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  • LK is the oldest CMM manufacturer in the world. Established in England in 1963, LK Metrology has an impressive heritage in metrology dating back to the birth of CMM technology.

    LK Metrology is renowned for innovative metrology solutions and services. The company’s products, including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), portable measuring arms and metrology software, are used worldwide to control and improve the quality of manufactured components. Its precision technology underpins the process chain from design, development, production and assembly through to quality assurance in global industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, motorsport, energy, medical and contract inspection.
Product Portfolio

  • LK METROLOGY is the ONLY manufacturer to guarantee the accuracy of its CMMs for 10 years*.

    LK Metrology‘s range of ceramic technology coordinate measuring machines represents the pinnacle in CMM design, we are the only manufacturer to guarantee the accuracy of our coordinate measuring machines for 10 years*. Our CMMs deliver size, position and surface measurements within a single system. Our software provides measurement, programming, analysis and reporting software within a single interface, with intuitive online and offline capabilities and full simulation. Our online portal providers manufacturers with remote access to quality data and CMM status from any internet connected device anywhere in the world. All our CMMs are Industry 4.0 ready with on-board technology for line-side and in-line automation with other production equipment and material handling systems.

    *Applies to LK ceramic technology CMMs, see the LK website for details.

      • BRIDGE CMM

          • ALTERA C - Entry-level model

          • Cost-effective small CMM

            ALTERA C is an ideal solution for manufacturers looking to purchase their first motorised CMM, or when additional measurement capacity is needed, or when space is limited.

            With easy-to-use software and choice of probing, including touch trigger, scanning and non-contact, ALTERA C provides the accuracy and flexibility needed for a range of metrology tasks. The compact ALTERA C conveniently fits into the smallest of spaces, and should your company’s requirements change, ALTERA C provides a future-proofed platform ready for additional capacity and new technology.

            • Measuring volumes from: 700x700x500mm to 1500x900x700mm
            • Accuracy from: 1.7+L/333
            • Repeatability from: 1.5µm
          • ALTERA S - For small parts

          • Multi-sensor CMM with enhanced capability

            ALTERA S is an enhanced multi-sensor CMM for quality laboratories and manufacturing teams.

            ALTERA S makes it simpler and faster to measure the most complex of parts in a single CMM set-up. Multi-sensor technology provides the precision of tactile probing and high-speed measurement of scanning and non-contact inspection, extending the application scope of your CMM to new materials and geometries in line with your evolving requirements.

            • Measuring volumes from: 1000x700x600mm to 2000x1000x800mm
            • Accuracy from: 1.8+L/400
            • Repeatability from: 2.0µm
          • ALTERA M - For small to mid-sized parts

          • High-performance multi-sensor CMM

            ALTERA M is a high-performance multi-sensor metrology solution for series production, shopfloor environments and R&D.

            ALTERA M provides dependable measurement results across all manufacturing environments. Superior multi-sensor technology provides the speed and flexibility needed to measure a range of parts in a fast-paced setting. CMM automation solutions fit seamlessly around your processes to provide 24/7 quality control and remote access to quality data from any internet enabled device.

            • Measuring volumes from: 800x700x600mm to 6000x2000x1500mm
            • Accuracy from: 1.5+L/375
            • Repeatability from: 1.5µm
          • ALTERA SCANtek5 - Advanced 5-axis technology

          • Maximum productivity

            Ten times faster than the closest rival, LK Metrology’s advanced SCANtek5 technology has boosted measurement throughput, shortened production lead times and provided a complete dimensional insight for manufacturers of precision parts and series production.

            Combining the benefits of ceramic CMM technology and the most advanced 5-axis multi-sensor system, ALTERA SCANtek provides five interchangeable probe technologies, including tactile scanning, touch-trigger, surface finish and non-contact vision probes to enable automated selection of the most advantageous probing technology while maximising the advantages of 5-axis measurement, infinite probe head positioning and long probe assemblies.

            • Measuring volumes from: 800x700x600mm to 6000x2500x2000mm
            • Accuracy from: 1.5+L/375
            • Repeatability from: 1.5µm
          • ALTERA SL - Ultimate accurate

          • Utmost accuracy and precision

            When utmost precision is required, ALTERA SL delivers sub-micron accuracy (HA version).

            Every aspect of the ALTERA SL has been optimised around the desire for ultra-high accuracy measurements. Metrology institutes and calibration laboratories trust the performance of the raised guideway design and flexibility of the moving bridge for a variety of research and industrial applications.

            • Measuring volumes from: 800x700x600mm to 2500x2000x1500mm
            • Accuracy from: 0.7+L/600 (HA model)
            • Repeatability from: 0.5µm (HA model)
          • MAXIMA - For midsize to large parts

          • Large bridge CMM

            MAXIMA can accommodate large and heavy workpieces, typically found in automotive, aerospace and industrial equipment applications, without the need for special foundations.

            MAXIMA is available with a granite table, or the MAXIMA R with twin granite rails. The open design of the MAXIMA R provides safe and efficient access when loading/unloading parts using a floor level transfer system. Workpieces can be easily loaded from the front or rear of the machine, without the risk of collisions between the workpiece and machine. This increases loading and programming flexibility, giving time savings in inspection and overall production cycles.

            • Measuring volumes from: 3000x2000x1500mm to 6000x2500x2000mm
            • Accuracy from: 2.5+L/350
            • Repeatability from: 2.5µm
        • Gantry CMM

            • Aeros - For midsize to large parts

            • Large gantry CMM

              The AEROS range of gantry CMMs provide a super-sized metrology solution for components and assemblies typically found in heavy transportation, communication and satellite equipment.

              The open-structure design provides clear and easy access to the measuring volume for part loading/unloading and integration with part transfer systems. For consistent performance, particularly when operating in an open shop environment, innovative design features have been incorporated into the guideway support system and bearing tracks, in addition to high-resolution optical scale system for accurate positional feedback and precise motion control.

              • Measuring volumes from: 3000x2000x1000mm to 8000x3500x2500mm
              • Accuracy from: 6.0+6.0L/1000
              • Repeatability from: 6.0µm
            • Ultra - For large to very parts

            • High-accuracy super-size gantry CMM

              The ULTRA range of high performance very large gantry CMM machines owe their outstanding performance to advanced technical solutions such as superior ceramic technology for the gantry beam and column, a dual drive and scale system on the main carriage, and structural temperature compensation.

              Designed for operation in industrial environments, ULTRA advances the high-speed, high-accuracy inspection of super-size components, such as aerospace structures, maritime engines, or power generation that require measuring systems with virtually unlimited measuring volumes.

              • Measuring volumes from: 2500x3000x2500mm to 16000x7000x4000mm
              • Accuracy from: 3.5+L/250
              • Repeatability from: 3.5µm
          • Horizontal CMM

              • LY-90 - Entry-level horizontal arm CMM

              • Cost-effective horizontal arm CMM

                The LY-90 provides a technically advanced, cost-effective solution for the dimensional control of sheet metal parts, plastic trim and sub-assemblies found in vehicle manufacture.

                The open design of the LY-90 structure gives optimum access to the work area with the advantage of simplifying part loading and unloading. The LY-90R single-rail and LY-90TR twin-rail can be installed above ground, or for in-process measurements can be  installed level with the production line. The LY-90T table version, with the horizontal arm guideway side-mounted to the cast iron surface table, is specifically designed for line-side metrology applications.

                • Measuring volumes from: 2000x1200x1000mm to 6000x1600x2500mm
                • Accuracy from: 12+18L/1000
                • Repeatability from: 12µm
              • HC-90 - Performance horizontal arm CMM

              • High-throughput horizontal arm CMM

                The outstanding HC-90, with ceramic materials technology, offers best-in-class dynamics for high throughput, and bridge machine accuracy, with the flexibility offered by a horizontal arm CMM.

                The open structure of the HC-90 provides access from three sides for part loading and unloading. The HC-90 WR single rail and WTR twin rail are optimised for the inspection of automotive bodyshells, chassis and subassemblies, with the capability of a flush installation to further simplify the loading and unloading of workpieces and fixtures. The HC-90T table version has a proven track record for the inspection of automotive panels and aerospace casings and other thin wall components, as well as precision-machined components and assemblies requiring high precision measurements.

                • Measuring volumes from: 1000x400x600mm to 8300x1600x3000mm
                • Accuracy from: 1.9+L/250
                • Repeatability from: 1.9µm
              • HD-90 - Shop-floor horizontal arm CMM

              • Shop-floor horizontal arm CMM

                HD-90 is tailored for the quality control of vehicle bodies and sub-assemblies in production areas, giving you the freedom to place your CMM wherever you need it.

                All guideways of the HD-90 are encapsulated in protective covers to ensure thermal insulation against environmental changes and to protect the system from airborne contaminants typically found in a workshop environment. The open structure guarantees maximum accessibility to the measurement area while simplifying manual or automated part loading and unloading operations, as well as allowing a safe utilization in any production area.

                • Measuring volumes from: 4000x1600x2000mm to 8000x1600x3000mm
                • Accuracy from: 14 + 18 L/1000 ≤ 55
                • Repeatability from: 14µm
            • Portable Measuring Arms

                  • Portable Measuring Arms

                  • Go-to Measurement Where It Benefits You Most …
                    LK Metrology launches the FREEDOM ARM range of 6 axis and 7 axis portable measuring arms – for quality control, on-machine verification, reverse engineering or 3D modelling. Available in three models, three accuracy levels and several sizes in different portable arm configurations with touch probe and laser scanner options.

                    • Design for PRODUCTIVITY so manufacturing processes can stay on schedule.
                    • Design for PRACTICALITY so users can measure in almost any manufacturing environment.
                    • Design for FLEXIBILITY so the demands of any metrology challenge can be overcome.

                    • START IMMEDIATELY no warm-up time, no encoder referencing, no probe or laser calibrations required on start-up.
                    • SWITCH QUICKLY between probe and laser without interrupting the measurement process to recalibrate and without any loss of data integrity.
                    • SPIN GRIPS for easier handling of the arm on larger parts.

                    • Quick Access Menu puts the most useful information right at the point of measurement, exactly where it’s needed most, in the users hand.
                    • Immediate visual, acoustic and haptic feedback functions provide efficient communication to keep the process running at full speed.
                    • Infinite rotation and zero-G counterbalance helps reduce user fatigue and maintains accuracy.

                    • Wireless connectivity and battery power for completely portable probe and laser measurements.
                    • Even the largest FREEDOM arm weighs less than 11 kilograms, making set up and repositioning a quick and easy process.
                    • HomeDock and SmartLock allow the arm to be stowed and locked in place between measurements, for greater security during transport and set-up.

                    Technical Details
                    • Operating temperature +5OC to +40OC
                    • Storage temperature -30OC to +70OC
                    • Operating elevation up to 2000m
                    • Relative humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing

                    • Power supply 110-240V single phase

                    • Freedom Arm Probing accuracy certified according to ISO 10360-12 CE – FCC - IC
                    • Modelmaker H120
                    • Laser Scanner CE – Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11, Laser Notice No. 50 dated June 24, 2007

                    The probing accuracy of every FREEDOM arm is certified before delivery to ISO 10360-12 as standard.

                    The only portable arm to eliminate encoder referencing – allowing the user to simply turn on and start measuring.

                    Repeatable probe connection allows probe and laser swapping quickly and easily, with no need to recalibrate. Repeatable probe connection allows probe swaps without re-calibration.

                    Convenience Multi-function wrist display puts measurement control directly in the user’s hands aided by acoustic and haptic feedback.

                    High-tech carbon fiber tube construction ensures strength and stability under the most challenging conditions.

                    Infinite rotation and unique Zero-G counter balancing makes every movement light and easy to handle, including hard to reach measurements.

                    Wi-Fi connectivity and battery power for completely portable and laser measurement.

                    HomeDock and SmartLock features allow the arm to be stowed and locked in place between measurements and during set-up.
              • Software

                  • CAMIO 2021

                  • The ultimate choice of CMM multi-sensor metrology software
                    Proven in the most challenging application environments CAMIO is the CMM software of choice for many of the world’s largest manufacturers. By leveraging the productivity benefits of CAMIO, manufacturers can focus on accelerating lead times and improving product quality while reducing costs. CAMIO’s interoperability across CMM platforms, sensor technology and manufacturing sites, is a unique advantage which guarantees the sustainability of your investment in software and inspection programs.

                    • Geometry Validation – assists with selection of the correct CAD model surface during programming.
                    • Programming – workflow improvements when picking touch points and scan paths using CAD.
                    • Orientation Tolerancing - automatically determines the appropriate relationship to the secondary datum. CAD formats – updated Spatial Interop CAD exchange file versions.
                    • Laser scanner interface – updated Nikon Metrology NMAPI.
                    • Enhanced feature picking:
                      Highlighted feature types
                      Automatic model transparency
                      Extend features to bridge gaps
                      Keyboard shortcuts
                    • CAD layer picking improvements
                    • Update InterOp CAD file format support
                    • Additional feature algorithms for Planes
                    • Parallel Planes and Cylinder tolerance zones for Orientation
                    • Improved extreme point calculations
                    • More flexible Line and Edge feature directions
                    • New best-fit surface construct
                    • Probe designer support for PH6 probe head
                    • New Administrator Mode to restrict program editing
                    • Improved support for MetrologyGate
                  • Arcocad

                  • ARCOCAD is an Application for Dimensional Metrology based on the latest Software Technologies. The modern architecture highlights the following features:
                    • Implementation of the native DMIS language
                    • Total solution for both prismatic and free form measurement
                    • Complete GD&T, geometric dimension and tolerances, as per ASME Y14.5M-2009
                    • Geometrical engine supporting neutral IGS and STEP formats or native CAD interfaces
                    • Points cloud inspection with chromatic CAD reports
                    • Textual, graphical and statistical output representation
                    • Fully integrated with Metrology Gate for Industry 4.0
                    • Powerful solution for single and dual arm CMM
                    • Integrated with articulated arms
                    • Interfaced to several different CNC controller and measuring instruments
                    • I++ compliant
                    • Off-Line Graphical programming tools with simulation of the program
                    • Complete compensation of the CMM errors (Bridge, Horizontal and Dual Drive)
                • Accessories

                    • Accessories For CMM

                    • During measurement, and particularly when scanning, contaminants such as remnants of coolant, dust, oil and oxides build-up on the stylus of your CMM.

                      These tiny debris particles must be removed to continue to achieve high performance and accuracy standards. Manual cleaning is time consuming, often requiring re-calibration of the probe angles before use.
                  • Sensors

                  • Multi-sensor capability

                    The multi-sensor LK Metrology CMMs are equipped with an extensive range of scanning and trigger contact sensors and optical scanning sensors, tool changing automation hardware and software options. A variety of probe heads are supported to allow the application of these sensors.
                      • Laser Scanners

                          • L100

                          • The newest laser scanner introduces the 4th generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP4). With a high point resolution along a 100 mm wide stripe, the L100 achieves a data collection rate of 200,000 points per second. As the most productive line scanner, it offers double the point resolution, 2.5 x the scanning speed and 30% better accuracy than other scanners. With a projected field-of-view, the L100 makes for easy path planning and the ESP4 means it is the most adept at handling difficult shiny or reflective surfaces. Like other line scanners, the L100 is often used for surface and feature inspection in automotive and aerospace applications. However, its specification makes it the fastest and most accurate multi-purpose scanner, therefor the most proficient tool for almost any application.

                          • LC15Dx

                          • The high accuracy laser scanner LC15Dx features a small laser line, and a higher number of points along said line for a higher resolution, to make it the most accurate laser scanner available on the market today. The LC15Dx perfectly suits digitizing compact or detailed objects with higher point density and tighter tolerances, both suited for surfaces and features. Considering this, the LC15Dx is often used for the inspection of high precision parts. The LC15Dx closes the gap between laser scanner and tactile probe accuracy, making it a viable alternative to a tactile probe for an increasing number of high precision CMM applications. In tests, the LC15Dx achieved the accuracy associated with using a tactile probe on a CMM. The probing error of 1.9 µm mirrors the accuracy expected when using a CMM fitted with a tactile probe. Unlike a tactile probe though, the LC15Dx uses non-contact 3D laser triangulation to measure the surface directly and eliminate probe compensation errors.
                          • LC60Dx

                          • The LC60Dx Laser Scanner can be used both on a static CMM or an articulated arm offering ultimate flexibility, the all-purpose line scanner ensures quality data collection with optimal cost-performance ratio. Featuring the ESP3 it deals with challenging reflective, shiny or multi-color surfaces. The LC60Dx is often used for surface inspection, troubleshooting and shape validation.
                          • XC65Dx

                          • The XC65Dx Cross Scanner utilizes three laser stripe scanners in one sensor. The three lasers are spaced 120 degrees apart and observe the part in question from three angles. By doing this, the XC65Dx can acquire the same amount of data with just one scan than a line scanner would do in three scans. This feature makes the XC65Dx well suited to feature inspection of slots, holes and grooves in sheet metals or items with a large complex surface area. It is often used in automotive BIW (Body-in-White) inspection, gap & flush and driveline casting inspection. Whilst the long standoff Cross Scanner retains the many advantages of the original XC65Dx, it also excels in dealing with accessing difficult-to-reach or obscured areas. By capturing geometries up to a distance of 170 mm (7.1”), the scanner gains optimum access to cavity surfaces of body-in-white structures or can scan over the clamps that hold components in position. For these reasons, the XC65Dx-LS scanner is used a lot on horizontal-arm CMM in the automotive industry.
                        • Contact measuring systems

                          • Solutions

                          • LK Metrology serves companies in all Industrial Segments, providing products, solutions and services worldwide.
                              • Aircraft & Aerospace

                              • Just over 50 years ago, LK Metrology delivered its first coordinate measuring system into the aircraft engine industry. The system featured several firsts in the metrology industry. Not only was the CMM the state-of-the-art technology for 1969, the system also featured a mini-computer with in-house written inspection software.

                                Together with the Customer, LK Metrology went on to develop the first ever touch-trigger probe. In the years following, it went on to become the industry standard. These innovation are still being marketed worldwide today.

                                Today, LK Metrology is one of the foremost suppliers to the Aircraft and Aerospace industries, providing efficient and absolute accuracy at all the major OEMs for propulsion systems as well as critical structural components and panels.
                              • Biomedical

                              • Medical devices are extremely critical to produce to exacting standards. Reproducible, traceable examination and dimensional measurement of key items to specified tolerances play a major role in ensuring the reliable and repeatable performance required. Due to the high item cost, it is imperative to avoid rejection of lots or batches.

                                The quality of raw material and components also needs to be certified prior to release from incoming inspection in order to provide a complete audit trail for regulatory purposes.

                                Among the main customer requirements, we have experienced the need to avoid destructive testing of expensive prototypes and unique implants, reduction of lengthy dimensional inspection processes of complex shapes with comparison to CAD and the performance of automated measurements for high volume production.

                                Another added benefit from the LK Metrology product portfolio is high performance reverse engineering supported by the application of non-contact laser scanning. For some medical components, such as knee or hip implants and hearing aids, the shape of the component is crucial for fast patient recovery and maximum comfort. LK Metrology‘s software and sensor solutions are a well established benchmark in this specialty segment.
                              • Energy And Power

                              • In a time when power and energy are of crucial necessity to the development of the current level of technology, this segment has become of strategic interest to both the developed and devloping nations. Quality and efficiency are of extreme interest where in most cases this sector involves the production of extremely critical components in terms of precision and cost.

                                Other than the well tested traditional ways of generating energy and power, interest has grown in renewable energy projects where the accurate dimensional inspection of components ensure these products are produced to the high-quality standards desired. Windpower generation towers, turbine blades, turbo chargers, impellers, hydraulic pumps, compressor screws and numerous other components require dimensional verification using technologies such as those provided by LK Metrology.
                              • Electronics

                              • Electronics
                                Electronics have had a major impact on the development of modern society since the identification of the electron in 1897. Fast forward to 1959 with the launch of the MOSFET, the first truly compact MOS transistor which could be miniaturized and mass-produced for a wide range of applications, revolutionizing industry and launching the Microelectronics and Digital Revolutions. Today, most electronic devices use semiconductor components.

                                Consumer electronics are analog or digital devices that are intended for everyday use such as entertainment, communication and recreational purposes. Today, most consumer electronics are based on digital technologies and have largely merged with the computer industry in what is increasingly referred to as the consumerization of information technology and digitalization. In turn, the driving force behind the electronic industry will always be the semiconductor industry.

                                LK Metrology was established just four years after the MOSFET was perfected and was fast to adopt the new electronic wave that was sweeping the world by being the first to integrate a computer with a CMM, first to use a microprocessor-controlled drive system, first to co-develop (in conjunction with Renishaw) a touch trigger sensor for use on a CMM and accordingly, the first to develop inspection software specifically for CMM use. LK Metrology is today a main supplier of quality solutions to leading manufacturers in the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries.
                              • Automotive & Land Transportation

                              • Automotive & Land Transportation
                                Just over 45 years ago, LK Metrology delivered the world’s largest moving bridge CMM to the automotive industry, and in the same year, designed, developed and delivered the world’s first horizontal arm CMM. During these early stages of CMM development, these “state-of-the-art” systems featured a mini-computer to include the in-house written inspection software package called LK CMES.

                                Today, LK Metrology is one of the foremost suppliers to the automotive and land transportation industries, providing absolute accuracy in time to all major OEMs, with dedicated solutions from powertrain to sheet-metal applications.
                              • Automation

                              • Automated control of multiple systems in a single cell ​
                                • Highest potentials for increased productivity​
                                • Production consistency improves product quality​
                                • Reduces labour, energy and materials costs