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ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH
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  • ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH has been a pioneer and trendsetter in the field of micro cutting, blanking and forming tools for over half a century. The company's origins in the chronograph industry can be seen not only in its uncompromising specialisation in the production of miniature tools of the highest precision, but also in its special tool solutions. Experts in the company's own research and development department are constantly developing ground breaking geometries and tools for sophisticated applications and cutting-edge materials. In addition, tool reproducibility is also guaranteed even for years on account of the life number stamped at the end of the shaft of every tool.

Product Portfolio

  • Perspective Change 3D-lasered multi-tooth tools

    for high-speed and high-quality machining of hard materials



          • Our customers need to solve demanding machining tasks with minimum diameters and µ-tolerances on a daily basis. Yet, the requirement for increasingly smaller components also makes high demands on the milling tools employed.

            Their manufacture calls for the highest level of competence as geometries of tools of normal size cannot simply be scaled down to the micro level. When using milling cutters with diameters of a few tenths of millimetres completely different machining conditions pertain than with conventional dimensions.
            An extensive ZECHA range of milling, drilling, grinding and sawing tools can be provided from stock and gives our customers a multitude of high-end production aids within the shortest possible time. Minimum tolerances in a concentricity of 3 µm as well as geometric accuracy and diameter of each 5 µm are the world we work in and can be delivered from stock.

              • MICRO CUTTING TOOLS -

              • Over 50 years of ZECHA means over 50 years of experience in micro-machining - uncompromising quality meeting the highest demands. Our products fulfil the needs of a multitude of sectors, such as the medical and dental technology industry, jewellery and watch-making sector, electronics and the automotive branch.
                Precision and quality are behind the high dimensional stability and shape retention of ZECHA tools.

              • Hard machining in tool and mould making is a demanding discipline. Hardened tool steels are increasingly in demand and enormous feed rates and cutting speeds subject the tools employed to high temperatures. In face of these high demands, only tools of the highest possible quality are able to ensure an economical and process-safe production.

                ZECHA milling cutters for steel machining provide a blend of hard metal, geometry and coating to meet the high quality demands. Our extensive catalogue range is rounded off by special solutions matched specifically to customer requirements. The cutter series for steel fulfil the highest demands for precision, cutting speed and service life.

              • GRAPHITE MILLING TOOLS -

              • As a modification of carbon, graphite is particularly corrosion and heat resistant as well as highly abrasive. The high strength and hardness displayed by this material as well as fluctuating material qualities turn machining graphite into a real challenge - one in which the employment of high quality tools is essential.

                The graphite cutters developed by ZECHA assure tight tolerances in shape, concentricity and diameter. In addition, the diamond coating offers effective wear protection and contributes significantly to process capability and stability. Machining of graphite using ZECHA milling cutters generates very low vibrations, making it extremely easy to produce intricate shapes and contours without any burring. The right choice of milling cutters has thankfully made manual reworking or burn-off (material loss caused by oxidation) a thing of the past.

              • DRILLS -

              • Short life cycles, high wear resistance, optimized chip flow and best surface qualities – the requirements for drilling tools are varied. In order to meet the daily challenges of cost-effective machining, high-quality tools are important for a wide range of applications.

                ZECHA offers a multitude of powerful drills from stock and is equally at home developing customised tools for particular applications. The application spectrum is from micro to special deep hole drills.

            • Series

                • PEACOCK

                • The tried-and-tested PEACOCK mill cutters from ZECHA are the go-to tools for achieving fine contours in the HSC processing of highly alloyed and hardened steel up to 70 HRC. They effortlessly achieve precision, stability and smooth surfaces in different areas of application, particularly in mould making. In addition, the micro mill cutters are configured for shape and concentricity accuracy of 0.005 or 0.003 mm, meaning a high dimensional precision of the component can be achieved.

                • IGUANA

                • The high end series IGUANA is revolutionising the market in the micro sector. IGUANA tools are multi-cutters in the small bore sector with sharp cutting edges and highly wear-resistant, sealed diamond coating - an absolute innovation. Through the targeted processing of the cutting edges via laser technology (R=1μm) and the special cutting geometry, the cutting loads are reduced considerably. The result is a reduction in the generation of heat and a better geometrical and dimensional accuracy. This optimal tool geometry in combination with the sharp and sealed diamond coating leads to a longer service life. An additional benefit of laser processing is tool cutting without clusters, which thus have a better surface quality in comparison with the previous diamond coated tools.

                  The family offers different lines with special geometric optimizations for ideal machining different applications.

                • SEAGULL

                • SEAGULL® tools are ultra-stable ball nose end mills and end mills with corner radius that have extremely short flutes and a special geometry designed for minimizing flute pressure in the manufacture of graphite electrodes

                • MARLIN

                • When machining materials such as tungsten carbide, mechanical processes soon hit their limits and we begin to enter the field of sink erosion and grinding. The long machining times that these processes involve lead to the highest level of manufacturing costs in tool and mould making.
                  ZECHA offers series for the machining of tungsten carbide and as such is breaking new ground in machining with geometrically specific flutes. High degree of efficiency harnessed to the latest technology provides many advantages over the hitherto conventional machining possibilities. The spectrum is from ball nose end mill cutters and torus mill cutters to drills and grinding pins.

                • KINGFISHER
                  Series 455 - Solid carbide mill with internal or coolant channels in shank for difficult-to-machine materials

                • ZECHA has further developed the existing 455 series - a series whose easy cutting, stabile geometry and corresponding coating in a super or special alloy has made it ideal for titanium, stainless, nonferrous and also precious metals. Irrespective of whether with or without coating, the three flute versions 455.B3 can be employed both for dry as well as for wet machining, for roughing, prefinishing and finishing.

                • High performance dental mill cutters -
                  Specially developed solutions for every material - cobalt-chromium, titanium and zirconium oxide

                • The machining of cobalt-chromium, zirconium oxide and titanium for the production of inlays and onlays, bridges and crowns is a daily occurrence in the dental industry. ZECHA Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH, one of the largest manufacturers of diamond-coated tools, has developed just the right solutions for these machining tasks

              • BLANKING & FORMING TOOLS

                    • BLANKING & FORMING TOOLS

                    • Punched parts are the cogs in the clockwork of everyday life:  They are encountered in computers and mobile phones as well as domestic appliances or pieces of furniture.

                      Especially in progressive tools, high numbers and low production downtime are important. High service lives and low maintenance costs must be assured without the geometric accuracy and precision being compromised.
                      ZECHA offers the extensive range of DIN/ISO compliant tools in high quality paired with prompt and uncomplicated delivery. Cylindrical DIN parts such as punches and sleeve blanks are available direct from stock.

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