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  • Truly performing

    We are proud to be the Technology leader in extrusion blow molding. We take this title to heart and have made something of it! W. MÜLLER can supply all essential equipment for your blow molding machine, whether you are purchasing a new machine or retrofitting your existing, our extrusion die heads, extruders and control systems are available. Our products are all made in Germany and are up to date with the latest requirements for plastics processing.
    We understand the need for using recycled and reclaimed materials, biomaterials, the use of special surfaces, changing shapes and sizes, W. MÜLLER can make it happen!
    We are unexpectedly different, because we keep our promises and are always at your side, long after the delivery of your system!

Product Portfolio
  • Extrusion Heads & Extruders - The perfect parison in extrusion blow molding - with the right service

  • Complete Solutions – Individual or Standard. Anything is possible.

    Your perfect product needs a perfect parison, and we can make this possible with our knowledge, experience, a W. MÜLLER extrusion die head, extruders, platforms, control systems and other components. W. MÜLLER equipment will adapt to any blow molding machine.

    Expertise for every model

    Your new or existing blow molding machines can be outfitted with our equipment. The advantage: even our standard solutions, will be a custom solution for you. Our heads are described as having the highest quality, reliability, and user-friendliness, making them extremely durable and the best choice for your blow molding machine. In addition, we offer our comprehensive service and are always available to help you with any process-related challenges. We work closely with all major manufacturers of blow molding machines and guarantee you flawless arrangements.

    Independence through in-house production and quality assurance

    All essential process engineering components are produced in our manufacturing facility in Troisdorf, with state-of-the-art machinery (5-axis machining centers) even the most complicated geometries can be executed. The finishing is complex, the polishing of the flow channels is largely manual work which requires craftsmanship and a great deal of experience, that must be carried out with extreme care.

      • Heads - for continuous blow molding

      • Our extrusion heads for extrusion blow molding meet the highest demands for precision, availability, performance, and ease of use, ensuring a safe and cost-effective production.

        Our range of available extrusion heads is shown in the table below. We are happy to provide assistance, and individual designs of extrusion heads.

      • Extruder - it all starts with the material melt

      • Through many years of experience in design, construction, manufacturing, and operation of our extruders for view stripes and thin-walled parisons, our equipment allows the widest possible processing spectrum and enables an extremely long service life of the extruder. Our compact extruders are perfectly adapted to your requirements in many variants: including vertical (e.g., for retrofitting) and horizontal designs. For high throughput applications, we have premium extruders with heat-separated feed zone cooling, which delivers a flawless melt for the process. We also offer corresponding extruder and screw designs for materials such as PVC, PA, EVOH, E-PET, and adhesion promoters.

      • Platforms - Plug and Play

      • The perfect combination of a head and complete extrusion system is the heart of any blow molding machines – our solutions are tailor-made for your product and adaptable to your machine.

      • Control system - makes life easier

      • Our controls are ideally suited to our extruders and parison head systems. With them, you always have your production flow safely in view. Our MERC control system (Müller-Extrusion-Retrofit-Control) can be used on original equipment and for retrofitting existing blow molding machines. It offers insightful and appropriate operator guidance. The MERC makes our comprehensive machine retrofits so successful and, in some cases are necessary to make it all possible. All your important process data can be displayed simultaneously via a large touchscreen. The MERC works with exact models of the die head and extruders in 3D, making it much easier for you to operate complex retrofits. New extrusion blow molding machines can be equipped with a MERC to achieve a very clear separation between extrusion and machine functions. For smaller retrofit solutions, the miniMERC is the perfect answer. This control consists of a 7" touch-screen PC and has all the basic functions required for proper extrusion. The miniMERC also works with exact representations of the die head and extruders in 3D. The miniMERC can also be used as a compact and cost-effective WDS retrofit.

      • Accumulator heads - for discontinuous blow molding.

      • Our accumulator heads allow a discontinuous production process when producing large or long parts, using low-viscosity plastic materials or to produce blown parts with color gradients.

      • Accessories / Components

      • Electric Wall Thickness Control (EWTC) - Always in the Right Position
        Our extrusion heads can be equipped with an electrically driven, low-maintenance wall thickness control. We supply these fully electric wall thickness controls with a tensile and holding force of up to 1000 kN. Accurate predictability, low-maintenance and durable - even after millions of production hours. In short: Our EWTC can withstand any load.

        Melt accumulators - first in, first out!
        Our melt accumulators for the control of multi-layer accumulator heads, discontinuous extrusion heads with several parisons or special capabilities such as a color gradation are available with both electric and hydraulic drives in various sizes from 30 ml to 25 l.

        Quick-change systems - back in production in no time
        For multi-layer systems, we offer you a specially developed design to connect several extruders to different heads, cleanly, easily, and quickly, this also allows a change in the number of cavities as well as the position of the layers in CoEx applications. This system leads to the greatest possible flexibility for your extrusion system and thus offers investment security for the future.

        Screen changer - everything clean
        The compact design of our screen changers offers the possibility of retrofitting even when space is limited. They become an essential part of the machine when processing PCR because the screen removes the impurities consistently and efficiently. They are user-friendly and require little maintenance.

        PWDS® - for the perfect partial material distribution
        Our heads can be prepared for PWDS®-/SFDR®-Systems from Feuerherm GmbH.

        Extrusion tools
        We design all types of extrusion tooling, that will work to fit your needs. If you plan to use your existing tooling, we will check the parameters and modify the head design accordingly.

        Swiveling die – for the perfect curves
        We developed our swiveling die for specially shaped products and parisons. Using a dynamic parison thickness regulation on a 360° ring surface, it allows a partial wall thickness distribution for curved pipes. Thanks to our swiveling die, the material thickness is consistent along the entire article length and circumference of the article. Material thickness changes within the article can also be achieved.

    • Our technology portfolio

      We offer advanced technological solutions which will meet your requirements, whether you are working with single-layer, multi-layer or foamed blown parts. Our technical knowledge makes systems possible, which are flexible with the use of many materials. This results in precisely fitting products, which consume no more material than necessary, are recyclable and lightweight, and guarantee stable and safe handling. Due to the precise use of materials, extrusion blow molding helps save raw materials, further reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. There are no intermediary transport chains, and recycling of this packaging requires less energy than the recycling of other packaging materials.

        • Layer Technologies

            • Mono layer

            • Blowing a mono layer is the most straightforward method and offers many advantages: The bodies and containers are easy to recycle and can be produced quickly and easily on equipment that is not too complex, with up to 24 cavities.

              In the case of colored containers, all material must be colored, which is very costly. The addition of regenerates and post-consumer recyclare is possible, however this brings considerable disadvantages. Color deviations are just one of many negative aspects since the virgin filling material is mixed with recycled or scrap material during a later production stage.

            • DeCo / ReCo

            • DeCo and ReCo technologies are currently taking on a major role in the development of the recyclability of blown plastic parts. Using a main layer of regrind and/or PCR (Post Consumer Recyclate), allows large amounts of recycled material to be incorporated into new blown containers. This makes the finished article cost effective and more sustainable, which is an important step for a circular economy.

              The main layer can account for up to 80% of the total wall thickness of the blown part, dependent on the application. A dyed outer layer is applied, which continues to make your blown article competitive by providing a flawless appearance, an inner layer of virgin material separates the recycled material from the filling good. A thin dyed outer layer saves masterbatch and costs. Less masterbatch ensures better recyclability.

            • CoEx

            • CoEx technology is used when your blown parts should or must meet special properties. In this process, layers of different plastics are bonded together by adhesion promoters so that the blown parts can solve various problems. The shelf life of food is extended by using oxygen barriers, while the dispersion of filling goods into the environment is stopped by barrier layers, the combination of different materials and additives can present an optical difference and an upgrade of your containers, which is particularly important in the cosmetics industry.

              Very thin and extremely uniform barrier layers can be created with our die heads, both with single and multiple parisons. In a 6-layer configuration, the barrier remains below 5% of the total wall thickness, and the container remains fully recyclable.

          • Head technologies

              • Torpedo and spider-leg mandrel

              • Our standard technology for extrusion heads, which we are constantly modernizing, proves with its simple and short design, its fast color change times, and large throughput range. This technology is standard for mono-layer heads. There are differences in the position and number of legs, which are designed depending on the melt material used in production.

              • Heart shape pinola

              • Our heart shape technology is suitable for all polyolefins and is mainly used for multilayer heads. Dependent on the design, there are different variations in terms of the number and design of the heart curves, which are individually calculated and manufactured at our company.

              • Spiral pinola

              • Spiral pinolas deliver the material by means of revolving spirals on the pinola and are mainly used for multilayer heads. Any rotation of the parison is compensated by counter-rotation in another layer or on the same pinola. Compared to heart curve pinolas, spiral pinolas, avoid a specific meeting point of the material and are specifically and geometrically designed according to the flow rate and applied melt material.

              • Ring distributors

              • Our patented ring distributor system allows the creation of a high throughput parison within a very small space by using spiral pinolas. This technology is used in multi-layer accumulator heads or for gradient color applications.

            • Extrusion technology

            • In contrast to the current trend of high-speed screws, our extruder designs are based on smaller diameters to achieve a more perfect melt, at a slower speed while, at the same time, being able to cover a wide range of throughputs and materials. With slightly grooved feed zones and a 3-zone screw, simple and low-maintenance extruders can be produced and driven by a highly efficient motor/gear unit - without noisy and energy-guzzling V-belts. For higher throughput ranges, we use grooved feed zones with 3-zone or barrier screws, depending on the application and requirements. Mixers in addition to the use of rheology provide optimally matched connecting pieces. Our static and dynamic mixers, connectors and screen changers complete the range.

                • Eye-catching technologies

                    • Gradation

                    • Our color gradation technology offers you the possibility to produce a two-colored container. Never-ending creativity options allow for great advertising effectiveness of your blown parts. Additional color layers are applied to a continuously produced parison using our material accumulators, producing different effects.

                    • Segment bottles

                    • You can create unique blown parts with our technology for segmented bottles. There are no limits to the possibilities of color combinations and your creativity. It does not matter whether the blown articles are divided into two, four or more segments. This technology is also possible in a multi-layer process and offers even more individuality. Whether for seasonal production or limited editions, nothing is impossible, and your blown articles will be the eye-catchers of any store!

                    • Glass optics

                    • It looks like glass, it feels like glass, it is just as transparent as glass. It is lighter and does not break. If you want to produce high quality packaging for your cosmetic products, you should be able to benefit from these advantages!

                    • Foam

                    • Significant material and weight savings can be achieved through our foaming process. Using ReCo3 technology a stable foamed middle layer is created by adding nitrogen and talc. Chemical additives are not used during this process.

                  • Applications

                      • Food Packaging

                      • The food industry places particularly high demands on packaging properties.
                        For example, bottles for this sector must ensure optimum protection of the fi lled product with no risk of contamination. At the same time, the packaging must be break resistant and aesthetically appealing.
                        Cost-effective production is also a welcome bonus.

                        In this case, plastic bottles offer the ideal properties. A multi-layer wall structure consisting of diverse plastic materials enables the combination of various aspects, such as; optimum shape and transparency, with, for example, an oxygen barrier to help preserve the fi lled product. Plastic bottles are also particularly lightweight and break resistant during fi lling and handling processes.

                      • Cosmetics Packaging

                      • Cosmetics packaging must emphasize the high quality and exclusiveness of the product. The focus here is on the individual design and application of high-quality materials. A glass-like appearance with impressive depth effect and special color effects can add to the level of attractiveness.
                        The application of special materials in the outer layer enhances the feel and aesthetics of the surface.
                        A trend in this sector is relatively small bottle sizes designed for travel and active use.
                      • Pharmaceutical Packaging

                      • Health comes fi rst for pharmaceutical applications. Sterility takes top priority. Eye drop bottles, blood bags, transfusion bags, and medical packaging are manufactured under clean room conditions. The design of the packaging is often customized to the respective area of application.
                        The special requirements placed on the properties of the containers are met by using a multi-layer container wall structure, consisting of various plastic materials.
                      • Household Packaging

                      • Many household products are manufactured in large quantity runs. Packaging costs play a major role when calculating the overall product costs and this is the reason why extremely thin-walled bottles that require less material are often preferred. However,
                        only uniform material distribution across the entire container ensures effi cient material usage and thus cost-effective production
                      • Chemical Packaging

                      • Environmental protection is a key aspect of chemical packaging. Diffusion of the aggressive fl uid through the container wall should always be prevented. This is achieved reliably and effectively for plastic bottles and containers through special inner plastic layers that give barrier properties. Furthermore, the design ensures almost complete emptying of the containers.
                      • Industrial Packaging

                      • Various requirements regarding safety during storage and transportation are placed on industrial packaging. At the same time, varying requirements for protecting the respective fi lled product must be met: high mechanical strength, stackability, burst pressure safety rating, barrier properties, the integration of conductive layers and the use of recycled resin, just to mention a few of the many demands.
                        It is also critically important not to compromise the visual appeal of industrial packaging.
                      • Automotive Applications

                      • When developing new components for the automotive industry, the goal of weight and cost reduction is just as important as safety issues. Complex designs mean that components come in all shapes and sizes. At the same time, very high demands are placed on components in terms of their durability, strength and eco-friendliness. Moreover, in engine compartments the components must be able to withstand considerable temperature fl uctuations while minimizing any negative impacts.
                      • Bulk Containers

                      • Today, large containers, such as barrels, IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), and storage tanks, are generally available as mono-layer containers. In this case, the container wall consists of one type of material which sometimes includes additives. These containers are often treated with fl uorine gas to achieve the desired barrier properties. This treatment raises major concerns with regard to environmental protection as well as health and safety compliance.
                        A trend towards multi-layer wall structures is currently underway to achieve enhanced container properties. By combining various plastics with different properties, the qualities of the containers are perfectly adapted to the respective area of application.
                        Furthermore, uniform distribution of raw material across the entire container surface plays a signifi cant role in assuring a cost-effective production, in particular when manufacturing large material-intensive containers.
                      • Sustainability

                      • Changes in global demand and increased criticality towards plastics mean new and increased customer expectations.
                        We build sustainability into our extrusion solutions, so that you can add sustainability and resource conservation to your production capabilities.
                      • Future Applications

                      • Packaging of the Future - Where are we Headed?

                        Packaging increases the lifetime of products for daily consumption, like food and medical supplies, and also allows distribution into
                        geographic areas that would otherwise go without.
                        A life without packaging is impossible; but, we need to change our perspective. Packages can no longer be throw away articles, they must be seen as valuable resources.

                        Approximately 3 billion people have no access to frequent trash collection or recycling. A lot needs to happen in order to change this, and it starts with us changing our perspective to make better use of plastics.

                        We at W. MÜLLER follow trends in packaging very closely, and see a lot of possibility.
                        What are the opportunities for blow molding in the future? How can we contribute to best protect our planet today?