Company Profile

plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH is an innovative, worldwide operating technology company for automated quality assurance and diagnostic systems.


plasmo is the professional expert with regard to automated quality assurance in manufacturing. Customers the world over rely on plasmo solutions. These innovative solutions use the latest technology to help our customers manufacture products of the highest quality, thus making them a hit with their own customers.


„ plasmo plans, develops and implements innovative quality assurance solutions for most demanding customers. The plasmo team is open and target-oriented to new challenges. Open and solution-oriented communication with our partners is important to us. We use latest methods and technologies to give our customers a competive edge. Together with our customers we develop solutions that use the know-how of both sides. Through close partnerships and collaborations with research institutions, suppliers and customers these solutions are innovative, powerful and cost-optimized."

Our market position

plasmo is an innovative company in the field of quality assurance for production processes. Our processobserver and profileobserver in particular provide our global customers with powerful, market-oriented products.

We want to build on our position in the global market by means of reliable services and our customer-focused solutions expertise. Respect and reliable contact with our partners, customers and suppliers are the foundation of good long-term collaboration.

Product policy

We provide our customers with premium process monitoring systems and solutions for the assignment of tasks in production quality assurance. Innovations and the latest technology allow us to provide competitive products and solutions in order to remain active in the market in the long term.


plasmo's priority is to provide its customers with an excellent service. This means reliability, speed and flexibility with regard to special requirements. Quality is the backbone of the plasmo quality strategy and is a well-practiced element of our corporate structure. The open communication we have with our customers allows us to work together to develop the best quality solutions for them.

We regard ourselves as THE provider of innovative, technically high quality solutions in the field of production quality assurance and differentiate ourselves from the competition with:

premium products which meet the production standard as a minimuminnovative productscustomer-specific total solutions

a complete overview of the assignment of tasks


We regard our employees as important partners and we share a fair and just relationship. Our on-going training programme develops the skills of our employees according to the opportunities available. Focus is placed on raising the individual responsibility of every employee. There are also schemes for improving employee health.


Our thinking and actions are based on customer satisfaction. We regard ourselves as reliable partners for our customers. Our services and products are based on the needs of our customers and undergo continuous improvement and development.


We regard our suppliers as business associates with whom we aim to have long-term collaboration. We therefore both provide and expect:

expertisetechnical supportfair commercial terms and conditions


We treat our market partners fairly and respectfully.

This mission statement is not definitive. It shall be revised on a regular basis and updated as required with regard to the environment and company development.