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  • Offer Profile
  • Ludwig Schneider is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision measuring instruments for temperature and density.

    Based on this experience, Ludwig Schneider Messtechnik GmbH (LSM) has for 20 years been offering temperature calibration services and since the end of 2005 has been Germany’s first private-sector company possessing DKD/DAkkS accreditation for density with respect to hydrometers.
Product Portfolio
  • Service Portfolio

    • DAkkS Calibration Laboratory
      for Temperature

    • Comprehensive calibration service for temperature measuring instruments

      The use of temperature sensors depends on a variety of factors: measuring range, stability, response, and measuring uncertainty, etc. For use in laboratories and quality assurance environments we supply a complete lineup of measured data acquisition systems along with the baths, standard thermometers, block calibrators, etc.

      We can also provide technical support in selecting and using temperature sensors for industrial processes (plant and machinery construction, etc.). We recommend technically reasonable and cost-efficient recalibration intervals depending on such factors as maximum application temperature, use frequency, and other empirical data. Whatever your needs, we can come up with a suitable solution.

      Ludwig Schneider Messtechnik is accredited under DAkkS registration number D-K-15223-01-00.

    • DAkkS Calibration Laboratory
      for Density and Content

    • Comprehensive calibration service for density and content measuring instruments

      LSM is calibrating according to the buoyancy system (Cuckow method of measurement). Developed by experienced engineers this most precise calibration unit, fitted with innovative sensor technology, reliably determins all required parameters.

      Ludwig Schneider Messtechnik is accredited under DAkkS registration number D-K-15223-01-00 for density measurements within the range of 450 up to 2000 kg/m3.

    • LSM offers a Comprehensive
      Service Range

      • Calibration at temperature laboratory
      • Calibration at density laboratory
      • Calibration of infrared thermometers
      • Calibration of portable and stationed radiation pyrometer
      • On-site calibration
      • Development and manufacturing of test and calibration devices
    • Training: Testing of temperature measuring systems

    • We give customized training and consultations on the measurement, testing and calibration of temperature measuring systems. We also support companies through to accreditation to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and hold the associated pre-audits. The following list presents an overview of the wide-ranging subjects covered:
      • General requirements of quality management in respect of the laboratory standard to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
      • Management of inspection, measuring and testing equipment (requirements, monitoring)
      • Holding of internal audits
      • Treatment of the checklist (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025)
      • Selection of inspection, measuring and testing equipment (precision, long-term stability, interpolation)
      • Determination of tempering bath parameters (stability, uniformity)
      • Establishment of reference measurements with temperature sensors
      • Calibration of resistance thermometers (standards, guidelines, linearization, connection methods, self-heating error, hysteresis effects)
      • Calibration of thermocouples (standards, guidelines, uniformity testing, hysteresis effects, internal/external reference junction compensation)
      • Calibration of block calibrators (standards, guidelines, axial temperature distribution, hysteresis effects, charging characteristics)
      • Testing and measurement with liquid glass thermometers (standards, guidelines, designs, attributes, treatment of scale correction)
      • Issuing and discussion of measurement uncertainty budgets (transparency with Excel tables)
      • Documentation of measurement results (calibration certificate)
      The main subjects are adapted to your needs and to the given time frame. All participants receive a training certificate.
    • Development of testing and calibration devices

    • We can develop custom testing machines for the testing of welded and bonded packages (blister packs).

      Experience shows that temperature differences arise during the bonding of films. To make these differences measurable, we design custom testing machines on the basis of a surface contact system. For this we define different measuring points and the test temperature is traced to a standard thermometer by means of a heated reference measuring head.

    • Calibration-Management-System

    • Ludwig Schneider Messtechnik provides since January 2012 a calibration-management system which enables customers to route process and peroids of their own calibration systems and standards.