Business Profile


Our vision is to optimize every single aspect of automated physical contact between machine, product and human, forming an essential component of both industrial and social life. Striving to achieve our vision helps us to attain better results in terms of both quality and productivity, as well as to create the optimal conditions for everyone involved in the process.


FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology is a world leader in the development and sale of flexible, intuitive robotic equipment. As the leader in technology, our clients and business partners trust in our top-quality expertise and well-founded experience in flexible automation. Our patented Active Contact Technology offers versatile solutions, makes robots develop a sense for perfection and applies to every task conceivable in surface treatment and contact-sensitive handling in the automobile, general industry and aerospace sectors. International users rely on our experience and advanced expertise who – like us – strive for perfection in order to achieve the highest standards of quality, economic efficiency and process reliability.