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  • Rolls-Royce provides world-class power solutions and complete life-cycle support under the product and solution brand mtu. Through digitalization and electrification, we develop drive and power generation solutions that are even cleaner and smarter and thus provide answers to the challenges posed by the rapidly growing societal demands for energy and mobility.

    We deliver and service comprehensive, powerful and reliable systems, based on both gas and diesel engines, as well as electrified hybrid systems. These clean and technologically-advanced solutions serve our customers in the marine and infrastructure sectors worldwide. The Business Unit Power Systems of Rolls-Royce is headquartered in Friedrichshafen.

Product Portfolio
  • mtu SERIES 4000


    Biogas is an effective, efficient fuel option for a sustainable future. Agricultural farms, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, as well as landfills are already benefiting from its use and potential as a revenue stream. All of our generator sets combine the highest performance with the lowest emissions in the 762 kWe - 2,547 kWe power range.

    From biomass to megawatts — generating a sustainable source of income with agricultural waste  

    Biogas has three major advantages: It can be stored, it is very economical to produce, and it is very eco-friendly. Our new generation of mtu gas gensets allows for cost-saving, sustainable and efficient operation using biogas. Continuously updated and further developed for over 25 years, the mtu Series 4000 optimizes the use of biogas both for primary power supply and to balance energy peaks. And best of all: It also creates the potential for a new revenue stream through waste-to-energy applications.

    • Storable fuel solution: Biogas can be produced and stored regardless of weather conditions, making it ideal for providing base load energy.
    • Clean operations: Biogas is a 100% renewable, reliable, and predictable fuel that comes from local sources. It requires no transportation, which results in yet additional emissions reduction.
    • Flexible: Biogas plants offer an important contribution to flexibly closing gaps in a wind and solar energy system and a solution for balancing energy peaks.
    • Sustainability: The generation of electricity and heat by biogas is CO2 neutral. When biomass is used as an energy source for biogas CHPs, CO2 is first captured from the atmosphere by the plants before it is then emitted again via combustion. Using landfill and sewage gas as an energy source for biogas CHPs avoids greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be released uncontrolled into the atmosphere.
      • Ecosystem

      • We support the entire ecosystem in biogas power generation. Click on a topic to learn more about our biogas solutions.

        Our solution for your biogas challenges: mtu Series 4000 L64FB biogas system

        The modular design of mtu Series 4000 biogas systems and the individual scope of supply enable us to offer customized solutions ranging from single gensets to combined heat and power plants and microgrids.

          • mtu 8V4000

          • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
            Power output: 762 kWe / 762 kWe
            Power input: 2,348 kW / 2348 kW
            Electrical efficiency: 43,1% / 42,5%
          • mtu 12V4000

          • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
            Power output: 1521 kWe / 1507 kWe
            Power input: 3446 kW / 3446 kW (11824 kBTU/hr)
            Electrical efficiency: 44.1% / 43.7%
          • mtu 16V4000

          • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
            Power output: 2032 kWe / 2015 kWe
            Power input: 4675 kW / 4675 kW
            Electrical efficiency: 43.5% / 43.1%
          • mtu 20V4000 GS

          • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
            Power output: 2547 kWe / 2520 kWe
            Power input: 5913 kW / 5913 kW
            Electrical efficiency: 43.1% / 42.6%
        • Gas Generator Sets

        • Industries and locations may vary, but the need for constant power never changes.

          mtu gas-powered generator sets provide you with continuous, economical, reliable, and future-ready power. Utilizing natural gas, biogas or other gases, mtu generator sets feature cutting-edge technology for combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, power and cooling (CHPC) solutions. All of our gas gensets feature high efficiency and low emissions in the 250 kWe - 2,535 kWe electrical power range. In addition, our mtu Series 500 and mtu Series 4000 gas gensets also offer hydrogen blending, for even more ecofriendly operarions.

          • Economical
            Low lifecycle costs from extended maintenance intervals and reduced oil consumption.
          • Reliable
            Proven technology, with thousands of successful installations worldwide.
          • Eco-friendly
            Low emissions, up to 50% less CO2 produced than by conventional power plants.
          • Independent
            Supply guarantee if local grids fail or are unreliable.

          Our product portfolio covers gas gensets for 50 Hz markets up to 2,535 kWe and for 60 Hz markets up to 2,520 kWe.

            • Natural Gas

            • Our mtu natural-gas powered generator set range

              mtu natural gas generator sets utilize cutting-edge technology that offers combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, power, and cooling (CHPC) for ultimate efficiency. All of our generator sets combine the highest performance with the lowest emissions in the 250 kWe – 2,535 kWe power range.
              And now, with the ability to use a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, our highly-efficient gas gensets powered by the mtu Series 500 and mtu Series 4000 are even more eco-friendly and future-ready. They also have the possibility to be converted to 100% hydrogen, for when hydrogen is more widely accessible and economical as a primary fuel.

              We offer a range of natural gas generator systems, each with a variety of features and specifications.

              POWER RANGE
              50 Hz: 250-2,535 kWe
              60 Hz: 250-2,514 kWe

              Our natural gas systems range from the mtu Series 500 to the mtu Series 4000 with a proven reliability, efficiency, flexibility and highest power density in class.
                  • THE NEW mtu NATURAL GAS-POWERED SERIES 4000 GENSET

                  • Economical, sustainable, reliable and flexible.

                    POWER RANGE
                    50 Hz: 776 – 2,535 kW
                    60 Hz: 762 - 2,521 kW

                    The new Series 4000 natural gas genset offers the highest power density in its class. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the new Series 4000 natural gas genset is optimized for maximum performance and low emissions to deliver an economical, reliable, and sustainable source of power. Discover how its performance and flexibility exceed expectations.

              • Biogas and Other Gases

              • We are focused on developing and implementing system solutions for producing energy from climate-neutral regenerative fuels, such as combined heat and power systems (CHP) for biogas.

                POWER RANGE
                250-550 kWe
                763-1,948 kWe

                The principle of a CHP system based on biogas is simple: biogas is generated during the fermentation of organic material and is then collected. It is then used by a cogeneration system in order to create both heat and power to be used locally or fed into the national power grid. It represents a clean, economical and sustainable way to provide power.

                A range of systems for the power you need

                We offer a range of CHP systems with varying features and specifications.

                  • mtu Series 4000 natural gas

                  • POWER RANGE
                    50 Hz: 776 – 2,547 kWe
                    60 Hz: 30 – 2,522 kWe

                    mtu natural gas-powered Series 4000 genset

                    The mtu Series 4000 natural gas genset offers the highest power density in its class. Designed with cutting-edge technology, the mtu Series 4000 natural gas genset is optimized for maximum performance and low emissions to deliver an economical, reliable, and sustainable source of power. They are ideally suited for a variety of applications including utility, industrial manufacturing, hospital and data centers, among others.

                  • mtu Series 4000 biogas

                  • POWER RANGE
                    50 Hz: 776 - 2,547 kWe
                    60 Hz: 762 - 2,522 kWe


                  • Sustainable fuels – delivering power and energy that's clean and green

                  • Green hydrogen – i.e. hydrogen from carbon-neutral production sources – is the key to this future. It can be used directly as a fuel for fuel cells or hydrogen engines, or as a basis for synthetic fuels such as e-methanol or e-diesel, that are produced using additional green energy. We're addressing the entire hydrogen ecosystem – from production and storage of hydrogen to downstream processing and use in fuel cells or hydrogen-fueled combined heat and power plants. Our customers can rely on integrated mtu total solutions from a single provider.

                • Diesel Generators Sets

                • Over half a century of experience with gensets

                  Backed by decades of experience and total system expertise, mtu diesel gensets are designed for maximum reliability, featuring low fuel consumption, long service intervals and low emissions

                  Wide range of genset applications

                  Customers around the world trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, such as healthcare, data centers, airports, manufacturing plants and independent power stations.

                  • Superior transient operation
                    85% load factor for standby applications and 75% for prime power
                  • Mature & reliable design
                    Designed to operate in any situation – even in extreme conditions
                  • High power density
                    Low operating costs result from long maintenance intervals and ultra-efficient, fuel-optimized operation
                  • Total cost of ownership
                    Providing the power you need while easily fulfilling emissions regulations

                  Our product portfolio covers diesel generator sets for 50 Hz markets up to 4,000 kVA and for 60 Hz markets up to 3,250 kWe

                    • mtu Series 4000

                    • POWER RANGE
                      50 Hz: 1,600 – 4,000 kVA
                      60 Hz: 1,125 – 3,250 kWe

                      The mtu Series 4000 generator set performs at the highest level, featuring a robust design and optimal fuel consumption. A perfect solution for decentralized energy supply.

                    • mtu Series 2000

                    • POWER RANGE
                      50 HZ: 770-1270 kVA
                      60 HZ: 680-1250 kWe

                      The mtu Series 2000 delivers power output within a few seconds with industry leading load factors even in extreme ambient conditions.

                    • mtu Series 1600

                    • POWER RANGE
                      50 HZ: 460-730 kVA
                      60 HZ: 400-600 kWe

                      The mtu Series 1600 genset brings mtu power, technology and reliability to the power range from 400 to 600 kWe (460 to 730 kVA).

                    • mtu Series 0080 – mtu Series 0225

                    • POWER RANGE
                      50 HZ: 30-94 kVA
                      60 HZ: 27-400 kWe

                      From 27 to 400 kWe (30 to 94 kVA), this generator set is built with the same engineering and system expertise as our larger gensets, featuring low fuel consumption, high efficiency and outstanding reliability

                  • Gas Power Container

                  • We offer power modules that generate electrical energy (and are ideal for remote locations or areas with unreliable power supply), and combined heat and power units (CHP), which are perfect if your operation requires thermal and electrical energy.

                    Our standardized power module is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. The containerized unit includes a generator set, switchgear - including a control and monitoring system – together with all necessary connections and supply systems (such as ventilation, lubricant supply and heat recovery).

                    Our gas supply systems can power a variety of applications, from entire communities to construction sites and factories. Whatever your specific need, mtu power modules have the flexibility to accomplish your goals.

                    • Cutting-edge technology
                      Proven and eco-friendly gas engine technology delivers you maximum efficiency and ultimate reliability.
                    • Flexible unit assembly system
                      Based on standardized modules and synchronized components, customizable to fit your needs.
                    • Unparalleled support
                      Genuine mtu spare parts for power container backed with full support from our worldwide service network.
                    • Innovative turnkey design
                      A highly flexible plug and play solution that reduces setup times and costs.
                      • Microgrids & Hybrid Solutions

                      • Economic growth and growing populations are changing customers’ demand for power. Governments and industry are moving towards renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. At the same time, advancements in digitalization have already transformed many industries. Microgrids and hybrid systems meet the growing demand for more flexible, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

                        Whether you are operating infrastructure services or public institutions, or running a commercial business, mtu microgrid solutions offers a wide variety of applications and service products, each individually designed to meet your specific needs.

                        • Energy cost optimization
                          By lowering fuel consumption and electricity costs, you can reduce overall operating costs while ensuring reliability of supply.
                        • New revenue streams
                          By having a mix of energy sources available locally, you can serve off-grid customers, provide grid services and improve the marketability of  renewable energies.
                        • Security & quality of supply
                          Avoid power interruptions and reduce fuel dependency by switching seamlessly to alternative energy sources.
                        • One-stop-shop solution provider
                          Services ranging from expert analysis and simulation of your energy data, financing services, engineering, manufacturing and installation to operation and maintenance.
                        • Access to power
                          Secure high-quality access to electricity in remote areas​ or wherever grid capacity is limited, and support electric vehicle charging in urban areas.
                        • CO2 avoidance
                          Fulfill your organization’s environmental initiatives by increasing the use of solar and wind power, providing green products and services to customers​ to meet their increased awareness of sustainability issues.
                          • Reliable, sustainable and economical energy solutions

                          • Scalable solutions for every customer need.

                              • Microgrid use case: a shopping center in Germany

                              • How to cut energy costs by 42%

                                A microgrid solution that combines heat and power from a gas genset like the new mtu Series 500 with solar panels and a battery energy storage system can cut energy costs by 42%. How? Download the following use case and learn how you can:

                                • Optimize your energy costs
                                • Gain grid independence
                              • Microgrid use case: an industrial manufacturer in Germany

                              • How to cut operating costs by up to 21%

                                Particularly for intensive manufacturing plants, saving on the energy bill can be a decisive factor for commercial competitiveness. The following use case from the German manufacturing industry illustrates how a microgrid solution can enable up to 21% in energy cost savings. Two scenarios are thereby highlighted. Download the technical article and learn how you can significantly reduce your energy costs:

                                • By producing and using cheaper energy from photovoltaics and gas
                                • By reducing demand charges and maximizing self-sufficiency with an energy storage system
                              • Microgrid use case: an EV charging hub in Germany

                              • How to increase your grid independence

                                On-grid electricity tariffs in Germany rank among the highest in the world. As the following use case demonstrates, electric vehicle (EV) fast charging hubs along Autobahns equipped with renewable energy solutions can increase their grid independence and reduce energy consumption by up to 12%. The technical article below for download highlights two scenarios:

                                • A photovoltaic (PV)-only installation
                                • A combination of PV and battery energy storage system (BESS)
                              • Microgrid use case: a mine in Australia

                              • How to lower both energy costs and environmental impact

                                Electricity makes up a significant share of a mine’s operating costs. Renewable energy solutions such as photovoltaics (PV) and an battery energy storage system (BESS) can lower energy costs by as much as 53% – along with the environmental footprint. How? The following use case of a mine in Australia offers two scenarios. Download the technical article below and discover how:

                                • A PV-only plant can greatly reduce utility grid dependence
                                • A combined PV and BESS can lead to optimized energy cost savings
                            • Microgrid product portfolio

                            • Optimum set-up to help with microgrid and storage projects.

                                • mtu EnergyPack

                                • Our mtu EnergyPack Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a key component for improving the reliability and profitability of microgrids and energy systems. It stores electricity from any distributed power source – such as gensets, wind turbines, or solar panels – and delivers it when needed. The mtu EnergyPack is a scalable all-in-one solution.

                                • mtu microgrid controller

                                • The mtu microgrid controller integrates generation, storage and demand seamlessly. It optimizes the production and use of power supplies to meet your specific requirements, whether your priority is cost, carbon footprint or availability.

                                • Diesel generator sets

                                • Superior low load operation capability and excellent load acceptance makes mtu diesel systems a perfect fit for flexible operation within microgrids. Also, the best-in-class power density provides a high margin of safety in case backup power is called for.

                                • Gas generator sets

                                • Efficient fuel utilization and economic lifecycle cost make mtu gas systems a sustainable energy source for microgrids. Fast, flexible response to load changes and low load operation capability support a combination of renewable energy sources. With the given fuel flexibility across different gases (natural gas, biogas or other gases), site-specific gas conditions can be catered for.

                              • Energy Storage System

                              • Economic growth and growing populations are pushing up electricity demand across the world. Governments and industry are moving away from conventional power plants toward distributed renewable energies, creating challenges for historically centralized grid systems. The mtu EnergyPack is a perfect answer to this changing energy environment, enabling existing power systems to adapt to current trends.

                                It is creating a range of possibilities involving renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power – all aimed at creating sustainable power delivery systems that are ready for the future. Whether you need a fully autonomous off-grid facility or simply want to manage your power supplies more efficiently – such as engaging in peak shaving, load-shifting or grid stabilization – the mtu EnergyPack is a scalable, all-in-one solution that provides reliable power anytime, anywhere.

                                Whatever the capacity, the mtu EnergyPack is the reliable storage solution for microgrids and energy systems.

                                The mtu EnergyPack is a key component for improving the reliability and profitability of microgrids and energy systems. It stores electricity from any distributed power source – such as gensets, wind turbines or solar panels – and delivers it when needed. The mtu EnergyPack is available in three sizes: QS, QM, and QL, from 60 kVA to 2,000 kVA, and from 70 kWh to 2,200 kWh.

                                So whatever power and capacity you need, the mtu EnergyPack is the perfect storage solution for your energy needs.

                                The interiors of the containerized housings are divided into sections – some with outside air contact and some without – to keep the sensitive electrics and batteries protected from any pollution. The mtu EnergyPack QG with scalable capacities up to several hundred megawatt hours offers individual configuration options, for example for energy suppliers or energy trading.

                                  • mtu EnergyPack QG

                                  • The large-scale storage solution mtu EnergyPack QG is a scalable battery storage system for capacities from a few to several hundred megawatt hours. Battery cabinets, transformers, inverters, switchgear and the intelligent control system mtu EnergetIQ can be flexibly configured. The mtu EnergyPack QG is suitable for grid services, energy trading and the integration of renewable energies, among other things.
                                  • mtu EnergyPack QL

                                  • The mtu EnergyPack QL is designed for customer applications with power and capacity requirements of up to 2,000 kVA and 2,200 kWh and above (multiple units). It is suitable for integrating solar assets and wind parks, and for providing frequency regulation and other ancillary services in the utilities sector. It is housed in a standard 40 ft high cube ISO container.
                                  • mtu EnergyPack QS

                                  • The mtu EnergyPack QS is designed for customer applications with power and capacity requirements of up to 400 kVA and 550 kWh.  It is suitable for off-grid solutions, for reducing fuel dependence in small remote communities, and for enabling own-consumption of solar power in the commercial and public sectors. It is enclosed in a compact housing.
                                • Power Generation Applications

                                • As economic development, population and infrastructure grow, so does the demand for energy. Now more than ever, a cost-effective and reliable energy supply is essential.

                                  From mission-critical to everyday backup and standby power to continuous power and heat and cooling supply, we provide complete, dependable diesel and gas power generation solutions wherever—and whenever—reliability is needed. With thousands of installations worldwide, mtu is a trusted brand for complete power solutions to a variety of applications, such as healthcare, hotels, data centers, manufacturing and independent power plants. Using proven technology, mtu diesel generator sets and gas-powered cogeneration systems feature low lifecycle costs and peace of mind. That’s why mtu systems are trusted all over the world, providing reliable heat and power efficiently.

                                    • Data Centers

                                    • From planning and development to installation and maintenance – we provide comprehensive power solutions for all types of data centers.
                                    • Healthcare & Hospitals

                                    • Whether your healthcare facility has 10 beds or 10,000, backup power is essential when lives are at stake. We provide highly dependable solutions to ensure continuous power supply—from gas-powered cogeneration systems to emergency diesel generator sets.
                                    • Airports

                                    • With hundreds of flights every day, there is no margin for error at an airport. Reliable backup power is essential. We offer reliable backup power solutions and cogeneration systems to ensure continuous and emergency standby power.

                                    • Commercial & Public Buildings

                                    • We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete power solutions for schools, universities, sports facilities, office facilities, shopping malls, cinema complexes and theaters that often generate heat and obtain power from the public grid separately.

                                    • Sewage & Water Treatment

                                    • We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete power solutions for Sewage Water Treatment.

                                    • Hotels

                                    • From small properties to large resorts: hotels have a high demand for continuous power 365 days and 24 hours a day.

                                    • Agriculture

                                    • We provide dependable diesel and gas power generation solutions that all types of agricultural operations — and their surrounding communities — count on every day.

                                    • Aquatic Centers

                                    • Aquatic centers and public swimming pools require consistently high levels of heat and power year-round. These are ideal conditions for an mtu combined heat and power (CHP) system.

                                    • Government

                                    • Reliable mtu generator sets act as safeguards to ensure uninterrupted power supplies to governmental and public buildings.

                                    • Greenhouses

                                    • We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete power solutions – from fuel supply to electrical design.

                                    • Landfills

                                    • Where some only see waste, we see opportunity. A properly monitored landfill site can serve as an efficient source of gas energy. This energy can be derived from a process that’s already in place at every site.
                                    • Industrial Manufacturing

                                    • Production processes require high amounts of continuous power to ensure reliable and economical manufacturing. mtu solutions provide the power security manufacturers need to be productive and profitable.

                                    • Nuclear Power Plants

                                    • Emergency diesel generators are used when nuclear power plants are disconnected from the grid. They ensure the power supply to important components such as the reactor cooling system - to ensure a controlled shutdown of the reactor.

                                    • Rental

                                    • We supply all the expertise, equipment and services needed to integrate complete power solutions – from fuel supply to electrical design.

                                    • Residential & Utilities

                                    • As the global population continues to grow, so does the demand for energy. The need for reliable, cost-effective energy solutions, especially for residential use, has never been greater.

                                    • Power Stations

                                    • mtu diesel generator power station sets provide continuous power, standby power as well as hybrid power. Our diesel standby generator sets cover a complete power range with an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability.

                                    • Combined Heat & Power (CHP/CCHP)

                                    • Whether it is continuous, standby or prime power, power generation or combined heat and power production (CHP), mtu gas generator sets are effective, dependable and configured to meet your exact requirement.