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  • Pioneering the future.

    3D printing has the potential to change everything – and we’re at the forefront of the transformation.

    When our founder invented one of the first 3D printing technologies over thirty years ago, it was a radical idea. Our constant innovation since has shown industry leaders around the world how to work faster and smarter. And we’re just getting started.

    We’re leading the world in 3D printing for one reason: we work with the best people. Every day we move forward to push the limits of our industry thanks to our incredible team. They’ve made us who we are today and continue to work on ground-breaking projects that empower global businesses.

    Work in a place where ideas become reality.
Product Portfolio
  • 3D Printers

  • Stratasys industrial-grade professional 3D printers use PolyJet or FDM technologies to provide solutions to a wide range of needs from rapid prototyping to manufacturing.

    Are you a production engineer, a designer, healthcare/dental professional or an education expert? Our 3D printers are designed to help you be more innovative and efficient.

    From professional desktop 3D printers to manufacturing-grade large format production-ready 3D printers, our industry-leading machines are trusted by top companies from around the globe to stay ahead of the competition.
      • Digital Anatomy transforms lives.

      • Seattle Children’s is turning to Stratasys Digital Anatomy to plan complex pediatric surgical procedures. Synthetic digital twins of an actual patient’s anatomy, including the specific pathology in question, is transformative.

        For over 100 years, Seattle Children’s Hospital has been specializing in the unique needs of infants and children. With physicians focused on compassionate care and breakthrough research within 60 pediatric subspecialties, Children’s is not only the top-ranked pediatric hospital in the Pacific Northwest, but it is also consistently ranked among the best pediatric hospitals in the nation.

        An example of how Children’s is improving outcomes though innovation, is their use of 3D printing to map out complex surgeries and practice intricate surgical techniques before ever entering the operating room. And this custom care approach helps to provide safe and improved treatments for patients with rare conditions.

        One such case was an infant brought to Seattle Children’s, who at only a few days old, was showing signs of labored breathing. A CT scan found that she had right bronchial stenosis, a rare etiology of respiratory distress in a neonate. The narrowing of her right bronchial tube was so severe she couldn’t breathe effectively, and her bronchus was only the size of a hair. She was put under the care of Kaalan Johnson, MD, the director of Seattle Children’s Aerodigestive Program, who specializes in treating children who have complex upper airway breathing and swallowing problems.
      • TE Connectivity scales parts production.

      • P3 PhotoPolymerization technology and Origin One 3D printers let TE Connectivity turn to additive manufacturing to produce new lines of connectors at volumes not possible with injection molding. The new normal in manufacturing means growth.
      • On the edge of reality.

      • Kinetic Vision transformed beverage package design with multicolor, multimaterial PolyJet 3D printing. Learn how they save time, win business, and win over consumers with Stratasys.
      • Aerospace

      • Get Ideas Off the Ground Quickly

        Rapid Prototyping, Injection Molding

        ULTEM™ 9085 resin, ULTEM™ 1010 resin, FDM Nylon 6, FDM Nylon 12, Digital ABS, Objet1000

        Solve design challenges before you commit to expensive and time-consuming tooling and production. Manufacturing with 3D Printing enables faster iteration, decision making, and response to market changes.Fixtures and flight-worthy parts go from idea to production in a fraction of the time.
      • Automative

      • Fast Track Ideas Into Production

        Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures, Production Parts

        Fortus 900mc, FDM Nylon 12, FDM Nylon 6, ABSi

        Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time it takes other development processes. Prototype, test, and produce all manner of tools, jigs, fixtures, and street-ready parts with unprecedented speed and efficiency. Receive the Auto Innovation Series and stay abreast of key 3D printing breakthroughs helping make auto manufacturers and suppliers more competitive.
      • Consumer Products

      • Bring Products to Market Faster

        Rapid Prototyping

        Stratasys J750, uPrint SE Plus

        Get to market faster than the competition with speedier design cycles. Go from design to prototyping in hours, not days. Blaze through product improvement with rapid prototype revisions. Reduce lead times and IP theft exposure by keeping everything in-house. Then get your tested and proven product into market before the competition knows what hit it.
    • FDM

    • Where Function Meets Form

      What is FDM 3D Printing?
      FDM Technology works with specialized 3D printers and production-grade thermoplastics to build strong, durable and dimensionally stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology.

      Stratasys founder Scott Crump invented FDM Technology more than 20 years ago, and Stratasys has continued to lead the 3D printing revolution ever since.

      Benefits of FDM Technology:

      • The technology is clean, simple-to-use and office-friendly
      • Supported production-grade thermoplastics are mechanically and environmentally stable
      • Complex geometries and cavities that would otherwise be problematic become practical with FDM technology
        • Introducing the Stratasys F120.

        • Finally. Affordable industrial-grade 3D printing.

          Bring the reliability of industrial-grade 3D printing to the desktop printer arena. The F120 is the table-top version of the F123 Series of 3D printers, designed for reliability and affordability, but built for longevity.

          We challenged the competition.
          And came out on top.

          The F120 outperforms desktop 3d printers. But don’t just take our word for it. Over 1000 hours were spent independently testing a number of key build attributes, including: feature reproduction, part sturdiness and surface quality. The F123 Series came out on top compared to desktop 3D printers.
            • Quality. Uninterrupted.

            • The F120 is everything you expect from Stratasys: accurate results, user-friendly interface and workflow and durable 3D printing hardware. Industrial 3D printer reliability means low maintenance compared to even the best desktop 3D printer. Proven to print for up to 250 hours uninterrupted with our new, large ABS, ASA and soluble support filament boxes. F120 prints 2-3 times faster than desktop 3D printers, making for a fast return on investment.

              Plug. Print.
              Why wait to print? The Stratasys F120 is easy to install and use, whether you’re new to 3D printing or upgrading from a desktop 3D printer. Ease of use comes standard with GrabCAD Print machine control software. Dramatically simplify your workflow and see how the F120 sets the standard for ease of use.

              No specialized training. No dedicated technician.
            • Industrial Quality in your Workspace.

          • F123 Series

          • Professional 3D printing made easy.

            F123 Series printers combine industrial-grade capability with simple operation. Requiring no special expertise, F123 printers offer carbon fiber 3D printing, fast and easy material swaps and auto-calibration for accurate, dependable results.

            Explore the endless possibilities.

            There’s virtually no limit to the ways you can put F123 Series printers to work. Get a taste of how you can benefit by viewing some of the applications and parts other F123 users have implemented. Through clear, colorful images and descriptions, this Look Book will show you how versatile these printers can be.

            F123 Series Materials

            F123 Series printers offer a range of materials in multiple colors to suit a variety of applications. Choose from standard engineering grade thermoplastics, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or more specialized materials like carbon fiber and electrostatic dissipative ABS. Up to four layer thicknesses are available, dependent upon the material, letting you optimize for higher detail or overall print time.

            • Standard and Engineering
              PLA, ASA and ABS-M30 support general 3D printing applications.
            • ESD Compliant
              ABS-ESD7 has static dissipative qualities for applications involving electronics.
            • Tooling
              Diran 410MF07 and ABS-CF10 carbon fiber are perfect for tough, rigid manufacturing tools.
            • Flexible
              FDM TPU 92A is a thermoplastic polyurethane for flexible elastomer parts.

            Solving everyday manufacturing challenges.

            Polaris has a rich history developing powersports vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs to tactical vehicles for government and defense. Polaris relies on innovative technologies to solve everyday problems on the manufacturing floor, and that includes using F123 Series printers. Watch the video to see how Polaris uses the F123 Series and its range of materials to iterate on new tooling designs, giving it the flexibility it needs to meet ever-changing production needs.
              • Flex your application muscle.

              • The material versatility of F123 Series printers opens up multiple applications. Being a carbon fiber 3D printer, use it to create strong but light manufacturing tools, jigs and fixtures. Print and verify more quickly for faster prototyping. Prepare students to be the skilled workforce of tomorrow by putting 3D printing in the classroom today.

                From manufacturing to prototyping to education

                • Jigs & Fixtures
                  Materials specifically tailored for creating 3D printed jigs, fixtures and manufacturing aids can make your production floor more efficient and your tooling more ergonomic and worker-friendly.
                • Prototypes

                • Easy-to-use F123 Series printers let you iterate your designs much more quickly than traditional prototyping methods. The quiet operation and compact size make the printer suitable for the office or the factory floor.
                • Education

                • F123 Series systems are the perfect 3D printers for schools. Easy operation and built-in safety features make them a great tool for teaching students highly desirable skills needed in manufacturing, design and engineering careers.
                • Production Parts

                • Custom parts and small-batch production runs that otherwise would be uneconomical to make with traditional machining or molding become possible with F123 Series printers. Durable materials and soluble support offer unlimited design freedom.
              • Business impact.

              • Printer performance and reliability have a direct impact on your bottom line.
              • F123 vs. the competition.

              • Desktop and low-priced 3D printers may seem like the logical choice to get started with 3D printing. But it’s often the wrong choice because these kinds of printers are typically not up to the task. Curious to know how F123 Series printers stack up against these printers? This white paper highlights a third-party head-to-head comparison and how each printer fared.
              • The case for 3D printed tooling.

              • Most companies still rely on slower, costlier ways of making manufacturing tools. But the ones that have switched to 3D printing where it’s appropriate see tangible benefits in lead time, cost, functionality and ergonomics. Catch on to one of the best kept secrets in manufacturing. Read our Solution Guide to learn where 3D printing offers a good fit for jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing aids for better factory-floor operations.
              • Smarter prototyping.

              • Staying competitive means getting your products in the marketplace faster than your competition. And that means prototyping faster and more effectively to vet your ideas and optimize your product. The In this white paper, we’ll show you how the F123 Series printers let you rapid prototype smarter and faster, so you’re more productive and your products are ready for market.
            • F770

            • Print large on a small budget.

              Print large parts up to a meter long with an affordable, large-format 3D printer. The F770 delivers spacious build capacity in an easy-to-use platform with the reliability and consistency of Stratasys FDM technology.

              F770 Applications

              • Jigs and Fixtures
                Lower the cost and lead time to make or outsource manufacturing tools by 3D printing them instead. The F770’s substantial build volume means you can create larger tools in a single piece rather then making them in multiple parts that have to be bonded together.
              • Prototyping
                Prototyping large parts easily and in-house is now possible, thanks to the generous capacity of the F770. Print your designs in full size instead of using scaled-down versions. Validate concepts and fit faster, accelerating the design and production process.
              • End-Use Parts
                3D printing is the perfect tool for short-run end-use parts that aren’t economical to produce with CNC machining or other traditional manufacturing methods. The F770 is right-sized to accommodate the needs of these limited production volumes whether it’s many smaller parts or a few large items.

              F770 materials

              F770 printers use ABS-M30 (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) standard thermoplastics. These widely used materials are optimal for the creation of durable but lightweight jigs and fixtures, as well as prototypes, concept models and end-use parts.
              • ABS-M30
                ABS-M30 is a strong, tough thermoplastic appropriate for many 3D printing applications.
              • ASA
                ASA is similar to ABS but is UV resistant and produces a smoother printed surface.

              From CAD to Reality

              The part you design is the part you should get. But that’s not always the case, particularly as your part size grows. The F770 employs time-tested oven technology that ensures tight thermal management over every inch of your part, even if it’s three feet long. And our GrabCAD Print software features tools designed to handle big parts, so you can be sure that what you model in CAD is what comes out of the printer.
                • F770 delivers:

                • Large print capacity.
                  Enough space to print parts up to a meter long in an affordably priced system.

                  Stratasys FDM reliability.
                  Proven technology with print-and-forget dependability so what you design is what you get.

                  Simple, no-hassle operation.
                  An intuitive user interface, GrabCAD Print software for easy file prep and remote print monitoring, and soluble support for design freedom and hands-free post-processing.
                • Complexity without complications.

                • Size isn’t the only notable feature of the F770. GrabCAD Print software provides an intuitive CAD-to-print workflow. Also included is Insight software, for power users who want to fine tune their files for greater control over print results. And all F770s come with MTConnect, ready to plug into your smart factory floor.
              • Fortus 450mc

              • Move up to industrial additive manufacturing.

                Harness the speed, cost and material advantages of industrial FDM additive manufacturing. The Fortus 450mc delivers accurate, reliable performance that lets you transform supply chains, accelerate manufacturing and reduce production costs.
                  • Prototypes, tooling and production parts.

                  • Whether you need accurate prototypes, strong manufacturing aids or on-demand end-use parts, the Fortus 450mc can tackle your application. It offers the materials you need to meet demanding production applications in any industry. From soft jaw tooling to ESD-capable space components, the Fortus 450mc is the additive manufacturing multi-tool.
                  • The alternative to CNC machining.

                  • When challenged to find alternative solutions to traditional manufacturing methods, the team at UK-based John Crane looked to 3D printing and settled on the Fortus 450mc. It wasn’t long before that investment made an immediate impact on the manufacturer’s production process. See how the industrial grade Fortus 450mc helps John Crane overcome traditional manufacturing challenges and grow its 3D printing capability from tooling to production parts.
                  • Creating opportunity with the Fortus 450mc

                  • East/West Industries is a tier-one manufacturer for major aerospace OEMs. It maximizes the utility of its Fortus 450mc, employing it for multiple applications to better serve its customers. Watch the video to see how East/West leverages additive manufacturing to help it achieve top supplier status.
                  • Fortus 450mc delivers:

                  • Demonstrated industrial performance.
                    Demonstrated by over 1800 worldwide installations, Fortus 450mc printers deliver results that manufacturers rely on. Tool up, prototype and produce faster and for lower cost compared to traditional manufacturing.

                    Accurate and repeatable results.
                    Stratasys FDM printers set the standard for repeatable print results that accurately reflect your CAD model. For consistent production in industrial printing applications, you can rely on the Fortus 450mc.

                    Data protection.
                    ProtectAM data security safeguards sensitive printer system information and provides ongoing security of information processing. This includes U.S. DOD STIG compliance, enabled by Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® software.
                  • Lower production costs with new 3D printed materials

                  • The days of believing 3D printing isn't a manufacturing technology are over. As polymer material advancements continue, more manufacturers are realizing the cost benefits of additive manufacturing in lieu of traditional methods. This white paper highlights how several companies are using the Fortus 450mc and its material capabilities to develop and produce products faster and for lower cost.
                • F900

                • Made by professionals for professionals.

                  Versatile performance on an industrial scale.
                  Built for the production environment, the F900 gives you the ability to create large parts or multiple smaller parts in the broadest array of FDM materials. With the largest build chamber available among FDM printers, the F900 enables additive manufacturing at scale while delivering consistent, accurate results. Whether you’re printing jigs and fixtures, functional prototypes or production parts, the F900 delivers the versatility and reliability you need to get it right the first time, every time.

                  Complex parts. Simple systems.

                  Manage your printing projects more efficiently with integrated GrabCAD Print™ and Insight™ Software. Print directly from CAD formats using smart default settings and tooltips. Access detailed views of models, trays and slice previews. Adaptive Slice in GrabCAD Print is available. Use Insight™ Software to fine-tune part performance and material use for greater cost efficiency.
                    • Reliability. Accuracy. Versatility.

                    • Rely on the F900’s to achieve real manufacturing with 3D printing. Its large build volume and proven accuracy provides consistent results needed to meet production demand. A diverse material selection ranging from engineering-grade thermoplastics to high-performance polymers lets you cover a varied range of applications.
                    • Specifications

                    • One system. Everything you need.

                      System Size: 2772 x 1683 x 2027 mm (109.1 x 66.3 x 78.1 in)

                      System Weight:
                      2869 kg (6325 lbs.)

                      Build Envelope:
                      914.4 x 609.6 x 914.4 mm (36 x 24 x 36 in)

                      Material Delivery:
                      Two build material canisters – 1,508 cc (92 in.3)
                      Two support material canisters – 1,508 cc (92 in.3)

                      +/- 0.089 mm or +/- 0.0015 mm per mm
                      (+/- 0.0035 in. or +/- 0.0015 in. per in.)
                      Note: Accuracy is geometry dependent

                      Regulatory Compliance:
                      CE, NRTL Listed

                      Insight and Control Center™
                      GrabCAD Print™
                      MT Connect ready
                  • SAF

                  • Selective Absorption Fusion

                    What is SAF?

                    SAF technology empowers a powder-based additive manufacturing process that employs industrial-grade technology to achieve higher levels of production of end-use parts. SAF is the technology behind the H Series™ Production Platform that provides broad capability to control the print process to achieve accurate, consistent production at competitive part costs.

                    How it works:

                    SAF technology uses an infrared-sensitive HAF (High Absorbing Fluid) to fuse particles of polymer powder together in discreet layers to build parts. It uses Big Wave™ powder management, a proprietary technology that includes powder distribution across a bed, where industrial-grade Piezo-electric print heads jet the fluid in prescribed areas to create each layer of the part. This is followed by exposure to infrared energy, which causes the areas with HAF to melt and fuse together. The sequence is repeated until the parts are completed.

                    Key benefits of SAF technology.

                    Industrial-grade technology.
                    Industrial Piezo-electric print heads and innovative powder management designed for durability and high uptime.

                    Production throughput.
                    One-pass print-and fuse, few consumable replacements for minimal downtime and high nesting densities to meet production demands.

                    End-use production parts.
                    Real-time powder heating, unique thermal management and broad powder range for a wide spectrum of part properties.
                      • Created with you in mind.

                      • The H Series Production Platform with SAF technology provides the accuracy, repeatability and process control essential for consistent production and competitive part costs. Read our Solution Guide to go more in depth about how the H Series platform with SAF technology is the optimal choice for producing additive-manufactured parts at scale.
                      • This is additive manufacturing on a new level.

                      • The world is changing fast. Manufacturing is evolving - to be more resilient, more agile, and more adaptable. The H Series Production Platform from Stratasys gives you the additive production capabilities to emerge ahead.
                      • SAF technology - putting additive manufacturing on a new level.

                      • ntroducing SAF, Stratasys’ latest manufacturing-oriented technological innovation! SAF is a powder bed fusion, additive manufacturing process engineered to rapidly produce high volumes of manufacturing and production grade components. SAF enables manufacturers to break through previously established boundaries for additively produced parts, creating a compelling business case. Join Stratasys and Professor Hopkinson, to learn how SAF improves efficiencies, accelerates product development and increases profitability.
                    • H350

                    • Boost your manufacturing capability.

                      SAF technology is the power behind the H Series Production Platform, designed for production-level throughput of end-use parts.

                      The SAF™ powered H350 3D printer gives you control of your production and costs. Grow your business through volume production with consistent end-use functional parts.

                      Accurate, production-grade parts with best-in-class consistency.

                      The SAF™ powered H350 3D printer gives you control of your production and costs. Grow your business through volume production with consistent end-use functional parts.

                      Great for….

                      Quality finished, end-use products
                      Consumer-facing products that require a high-quality finishing such as clips, eye-wear, consumer electronic cases and headphones.

                      Molds, and robust load bearing parts
                      Brackets, mold tools, machine components, jigs, adapters, manifolds and manufacturing aids.

                      Functionally enhanced parts Parts with movement such as hinges, gears and clips; electric protection connectors, improved impact resistance or such as shatter-proof trims, durable housings and covers.

                      Part production control:

                      Quality control is always at the heart of successful volume production applications. With H350 you can establish a manufacturing control system that will enable you to certify your production.

                      Control consistency
                      Produce high-volume parts with accuracy and repeatability. The H350 3D printer prints with exceptional detail and a smooth surface finish.

                      Control your workflow
                      The H350 gives you the option to operate your way. Track your materials and log your build data, effortlessly adjust print settings and certify your production like never before. Plus, get stable production configuration thanks to long-lasting industrial printheads as well as build freedom with simple, efficient nesting.

                      Control your cost
                      Run lean and boost your return-on-investment with the H350. Get predictable and simple part cost estimation, manage fewer consumables and produce consistent and accurate parts made up of 80% reused powder. Additionally, save on machine recertification and part costs with long-lasting printheads and a 12 percent nesting density.

                      H350 materials.

                      In additive manufacturing, PA12 is the go-to material for prototyping. But in traditional volume production of end-use parts, PA11 is much more widely used due to its higher ductility, higher impact and higher fatigue resistance making it suitable for a wider range of industrial applications. The significant benefits of PA11 are highlighted in the Material Datasheet.

                      High Yield PA11
                      Engineering-grade polymer
                        • Built for demanding industries.

                        • Additive manufacturing has seen growth in demand for products with pandemic-proof supply chains, shorter design-to-part cycles and reduced-spare-part inventory. Commercial equipment, consumer goods, automotive and transportation are some of the industries demanding equipment that fulfills their production needs. H350 is the additive manufacturing solution with the control that customers need to deliver the consistency, accuracy and competitive cost that these markets demand.
                        • Produce engineering-grade parts.

                        • Stratasys High Yield PA11 polymer is derived from a 100 percent renewable bio-source from sustainably grown castor beans. Processed with SAF technology on the H350 3D printer, it delivers production-grade, end-use parts for high-volume demands — driving new areas of business growth. Mechanical capabilities and geometric accuracy are due to the H350’s innovative thermal control. Industrial processes and components ensure repeatability and consistency build after build. In the whitepaper below, these elements are explored through an electrical connector.
                        • SAF technology.

                        • Thanks to industrial-grade SAF technology, you will meet high production demands. The long-lasting piezo electric printheads, patented Big-Wave™ powder deposition and unique thermal management provides consistency throughout the build volume. The one pass print-and-fuse process, 12% nesting density and minimized consumables allow you to achieve production-level throughput. Plus, achieve fine feature detailing and uniformity with a single High Absorption Fluid (HAF).
                        • GrabCAD Print

                        • Enjoy the streamlined 3D printing workflow of GrabCAD Print with your Stratasys H350 3D printer. Work directly with your cad files and prepare your builds in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface plus, estimate your cost and printing time, monitor your equipment, get print reports and more.
                      • P3

                      • Programmable Photo- Polymerization P3™

                        What makes P3 unique?

                        P3 is a combination of several tightly controlled, programmable steps in the printing process. P3 extends DLP printing’s capabilities and supports the next generation of production applications made with photopolymers. This powerful combination of production-grade technology and performance materials unlocks functional end-use applications in 3D printing with competitive throughput and part cost.

                        How it works:

                        Four critical parts of the P3 process enable the unique combination of high throughput, production-grade part quality and materials.
                        • Light: Programmable light sets of an exothermic reaction that forms layers with outstanding resolution, accuracy and dosage control.
                        • Environmental stability: Temperature-controlled printing mitigates warping and shrinkage, while unlocking materials with advanced properties, like flame retardancy.
                        • Pneumatic separation: A perfectly timed separation procedure reduces pull forces, leading to a molded-like surface finish, high-throughput and ultra-fine features, such as textures or large surface areas like molds.
                        • Motion: Precise control over printer movements ensures a repeatable, fast and accurate workflow in a wide range of geometries and high-performance materials.
                        • Green Strength: The P3 process produces a high polymerization conversion, unlocking faster print times, extreme geometries, and build nesting.

                        Key benefits of P3 technology.

                        The orchestrated print process, coupled with advanced light control, maximizes green strength and production speed

                        Part quality.
                        Print large and tiny features with exceptionally smooth surfaces everytime.

                        High-performance materials.
                        P3 is built from the ground up, to enable the next generation of photopolymers to withstand the harshest conditions.

                        Taking light to another level.

                        Watch how P3’s patented pneumatic separation mechanism with a closed feedback loop reduces separation forces and achieves faster print times, ultra-fine features and an expanded range of geometries with incredible accuracy.
                          • Accurate, repeatable, isotropic.

                          • Any 3D printing process deployed for production must be accurate and repeatable when it comes to geometric dimensions and material properties of manufactured parts. This study evaluates P3’s variability, examining part accuracy, system repeatability, and mechanical properties across multiple Origin One manufacturing systems and across consecutive production builds.
                          • OML: Greater control

                          • The Open Material License (OML) provides developers, researchers and early adopters with advanced tools to develop and experiment with new materials and custom workflows. Override light, temperature, force, velocity and pressure on a layer-by-layer basis for ultimate control over the print process. Accelerate iterations of material formulations and get products to market in weeks, not years.
                          • Programmable PhotoPolymerization: Unlocking new materials, features and applications

                          • The future of 3D printing is in the production of end-use functional parts. The most successful applications include a tightly controlled print process for the best quality, accuracy, and repeatability. Origin One's application engineering manager, Tim Downing, demonstrates how materials, surface quality, and other features can be fine-tuned using Origin One's advanced print parameters.
                        • Origin One

                        • Next-level part production starts here.

                          A transformative 3D printer enabling mass production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high-performance materials. Achieve industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail and throughput with the P3™ Programmable Photopolymerization technology. Get ready for a new era of 3D printing.

                          Origin One Materials.

                          It takes an ecosystem to transform an industry. Stratasys works with leading chemical companies to co-develop innovative photopolymers in several categories to unlock end-use applications in 3D printing. Choose from a wide range of single component, commercial-grade materials, developed on and validated for Origin One. Resins are engineered to be easy to handle and rapidly post-processed, with long shelf lives.

                          Materials for application specific requirements such as flame smoke and toxicity, HDT or mold durability.

                          Impact resistant resins for functional applications that need to perform under stress and high-load conditions.

                          General Purpose
                          Fast printing materials for end-use applications requiring cosmetic surfaces, fine features and high accuracy.

                          Resilient high-resolution elastomers for applications requiring excellent tear strength or rebound performance.

                          Medically certified materials for devices where aesthetics, durability and biocompatibility are critical.

                          Programmable PhotoPolymerization ​P3™

                          An evolution of digital light processing, P3 powers the Origin One. The tightly synchronized print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy. Coupled with an advanced 4K light engine, P3 enables the highest 3D printed part quality and throughput the industry has seen.
                            • Take on the most demanding applications.

                            • From biocompatible medical devices to aerospace-grade components and everything in between, Origin One enables breakthrough production applications. Discover how Origin One customers have harnessed P3 technology and materials from Stratasys material ecosystem partners to extend capabilities and create new business opportunities.
                            • Intelligent software feedback loop.

                            • Origin One’s P3 technology utilizes computer vision and 25+ environmental sensors to monitor and respond to every important aspect of the print process. In situ analytics, combined with automatic pressure, pull force and temperature regulation, ensure the first part is the same as the last. See powerful product improvements over time, with over-the-air software updates that unlock new advanced materials and workflow optimizations.
                            • Origin One delivers:

                            • Volume production.
                              An optimized build volume, compact footprint, and minimal power requirements enable manufacturers to maximize production capacity per sq ft efficiently. Scale up production with modular hardware and post-process in minutes versus hours to produce parts at scale.

                              Features big and small.
                              Gain ultimate production flexibility with short or long builds and fast material swaps. Easily print features as small as a hair or solid large molds in the size of the build area with the same exceptional accuracy and consistency.

                              Return on investment.
                              Achieve a low per-part cost with a fast time to part, affordable single component resins, minimal post-processing, low waste and high production yields. Seamlessly move from prototyping to production on the same platform.
                            • An additive - first approach to product development of end-use parts.

                            • Learn how Enventys Partners utilized the Stratasys Origin One 3D printer, high-performance medical grade materials, and design freedom of 3D printing to create a unique lice removal device economically.
                            • Designing for Stratasys Origin One.

                            • Origin One is capable of printing difficult geometries without supports, fine features, and solid cross-sections, with excellent surface quality comparable to injection molding. However, like traditional manufacturing processes, there are guidelines that result in the highest yields, optimal quality and reduced labor.
                          • Origin One Dental

                          • When production counts.

                            Scale your business and maximize production across a number of applications with materials from Industry leading partners. With user-friendly software that is simple to manage and learn, Origin One Dental streamlines your digital workflow and maximizes throughput.

                            Count on uptime, consistency, and reliability. Print best-in-class parts faster, at lower cost and with greater accuracy.

                            Dental Models
                            Model printing is the largest application in the Dental lab. The Origin One Dental has high accuracy for both restorative and Orthodontic models. With competitive resin prices and high throughput, the Origin One Dental printer is a perfect match for this demanding application.

                            The use of occlusal splints to maintain the integrity of restorative and orthodontic work is quickly becoming the standard of care. Origin One Dental printed splints, night guards, and bleaching trays provide a comfortable fit, and flexibility to engage undercuts with excellent resistance to wear.

                            Surgical Guides
                            Fabricate transparent, highly accurate surgical guides to help your customers place implants at the precise angle and depth. Print small batches or full build plates quickly.

                            Business impact.

                            The Stratasys Origin One Dental manufacturing-grade 3D printer provides an industrial production solution powered by cutting edge P3 technology.

                            Future-proof your investment

                            A new production method based on open materials supports a variety of applications. The open software architecture will support new additional materials over time, protecting your investment in the printer system.

                            Produce exceptionally accurate, consistent parts.
                            Cutting-edge P3 technology paired with a true 4K light engine precisely orchestrates conditions like light and temperature to automatically optimize prints in real-time. The unique Origin One Dental print process ensures precision, accuracy, and part-to-part consistency with every print.

                            Scale to industrial production.
                            Built for 99% uptime, Origin One Dental enables higher throughput and a lower cost per part using best-in-class materials. Faster print cycles and simple post-processing offer an optimized workflow that will facilitate overall better performance and lower costs.

                            Connect to the cloud for updates and support.
                            Secure remote connectivity enables over-the-air software updates that unlock new advanced materials and workflow optimizations. Remote service and support maximize uptime to ensure production runs smoothly. The Origin One web app feature fleet and queue management functionality to further streamline operational tasks.

                            Origin One Dental materials

                            Origin One Dental’s open platform incorporates new application-specific materials from the Stratasys network of strategic partners including BASF and Keystone Dental. Stratasys is committed to expanding end-customer applications to meet even the most challenging requirements.
                            Coupled with P3 technology, the Certified materials available on the Origin One Dental attain the best print speed without sacrificing strength, accuracy, or surface finish.

                            Origin DM100
                            A tailored solution for dental models developed by BASF
                            • Optimized properties for producing dental models
                            • Fast and accurate prints for all model types
                            • Available in beige

                            KeySplint Soft
                            Strong and flexible, ideal for printing splints, night guards, and bleaching trays.
                            • 510K Cleared, Class IIa Certified
                            • Fully biocompatible
                            • Transparent, Polishable, Stain-resistant

                            Ideal for fabricating transparent surgical guides, allowing doctors to place implants at a precise angle and depth.
                            • Prints quickly and accurately
                            • Fully biocompatible
                            • Polishable, Autoclavable
                              • Count on Origin One Dental.

                              • It takes an ecosystem to transform an industry. Stratasys works with leading chemical companies to co-develop innovative photopolymers in several categories to unlock end-use applications in 3D printing.

                                Choose from a wide range of single component, commercial-grade materials, developed on and validated for Origin One. Materials represented are featured materials selected across a range of categories and are not inclusive of all validated materials for Origin One.

                                Resins are engineered to be easy to handle and rapidly post-processed, with long shelf lives. All parts shown are as printed with no secondary finishing, sanding, painting or additional post-processing unless otherwise specified.
                              • Programmable Photo Polymerization P3™ for unrivaled quality.

                              • Origin One Dental is powered by proprietary P3 Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. The tightly synchronized P3 print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy. Coupled with an advanced true 4K light engine, P3 enables one of the highest 3D printed part quality and throughput in the industry.
                            • POLYJET

                            • Make it more realistic and accurate with PolyJet

                              What is PolyJet Technology?

                              PolyJet is a powerful 3D printing technology that produces smooth, accurate parts, prototypes and tooling. With microscopic layer resolution and accuracy down to 0.014 mm, it can produce thin walls and complex geometries using the widest range of materials available with any technology.

                              Benefits of PolyJet:
                              • Create smooth, detailed prototypes that convey final-product aesthetics.
                              • Produce accurate molds, jigs, fixtures and other manufacturing tools.
                              • Achieve complex shapes, intricate details and delicate features.
                              • Incorporate the widest variety of colors and materials into a single model for unbeatable efficiency.
                                • PolyJet Solutions - ProBleacher™

                                • Typical Applications

                                  Transparent bottles, glass, clear packaging, perfume, toys, optical transparent modeling, end use parts.

                                  Clear screens, transparent parts, table lamps, tooling, production parts, camera lens, jigs and fixtures.

                                  Lighting, clear components, mirrors, head lights, indicators, dashboard components, media screens.

                                  Performance Attributes

                                  ProBleacher one-touch preset capability makes the process super simple; put your part in the chamber and press run. That’s it. Couldn’t be any easier!
                                    • Get the most out of your PolyJet™ transparent materials with the new ProBleacher

                                    • Those who seek true transparency and no color residue from their 3D printed parts, understand the importance of photobleaching. Proper PolyJet™ photobleaching requires the right equipment and specific functions, such as wavelength and intensity light source, time and temperature control. Anything less will not deliver the maximum transparency you need. The Stratasys professional ProBleacher is the optimal photobleaching system for your PolyJet models and prototypes. Developed specially to make the photobleaching process easier, faster and more precise, this solution is compatible with VeroClear™, VeroUltra™Clear and VeroUltra™ClearS PolyJet materials.

                                      Typical Applications
                                      • Packaging
                                        Transparent bottles, glass, clear packaging, perfume, toys, optical transparent modeling, end use parts.
                                      • Electronics
                                        Clear screens, transparent parts, table lamps, tooling, production parts, camera lens, jigs and fixtures.
                                      • Automotive
                                        Lighting, clear components, mirrors, head lights, indicators, dashboard components, media screens.
                                    • VeroUltraClear

                                    • For Prototyping Applications
                                      VeroUltraClear simulates acrylic, achieving 95% light transmission of that material, and is useful for prototypes of glass, clear polymers, or transparent packaging

                                      Higher Level Of Clarity
                                      VeroUltraClear improves upon the past performance of VeroClear with a higher level of clarity, transparency and a lower yellow index.

                                      Typical Applications

                                      Packaging prototypes
                                      Models using transparent windows, glass bottles, or other clear elements.

                                      Eyewear or lighting component prototypes
                                      Models simulating glass or clear polymers for eyewear or lighting

                                      Medical or manufacturing applications
                                      Models or parts that need to show fluid flow or internal mechanisms

                                      Performance Properties
                                      • Recommended 24 hour exposure to photobleaching treatment for best results.
                                      • Light transmittance 85-92%, with a yellow index of .6-1.2.
                                      • Uses support structure SUP705 (water jet removable) or SUP706B (soluble)
                                    • VeroClear

                                    • Rigid Transparency
                                      VeroClear is a transparent material that simulates PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), commonly known as acrylic. Like PMMA, VeroClear is used as an alternative to glass and is ideal for concept modeling and design verification of clear parts such as eyewear, light covers and medical devices.

                                      Transparent 3D Printing
                                      VeroClear is a transparent PolyJet photopolymer for clear acrylic simulation. It offers strength, stiffness, elongation and impact resistance, and the ability to blend with other materials for a range of opacities, hues and hardnesses. VeroClear enables visualization of internal components and features, and simulation of glass ideal for form and fit testing of see-through parts. For best clarity, polish, lacquer or photo bleach parts.

                                      BEHAVIOR AND USE

                                      IZOD IMPACT, NOTCHED
                                      20-30 J/m

                                      45-50 °C

                                      FLEXURAL STRENGTH
                                      75-110 MPa

                                      TENSILE STRENGTH
                                      50-65 MPa
                                  • PolyJet Printers J35 Pro

                                  • The versatile multi-material office printer.

                                    The J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet 3D printer suitable for the shared office offering multi-material capabilities for functional design and concept modeling providing engineers and designers the versatility to produce parts that match their exact needs.

                                    Need a better understanding of how the J35 simplifies your workflow? The J35 e-book provides detailed data and screenshots. You won’t believe how easy it is.

                                    Industry Applications

                                    Consumer goods
                                    • Functional prototyping
                                    • Design prototyping

                                    Consumer electronics
                                    • Functional prototyping
                                    • Design prototyping

                                    • Research Institutes
                                    • University “in-house” 3D printing

                                    35 Pro materialsView all materials
                                    Supporting engineers and designers with different needs during various stages of the product development cycle is challenging. That is why the J35 was designed to meet different needs with different materials and parts. The J35 offers multi-material capabilities ideal for functional design and concept modeling and includes state-of-the-art print abilities with the combination of rubber-like shore (Elastico), high-impact (D-ABS), rigid visual (Vero), translucent (UltraClearS) and many more…

                                    Key benefits

                                    Supports engineers and designers with different needs during various stages of the product development cycle is challenging.

                                    Office & user-friendly
                                    Provides the benefits of an engineering-grade printer without the hassles.

                                    Reducing costs & time
                                    All-in-one multi-material PolyJet printer with highest quality and value.
                                        • J35 Pro delivers:

                                        • Multi-material capabilities
                                          Use three different materials separately or simultaneously to produce parts that meet your needs, such as concept models, functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures and more.

                                          Easy workflow
                                          Access a full ecosystem of workflow tools to streamline design, including cloud-base service, print-to-click (Keyshot, WSS), on-demand training and an online community.

                                          Affordable realism
                                          Design realistic, high-quality parts and prototypes with an all-in-one, multi-material printer for a lower investment compared to other PolyJet multi-material solutions.
                                    • GrabCAD Software

                                    • 3D printing software that streamlines the CAD-to-Print workflow.

                                      GrabCAD Software is built to streamline the 3D printing engineering workflow for Stratasys Customers. GrabCAD Print software makes 3D printing easy, so you get quality 3D printed parts faster and simpler. GrabCAD Shop simplifies the 3D printing workflow for engineers, designers and shop operators by reducing the time wasted trying to keep track of 3D print requests.

                                      With Stratasys software you can:

                                      Organize incoming 3D printing jobs and all of your Stratasys 3D printers.

                                      Communicate on print jobs directly in the work order.

                                      Print native CAD files to your Stratasys 3D printer from anywhere.

                                      Analyze material usage, history, and utilization of your printer with in-depth reports and dashboards.
                                        • J55 Prime

                                        • Possibilities at every turn.

                                          The J55 Prime 3D printer introduces full color, high fidelity with tactile, functional and sensory capabilities - making the efficiency and quality of PolyJet Technology more affordable and office friendly than ever before. Create over 640,000 unique combinations, including Pantone Verified colors and save hours of time by replacing hand-painting techniques with vibrant color finishes.

                                          Create everything from quick design iterations to high quality final prototypes, all in a compact, quiet, and odorless process.

                                          Why J55™ Prime

                                          With the J55™ Prime, there’s no need to compromise. Upgrade your design process with high resolution, fast prints, and multimaterial capabilities.

                                          The J55™ Prime offers the best footprint-to-tray ratio on the market, allowing you to create the maximum number of models in one print.

                                          Whether you need full color, rigid or transparent materials, elastic flexible surfaces, or Digital ABS for functional prototyping, the J55 Prime offers a wide range of choices.

                                          Office friendly
                                          Engineered for your office or studio space. It’s ultra-quiet, operating under 53 decibels – about the same as a household refrigerator. The smell free system uses a ProAero™ Air Extractor to capture and filter out fumes.

                                          J55™ Prime materials

                                          Tactile, opaque, flexible, transparent or rigid– the J55™ Prime offers a wide range of materials to suit all your design needs. Multi-material capabilities let you load up to five materials at once and create multi-color or multi shore level parts in one print. With expansive options for color and texture combinations, there’s no need for hand painting.

                                          Introduces sharpness in graphics, vibrant and precision colors and better plastic simulation.

                                          Create superior part fidelity with tactile and sensory capabilities providing results that look, feel and function like the real thing.

                                          Digital ABS
                                          Simulate standard ABS plastics functional modeling combining high temperature resistance and high toughness.

                                          J55™Prime: What’s new?

                                          Flexibility with state of the art Elastico™
                                          Create superior part fidelity with tactile and sensory capabilities providing results that look, feel and function like the real thing. Introduce a new standard in elastic elongation-to-break, tear resistance and dimensional accuracy.

                                          Functional modeling
                                          Digital ABS simulates standard ABS plastics functional modeling combining high temperature resistance and high toughness.

                                          Ultra Opaque Colors
                                          Introduces sharpness in graphics, vibrant and precise colors and better plastic simulation to describe and better promote by extending the J55 full color space to include a 640,000 color gamut, setting a new standard in full color 3D hyperrealism.

                                          Prolonged skin contact
                                          Vero™ContactClear is a rigid rapid prototyping material with various on-skin and mucosal usage ideal for applications requiring prolonged skin contact.

                                          Make it real.

                                          Using our new Elastico materials surface texture options can simulate materials like fabric, wood, leather, and much more. Print text and graphics meeting 2D standards. Reduce time spent on post-processing and communicate ideas more effectively.

                                          Test the ergonomics of consumer products and place them in the hands of stakeholders.

                                          See how products fit into their environment, and change out colors or adjust the design in the same day.
                                            • The J55™ Prime advantage

                                            • Texture
                                              From wood to fabric, the J55™ Prime offers a texture option to suit every design need. Virtually eliminate post-processing and upgrade the realism of your models with just a few clicks.

                                              Color variation
                                              Create nearly 640,000 unique combinations, including Pantone Verified colors. Save hours of time by replacing hand-painting techniques with vibrant color finishes.

                                              Realize your design ideas more fully with transparent materials. VeroUltraClearS can simulate glass and plastic in a range of tints for models that look and function like the real thing.
                                            • Pantone.

                                            • When design decisions are color-dependent, the J55™ Prime provides PANTONE® validation and makes the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors available for 3D printed models.
                                          • J5 DentaJet

                                          • Load one tray and walk away.

                                            The J5 DentaJet™ may be small, but it’s a powerful tool for dental labs. Designed to reduce costs, maximize efficiency and create more dental parts with less handling — all with the precision, accuracy and realism you can expect from Stratasys.

                                            A dental solution to suit every need:

                                            Simplify the complexity of implantology and maximize production.

                                            • Implant models
                                            • Surgical guides
                                            • Gingiva masks

                                            Print all on one tray.

                                            Cut days off delivery times and produce more orthodontic appliances.

                                            • Models
                                            • Indirect bonding trays

                                            Simplify the production of acrylic orthodontic devices with Separator Digital Material which coats models making acrylic and wax removal easy.

                                            Reducing manual labor and increase production.

                                            • Models
                                            • RPD frameworks
                                            • Custom impression trays
                                            • Try-ins

                                            Print all on one tray.

                                            Crown and Bridge
                                            Produce large volumes of models in high resolution materials.

                                            • Models — quadrant, full upper and lower with removable dies.

                                            Eliminate delays and inaccuracies of manual labor.

                                            J5 DentaJet materials.

                                            Leverage full-color capability and realism to differentiate your lab. DentaJet offers over 500,000 colors and three biocompatible materials. In addition, the Separator Digital Material makes acrylic orthodontic devices, such as Hawley Retainers, separate easily from the printed model and results in better surface quality and decreased manual labor.

                                            Biocombatible MED610
                                            Transparent, biocompatible PolyJet material medically approved for bodily contact.

                                            Biocompatible MED620
                                            Opaque white material with A2 shading designed to provide the best color match in the industry.

                                            Biocompatible MED625FLX
                                            Flexible, transparent material for printing indirect bonding trays and soft gingival masks.

                                            Provides unique full-color capabilities to produce smooth, accurate and realistic models.
                                              • Quality, made compact.

                                              • Designed with a larger print tray to create more parts in a compact, lab-friendly environment, the DentaJet is like having three printers in one — print an implant case with a rigid opaque model with a soft gingiva mask and a biocompatible transparent surgical guide, or print an RPD framework in a castable material together with the patient model.
                                              • Business impact.

                                              • Maximize productivity and throughput by printing multiple materials and a variety of parts on the same build tray. Plus, reduce changeovers and manual labor time with the Separator Digital Material and prevent errors with seamless remote digital workflow.
                                              • The J5 DentaJet.

                                              • Harness the power of color.
                                                Leverage full-color capability to improve workflow and tracking and communicate more information. Reduce C&B remakes with the only dental printer able to create highly realistic replicas of the patient’s mouth — which enable better clinical outcomes and communication between the lab, clinic and patient.
                                            • J5 MediJet

                                            • The all-in-one medical printer.

                                              With multi-material, multicolor and biocompatible capabilities in a single print tray, MediJet™ sets a new standard for medical modeling.

                                              Service multiple departments with less handling

                                              Pre-surgical planning
                                              Use patient-specific 3D printed medical models for pre-surgical planning to help improve patient outcomes, patient understanding and consent.1,2,3

                                              Training & education
                                              Print exact pathology on-demand and train physicians, students and medical device field staff anywhere.

                                              Surgical guides & tooling
                                              Create drilling and cutting guides* that are sterilizable and biocompatible.
                                              *With approved 3rd party 510k cleared segmentation software.

                                              Medical device development
                                              Enable clinically relevant benchtop testing and create consistency by 3D printing exact anatomy to use when testing medical devices.

                                              J5 MediJet materials.

                                              Create brilliantly vivid anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides* on demand that are sterilizable & biocompatible.

                                              Biocompatible rigid transparent (MED610)
                                              Transparent, sterilizable, biocompatible material medically approved for bodily contact.

                                              Biocompatible Opaque (MED615RGD™ IV)
                                              Rigid Ivory, sterilizable, biocompatible material medically approved for bodily contact.

                                              Provides unique multicolor capabilities to produce sterilizable, smooth, accurate and realistic models.

                                              DraftWhite (MED857)
                                              Opaque, white, low-cost model material, which aims to lower the cost of single material applications and bulk color models.

                                              Elastico Clear (FLX934)
                                              Transparent flexible material with Shore A value of 45, with a superior tear-resistant and elongation.

                                              Business impact.

                                              Service multiple departments and create more medical models with less handling — all within a small footprint. Plus, with a lower up-front investment and smaller footprint, MediJet™ is economical and compact enough for small lab spaces.

                                              30% lower cost per part compared to outsourcing.

                                              30% faster print time than comparable printing solutions**.

                                              Brilliantly vivid, multi-material and multicolor capabilities.
                                                • The new standard for medical modeling.

                                                • Multi-material and multicolor capabilities allow you to create brilliantly vivid anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides* that are sterilizable and biocompatible, with a certified system — all on one platform.
                                                  *with approved 3rd party 510k cleared segmentation software.
                                                • Accelerate medical innovation.

                                                • With multiple materials and multicolor capabilities, academic medical centers, hospitals, and medical device companies can create brilliantly vivid pre-surgical planning models, education and training models, medical device development models and drilling and cutting guides* that are sterilizable and biocompatible.
                                                  • 510(k) cleared with leading segmentation software companies
                                                  • ISO 13485 Certified
                                                • J5 MediJet delivers:

                                                • Improved point-of-care planning
                                                  The use of patient-specific 3D printed medical models for pre-surgical planning improves patient outcomes by reducing complications, decreasing operation time and length of hospital stays. Patient understanding, consent and satisfaction have also been shown to improve with the use of 3D medical models. 1, 2, 3

                                                  Enhanced training & education programs
                                                  Print patient-specific models on demand for education programs. Scale up product demonstrations when training field staff and physicians on a new medical device.

                                                  Efficient medical device development
                                                  Create consistency in testing to enhance product quality, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.
                                              • J700 Dental

                                                  • Optimized for Clear Aligner Production Right Out of the Box

                                                  • Dedicated to the high-volume production of clear aligners.
                                                    The Stratasys J700 Dental is the first mass-produced 3D printing solution engineered for clear aligner production, and can help your dental lab take advantage of this growth market. Simplify your workflow with a fully integrated system and model accuracy that exceeds industry standards. With a streamlined plug-and-play setup and the capacity for 400 clear aligners per day, you can get to full production in just hours – meaning quicker delivery, higher patient satisfaction, and lower costs.

                                                    Fully scalable production capabilities, all from a single, cloud-based source.

                                                    No secondary curing so your molds are not compromised by handling or contamination.

                                                    Plug-and-play so no engineering or customization needed to achieve quality aligner arches.

                                                    Capable of 24/7 production for truly lights-out manufacturing.


                                                    SYSTEM SIZE AND WEIGHT
                                                    J700: 1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm (55.1 x 49.6 x 43.4 in); 430 kg (948 lbs.);
                                                    material cabinet: 670 x 1,170 x 640 mm (26.4 x 46.1 x 25.2 in); 152 kg (335 lbs.)

                                                    BUILD SIZE
                                                    490 x 390 mm (19.3 x 15.35 in)

                                                    LAYER THICKNESS
                                                    55 microns

                                                    Clear aligner arches

                                                    BUILD RESOLUTION
                                                    100 +/- micron accuracy
                                                  • Materials

                                                  • The Stratasys J700 Dental features single material printing, with MED670 or MED690. This means the highest quality arches can be produced with the cost savings and ease-of-use of truly hands-off manufacturing. SUP705 support material means streamlined cleaning so your arches move quickly from print, to thermoforming and shipment. Faster, lower cost, quality arches mean more satisfied customers.
                                                  • True Digital Workflow

                                                  • GrabCAD Print production management software guarantees a simplified, all-digital workflow. A centralized printer management system means everything from automatic material management to print monitoring can be done remotely, via the cloud, for truly lights-out manufacturing.
                                                    • Optimize patient case scheduling
                                                    • Monitor multiple printers from a single source
                                                    • Automatically track material consumption and machine utilization
                                                • J720 Dental

                                                    • Maximum-Throughput, Full-Color Dental Printing

                                                    • Expand your lab’s capabilities with full-color, multi-material 3D printing. The J720 is an all-in-one dental printer combining speed, large capacity, high resolution and access to up to six materials at once. Leverage the power of color, reduce remakes and produce results faster.

                                                      Work Smarter – Save time with the automatic tray arrangement in GrabCAD. Print multiple case types in multiple materials — all in one print — for faster production compared to smaller single-material printers.

                                                      Work With Color – Increase patient case acceptance and reduce C&B remakes with realistic and accurately colored models of the patient’s mouth.

                                                      Work Faster – Print more cases per shift with 1.75X greater throughput than competing SLA and DLP printers.

                                                      Work Easier – Simplify the creation of orthodontic devices. The Separator DM coats models, making the removal of wax and acrylic residues easy.

                                                      Complete the interest form to receive notification when the J720 is available in your area.


                                                      SYSTEM SIZE AND WEIGHT
                                                      Printer: 1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm (55.1 x 49.6 x 43.4 in.); 430 kg (948 lbs.)

                                                      Material Cabinet: 670 x 1,170 x 640 mm (26.4 x 46.1 x 25.2 in.); 152 kg (335 lbs.)

                                                      BUILD SIZE 490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in.)

                                                      LAYER THICKNESS
                                                      Horizontal build layers down to 14 microns (0.00055 in.)
                                                    • Dental Materials

                                                      • VeroDent (MED670) is a natural peach-tone material offering high detail, strength and durability
                                                      • VeroDentPlus (MED690) is a dark beige color and produces a very fine finish for accurate details
                                                      • Biocompatible MED610 creates rigid, transparent parts such as surgical guides for dental implant or orthopedic procedures
                                                      • Biocompatible MED620 is an opaque rigid material for accurate models and try-ins
                                                      • Biocompatible MED625FLX is a flexible, transparent material, enabling direct printing of indirect bonding trays as well as soft gingival masks for implantology cases

                                                      Additional Model Materials:
                                                      • Vero family of opaque materials including vibrant colors VeroCyanV, VeroMagentaV and VeroYellowV
                                                      • VeroClear transparent material
                                                      • Tango and Agilus30 families of flexible materials
                                                      • Transparent VeroClear

                                                      Digital Model Materials:
                                                      • Over 500,000 colors
                                                      • Materials to simulate soft-tissue
                                                      • Translucent color tints
                                                      • User-developed digital materials

                                                      Support Materials:
                                                      • SUP705 (WaterJet removable)
                                                      • SUP706B (Soluble)
                                                    • True Digital Workflow

                                                    • GrabCAD Print production management software guarantees a simplified, all-digital workflow. A centralized printer management system means everything from automatic material management to print monitoring can be done remotely, via the cloud, for truly lights-out manufacturing.
                                                      • Optimize patient case scheduling
                                                      • Monitor multiple printers from a single source
                                                      • Automatically track material consumption and machine utilization
                                                  • J750 Digital Anatomy

                                                  • Cutting-edge realism.

                                                    Materials and software combine to create human anatomy that mimics bone and tissue to an unprecedented level of realism.

                                                    Innovative materials make it possible.

                                                    Unique material combinations create realistic models that vary in softness,flexibility, and density to mimic native tissue and bone behavior.

                                                    Complex material depositing patterns mimic porous bone structures, fibrotic tissues, and ligaments providing the most realistic feedback when cutting and drilling.

                                                    Unique GelMatrix material and GelSupportTM depositing patterns allow you to print the smallest, most complex vascular structures and easily remove internal support material.

                                                    The softest 3D printing material available in the market allows you to print organs that behave like the real thing when force is applied.
                                                      • Enhance product quality, reduce costs, and accelerate time to market.

                                                      • Create high repeatability between samples and minimize confounding variables to perform clinically-relevant benchtop testing.
                                                      • Minimize variation in a clinical setting with highly-realistic, low-risk training.

                                                      • Standardize surgical skills and delivery of care by practicing on the most accurate representation of the targeted pathology.
                                                      • Feel the difference.

                                                      • Animal, cadaver, and synthetic models are far from perfect – now there’s another option. The J750 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer is your solution for ultra-realistic anatomical simulation. With three unique digital materials and an extensive library of anatomical presents, you can create a range biomechanical models that look, feel, and respond like the real thing. Whether your application is device testing, medical training, or surgical preparation, the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer provides accurate simulation of clinical situations in a risk-free setting.
                                                      • See the difference.

                                                      • When full color capabilities are desired over biomechanical properties, the J750 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer offers unlimited possibilities. Choose colors. Define transparencies. Determine textures and finishes. Create an end product that’s as close to the real thing as possible. With PolyJet technology and multi-material capabilities built-in, you can 3D print prototypes or medical models in the most intricate detail.
                                                      • Cutting the cost, increasing efficiency.

                                                      • Because the J750 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer allows you to produce anatomies that feel and behave like the real thing, it reduces the necessity for the use of synthetic models, animals and cadaver labs, allowing you to test and train anywhere. That means a reduction in training and procurement costs. It also means improved ethical practice, because it eliminates the need to test surgical procedures and devices on animal subjects.
                                                      • GrabCAD™ Digital Anatomy Software.

                                                      • The power to create the most realistic anatomical models.
                                                        Digital Anatomy Printer software gives you the power to create the most lifelike anatomical models available.

                                                        Combinations of materials and more than 100 preset anatomical menu options allow you to mimic disease states and physiological factors with biomechanical accuracy in a few simple clicks.
                                                      • J750™ Digital Anatomy™ Printer specifications.

                                                      • System size and weight
                                                        1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm (55.1 x 49.6 x 43.4 in.); 430 kg (948 lbs.)

                                                        Build size
                                                        490 x 390 x 200 mm (19.3 x 15.35 x 7.9 in.)

                                                        Layer Thickness
                                                        Horizontal build layers down to 14 microns (0.00055 in.)
                                                    • JB Series

                                                    • Challenge, meet versatility.

                                                      From ideation to creation, the J8 series helps you deliver better results in less time.

                                                      Get products to market faster, saving money and ensuring customer satisfaction. Increase expertise, make your business resilient and serve as many needs as possible with one powerful technology.

                                                      For design.

                                                      With over 500,000 unique colors, realistic texture simulation, flexible and transparent materials and a click-and-print workflow, the J826 and J850 Prime 3D printers are the most versatile full-color printers on the market.

                                                      For engineering.

                                                      From efficient concept models to functional testing and single-color multimaterial prototypes, the J850 Pro is the ideal engineering solution to help you speed through form and fit verification.

                                                      The evolution of a product:

                                                      Single Material Concept Models
                                                      With DraftGrey™ material and Super High Speed mode, create fast and cost-effective concept models to help perfect form.

                                                      Functional Prototypes
                                                      Explore form, fit and function with prototypes that perform like the real thing, with the ability to print accurate, flexible and multimaterial models.

                                                      Full CMF Models
                                                      Achieve design intent with VeroVivid™ materials that enable full color and a range of realistic surface textures, including leather, woodgrain and fabric.

                                                      High Fidelity Prototypes
                                                      Create accurate models for user testing and design verification with transparent, flexible and full color materials.

                                                      Design applications.

                                                      Consumer Products
                                                      With thousands of unique shades, including PANTONE Validated colors and a full range of opacities, the only limit is what you can imagine. Create beautiful, full-color prototypes that communicate design intent and place them in the hands of stakeholders to speed through approvals.

                                                      Packaging Development
                                                      Flexible and transparent materials, plus full color and multimaterial capabilities, allow for truly accurate packaging prototypes. Incorporate complexities like cavities and thin walls, and create models with detailed, full-color graphics already applied, helping you streamline your workflow.

                                                      Consumer Electronics
                                                      Surface texture capabilities allow you to simulate almost any material, from woodgrain to leather to fabric – which means less reliance on outsourcing parts, less time post-processing, and more flexibility to perfect your product.

                                                      Medical Models
                                                      Full color capabilities and excellent resolution make PolyJet Technology an ideal choice for medical models, both for surgical preparation and student training. Bring anatomies to life with a range of colors and shore values, and show details like vein and artery locations within organs.

                                                      Engineering applications.

                                                      Automotive Parts
                                                      Take advantage of a range of shore values, realistic textures and durable, ABS-simulating materials to create accurate prototypes for user testing and fit verification.

                                                      Consumer Electronics
                                                      For customized lighting components and clear tubing, the J850 Pro offers transparent materials that simulate the optical qualities of PMMA. Multimaterial capabilities let you create overmolded parts in one print, making it fast and simple to get accurate product models.

                                                      Commercial Products
                                                      Move through concept verification quickly with ultra-fast prototyping and an easy 3D printing workflow. Create tear-resistant flexible parts at a range of shore values, for products that require soft-touch surfaces, sealing, bending or shock absorption.

                                                      Medical Devices
                                                      Create multimaterial medical prototypes that feature transparent components, fine details and accurate textures for ergonomic testing. High throughput and minimal post-processing means a faster product development process, helping you stay competitive.

                                                      J8 Series materials.

                                                      Rigid, flexible, transparent or opaque – our multi-material capacity means you can load up to seven materials at once. Expansive color and texture combinations remove the need for model painting, helping you create the most realistic models in the shortest time possible. In addition, our two support material options dissolve easily, giving you the freedom to print complex and delicate features, without the hassle of laborious post-processing.
                                                        • Explore more applications.

                                                        • Imagine what your designers could do with a system that offers more material and software capabilities than any other 3D printer. Versatility in applications gives you the flexibility to print what your business demands.
                                                        • Print in Pantone

                                                        • When design decisions are color critical the J8 Series printers provide Pantone validation and make the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors available in 3D printed form.

                                                          Color matching to Pantone colors is possible in a single click from the Stratasys GrabCAD Print software. By providing a quicker, more realistic expression of color in models and prototypes, organizations save hours over traditional paint matching or iterative color matching processes.
                                                        • J8 Series delivers:

                                                        • 8 material channels.
                                                          A full gamut of materials, from flexible to rigid, opaque to transparent, and everything in between – plus two support options.

                                                          High capacity, high-speed printing.
                                                          A variety of print modes, from super high speed settings to high quality printing.

                                                          Unrivaled accuracy.
                                                          Leveraging 192 nozzles per print head, for highly accurate exact-match parts and smooth surfaces.
                                                      • J4110

                                                      • Print smarter and faster, at any size.

                                                        Whatever the complexity, the J4100 can handle any design. An ultra-large build tray, multimaterial capabilities, fast throughput, and a wide range of material properties mean unlimited design possibilities and improved productivity.

                                                        More material options.

                                                        The J4100 offers multiple materials for a variety of applications, including flexible and transparent materials for the most realistic models. Agilus30 allows for shore values ranging from slightly rubbery to soft and pliable, which means designs can look and feel like the real thing. VeroUltraClear, which mimics clear acrylic and provides great transparency, makes it simple to simulate products with glass or plastic components.

                                                        Flexible photopolymer that mimics the look and feel of rubberlike products.

                                                        Transparent material with high clarity and low yellow index, ideal for prototyping packaging, lighting components or eyewear.

                                                        Multipurpose rigid material in four opaque shades: blue, gray, black, and white.

                                                        Digital ABS Plus
                                                        Digital material simulating durable production plastics, offering high impact strength and heat resistance.


                                                        • System Size
                                                          1,906 x
                                                          2,868 x
                                                          2,102 mm
                                                        • Weight
                                                          2,200 kg
                                                        • Build Size
                                                          1,000 x 800 x 500 mm
                                                        • Layer Thickness
                                                          Vertical build layers range between 16 µ - 30 µ depending on the print mode.
                                                        • Accuracy
                                                          Up to 600µ for full model size.


                                                        Rigid Opaque:
                                                        • VeroPureWhite
                                                        • VeroBlackPlus
                                                        • VeroGray
                                                        • VeroBlue

                                                        • Agilus30 Clear
                                                        • Agilus30 Black
                                                        • Agilus30 White

                                                        • VeroClear
                                                        • VeroUltraClear

                                                        • Digital ABS Plus Ivory (RGD515 Plus & RGD531)
                                                        • Digital ABS Plus Green (RGD515 Plus & RGD531)
                                                          • Size means productivity.

                                                          • Production level shouldn’t be limited by your tools. The J4100 offers an extra large build space, letting you create meter-long parts in one build. For smaller parts, the roomy build tray lets you print multiple models at once, saving on cost-per-part.

                                                            All that size means lots of flexibility, and the versatility to choose just the right material for your application.
                                                          • A design workflow that works.

                                                          • GrabCAD Print software provides a streamlined, user friendly workflow to help designers go from CAD model to 3D printed part in just a few clicks. Create more accurate parts and make better design decisions with build preparation, and manage print queues from anywhere.
                                                        • Object30 Pro and Prime

                                                        • Precision prototyping on your desktop.

                                                          The Objet30 provides accurate and versatile 3D printing - all from your desktop. With excellent print resolution, the Objet30 lets you create single material parts with smooth surfaces, small moving parts, and details like thin walls. The roomy tray size provides the versatility for a variety of consumer goods, electronics, medical devices and more. Thanks to GrabCAD Print, the Objet30 also provides a user-friendly workflow, so you can get printing faster and manage print jobs with ease.

                                                          Objet30 materials.

                                                          Whether you need fast prototypes or functional testing, the Objet30 offers a variety of material options to speed up product development.

                                                          Vero - Rigid Opaque
                                                          Create stunning detail and stability with Vero materials in opaque white, black, blue, or grey.

                                                          Simulate clear materials like glass and plastic with translucent VeroClear.

                                                          DraftGrey (NEW)
                                                          Save both time and money on early stage prototypes with this low-cost, fast printing material.

                                                          Simulated Polypropylene (Rigur and Durus)
                                                          For prototypes, snap-fit assemblies and living hinges, these polypropylene-like materials provide durability, smooth surfaces, and great impact resistance.

                                                          (TangoGray and TangoBlack) Tango is a rubber-like material that is an ideal choice for products that require soft or nonstick properties.

                                                          Biocompatible (MED610)
                                                          With biocompatible MED610 material, create rigid, translucent parts for medical device prototyping.
                                                            • Upgrade your product development process with PolyJet.

                                                            • Imagine a clean, efficient and office-friendly process that makes it simple to create multi-material prototypes with just a few clicks. PolyJet Technology combines the rapid prototyping capabilities of 3D printing with the accuracy and smooth surfaces of photopolymer jetting. Learn five ways PolyJet can help improve product design, from cost and time savings to ensuring customer satisfaction.
                                                            • GrabCAD Print software.

                                                            • GrabCAD Print software provides a streamlined, user friendly workflow to help designers go from CAD model to 3D printed part in just a few clicks. Create more accurate parts and make better design decisions with build preparation, and manage print queues from anywhere.
                                                            • See the specs

                                                              • System Size
                                                                82.6 x
                                                                60 x
                                                                62 cm
                                                              • Weight
                                                                106 kg
                                                              • Layer Thickness
                                                                36 µ (Prime)
                                                                28 µ
                                                                16 µ for
                                                              • Accuracy
                                                                Typical deviation from STL dimensions, for models printed with rigid materials, based on size: under 100 mm – ±100μ; above100 mm – ±200μ or ± 0.06% of part length, whichever is greater.
                                                              • Build Resolution
                                                                X-axis: 600 dpi
                                                                Y-axis: 600 dpi


                                                              Objet30 Pro
                                                              • Vero - white, black, blue, or gray.
                                                              • VeroClear – Transparent RGD525 – High temperature
                                                              • RGD450 & RDG430 – Simulated polypropylene
                                                              • Draft Grey – Low cost, fast printing Vero material

                                                              Objet30 Prime
                                                              • Vero - white, black, blue, or gray.
                                                              • VeroClear, RGD720™ – Transparent
                                                              • RGD525 – High temperature RGD450 &
                                                              • RDG430 – Simulated polypropylene
                                                              • Draft Grey – Low cost, fast printing Vero material
                                                              • TangoGray™, TangoBlack™ - Rubberlike
                                                              • Biocompatible
                                                          • Object30 Dental Prime

                                                              • Streamline Workflow at Your Small Dental Lab

                                                              • Your dental lab is capable of anything with the Objet30 Dental Prime. Print precise 3D dental models in-house to avoid outsourcing costs and streamline your workflow simultaneously.

                                                                High-quality print mode enables fine-detail applications like diagnostic wax-ups and removable partial-denture casting patterns.

                                                                PolyJet technology automates production for hands-off streamlining of workflow.

                                                                Three dental materials specifically engineered for digital dentistry enable printing of accurate crown and bridge models


                                                                SYSTEM SIZE AND WEIGHT

                                                                82.5 x 62 x 59 cm (32.28 x 24.4 x 23.22 in.); 106 kg (234 lbs.)

                                                                BUILD SIZE
                                                                300 x 200 x 100 mm (11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 in.)

                                                                LAYER THICKNESS
                                                                16 microns (.0006 in.)

                                                                0.1 mm (.0039 in.) varies depending on part geometry, size, orientation, material and post-processing method
                                                              • Materials

                                                              • Expand your capabilities with three conveniently sealed Dental Materials, specially engineered for digital dentistry:
                                                                • VeroDentPlus (MED690), in dark beige creates fine features and finish, with strength, accuracy and durability.
                                                                • VeroGlaze (MED620), opaque with A2 shading for the best color match in the industry. Ideal for veneer try-ins and diagnostic wax-ups and medically approved for up to 24 hours of in-mouth placement.
                                                                • Clear Bio-compatible (MED610), for orthodontic appliances, delivery and positioning trays and surgical guides for temporary in-mouth placement.
                                                              • Software

                                                              • So that you can build high-quality, accurate 3D models, Objet Studio automatically transforms STL and SLC files from any 3D CAD application into 3D modeling slices, including both build material and support. Quickly edit trays, assign materials, manage job queues and perform routine system maintenance with click-and-build wizards. Enjoy software features including:
                                                                • Easy tray build setup, including multiple models and materials
                                                                • Automatic support generation
                                                                • On-the-fly slicing for immediate printing
                                                                • Auto-placement of trays for accuracy and consistency
                                                                • Multi-user networking
                                                            • Stereolithography

                                                                • Neo Series

                                                                • Designed by engineers, for engineers.

                                                                  The reliable and proven Neo series of 3D printers build high-quality parts with superior surface quality, accuracy and detail.

                                                                  High volume prototyping

                                                                  High throughput volume printing for demanding industries such as service bureaus or internal centralized shops.

                                                                  Large part prototyping

                                                                  Print large concept and communication models to determine functional fit-and-form accuracy.

                                                                  Rapid tooling

                                                                  Print tools and molds for short-run end-use part production.

                                                                  Neo materials.

                                                                  In partnership with Covestro Additive Manufacturing (formerly DSM) and its Somos® resins, the Neo 3D printers can run the most technically advanced stereolithography materials.

                                                                  Somos® Watershed XC 11122
                                                                  A clear solution delivering ABS and PBT-like properties for stereolithography.

                                                                  Somos® PerFORM
                                                                  For applications needing strong, stiff, high-heat-resistant composites. Great detail resolution.

                                                                  Somos® Taurus
                                                                  Excellent surface quality and isotropy for highly detailed parts.

                                                                  Somos® Evolve
                                                                  Designed for easy finishing, produce highly detailed parts with the look, feel and performance of thermoplastic.

                                                                  Somos® Waterclear
                                                                  Ideal for applications that require optical clarity.

                                                                  Somos® PerFORM Reflect
                                                                  Ready-to-use material for PIV wind tunnel testing.

                                                                  Neo stereolithography 3D printers.

                                                                  Every element of the Neo has been carefully considered, always with the customer needs in mind. From manufacturing the Neo with best-in-class components for greater reliability to regular user-driven software updates, the customer is always at the core of the Neo’s development.

                                                                  Titanium™ Software

                                                                  Titanium is an easy-to-use software interface which allows users to start builds quickly and monitor throughout the building process. Software updates are driven by customer suggestions and feedback, providing a system that is optimized for customers and their applications.
                                                                    • Best-in-class stereolithography.

                                                                    • Print functional models, prototypes, rapid tooling and master patterns with the state-of-the-art Neo stereolithography 3D printers.
                                                                    • Neo stereolithography 3D printers deliver:

                                                                    • Reduce finishing time by up to 50%.
                                                                      The Neo produces highly accurate parts with unparalleled industry quality. Optimising the machine design and utilising the latest cutting-edge technology available for laser and scanners, our beam delivery system produces exceptional layer-to-layer alignment repeatability. The printed parts are dimensionally accurate, with exceptional sidewalls and crisp feature resolution.

                                                                      Open resin system.
                                                                      An open material system means users are not restricted by the usual parameter constraints, offering the ability to utilize any 355 nm hybrid resin chemistry.

                                                                      Proven reliability and quality assurance.
                                                                      Designed by engineers for engineers, the Neo is carefully engineered throughout using state-of-the-art technology, proven components and aesthetic finishes.
                                                                  • Software

                                                                      • GrabCAD Software

                                                                      • 3D printing software that streamlines the CAD-to-Print workflow.
                                                                        GrabCAD Software is built to streamline the 3D printing engineering workflow for Stratasys Customers. GrabCAD Print software makes 3D printing easy, so you get quality 3D printed parts faster and simpler. GrabCAD Shop simplifies the 3D printing workflow for engineers, designers and shop operators by reducing the time wasted trying to keep track of 3D print requests.

                                                                        With Stratasys software you can:
                                                                        • Manage
                                                                          Organize incoming 3D printing jobs and all of your Stratasys 3D printers.
                                                                        • Collaborate
                                                                          Communicate on print jobs directly in the work order.
                                                                        • Print
                                                                          Print native CAD files to your Stratasys 3D printer from anywhere.
                                                                        • Analyze
                                                                          Analyze material usage, history, and utilization of your printer with in-depth reports and dashboards.

                                                                        GrabCAD Print
                                                                        Our free 3D printing software helps streamline your Stratasys 3D printing workflow. Design and bring your 3D printed parts to market faster.

                                                                        Print with the promise of design realism
                                                                        Our PolyJet 3D printing features help you achieve the color, material and finish designers want -- without the need for multiple software solutions. Learn more.

                                                                        Make it perform with FDM
                                                                        Our FDM features give you next level model customization and printing speed. FDM features such as adaptive slice automatically vary the slice height within a part to decrease printing time while retaining part quality and strength. Learn more.
                                                                      • Connect to Industry 4.0

                                                                      • Leverage the benefits of the Smart Factory.
                                                                        Companies embracing Industry 4.0 concepts of automation, on-demand manufacturing and part customization to scale additive manufacturing into production require smart, connected 3D printing solutions integrated with their smart factory infrastructure. Stratasys recognizes that connectivity opens the door to new business models, such as enabling airlines to 3D print their own spare parts with license keys from aerospace company OEMs. Similarly, global manufacturers could more easily make on-the-fly decisions about where to produce parts in different locations through automated software integrated with global networks of 3D printers.In order to enable the Smart Factory, Stratasys provides GrabCAD Software Development Kits (SDKs), a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), sample code, documentation and support, to customers and independent software vendors. Used by software developers, the GrabCAD SDKs enable integration of additive manufacturing into the production workflow with machine monitoring and data collection, job programming and execution extensions. In addition, we are building an ecosystem of Stratasys Software partners that focus on specific customer use cases to bring the best in industry to our customers.

                                                                        GrabCAD SDKs

                                                                        MTConnect is a manufacturing data communication protocol that lets you to extract data and information from your printers and other manufacturing equipment. It enables this by providing a standard that allows diverse manufacturing equipment to supply information in a common language that you can use to assess and optimize your manufacturing operation. Examples of how you can leverage the data include assessing production metrics, energy use and equipment effectiveness.

                                                                        Stratasys customers with a F900 and Fortus 450mc printers will be able to connect their machine to their existing third-party applications for MES, BI (business intelligence) or ERP (enterprise resource planning) system to increase 3D printing productivity and efficiency.

                                                                        Connectivity SDK
                                                                        Our Connectivity SDK allows you to interact with Stratasys Fortus, F900 and F123 Series printers. Third-party MES and ERP software applications can use this SDK for scheduling print jobs and monitoring print status. When used in conjunction with MTConnect, the two SDKs provide a wholistic two-way communication pathway that allows control of Stratasys equipment on the factory floor and collection of both low and high frequency system data.

                                                                        GrabCAD Print SDK
                                                                        Our PLM SDK lets you connect part orders from your PLM application directly to GrabCAD Print pre-processing software. Retrieve job data including print job file (CMB/.PRINT) and job build parameters (printer type, material, build resolution, infill patterns, etc.) along with job estimates of build time and material usage.
                                                                      • Digital Anatomy Creator

                                                                      • Push the boundaries of functional medical models with the new Digital Anatomy Creator software add-on package for the Stratasys Digital Anatomy 3D printer.
                                                                        The Creator software is an extension to the GrabCAD Digital Anatomy 3D printing software intended for advanced users seeking to expand their personalized medicine arsenal.

                                                                        Expanding medical modeling customization

                                                                        Create beyond existing anatomical presets
                                                                        Explore, customize, and mimic patient anatomy like never before with slice-by-slice material control of each print.

                                                                        Calibrate digital materials to meet your exact specifications.
                                                                        Easily manipulate material formation and customize internal structures to achieve a specific anatomical outcome.

                                                                        Open the door to new research.
                                                                        Create, replicate, and share designs for patient-specific anatomies. Perform repeatable, controlled research that improves outcomes and share your designs easily.

                                                                        User Driven Software Solution
                                                                        Stratasys developed the Creator software with a team of expert Digital Anatomy Printer users. Their needs were translated into software functionality shaped by insights and feedback collected during the development process to ensure that the end product not only answered the needs of advanced users but also supported their digital workflow.

                                                                        Advanced medical 3D software made simple
                                                                        The Digital Anatomy Creator software is based on the GrabCAD Digital Anatomy printer software. A user-friendly graphic interface allows users to use the different materials available on the Digital Anatomy printer, to create a custom presets with the desired mechanical properties and colors. Each model layer can designed with digital materials and defined by 5 different structures providing specific mechanical properties and visualization to the final model.
                                                                    • Why Use Stratasys Materials

                                                                    • Make sure it's always the best.

                                                                      The Stratasys Aircraft Interiors Solution gives aerospace companies a faster, more streamlined process.

                                                                      Performance materials. Made to last.

                                                                      FDM Technology uses production-grade thermoplastics to ensure your parts are built with the toughness, durability and accuracy you want, and the repeatability and stability you demand.

                                                                      Make it as vibrant as your ideas.

                                                                      With its exquisite detail and unsurpassed realism, Stratasys’s range of clear, flexible and rigid PolyJet materials can help you 3D print prototypes that look and feel like the final product.

                                                                      3D Printer Materials and Filament

                                                                      To ensure ultimate performance and quality, we provide a robust range of advanced materials and filaments in the below three distinctive tiers:
                                                                      • Stratasys Preferred: Preferred by Stratasys for its customers for the highest performance applications. These materials are engineered to provide the best combination of material and printer performance and are developed either by Stratasys or third-party material partners.
                                                                      • Stratasys Validated: Materials validated by Stratasys with basic reliability testing to accelerate the expansion of material options available in the marketplace. These materials may or may not be exclusive to Stratasys.
                                                                      • Open: Unvalidated materials accessed via an Open Material License (OML). These materials may offer unique attributes and the potential to address new applications but they have not received validation testing or optimization relative to performance and functionality on a Stratasys printer.

                                                                      Specifically created for tooling, functional prototyping, jigs & fixtures and end use production parts, the Stratasys materials & filaments meet the most demanding industry standards.
                                                                        • Applications

                                                                            • Manufacturing

                                                                            • Challenge the constraints of traditional manufacturing.
                                                                              Bringing an idea from prototype to production is no longer bound by the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods. We can help you challenge your manufacturing status quo. Talk with us today.

                                                                              Why choose additive manufacturing for your business?
                                                                              Traditional approaches to manufacturing are no longer the only way you have to bring your product to market. It’s time to think differently about manufacturing. In the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturing with additive opens new doors. Shave days off production cycles. Remove complexity from final assembly. Produce lightweight, high-strength structures. Create hyper-realistic prototypes. Be more competitive than ever before.
                                                                            • Jigs and Features

                                                                            • Meet demand like never before.
                                                                              When convenience and quality come together in manufacturing, the results speak for themselves. Being able to 3D print jigs and fixtures whenever you need them reduces cost, improves safety and boosts efficiency. Prepare to meet demand like never before.

                                                                              Cut costs for increased profitability.
                                                                              Additive manufacturing creates jigs and fixtures faster, and at a lower cost than current manufacturing methods, without compromising on quality or performance. With quick turnarounds, part consolidation and near labor-free production, 3D printed tools produce dramatic cost savings.

                                                                              Reduce your development cycle.
                                                                              Reduce your development cycle from months to weeks. With printed prototypes and GrabCAD Print integration, it’s easier than ever to fast- track the design cycle. And with developments in durable materials, you can continue to meet rigorous manufacturing requirements.

                                                                              Customize for improved ergonomics and safety.
                                                                              Create strong, lightweight jigs and fixtures, easily customized for the application, better ergonomics and operator safety.
                                                                            • Production Parts

                                                                            • Big business impact.

                                                                              The parts you need. When you need them.
                                                                              Stratasys 3D printers let you produce customized production parts on-demand, without the high cost and long lead times of traditional manufacturing. A diverse material selection and simple post-processing enables you to quickly meet varied production demands. Discover the next generation of production technology with Stratasys.

                                                                              Cut costs.
                                                                              Boost productivity.

                                                                              3D printing doesn’t require production tooling, so you can bypass traditional constraints to quickly develop and manufacture parts. Print on-demand and save on inventory, storage and costly lead times; making low to high-volume production economically viable. 3D printing is optimized for customization, taking the cost out of making complex parts. So, your only real cost is the material you use.

                                                                              Streamline supply chains, reduce costs and boost your competitive advantage.

                                                                              Make manufacturing profitable.
                                                                              3D printed production parts make what once were unprofitable manufacturing scenarios profitable.

                                                                              Utilize 3D printing to create production-grade parts within a matter of hours. This will increase revenue by shortening lead time to market.

                                                                              Flexible, Agile Manufacturing
                                                                              Meet varying and highly customized demands quickly with 3D printed parts, without the tool-up costs and long lead times.

                                                                              End-of-Life Production
                                                                              Reduce supply chain costs associated with products at the end of their life cycle. 3D printing provides cost-effective on-demand production that eliminates physical inventory.
                                                                            • Rapid Prototyping

                                                                            • Let Your Ideas Soar.
                                                                              Faster. Stronger. More efficient. The aerospace industry is demanding – especially when it comes to innovating new components and products. Prototyping with 3D printing Stratasys 3D prototyping solutions will help you test ideas quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

                                                                              Elevate Your Next Aerospace Prototype
                                                                              When ideas occur, being able to test and prove them quickly is critical – especially in the fast-paced aerospace industry. Prototyping with Stratasys 3D printing solutions gives you the ability to solve design challenges before committing to expensive, time-consuming tooling. Plus, our fixtures and flight-worthy parts enable your ideas to go from concept to 35,000 feet in a fraction of the time.
                                                                            • Packaging

                                                                            • Delivering Highly Complex Packaging Design Prototypes in-house, at high speed and low cost.

                                                                              Unsurpassed 3D Printing.
                                                                              Accelerate your design process and time to market with hyper-realistic packaging prototypes using Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing technology. Produce complex, high transparency, full-color 3D packaging with 2D graphics and labels in one print – using an all-digital workflow.

                                                                              Packaging for Cosmetics.
                                                                              PolyJet 3D prototyping is opening new possibilities for the cosmetics world. With Stratasys’ Packaging, there are no design limitations. Since we remove any and all constraints, you can truly differentiate your products by allowing them to take on any shape, color and presentation for your audience with truly unique and innovative designs. Design First – Design for Manufacturing later.

                                                                              Packaging for Beverages.
                                                                              When you want to amaze your stakeholders, check our prototype capabilities offering full transparency, graphics, colors, and labels - ready within hours!

                                                                              Packaging for Consumer Goods. Need to up your game with rapid, cost-saving and protective consumer product packaging prototypes? 3D packaging prototypes offer you professional, high grade results in less time to help you stand out in the crowd of consumer products and offer multiple creative possibilities with quick design iterations testing. Use our easy work process to achieve original designs while lowering costs and time to model.
                                                                            • Design

                                                                            • Real creative freedom. With 3D printing.

                                                                              Dream it. Print it.
                                                                              See and feel your design in a whole new level of realism. Discover how you can make better design decisions by bringing your most creative ideas to life with 3D printing.

                                                                              Design in real color.
                                                                              Color your concepts accurately using the first 3D printers that integrate the PANTONE® color matching system. The J850 is PANTONE Validated™, with integrated GrabCAD Print software, allowing you to assign a PANTONE color to your prototype in one click. Accelerate workflow, test multiple colors, and achieve more realistic final prototypes. Design with confidence that your prototypes will have the real color you envisioned.

                                                                              Design in real color.
                                                                              Color your concepts accurately using the first 3D printers that integrate the PANTONE® color matching system. The J850 is PANTONE Validated™, with integrated GrabCAD Print software, allowing you to assign a PANTONE color to your prototype in one click. Accelerate workflow, test multiple colors, and achieve more realistic final prototypes. Design with confidence that your prototypes will have the real color you envisioned.
                                                                            • Composite Tooling

                                                                            • Composite Mold Tools in a Fraction of the Time
                                                                              3D printed composite tooling using FDM technology offers the fastest, most cost-effective means of producing composite structures. FDM composite tools take only days to produce instead of weeks or months and avoid the high cost, touch-labor and long lead times of traditional tool fabrication.

                                                                              Sacrificial composite tooling simplifies the production of hollow and trapped-tool configurations, providing greater design freedom without the need for complex tooling. The tool material dissolves in a detergent solution, leaving only the cured composite part, enabling one-piece, seamless designs.