating costs, he developed an EPDM membrane together with his sons.
        His extensive knowledge in chemistry and rubber processing, lean manufacturing and quality control helped Arnold Jäger find a unique solution for the German wastewater treatment industry.

        Since 2007, all services concerning the aeration technology of the Jaeger Group of Companies have been concentrated in Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH & Co. KG.

        • Their core competence is providing aeration solutions for biological wastewater treatment.
        • Their success is based on continuous product innovation, friendly, competent service and zero-fault philosophy.
        • Their customers are design engineers, OEM accounts, contractors and design-build companies all over the world.
      • Jaeger-Unitek Sealing Solutions

      • Jaeger Unitek Sealing Solutions is an Indiana based company who has specialized in:
        • Engineered technologies for interfacing surfaces through extrusion processing
        • Solid and sponge rubber extrusion lines
        • Single, co- and tri-durometer, thermoplastic extrusion lines and components
        • Patented TOKIWA sealing systems

        Jaeger-Unitek Sealing Solutions, Inc. has the expertise and the capabilities to offer you the most effective methods to meet your requirements. Jaeger-Uniteks product lines offer a wide range of solutions for your demands: superior quality seals and cost-effective production.

        The team is ready and welcomes all development and design challenges. Profit from their technological expertise in the development of your new products and their problem solutions.

        Through continuous innovation, cost-benefit analysis and first class customer service from the initial product idea to delivery of the finished product, you will achieve the highest added value for your customers.
      • Windgassen

      • Windgassen has been producing belted chain conveyors and conveyor systems for the agricultural machinery industry since 1949. We have equipped the "voles" of Gütersloh-Avenwedde for many decades. Windgassen joined the Jaeger Group of Companies in 2004; prior to this time, the two companies had enjoyed a close association.

        Since the merger, Windgassen has been agricultural technology divisional alliance as responsible for replacement parts supply. They offer support tailored to all harvesters in the potato and vegetable sector in the screen and conveyor areas and for all problems that occur, whether they concern rod conveyors with spring steel quality, padded rods, vulcanized profiles or carriers in the most various designs. There is always a solution!

        The product program also includes drive elements, defection rollers and support rollers. Whether steel, rubber or PU-coated - everything is possible.
      • J.P. Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau Westharz

    • Branches

    • Independently acting companies under the umbrella of the Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH focus on various target industries. Employees of the Jäger Group are working with all their knowledge and expertise to keep our customers in the lead. Jäger is your local global supplier
        • Agricultural engineering

        • The agricultural branch of Jäger with subsidiaries in Germany, The Netherlands and the U.S. was among the first companies developing and manufacturing various types of crop-specific belted chains. Forging technology of the latest generation and ongoing functional and life tests enable us to create innovative conveyer systems based on the newly developed conveyor belts.
        • Automotive

        • Jäger Automobil-Technik, located in Germany, Poland and the United States, found its niche providing high quality components and subsystems made of rubber, plastic and metal for first and second-tier suppliers.
        • Mechanical engineering

        • Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff’s core competence is customer and cost-oriented construction and development of wear-resistant moulded parts made of rubber and plastics with wide chemical resistances, tailor-made profile geometries, high-efficient hoses and punched parts made of all common sealing materials.
        • Solar Technology

        • Jäger Gummi und Kunststoff is approaching the changing markets. The plastic mounting components with theft protection are the latest Jäger innovation. If the single modules are made lighter, the way is open to make even support and mounting elements lighter by material substitution. An essential aspect regarding cost reduction.
        • Using perforated polymer membranes Jäger Umwelt-Technik is aiming to make biological clarification in sewage plants worldwide more efficient.