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  • Offer Profile
  • Kathrein RFID is the leading manufacturer of professional identification solutions in the field of UHF RFID technology. Based on many years of expertise in high frequency technology, Kathrein RFID creates innovative, high-performance system components for professional use:

     • RFID in automatic vehicle identification (AVI)
    • RFID in industry
    • RFID in logistics
    • RFID in retail

    As component manufacturers for RFID readers and antennas, we work closely with system integrators and resellers.

Product Portfolio
  • RFID-Reader

  • Kathrein RFID, leading manufacturer of RFID identification systems, has recently launched a new generation of Outdoor RFID IoT readers: RRU 4000 / ARU 3000 series. This new generation of RFID readers is ideal for Industrial Tracking & Tracing applications, Logistics-based material flow solutions or Smart City-based solutions, such as intelligent parking or car sharing solutions to allow customers to access these services easily and seamlessly.
      • RRU 4000 Series

      • The Kathrein RRU 4000 reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID reader and the leading IoT device for all professional AutoID solutions.

        Its high-performance 33 dBm UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules like PoE+, Wi-Fi, 3G mobile interface and the powerful scalable processing unit will change the way how identification works.

        Base on the latest RFID standards like EPC Gen2v2 / ISO 18000-63C Kathrein RRU 4000 Series supporting all market leading Transponder Chip Features for security, authentification and encoding.

      • ARU 3000 Series

      • The Kathrein ARU 3000 antenna reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID readers with an integrated 65° wide range antenna and is the first choice for professional IoT solutions like industrial automation and vehicle identification in ruggedised environments.

        Its best-in-class 33 dBm UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules like PoE+, Wi-Fi, 3G mobile interface and the powerful scalable processing unit will change the way how identification works.

      • ARU 2400 Series

      • The Kathrein ARU 2000 reader family is a basic RAIN RFID reader with an integrated antenna for indoor applications in logistics, manufacturing and supply chain applications.

        Its best in class 27-dBm UHF RF unit and connectivity interface PoE and the basic level processing unit allow for a flexible  integration into Industry 4.0 and IoT solutions. Based on the latest RFID standards, such as EPC Gen2v2/ISO 18000-63, Kathrein ARU 2000 series support all market leading transponder chip features.

      • ARU-CSB Antenna Reader Units

      • The Kathrein RFID reader ARU-CSB-ELC offers an Ethernet communication interface and an integrated 30° wide range antenna with three selectable read zones. Active and passive RFID tags can be read out in the frequency range from 865 to 868 MHz and from 902 to 928 MHz. The three well-defined read zones of the integrated 30° wide range antenna can be controlled by the reader to offer optimised solutions for logistics, intralogistics and retail applications.
      • M-ARU-SERIES

      • The Kathrein M-ARU-ETH-E6 is a highly integrated RFID UHF sensor based on the Kathrein Mid Range antenna series and the Kathrein industrial reader platform. The device has a PoEthernet-and a serial communication interface plus digital GPIOs (in-/outputs).

        The supply voltage optionally can be served over PoE or local. Active and passive RFID-Transponder can be handled for reading and writing.

    • Passive UHF RFID high-performance antennas. Suitable for a variety of different read ranges by low range (LORA), mid range (MIRA) and wide range (WIRA) antennas. ©KRAI enables different intelligent features like beam switch, polarisation switch or antenna cascading for multiple use
        • Wide Range 30° Antennas

        • Optional controlled via Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface ©KRAI, read range: up to 18 m, different far field half-power beam widths in azimuth and elevation plane

          • Compact design for ruggedized enviromental applications
          • Low axial ratio for optimum performance
          • Read range*: up to 18 m (* depending on tag properties, environment and requirements)
          • Ideal solution for portal applications
          • Different far field half-power beam widths in azimuth and elevation plane
          • Suitable for bulk and single tag applications
          • High IP65 degree of protection, suitable for outdoor use
        • WRA 6060 Antennas

          • Kathrein smart shelf technology in a robust housing
          • for applications in radiated near field, suitable for static tag identification
          • thin design
          • read range up to 3 m
          • very homogenous reading field
          • extremely high front-to-back ratio

          The WRA 6060 antenna has been developed for applications in the area of point of sale, smart shelf applications and Kanban solutions. The antenna is characterised by an extremely homogeneous read zone which is emitted by the high front-to-back ratio. Therefore, it is suitable for static detection of multiple transponders. Due to its thin design, the antenna can be integrated into different applications.

        • Wide Range 40° Antennas

        • Wide Range 40° linear antenna, read range up to 10 m, optimized for lane-selective vehicle detection.

          • Compact design for ruggedised environmental applications
          • Read range: up to 18 m (depending on tag properties, environment and requirements)
          • Ideal solution for toll collect applications
          • Suitable for bulk and single tag applications
          • High degree of protection, IP65 suitable for outdoor use
        • WRA 7070 Antennas

        • For classic far-field applications with large reading distances, the wide range antennas (WRA) are the optimal choice. They are characterised by a very low axial ratio for circular polarisation, whereby the dependence of reading results upon the position or alignment of tags is significantly reduced. For this reason, they are also the ideal solution for portal applications in addition to many other application possibilities.

          • Key Applications
          • Gate applications for goods registration
          • Logistics
          • Vehicle registration
          • Bulk and single-tag applications
        • Mid Range Antenna

        • Applications in radiating near field and far-field up to 2 m, small dimensions, high selectivity
          • compact design
          • small dimensions
          • typical read range *: up to 2 m
          • integration possible in applications
          • where space is limited
          • various transponder types possible to use
          • suitable for use in industrial environments
          • use in transition range between near field
          • and far field applications
          • suitable for bulk and single tag applications
          • high IP 67 degree of protection; suitable for outdoor use

          * depending on tag properties, environment and requirements

        • Applications in radiating near field, extremely small dimensions, reading range: < 20 cm, extremely high selectivity, not influenced by metal

          • Minimal dimensions
          • Extremely high selectivity
          • Extremely high resistance to interference (multi-reader applications)
          • Suitable for use in industrial environments
          • Optimized for near field applications High IP67 degree of protection
          • Suitable for outdoor use
        • SmartShelf Antennas

        • Near-field applications, extremely slim design, reading range: 0-3 m, homogeneous detection field very high front-to-back ration, Up to 32 antennas can be cascaded, optional without cascade function available and antenna protection cover

          • Antenna module for assembly integration
          • For applications in radiated near-field, suitable for static tag identifications
          • Extremely thin design
          • Read range: up to 1 m
          • Very homogeneous reading field
          • Extremely high front-to-back ratio

      • Mobile Terminal M260: Rugged RFID-UHF terminal for mobile data collection in Windows CE 6.0 with alphanumeric fast input keyboard and colour touch screen. Mobile Terminal M160: Basic RFID-UHF short range terminal for mobile data col­lection in Windows CE 6.0 with Illuminated silicone keypad with alphanumerical function and colour touch screen.
          • Mobile Terminal M260

          • Rugged RFID-UHF terminal for mobile data collection in Windows CE 6.0 with alphanumeric fast input keyboard and colour touch screen.
          • Mobile Terminal M160

          • Basic RFID-UHF short range terminal for mobile data collection in Windows CE 6.0 with illuminated silicone keypad with alphanumerical function and colour touch screen.

          • SOFTWARE

          • CrossTalk, Kathrein’s integration software layer, is a modular IoT suite for different identification applications. Passive UHF RFID, barcode, GPS, RTLS, sensors and various other technologies can be handled with CrossTalk. We provide centrally controlled integration – from device management right through to customised backends.
              • IOT PLATFORM

              • CrossTalk is the most advanced software suite for AutoID & IoT device management and Track & Trace visualization

                CrossTalk AppCenter is the Platform for IoT tracking applications and central configuration and monitoring tool for IoT infrastructure devices. CrossTalk Repository is a highly scalable data storage and distribution platform for events and objects. CrossTalk Repository is a EPCIS compliant implementation. CrossTalk Agent delivers plug&play device integration, real time data capturing, event processing and filtering. CrossTalk delivers the best combination of AutoID Middleware, Device Management and Edgeware. There are three different license packages available:

                • CrossTalk base platform, focus on device integration and management.
                • CrossTalk full platform, includes base platform features, plus business apps.

                CrossTalk repository, high scalable EPCIS repository.

              • INTERFACE SOFTWARE

              • Automated vehicle identification (AVI) is one of the key markets that Kathrein Solutions is focussing on. AVI includes free flow identification, plaza and parking applications. For parking applications, Kathrein provides a specially configured software for access control named AccessManager.
            • Transponder

            • High-security passive UHF RFID windshield labels with UCODE DNA or HIGG S3 establish many kinds of options for Automated Vehicle Identification.
                • Windshield Label

                • The RFID Windshield Label serves for the automatic, contactless identification of vehicles (Automatic Vehicle Identification, AVI). The label is adhered to the inside of the windshield. The development of the RFID Windshield Label was focused on a very high read range, thanks to special antenna behind glass and a passive function without battery. Tag authentication using AES coprocessor and 128-bit AES unique crypto key. Privacy protection via untraceable command and 128-bit AES group crypto key. Trust Provisioning of Secure Secrets. The label material is a combination of PP and PET layer extra security die-cuts improve security against removal and re-use.

                • Multi-Surface Transponder

                • The universal multi surface transponders from Kathrein are designed to be insensitive to the materials to which they are attached. Equally good performance is expected on both metal and non-metal items. With their robust structure they can be used successfully in harsh environments and have a high class of destruction resistance. 
                  With the UCODE DNA the transponders offer combination of long range UHF RFID performance coupled with cryptographic security functionality for tag authentication.
              • APPLICATIONS

                  • RFID INDUSTRIAL

                  • RFID is particularly suitable for use in industrial automation, to control and optimize manufacturing processes.

                    By using the patented Kathrein RFID © KRAI technology the user is able to change the physical properties of the antenna dynamically, to achieve significantly better read results.

                    • Automation
                    • Manufacturing
                    • Intralogistics
                  • RFID LOGISTICS

                  • In order to make the supply chain more efficient and transparent it requires high-performance and intelligent hardware components.

                    The Kathrein RFID RRU4-ELC series with their integrated industrial high-performance Linux platform can perfectly process high volume tag applications also with additional rich data enhancements like positioning information.

                    • Logistics
                    • Warehouse
                    • Procurement

                  • RFID UHF is particularly well suited for the identification of vehicles, as its large range of up to 18 meters allows a multitude of possible applications.

                    The Kathrein RFID patented ©KRAI technology in the ARU-ELK-E6 series can dynamically change the characteristics of the integrated antenna to face any situation.

                    • Parking Management
                    • Vehicle access control
                    • Toll application
                  • RFID RETAIL

                  • RFID UHF technology can substantially cut costs and help reviewing complex processes in the retail and fashion sectors.

                    Kathrein RFID is the only manufacturer to offer a complete product range for applications like EAS, Logistics, PoS and more.

                    • EAS
                    • Logistics
                    • Point of Sales