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Company Profile

Harmonic Drive - synonymous with precision gears and at the same time the name of our company which offers this gear concept worldwide. The unique operating principle of Harmonic Drive Gears is the basis for gear systems which fulfill highest requirements regarding precision and transmission accuracy. Today Harmonic Drive offers a complete range of products for applications in all areas of mechanical engineering:

Component Sets, Units, Gearboxes, Planetary Gears, Servo Motors, Servo and Special Actuators and customer-specific solutions

Our application and production experience of over 30 years and millions of precision gears implemented in a wide range of applications is built into the current product range. We want to share our know-how with you. Please contact us and let us know how we can do this.

The name of our company -
The name of our products -
Synonymous with precision gears
Harmonic Drive®

Product Range

  • Gear: Gearbox with special gear ratios
  • Gear: Gearbox, custom design
  • Gear: Gearbox, heavy duty
  • Gear: Gearbox, heavy duty applications
  • Gear: Gearbox, hollow shaft type reduction gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, planetary gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, planetary gear, heavy duty
  • Gear: Gearbox, planetary, high precision
  • Gear: Gearbox, ratio from 10:1 to 50:1
  • Gear: Gearbox, ratio over 50:1
  • Gear: Gearbox, servo-gearboxes
  • Gear: Gearbox, ultra slow speed output
  • Gear: High ratio gearbox, precision reducer
  • Gear: Precision gearhead
  • Robot actuator: High precision motor
  • Robot actuator: High ratio gears
  • Robot actuator: High torque motor
  • Servo motor: Positioning drive
  • Servo motor: Positioning servo motor
  • Servo motor: Rotary actuator
  • Servo motor: Rotary actuator, high precision
  • Servo motor: Servo motors, flat armature