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  • Grip GmbH Handhabungstechnik offers planning, design, production, testing and distribution of products in the field of handling technology especially in the areas of expertise gripper technology and robot periphery from one source
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    • elektrotechnik: Dortmund, 13.02. - 15.02.2019
      Motek: Stuttgart, 07.10. - 10.10.2019 
        • Changing systems

          • Cost reduction for assembly and maintenance
              • MGW - Manual gripper changing system

              • We have improved our changing system MGW even further! The new system is higher in quality and offers enhanced safety and precision – an answer to our customer's requirements. Please note the constructive changes for your future applications.

                The manual gripper changing system MGW has been developed for the robot technology. As a changing system between robot and gripper, the MGW, which has little dead weight, resists high forces.

                The semi-cylindrical bolt, which can be operated by hand lever, connects upper- and base part free of play and with positive fit. The sizes are according to ISO 9409. Drilling templates can be done according to standard or customer preference. The flanges are made of high-strength hardcoated aluminium. Different materials are also possible. The MGW can be combined with: energy couplings, type MED, grippers GP, GZ and GH of the same size as well as the measuring device RBE.
              • SWS - Manual quick changing system

                • We have improved our changing system SWS even further! The new system is higher in quality and offers enhanced safety and precision – an answer to our customer's requirements. Please note the constructive changes for your future applications.

                  The quick changing system SWS has been developed for general use in the areas engineering and fixture construction. It is equipped with the same free of play and positive active principle as the MGW. The installation sizes are also according to ISO.

                  One tool is for the operation of this system necessary, which can be fitted onto the square of the semi-cylindrical bolt. The flanges are made of steel. Hardened designs are optional. Due to the simplified design the SWS offers in comparison to the MGW a definite price advantage. We recommend our semi-cylindrical bolt safety for dynamic applications.
              • SWA - Manual quick changing adapter

              • The quick changing adapter SWA is a new development, which can be applied to a lot of areas. During the design of this adapter we incorporated our experiences gathered from years of using the approved changing systems MGW and SWS as well as special requirements from our customers.

                Due to the new active principle it was possible to reduce the length to a minimum and keep the same functionality and capacity. The SWA is operated with the help of a transverse screw with tool joint. The flanges are optionally available out of aluminium or steel.

                The SWA is a compact alternative to the MGW and SWS systems. The only disadvantage of the SWA is a slightly longer replacement time.
            • Energy couplings

              • We are designing energy-couplings for complex applications.
                  • MEK - Multi-energy coupling

                  • The multi-energy coupling MED was developed as an ideal addition to our changing systems. The mechanical connection of two parts by means of the changing system is expanded via the MEK in a way that pneumatic and electrical lines can be coupled or decoupled in parallel. The time consuming disconnection of cables and tubes is no longer necessary.

                    One half of the MEK is fixed, which can be attached to the upper part of the changing system and one half is not fixed and can be attached to the base part of the changing system. Pneumatic and electric connectors are integrated in both halves, which are especially designed for frequent insertion-withdrawal operations and little joint strength. The sizes of the MEK are according to our changing systems.
                  • DDF Rotary joint

                  • Component rotary feedthrough of 2 bis 4 pressure or vacuum lines.

                    The compressed air is conducted via channels inside the DDF. This prevents twisting of the pneumatic lines in endless rotary movements.

                    Your advantages:

                    • Lightweight and robust
                    • ISO flange
                    • No twisting of the air line
                    • Quick connection of pneumatic hoses
                    • Interfaces according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1
                  • SEK Energy coupling

                  • Complementing the SHW model for the feedthrough of signals

                    The SEK top is mounted on the SHW top. The SEK lower part corresponds to the SHW bottom. The SEK is automatically coupled by the mechanical connection of the exchange system.

                    Your advantages:

                    • Simultaneous manufacture of a mechanical and electrical connection
                    • Can withstand 50,000 cycles
                    • Individual wiring
                    • Coding of the interchangeable parts
                • Grippers

                  • Compact and powerful
                      • GP - Parallel grippers

                      • The parallel grippers GP have been developed in consistence with the sizes of the changing systems. The compact closed design of the grippers allows their use under the most difficult industrial conditions. The gripper, which is of outstanding quality, cannot only be assembled easily due to its modular design but it is available in various models to a reasonable price.

                        The grippers of the GP series are powered via a wedge gear and can be fitted with a grip force safety via a pressure spring. The grip force safety can be operated either in closing (GS) or opening (GÖ) state. The position of the gripper can be retrieved at the power cylinder by means of a reed switch (type "RS...").

                        Over the years the parallel grippers from us have proven their worth in various applications of well-known companies and are more and more accepted due to their attractive price/performance ratio.
                      • GZ - Pincer grippers

                      • The pincer grippers GZ were fitted with the same technical features as the parallel grippers GP. The unique excenter drive of the pincer gripper ensures a long service life and delivers a constant grip moment along the whole opening- and closing area of the fingers.

                        Contrary to the parallel gripper, the grip force safety (GS) only works in closing state of the device. The pincer grippers (GZ) were often used for machine tools of well-known manufacturers.
                      • GI - Inward gripper

                      • The inward grippers have been developed in order to grip and hold components with narrow drillings.

                        Therefore the steel carrier of the grippers will be filled with compressed air, so that the flexible silicone diaphragm inside inflates. This diaphragm is going outwards due to recesses in the carrier and enlarges the outer diameter of the gripper. The component will be loosened by deflating the gripper and the diaphragm draws back automatically into the carrier, where it is protected against damages.

                        The distinctive feature of this inward gripper by us is the miniaturization of the gripper principle.

                        Grip force control: It is possible to control the pressure building in the gripper carrier by means of a push button in the input line.
                    • Special Solutions

                          • Palletizer automation solution

                          • Manual assembly station

                          • Special gripper system: Dorngreifer

                          • Special gripper for injection molding