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  • Experts in metrology and positioning

    SYMETRIE is one of the world's leading providers of hexapod solutions for positioning and motion applications.

    Our vision is to be dedicated to help customers through a motion world.

    Our strategy is to build long-term relationships with our customers.

    Our corporate identity is made of the following values:

    Innovation, Reactivity, Quality'
Product Portfolio
  • Positioning

  • A dedicated team...
    Our team of qualified engineers is specialized in hexapod technologies. Our engineers stay available to discuss about your hexapod projects and are committed to find the best way to solve your positioning and/or motion problems. answer to your specific needs

    All our hexapods can be adjusted to your specific needs:
    - High payload hexapod
    - Vacuum hexapod
    - Clean room

    ... for an optimal solution

    From the project study to the final delivery on our customers' site, SYMETRIE manages your high accuracy projects.
    • NanoPos

    • NanoPos is a miniature hexapod for positioning and adjustment of precision components with a 10 nm resolution.
      It has been developed for the most demanding applications, such as optics or nanotechnologies.

      NanoPos comes with outstanding characteristics for its small size thanks to the integration of extremely compact piezo stages, high quality joints and low friction mechanical parts.
      Its closed loop control with linear optical encoders enables it to reach the highest precision performances.
    • Bora

    • BORA is a miniature hexapod for the positioning and adjustment of precision elements with a resolution of 0.1 µm. BORA is the most compact hexapod of SYMETRIE. It meets the most demanding criteria of the optics and nanotechnologies in terms of resolution, accuracy, stability and size. Its dimensions allows an integration in a small invironment, for instance at the tip of a goniometer for an application on synchrotron.
    • Breva

    • The BREVA hexapod has been specially designed to provide angular accuracy. It allows angular positioning of objects like probe or sensors with an accuracy of 0.01 °.
    • Sirius

    • SIRIUS is a high accuracy positioning hexapod. It allows the adjustment of objects of 60 kg with high resolutions. The hexapod SIRIUS meets the highest standards during the phases of testing and adjustments in the areas of optics, aerospace or aeronautics
    • Sonora

    • SONORA is a manual hexapod for the adjustment and static positioning of high payloads following the 6 degrees of freedom (3 translations and 3 rotations)
      The hexapod SONORA allows static positioning. SONORA was created for the manual adjustments of high payloads with high accuracy (max 500 kg for 50 µm resolution).

      SYMETRIE realised a specific SONORA adjusting 17t payload with 0.5 mm accuracy.
    • Sures

    • SURES is a very high accuracy positioning hexapod. It allows the adjustment and the set up of objects of 500 kg with high resolutions. SURES is particularly adapted to the field of spatial and to telescopes.
    • Mistral

    • MISTRAL is a dynamic hexapod for the motion and simulation of payloads up to 1 ton on important linear and angular travel ranges.
    • Sirocco

    • SIROCCO is a powerful hexapod for the motion and simulation of payloads up to 2 tons following the 6 Degrees of Freedom.

      Its main advantages:
      - High payload capacities
      - A simple and reliable software
      - Exceptional speed and acceleration
      - Possibility to adjust a measurement system  providing motion control
    • Aquilon

    • AQUILON is a hexapod for the motion and simulation of very high payloads (6 tons) following the 6 degrees of freedom. This hexapod is the most powerful of our range.

      Main advantages:
      - Very large travels 800 mm of linear course
      - Pivot point can be chosen
      - Command control from ergonomic interface
      - Angular course up to 40°
  • Positioning hexapod

  • For high accuracy positioning
    Metrology is our job. Each engineer goes through a meticulous training in metrology before the conception and realisation of a hexapod. This ensures very high quality products and solutions from SYMETRIE.

    For your specific needs
    Our experience in a such domain allows us to answer quickly and clearly to specific requests.
      • High payload adjustment with high accuracy

      • The laser Megajoule project takes place near Bordeaux, France. It will be the most powerful beam laser generator in the world. It will allow the simulation of nuclear fusion.
        At the center of the spherical test room of 10 meters diameter, 240 laser beams converge towards a micro-target.
      • High payload positioning

      • Six axis positioning
        This hexapod is a high accuracy hexapod for automatic measurements. It allows high payload alignments.
        Its mobile support provides high stability and helps displacements.

        High payload positioning
        High accuracy positioning
        Automatic production chain
      • Optical micro-positioning

      • To meet the quality requirements of satellite manufacturing, and particularly during the assembling process, THALES requested a system composed of two hexapods allowing operators during the mirror assembling part.

        In this system, the first hexapod realizes mirror positionings, and the second hexapod realizes, in real time, position measurements with extreme accuracy.
      • Optical qualification bench

      • CEA and NASA wish to control CCD sensors that captures the images taken by the telescope.
        Both companies requested SYMETRIE's expertise for testing bench realisation. This will adjust CCD sensor position and testing lighting source simultaneously.
      • Vacuum positioning

      • SYMETRIE supplied this positioning system to the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) under the Laser Megajoule project. This system allows micro-target adjustments and positioning in the convergence centre of 240 beam lasers.
        This system works on high nuclear rays levels.

        Six axes positioning
        Hexapod allows six axes positioning following 6 degrees of freedom on 3 rotations and 3 translations.
  • Motion hexapod

  • Dynamic hexapods
    Hexapods architecture is composed of six actuators mounted together to realise six axis motions. This structure allows complex motion with high dynamics.
    This kind of architecture is even more interesting because it makes possible the fit of both needs: high payload capacities and excellent stiffness ratio.

    Our experience for your need
    Specialist of hexapod technologies, SYMETRIE can study with you the solution that fits you best.
    • Swell simulator

    • SYMETRIE realized a wide range of swell simulators using hexapod technology. The choice of this technology is even more important that it allows very real simulation.
      Our range of products can be easily adapted to your special needs regarding speed, actuator course and payload.
      Our flexibility allows us special design.
    • Motor bench positioning

    • D2T company has been chosen to realize this motor bench system. D2T found that the hexapod technology could easily answer to the technical specifications of its customer.
      The hexapod technology has been chosen because it allows full integration under bench with free space between operators and motor system.
    • Motion sensor testing

    • This installation consists of high dynamic motions hexapod which includes a measurement octopod. The measurement system measures in real time the motions realized by the motion hexapod.

      This specific architecture allows live control and qualification of motion sensor. Experience are far more efficient thanks to the leak of delay.