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  • DEVA® – more than just bearings

    Custom Solutions: DEVA provides solutions and optimizations in a wide range of application fields and develops specific, individual solutions, tailored to the task in question. The company provides a high degree of flexibility, skill and know-how.

    Standard Products: The company offers a wide range of standard DEVA® products as well, providing ideal standardized solutions to cover most needs.
Product Portfolio
  • deva.metal® - maintenance-free

  • deva.metal® is a self-lubricating bearing material manufactured by advanced powder metallurgy. It is fully compacted, unlike oil-impregnated porous bronze materials that are weak by comparison.

    deva.metal® is provided with an evenly distributed solid lubricant throughout its metallic matrix.

    deva.metal®, which is suitable for dry running at slow sliding speeds and high loads:
    • has high resistance to temperature and corrosion.
    • will tolerate contamination and edge pressures.
    • can be easily machined if required.
    Iron foundries and steel works, furnace construction, fans, foundry machinery, waste water cleaning plants, water, steam and gas turbines, pumps and compressors, food and beverage industry machinery, packing machinery, construction equipment, mechanical handling equipment and many more.
      • deva.metal®

      • Flanged bearings
        Cylindrical bearings

      • Sliding plates
        Thrust washers

      • Machinable blanks
        Self-aligning bearing

    •® - maintenance-free

    •® is a thin-wall, self-lubricating bearing material suitable for hostile environments, high or dynamically loaded applications or where lubrication is difficult, unreliable or impossible. It consists of a steel backing with a deva.metal® bearing layer.® offers basically the same bearing characteristics as deva.metal®:
      • but is capable of even higher loads
      • and offers an economic solution to many bearing problems
      Water turbines, injection moulding machinery, packing machinery, printing machines, construction equipment, shut-off valves, tire moulds and many more.

        • Cyl. bearings with grooves Cylindrical bearings

        • Sliding plates

        • Special components
          Thrust washers

      • deva.tex® - maintenance-free

      • deva.tex® is a high performance self-lubricating sliding material with a glass fiber reinforced carrying layer. The machinable sliding layer consists of fibers which are embedded in epoxy resin. The resin carries PTFE as lubricant for excellent tribological performance.

        deva.tex® bearings are available up to 1.000 mm and are characterized by a very high corrosion and wear resistance. They are insensitive to contamination as well as to vibrations and shock loads. In addition to standard dimension, special geometries can be machined.

        Max. possible outer diameter 1.000 mm

        Water turbines, earth moving equipment, hydromechanical engineering equipment, agricultural machines, railroad applications, shut-off valves, chemical industry and many more.
          • deva.tex®

          • Cylindrical bearings

          • Sliding plates
            Trust washers

        •®/9P - maintenance-free

        •®/9P is a self-lubricating bi-metal sliding material. The sliding layer is applied to the stainless steel back in a combined rolling/sintering process.

          The lubricant in®/9P is microscopically distributed PTFE which leads to significantly reduced friction and wear figures.

®/9P is the optimum material for p>25 N/mm² and has its best performance at slow speeds and intermittent service.

          Water turbines, injection molding machines, packing machinery, food and beverage industry, printing machines, shut-off values, hydromechanical engineering, tire molds, construction equipment and many more.

            • Cylindrical bearings
              Cyl. bearings with grooves

            • Sliding plates

            • Special components
              Thrust washers

          • deva.glide® - maintenance-free

          • deva.glide® is a self-lubricating bearing material that consists of a high-quality bearing bronze with pockets filled with solid lubricant and a thin film of solid lubricant over the bearing surface to aid the running-in process.

            deva.glide® maintenance-free bearings, without the need for lubrication with oil or grease are recommended for large bearings.
            • have a low coefficient of friction
            • have high wear resistance
            • provide long life
            Underwater equipment, offshore industry, iron foundries and steel works, heavy machinery, cranes and conveyors, deep and open cast mining machinery, construction and earth-moving machinery and many more.
              • deva.glide®

              • Flanged bearings
                Thrust washers

              • Spherical plain bearing

              • Sliding plates
                Cylindrical bearings

            •® - marginal maintenance

            •® bearings are thin-walled, rolled CuSn8 parts provided with depots for use with lubricants. They feature high-load capacity enabling compact, high-performing, low-maintenance bearing locations.

              There are three basic variants:

    ® 9 as variant with rolled-in diamond-shaped lubrication recesses. This type is primarily designed to cope with cases where surrounding construction elements such as gear wheels are oil lubricated. Equally suitable are commercially available, pumpable greases or pastes.

              Like® 9,® 8 also has lubrication recesses. However, these are filled with a solid lubricant, thus permitting operation without additional lubrication.

              If greater demands are made on grease supply,® 7 with end-to-end lubrication holes would be the type to use. This variant is less suitable for oil lubrication due to its design.

              Agricultural machinery, hydraulic systems, bearings for impact loading and shock stress applications, construction machinery, bearings used in handling and conveyor technology and many more.

                • Cyl. bearings (® 9)
                  Flanged bearings (® 9)

                • Slide plate (® 9)
                  Cyl. bearings (® 7)

                • Flanged bearings (® 7)
                  Cyl. bearings (® 8)

              • GLYCODUR® F - maintenance-free

              • GLYCODUR F slide bearings have a copper-plated steel backing and a porous 0.2 to 0.4 mm thick, sintered-on layer of tin bronze. In the rolling process, the pores of this layer are filled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) mixed with friction and wear-reducing additives. A 5 to 30 µm thick coating layer from the same material forms the running-in layer.

                The good mechanical properties of the sintered bronze along with the good sliding and lubricating properties of a PTFE mixture are optimally combined in the case of the GLYCODUR F slide bearings. The material composition ensures good dimensional stability and thermal conductivity.


                Generally for dry-running applications, shock absorbers, hydraulic applications, pneumatic cylinders, medical equipments, textile machines, agricultural applications , as well as in the office sector, etc.
                  • GLYCODUR® F

                  • Cylindrical bearings
                    Flanged bearings

                  • Thrust washers
                    Strip material

                • GLYCODUR® A/AB - marginal maintenance

                • GLYCODUR A slide bearings have a copper-plated steel backing and a 0.2 to 0.4 mm thick, sintered-on layer of tin bronze. The key feature of these bearings is the coating polyoxymethylene (POM) layer with its relative thickness of 0.3 mm with lubrication recesses for lubricating grease.

                  GLYCODUR A slide bearings are therefore insensitive to misalignment and associated edge loading to a certain extent.

                  The GLYCODUR AB slide bearings correspond to GLYCODUR A slide bearings by design, however their POM coating layer is 0.35 mm thick. This allows subsequent machining of the slide surface by drilling or turning already fitted bushes - also by reaming in special cases. This allows to eliminate misalignments or obtain a reduced bearing clearance.

                  All applications working in the mixed friction area using grease and oil lubrication such as on slowly rotating transmissions or adjustment movements.
                    • GLYCODUR® A/AB

                    • Cylindrical bearings
                      Thrust washers

                    • Strip material

                  • Special: Hydro Industry

                  • Maintenance Free Sliding Materials in the Hydro Power and Hydro Mechanical Industry
                      • Hydro Power and Hydro
                        Mechanical Industry

                      • Environment
                        • Lead-free possible by using®/9P
                        • Oil-free operation possible – water as lubrication possible
                        • Maintenance free – selflubricating
                        • Corrosion resistant
                        • Insensitive to dirt – also cleaning grooves possible (®)
                      • Turbine Equipment

                      • Load
                        • High load & high edge load capability
                        • Low clearance
                        • Excellent emergency running properties
                        • Vibration insensitive
                        • High strength due to steel or glassfibre backing
                        • Intelligent material behaviour
                      • Mechanical Equipment

                      • Design
                        • Large sizes – small sizes
                        • Nearly each shape possible
                        • Easy installation
                        • Sliding and backing layer with different friction coefficient
                        • Cost optimised solution
                    • Applications

                    • Federal-Mogul DEVA GmbH
                      • has been manufacturing selflubricating sliding materials for more than 100 years
                      • has been focusing on hydro industry for more than 50 years – the hydro industry is a major application field
                      • has optimised materials for the toughest conditions in the hydro power and -mechanical industry like pump turbines and ball valves
                      • is used in more than 4,000 projects within this sector throughout the world by major OEM´s and end-users
                        • Self-lubricating bearings for steel applications

                        • Self-lubricating bearings for hydro turbines & hydro civil engineering

                        • Self-lubricating bearings for heavy duty applications

                        • Self-lubricating bearings for offshore & marine applications

                        • Self-lubricating bearings for Railway applications