• Chemical, food, oil & gas processing
  • A1: Flow and Liquid Dynamics

  • A2: Mechanical Processes

  • A3: Reaction Processes

  • A4: Thermal Processes

  • A4: Area Purification & Cleaning Processes

    • 21
      • Purification

      • Air purification, liquid purification, activated carbon, oxidizers, ozone generators, ozone analysers
    • 23
      • Pelletizer

      • Strang pelletizer, dry-cut strang pelletizer, under water pelletizer, drop pelletizer...
    • 24
      • Water Technology

      • Water pumps and pipes, communal water systems, Waste water recycling...
  • A6: Packaging and Robotics

  • A7: Sensor & Metrology

  • A8: Subcontractors & Engineering

  • A9: Processing Technologies

  • A10: Energy

  • A9: Laboratory Equipment

    •   NEWS
    • Pumps
    motion control

    WE ROXX Your Biogas Plant


    The WANGEN BIO-ROXX mixes the solids and liquid together to improve efficiency [...]

    •   EXPO
    • Bearings
    motion control

    Blood samples centrifuge bearings


    Small installation space and high speeds are further basic conditions of the application [...]

    •   News
    • industrial pumps
    Solenoid Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X

    E-learning tool


    Digital offline tools offer e-learning for DESMI’s CompactClean ballast water management system [...]

    •   Expo
    • industrial pumps
    Solenoid Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X

    Solenoid Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X


    The new gamma/ X is the first metering pump with predictive intelligence [...]

    •   News
    • Industry 4.0
    biogas engine

    Sonolyzer app offers rapid efficiency analysis of fixed-speed pumps


    KSB has developed an app for smartphones and tablets that can determine the efficiency of fixed-speed pumps in just 20 seconds [...]

    •   Expo
    • biogas plants
    biogas container

    Mini Turbine Pump


    Magnetically coupled mini process pump for pulsation-free metering, pumping and circulation of water, salt solutions, acids, alkalis and solvents. [...]

    •   Expo
    • Waste water
    biogas plant

    Wastewater pump


    Pumps for grinding, pumping, dosing, mixing – there are a multitude of tasks associated with conveying liquid media, especially in the wastewater and environmental sector [...]

    •   Expo
    • Process pumps
    biogas engine

    Compact double station pump


    Save valuable space, extensive piping work and you will get additional functionality [...]

    •   News
    • Process cooling
    biogas container

    Low vibration mini-compressor cooling system


    Flexible cooling with minimum space requirements / New compressor with power of up to 500 W / Smooth operation for numerous areas of application [...]

    •   Expo
    • OIl-Water separation
    biogas plant

    Clean and safe oil-water-separation


    Modular units provide efficient oil-water separation of oil-contaminated compressed air condensate and condensate emulsion [...]

    •   News
    • biogas plants
    biogas container

    Smooth and level flow


    In parallel connected mode, the alternating operations of the pump heads result in a smooth and level flow [...]