Company Profile

DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures rotary encoders, linear encoders, angle encoders, position display units and numerical controls for machine tools.

HEIDENHAIN supplies its products to machine tool builders and manufacturers of automated machines and systems, particulary for semiconductor and electronics production.The company's history was shaped by its success in the development of precision graduations such as linear scales, angular scales, and reticles.

In 1889 Wilhelm Heidenhain, a trained mechanic, founds a metal-etching company in Berlin. In time it becomes Europe's leading manufacturer of etched metal products.In 1923 The young Dr. Johannes Heidenhain joins his fathers company.
In 1928 HEIDENHAIN develops a lead-sulfide copying process (METALLUR) that makes it possible for the first time to make exact reproductions of master graduations. In 1948 Dr. Johannes Heidenhain makes a new start in Traunreut.
In 1950 The DIADUR process is developed to produce extremely durable precision graduations by copying master graduations.

The company grew continuously. It began manufacturing optical projection measuring devices for machine tools, rotary tables, and inspection and measuring equipment. With this technology it became possible to display a complete measured value as a number (resolutions to 0.001 mm or one angular second).

The sales and production facilities of the HEIDENHAIN group comprise approximately 5000 employees.

Product Range

  • Complete measuring system
  • Encoder
  • Encoder: absolute encoder
  • Encoder: Angle encoder
  • Encoder: Linear encoder
  • Encoder: Magnetic encoder
  • Encoder: Rotary encoder
  • Encoders
  • General measurement
  • Measurement equipment for Fine Motion Control
  • Measurement equipment for Motion Control
  • Measurement recording instrument
  • Measuring: Length Gauges
  • Optical Measurement
  • Position and Distance Measurement
  • Rotary encoder
  • Time and Frequency Measurement
  • Vibration Measurement