• Offer Profile
  • Qioptiq, an Excelitas Technologies Company, designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of applications across the biomedical, semiconductor, precision manufacturing, defense and aerospace, and scientific research areas. Qioptiq benefits from the integrated knowledge and experience of Avimo, Gsänger, LINOS, Optem, Pilkington, Point Source, Rodenstock, Spindler & Hoyer and others. Qioptiq was acquired by Excelitas Technologies Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized solutions to meet the lighting, detection and other high-performance technology needs of OEM customers.
Product Portfolio

  • Qioptiq’s precision mechanical systems combine with our premium-crafted optics to ensure highest possible axial-precision for beam delivery with exceptional stability and repeatability:
    • Reproducible results due to unparalleled precision
    • Fast and easy setup and adjustment along the beam axis
    • High compatibility within the different axial systems

          • LINOS Catalog

          • Qioptiq‘s world renowned LINOS Catalog and e-commerce Qioptiq-Shop offer a wide selection of premium lab equipment and accessories for customers operating in scientific research and commercial laboratories.
          • Customer Magazine OPTOLINES

          • In our customer magazine OPTOLINES you will find informative scientific reports and information from the field of optics. Learn more about interesting applications, new product lines and special offers.
          • PreDesigner App

          • The PreDesigner App – an excellent tool for physics students on the go! Ideal for fast calculations directly virtually anywhere!
            Download this useful module of our optical design software WinLens as an Android mobile app free of charge in the Google Play Store.

        • Precision optomechanics for photonics integration
          You don’t want to compromise quality and precision in your optical set ups. Specify Qioptiq optomechanics to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement results.
          LINOS optomechanical components from Qioptiq are precision engineered for highest performance in innovative optical solutions in science and industry.
            • LINOS Microbench

            • For decades the LINOS Microbench Cage System has sett the standards for 3D design and experiment setup in the optical laboratory:
              • High Stablility and precision
              • Quick & easy setup and adjustment
              • A wide range of accessories with ongoing system expansion
            • LINOS Tube System C

            • The Tube Mounting System C is an enclosed construction system for fast and contaminent-free setup for laboratory setups and prototypes. Available in diameters of 30 mm and 35 mm. Threaded sockets and rings enable connection of a wide range of optics, with diameters from
              6 – 31.5 mm. Fully compatible with LINOS Microbench.
            • Rail Systems

            • Our Flat-Rail Systems can be used as a low-profile optical bench and beam steering system. Available in three sizes, each compatible with all LINOS bench systems.
              All rails feature slotted holes for fastening to optical tables with M6 or ¼" bore hole patterns. The sophisticated design, consists of a precise rail and compatible carriers and spring-loaded clamps, to ensures extremely precise positioning.
            • Mounts & Posts

            • Our comprehensive range of mounts, posts and holders are all mutually compatible. We offer a road range of object holders for rectangular or cylindrical construction elements, as well as optics holders for mounted and unmounted optics or prisms. Integrate support rods and columns to mount optic holders on optical tables.

          • Superior optics for exceptional performance
            Our broad selection of LINOS precision optics includes plano-convex lenses, biconvex lenses, aspheres and achromats with individual coatings, as well as plano optics, mirrors, polarization optics and of course our complete optical systems, such as objective lenses, zoom optics and microscope optics. With such a wide range of customized and off-the-shelf products, Qioptiq offers components for most any applications in laboratory research, laser metrology, laser material processing, inspection or machine vision.
              • Winlens

              • Our user-friendly and effective optical design and simulation software WinLens can be used for PC's running Microsoft Windows. The optical design software features an intuitive user interface and produces highly informative diagrams and tables. The software package consists of four parts:
                • WinLens™ 3D
                • Tolerancer
                • Glass Manager
                • Material Editor
              • Singlets

              • From convergent lenses and diffuse lenses to best form lenses and aspheres, our extensive selection of LINOS simple lenses, or singlets, offer a variety of focal lengths and diameters to guarantees that you can find the components you need for your application.
              • LINOS Achromats & Lens Systems

              • Mounted or unmounted, coated or uncoated, with positive or negative focal lengths, LINOS achromatic lenses can fulfill every one of your optical requirements for different diameters.
              • Plano Optics

              • Qioptiq is known for high-quality plane plates from optical glass, fused silica and sapphire, as well as a variety of prisms, filters, beamsplitters, reticles and dispersion plates. High-quality materials ensure the best possible transmission and consistent, reliable quality standards in all Qioptiq Plano Optics.
              • Mirrors

              • Metallic, hybrid, dielectric mirrors: Our standard LINOS product line includes a large selection of mirrors for a variety of applications. Both broadband and highly reflective mirrors for the most common discrete wavelengths are available directly from the factory.
              • LINOS Thin Film Coatings

              • From laser mirrors and filters to beamsplitters and anti-reflective coatings, the extensive range of LINOS coatings can meet your most stringent requirements.
                If you can not find the coating that you need for your application among our standard coatings, our experts can develop your custom coating. Based on our innovative Ion Beam Sputtering Technology we offer you a wide range of possibilities.
              • Polarization Optics

              • Qioptiq offers an extensive line of LINOS polarizers, polarizing filters and wave plates made of high-quality materials for the best possible transmission. Complex coatings ensure high extinction ratios and broadband solutions. Our narrow optical production tolerances ensure minimal wave front distortion.
              • LINOS Machine Vision Solutions

              • Qioptiq manufactures objective lenses for all of today's machine vision, inspection and image processing tasks. A broad range of high-quality standard lenses can be used in practically all conceivable applications in image processing. With well-established expertise and many years of experience, our research and development department is ready to implement customer-specific production, from OEM solutions to finished modules, at any time.