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Company Profile

Stork IMM develops, produces and maintains top quality injection moulding machines for markets where production speeds and reliability are crucial factors in the business model.

Stork IMM distinguishes its self by offering a product line for each application.

Machines, built for targeted applications
In this special product line Stork translates its customers' passion, craftsmanship, experience and requirements into dedicated solutions.

Stork constantly listens to its customers, integrates the insights thus gained into its own expertise and ensures effective implementation in its products. This is a dynamic process. Stork is innovating continuously. It's the very reason why the Stork injection moulding machine will always be the best, fastest and most reliable for the targeted applications.

People play a key­role, we continuously train them and/or coach them in a very practical way.

We communicate transparent and treat each other with respect.

We are reliable; our promises stand, externally as well as internally.

We strive for effectiveness.

We strive for quality in all that we do.

We are flexible. We are pro­active.

We are continuously striving to reduce energy consumption, first of all in our own company. Besides that, we have introduced necessities for electric cars on our premises, both for visitors and for our own people. But by improving our products, we also help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. By minimizing both the power consumption and the use of raw material.

Stork injection moulding machines can be found all over Europe and overseas. We continuously use our experiences to improve our products and support our customers even better. With only one goal: we want our customers to make the best products possible!