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  • Stäubli offers technologically advanced electrical connection solutions for automotive, railway, steel, pharma and chemical, aeronautics, power transmission and distribution, nuclear, electronics, plastics, motorsports, alternative energies, test and measurement and for many more markets.
Product Portfolio
  • Electrical connectors for industrial applications

  • Our versatile range of electrical connectors is designed for severe requirements in industrial environments. They feature lowest contact resistance while offering extremely high current density. These connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, automated assembly lines, machine control systems and other demanding applications as well as in photovoltaic systems.

      • Single-pole industrial connectors

      • Our high-performance industrial connectors are designed for severe requirements in industrial environments. Equipped with our tried and tested MULTILAM, they offer lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density. Our power connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, rack and panel applications, machine control systems and mobile transformers. Wherever high currents need to be safely transmitted through a removable electrical connection, Stäubli industrial connectors should be your preferred choice.
          • Round uninsulated connectors

          • Our single-pole, unenclosed, uninsulated round connectors designed for the transmission of high currents up to 6000 A.

            As expert for sophisticated and powerful electrical connectors, Stäubli offers a large portfolio of uninsulated, single-pole round connectors. Based on the unique MULTILAM contact technology, they all feature lowest contact resistance, very high current density, constant performance and longevity as well as dependability in demanding requirements such as applications in the power industry, switchgears, busbar connections, manufacturing systems, test benches, cable coupling and many other industrial applications. 

          • Round insulated connectors 10-21 mm

          • Plug connectors designed for the use in industrial installations, switchgears, test stands and standby power units.

            Ø 10-21 mm insulated round connectors feature high safety functionalities and are thus especially dedicated for high requirements purposes in low voltage areas.
            These plug&play connectors are specified for 5,000 mating cycles and guarantee the necessary longevity while used for temporary power supply applications or in industrial rough environment conditions. Color and mechanical coding provide high safety and reduce any risk of wrong connection.
            Depending on the rated current, three models are available: 10BV up to 250 A, 16BL up to 630 A, 21BV up to 1,000 A.

          • Rapid connection solutions

          • Flat bar clamps for the safe contact of busbars in power distribution plants, power generation units, mobile transformers, etc.

            The rapid connection systems from Stäubli feature high robustness and advanced safety functionalities which makes them the most flexible solution for temporary power supply connection onto copper busbars independently from the cabinet’s configuration. Thanks to their adapted design and optimized operability, they are suitable for use under harsh environmental conditions.
            Depending on the operated rated current, the mounting type and the end connection, several models are available and enables thus to defined a solution for each application.

          • Connectors for plug-in systems

          • Our fork plugs are designed for direct connection to copper or aluminum bus bars.

            The versatile fork or round connectors for plug-in technology and busbars from Stäubli are perfectly suited for a variety of industries and diverse applications with the most demanding requirements. Based on Stäubli’s unique MULTILAM contact technology, these connection solutions own lowest contact resistance and very high current density while providing powerful as well as constant performance. 

          • Medical connectors

          • Our product line for electromedical equipment has been developed with regard to the specific requirements of the medical industry.

            In medical applications the reliability of the connection element needs to be absolutely granted. Therefore, all our connectors for electromedical equipment are suited for steam sterilization. With the MULTILAM core technology and gold-plated contact elements, our medical connectors provide for the very highest dependability and corrosion resistance.

          • MULTILAM plug connectors

          • This product line features outstanding electrical characteristics as high current-carrying capacity and minimal contact resistance.

            Stäubli MULTILAM plugs are machined from brass and are gold- or nickel-plated.
            A recess serves as a seat for the freely movable MULTILAM contact cage. It is punched from rigid hard-drawn copper alloy sheet, rolled and formed so that the louvers bulge outward.
            The MULTILAM Technology has been developed to provide the best technical compromise between mechanical robustness and high electrical properties. The spring action of the louvers provides constant pressure in mated condition while offering a reduced insertion force. High current-carrying capacity, minimal contact resistance and low self-heating enable a safe and reliable contact.


        • Multi-pole connection solutions

          Our range of multi-pole connectors withstands harsh environmental conditions and is ideally suitable for the use in public transport, railway, mining or marine applications. The electrical connectors must work reliably and without interruption in order to guarantee perfect operation. Stäubli connectors meet these requirements and feature safe connection even when subjected to severe vibration and shock. The tried and tested MULTILAM Technology ensures maximum dependability at low resistances and therefore extremely low energy loss as well as low insertion force.

            • E-mobility connection solutions

            • Highest performance reliability, vibration resistance and maximum safety for on-board applications or infrastructure applications.

              All components implemented in electric and hybrid drive applications need to meet the high requirements regarding quality, reliability, performance as well as space-savings for on-board applications. Stäubli’s electrical connectors consider a compact design, are vibration and shock resistant and guarantee constant electrical contact based on its unique MULTILAM contact technology. Extensive quality tests and external certification ensure untroubled operation and longevity.

            • DuraDock matic for robot tool changers

            • Designed for use in automatic tool changers, FL3 plug connectors are extremely service friendly due to the rapid contact carrier changing system.

              Stäubli’s multi-pole connectors are mainly used in automatic tool-changers, especially in automotive body shops. Our tried and tested solutions are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications where reliability is of essence. Designed for very high mating cycles, these connectors offer superior performance for power, signal and data transfer. Compact, rugged and safe, they are ideal for repetitive procedures during production. Our solutions offer unequalled contact reliability and long life span.

            • Multipole connector for harsh environments

            • The design of this connector is dedicated for operation in harsh environments to withstand very challenging conditions such as high impacts, extreme temperatures, stormy winds and strong waters to ensure reliable energy transmission without interruption in railway applications.
          • CombiTac modular connectors

          • The new CombiTac world – plug into more possibilities

            Experience combined with quality and modularity leads to cost-efficient, and durable connection solutions. The modular connector system CombiTac can be easily configured online and adapted to meet the most demanding requirements.

            • MULTILAM Technology
            • Space saving solution
            • Flexible adaptation to customer needs
            • Reconfigurable and expandable
            • Guaranteed high quality
            • Long-life span
              • CombiTac direqt

              • The latest generation of modular connectors for power, signal, and pneumatic connections up to 10,000 mating cycles. The new user-friendly, tool-free click-and-connect system allows you to assemble your modular connector system in the most time-saving way.

                CombiTac direqt is the latest generation of connectors for manual and automatic connecting with up to 10,000 mating cycles. The new user-friendly, tool-free click-and-connect system allows you to assemble your modular connector system in the simplest and most time-saving way. The outstanding quality and long service life of CombiTac help you to achieve high productivity and lower maintenance cost with maximum operator safety.

                • Signal, power and pneumatic
                • Housing and panel mount versions
                • Click-and-connect system
                • Tool-free assembly
                • High safety features
                • Guaranteed 10,000 mating cycles
              • CombiTac uniq

              • Modular connectors for power, signal, data, pneumatic and fluid connections up to 100,000 mating cycles. Offers the highest possible performance and can be customized to meet exact technical and dimensional specifications.

                CombiTac connectors are the expert choice for applications that require all-in-one space saving modular connectors. These connectors must reach high voltage and current levels, and include high mating cycle contacts guaranteeing long-life performance under the most demanding mechanical and environmental conditions.

                • 100% customizable
                • All-in-one space saving modular connectors
                • Guaranteed long-life performance for most demanding mechanical and environmental conditions
                • 100,000 mating cycles
                • High power up to 300 A
                • Power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, fluid, and pneumatic
            • Modular connection solutions

            • Stäubli’s broad industrial expertise enables us to offer standard as well as customized solutions tailored to the specific customer needs. Meeting the requirements of various fields of application, we are specialized in developing individual, tried and tested, modular and configurable connection systems that provide you with an all-in-one solution. Our modular connectors allow the combination of all circuits: electrical power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber­optic, fluids, pneumatic and hydraulic.
                • CombiTac modular connector system

                • CombiTac allows individual combination of power, signal, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic, pneumatic, hydraulic and bus connections.

                  The new CombiTac world – plug into more possibilities

                  Experience combined with quality and modularity leads to cost-efficient, and durable connection solutions. The modular connector system CombiTac can be easily configured online and adapted to meet the most demanding requirements.

                  • MULTILAM Technology
                  • Space saving solution
                  • Flexible adaptation to customer needs
                  • Reconfigurable and expandable
                  • Guaranteed high quality
                  • Long-life span
                • Modular power connector MPC

                • For use in rolling stock, e.g. on-board power applications, traction converter and battery outputs, body to bogie and motor connection.

                  The Modular Power Connector MPC range is designed to carry out the electric connections between several functions of the electrical traction chain on any railway rolling stock.
                  The Modular Power Connector MPC has the advantage of a universal multi-application, compact and modular solution, through the rationalization and the standardization of the common components. Thanks to the modularity of the connector concept and several added options, a complete customized solution can be proposed for each specific application.

                • High mating docking systems

                • Meeting the requirements of automated production facilities, this range features highest reliability and over 1 million mating cycles.

                  Stäubli’s multi-pole connectors meet high plugging frequency requirements, are rugged, reliable and easy to apply. Based on these outstanding features they are suited for use in docking systems, tool changers, and in manually or automatically operated multi-couplings.

              • Connection solutions for Alternative Energies

              • As experienced specialist and market leader for electrical connectors in photovoltaics, we offer long-lasting quality components that help to reduce operational and maintenance cost. Safe and efficient products along the whole electrical PV supply chain provide reliability and increase the bankability of the project. Whether for on-board applications with high vibration resistance, e.g. connectors for batteries and inverters, or for infrastructure applications with high mating cycles: Stäubli ensures highest performance reliability and maximum safety.
                  • Bankability – a matter of trust

                  • The global demand for clean and safe renewables-based power generation continues to grow significantly and in this context photovoltaics (PV) plays a key role. With our expertise and our reliable electrical balance of system (eBoS) products – the lifelines of a PV system – we strongly support this movement and help you to set the foundation for safe, efficient and profitable PV assets.

                    The degree of bankability of any project, solution, technology or supplier will affect the availability and cost of capital. In the face of increasing demand for safe, clean and reliable energy, this aspect becomes more and more important. Today Photovoltaics (PV) technology is not only ecologically, but also economically a sensible alternative for power generation. A large scale PV power plant has to be competitive against conventional energy sources as well as other PV projects. With the elimination of government subsidies for this kind of energy generation in many regions and markets, the focus has now shifted to the overall efficiency of the plant. Neat functioning and maximum yield depend for the most part on bankable project partners and reliable components to be built-in. Stäubli Electrical Connectors can help you improve the profitability and the ROI (return on investment) of your PV project. We are experts in connection solutions (eBoS - electrical Balance of System) that contribute significantly to obtaining a low LCOE (levelized cost of energy), the deciding factor when it comes to the long term profitability of a power plant.

                  • PV Connectors and cables

                  • We have more than 20 years of experience connecting any type of PV system and guarantee proper operation with our connectors throughout their lifetime (>25 years). Discover our wide range of connection systems and accessories for the photovoltaic industry.

                    Stäubli Electrical Connectors offers a wide range of connection systems and accessories for the photovoltaic industry. We have been connecting any type of PV installation for more than 20 years. As a pioneer and global market leader for PV connectors, Stäubli has been setting the industry standard since the introdcution of the original MC4 connector. 

                  • Storage connectors

                  • Our proven connector portfolio can be applied in various low-voltage DC applications (e.g. battery storage systems). Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, we guarantees an excellent long-term reliability and a low contact resistance over the entire product life.

                    Our proven in use connector portfolio can be applied in various low-voltage DC applications. The unique MULTILAM contact technology will guarantee an excellent long-term reliability and a low contact resistance over the entire product life.

                • Test & Measurement

                • High-quality connection solutions for precise measuring, testing and examination

                  Whether low or medium voltage range, whether precise test runs or preventive measuring and testing: With an extensive portfolio of specific components and cables, Stäubli always ensures perfect and reliable contact between the measuring instrument and the points, objects and systems to be tested. In addition, we are a proven partner of leading manufacturers of measuring instruments in this field, for example for equipping them with high-quality sockets. Every product meets all quality and safety standards.

                    • Products for test accessories

                    • Whether for testing, measuring or system diagnosis: our innovative test accessories offer performance, dependability and repeatability

                      Low-voltage and touch-protected products

                      .Stäubli offers a wide range of touch-protected test accessories allowing for the safe and precise carrying out of measuring tasks. Whether it is for extra-low-voltage applications in electronic laboratories and training facilities or for service technicians in repair workshops and power company employees: the MULTILAM contact technology, surface coating and the employed insulating materials guarantee highest quality and safety standards, dependability as well as long life of Stäubli products.

                    • High-frequency measurement

                    • The HF product range includes passive and active test probes, touch-protected BNC plug connectors, leads, adapters and converters.

                      This product range includes passive high-frequency test probes and accessories as well as touch-protected BNC plug connectors, insulated BNC panel-mount sockets, leads with RG58 or RG59 cable, adapters and converters. Our test probes are suitable for use in CAT III- and CAT IV environments (Measurement Categories), such as the analysis of house and building installations with mains analysis/mains monitoring devices. Our high-frequency accessories are designed with clearance and creepage distances in accordance with IEC/EN 61010-031.

                    • Cables and multi-strand wires

                    • Cables and multi-strand wires
                      Many years of experience in the production of multi-stranded wires with PVC, silicone and TPE insulation guarantee highest quality.

                      Stäubli looks back on years of experience in the production of multi-stranded wires with PVC, silicone and TPE insulating materials. The high number of windings in combination with highly elastic insulating materials creates finished leads with an exceptional flexibility. Thanks to the selection of finest raw materials as well as the constant modernization of our production facilities, the range of multi-stranded wires has been continually extended and adapted to the latest technical requirements and standards.

                  • Spot welding connectors

                  • Our connectors for primary circuit lines guarantee reliable power supply to welding units. Small in size and high in performance, they feature both highest contact reliability and current-carrying capacity. Thanks to these cost-effective connectors, power cables between weld timer cabinet and welding gun can be divided into several sections, simplifying handling and maintenance.The light and compact design of our latest connector generation can be easily integrated into modern lightweight manufacturing concepts.s
                      • Flat primary circuit solutions

                      • With 3 poles in line, the RobiFix family ensures safe power supply to spot welding units. It has become the global standard in automotive body-shops.

                        Quick disconnect solutions for spot welding in automotive body shops

                        RobiFix flat connectors guarantee safe and reliable power supply to welding units. Small in size and high in performance, they feature highest contact reliability and current-carrying capacity. Thanks to these cost-effective solutions, power cables between weld controller and welding gun can be divided into several sections, simplifying handling and maintenance. The light and compact design of this latest connector generation can be easily integrated into modern lightweight manufacturing concepts. They are ideal for stationary and robotic welding guns, no matter if welding steel or aluminum.

                      • Circular primary circuit solutions

                      • With up to 5 poles, our circular range is designed to supply power to resistance welding units and can cover any application in spot welding.

                        Quick disconnect solutions for spot welding in automotive body shops

                        WeldFix circular connectors guarantee safe and reliable power supply to welding units. Rugged and high in performance, they feature highest contact reliability and current-carrying capacity. Thanks to these solutions, power cables between weld controller and welding gun can be divided into several sections, simplifying handling and maintenance. The 3- to 5-pole options comply with the ISO15656 standard (Resistance welding - Transformers - Integrated transformers for welding guns). They are ideal for manual, stationary and robotic welding guns, no matter if welding steel or aluminum.

                    • MULTILAM Technology

                    • The unique Stäubli MULTILAM contact technology features unmatched electrical and mechanical properties and scores with excellent performance due to first-rate and constant current-carrying capacity as well as minimal transition resistance because of its sophisticated construction technique with specially formed and resilient contact elements. Its design guarantees extremely durable and reliable electrical contacts for virtually unlimited applications.
                        • MULTILAM flexo

                        • The MULTILAM flexo series is a high-power contact element with a two-component torsion spring design alongside a “stretchable” characteristic. It is adaptable, flexible and economical.

                          The MULTILAM flexo type ML-CUX is a two-component MULTILAM for challenging high-power contact solutions. Its unique design optimally unites electrical and mechanical properties resulting in an excellent current-carrying capacity combined with high flexibility and easy assembly even in plugs and sockets with large diameter. A wide spring deflection based on a stretching principle allows high tolerances and misalignment and offers pivotal advantages for the use and fabrication of contact solutions. The ML-CUX fulfills customer requirements regarding compactness, high power density and reduction of Total Costs of Ownership (TCO). It guarantees long-lasting, reliable and low-loss energy transfer.

                        • MULTILAM fusio

                        • The MULTILAM fusio covers two-component torsion spring contact elements providing bundled power with optimized functionality of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

                          The MULTILAM fusio family comprises several so-called two-component torsion spring MULTILAM. The design is based on the separation of the electrical and mechanical functions by means of an additional component. As a second component it uses a stainless steel carrier strip on which the individual louvers are crimped (“fusion”). Therefore, both functions are optimized resulting in very high current capacity with excellent mechanical properties. These “fusio” types are specially designed for high requirements such as high-current applications in power transmission and distribution systems.

                        • MULTILAM torsio

                        • MULTILAM torsio are all-round contact elements based on a single-component torsion spring design. They are versatile in use, extremely reliable and provide high-performance.

                          The MULTILAM torsio family comprises several types of MULTILAM, similar to the “lineo” family. These types are one-component MULTILAM having a different spring principle. Their spring properties result from torsion zones in the louvered strip creating a resilient connection between the strip and single louver. They provide a permanent and adequate contact force and result together with the short current path of each louver in higher current-carrying capacities. Thanks to the wide selection of MULTILAM torsio types, a broad range of requirements can be addressed easily.

                        • MULTILAM lineo

                        • The MULTILAM lineo type is a single-component leaf spring contact element with very low mating and sliding forces, suited for low currents and smaller diameters.

                          The MULTILAM lineo family comprises the smallest one-component types of MULTILAM and is best suitable for smallest connector diameters. These various types are characterized by a good electrical conductivity, very low mating and sliding force and resistance against aggressive atmospheres. The leaf spring principle guarantees a constantly low contact resistance, very high mating cycles and high reliability in a wide temperature range.

                      • Success stories

                      • We focus relentlessly on the safety, dependability and durability of our connectors, because every connection is vital to the success of any operation. As a global leader in the safe, quick connection of all energies we are committed to support our customer’s business with the right choice of standard and highly specialized connection solutions for all types of media. Every time.
                          • Powering in safety and comfort through the scenic Swiss countryside

                          • The panoramic view of the Swiss Appenzell region is characterized by gentle hills, wide-open grasslands and mountain ranges at the foot of the Alps. A varied train ride takes you from the urban center into the countryside. The regional Appenzell Railway offers convenient schedules and new rolling stock for pleasant and efficient connections to long-distance transport. The new low-floor trains were produced by the innovative Swiss train manufacturer Stadler. For the first time, these narrow-gauge trains have been equipped with the proven MPC (modular power connector) from Stäubli Electrical Connectors for an easy-to-maintain electrical connection between the vehicle and the traction.

                            Following their discussions with Stäubli Electrical Connectors, Stadler decided the time had come to compare the existing screwed connections with the compact and space-saving MPCs between the car and the drivetrain on the bogies. In railway operations, maintenance must be completed as quickly as possible to minimize rolling stock downtime. Therefore, pluggable connections are ideal for efficient maintenance. Stäubli was able to prove that the MPC could meet the high expectation by means of targeted test procedures, which were tailored to the specific requirements of Stadler and the Appenzell Railway. Durability and low-loss energy transmission for high currents, maximum shock, impact and vibration resistance and highest robustness - even in extreme climatic conditions - are required for all components in railway technology. In addition, the MPC solution has excellent power transmission characteristics. The route and elevation profile of the track in Appenzell were also taken into account in the design and tests to ensure that the MPC could transmit the required power over the acceleration sections after the halts and that the tailor-made cable assemblies could withstand even tight curves and steep hills.

                          • Reliable technology for Chinese high-speed trains

                          • China is home to the largest and most extensively used network of high-speed trains in the world. Based in Beijing, the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS) is the leading research and development institute, supporting this important industry with its specialized subsidiary, the Beijing Zongheng Electro-Mechanical Technology Development Co. Electrical Connectors helped to develop a traction converter for the latest generation of Chinese high-speed trains, while building up a partnership.

                            A traction converter for the new generation

                            In 2010, CARS updated an existing traction converter for use in the latest generation of Chinese high-speed trains. The connector fixed on the water-cooled board contains two poles and connects the IGBT module (insulated gate bipolar transistor) to the bus bars in the converter cabinet. High power transmission connectors were needed, fulfilling demanding requirements of the client for a safe and reliable solution. The higher the traveling speed of the trains, the greater the physical forces, therefore, the vibration resistance and stability are also critical. During maintenance, the module must be disconnected and replaced very rapidly to minimize costly downtime.

                            “I remembered having met Stäubli Electrical Connectors at an event in Beijing the year before.” explains Jianhua Cheng, Senior Engineer at CARS. “I was impressed with their MULTILAM technology, and thought they could help us find a solution.” So talks started between the two companies and a joint development project was initiated. 

                          • A close cooperation to withstand harsh environments

                          • The business needs

                            RhB needed a new and highly stable system of electrical connectors between the train compositions to ensure that it signals can flow reliably during the train rides. Surroundings in the Swiss Alps can be harsh with possible temperature variations of up to 60° Celsius in a single ride. The new connection system has to feature 32 signal contacts and one data bus connector.

                            The challenge

                            The customer wanted to replace three outdated systems with only one that was state-of-the-art and would work in very tight space conditions. The solution needed to be resistant to high temperature variations, vibrations and mechanical shocks, but also mud, break dust, wet with dew and salt spray. At that project phase, RhB had already decided on one particular connector - however, not being fully sufficient. There- fore, the new system had to fit on this existing connection plate on the composition and was required to also resist hammer strokes in the event of icing.

                            The solution

                            In close cooperation with RhB Stäubli Electrical Connectors helped to set up the technical specifications and then developed a completely new solution. The housing is very robust and provides a handle for easy opening. A sufficient overlap of the contact parts will ensure that even under severe vibration and temperature fluctuations the contact is never interrupted. With a 15° departure angle of the plug to the vertical, mechanical stress of the cable is significantly reduced and the connector operation is extremely simplified. The construction of the cover lid prevents an accumulation of snow on the inside of the protective cover. The insertion of the connector is supported by two longitudinal pins, which means that the connector cannot tilt.

                          • Multi-couplings reduce down time and improve efficiency

                          • The challenge: Eaton’s French headquarters specializes in injection molding to produce plastic components of all forms and surfaces including structures that require millimeter-accuracy for clients in the building construction industry. However, their prior cooling system for their molding machinery required employees to switch couplings one at a time, leading to excessive downtime in the molding process and lost productivity.

                            The solution: Stäubli presented Eaton with a centralized solution: a multi-couplings module allowing for the simultaneous connecting or disconnecting of 12 hoses at one time. Not only does this apparatus feature a user-friendly lever for quick connecting and clamping to speed up the cooling cycle and increase productivity, but also ensures a guaranteed leak-free connection.

                            The result: The multi-coupling system helped Eaton cut down on the time needed for switching hoses and connections by almost 40 percent. Since this solution’s implementation, Eaton’s French facility has also seen a decrease in coolant spills – eliminating the need for absorbents, reducing the risk of slips or falls and limiting their need for coolant consumption.

                          • Liquid Cooling Brings Big Benefits

                          • The challenge: As they began architecting solutions for data centers, CoolIT recognized the myriad benefits of liquid cooling but were in need of a highly reliable, fail-safe mechanism to extract and install a server into an ecosystem that was liquid cooled.

                            The solution: The answer came in the form of dripless, quick-connect couplings, and Stäubli emerged as the clear choice to provide the safest and most-effective solution. Stäubli's quick-release couplings feature a non-spill, flush-face technology that guarantees a perfect seal during use and the connection/disconnection phase. The unfailing tightness of Stäubli fluid connectors ensures the clean, consistent performance necessary to protect servers fitted with CoolIT’s Direct Liquid Cooling solutions, and the compact design maximizes efficiency, making them perfect for use in tight spaces.

                            The result: CoolIT has partnered with Poznan Supercomputing & Networking Center (PSNC), a multifunctional hub for internet networking services, research and development, and supercomputing resources in order to address heat loads within their data center, named Eagle. CoolIT now liquid cools more than 1,300 servers within Eagle, and the strength and reliability of Stäubli’s quick disconnects ensures there are no compromises.Eagle, originally ranking No. 79 on the global Top 500 Supercomputers Sites, is the second largest supercomputing installation in Poland. Because PSNC prides itself on being a leader in innovation, it is fitting that the warm water generated from the servers is transferred to their external heating system. The PSNC campus heating system is able to reuse the waste server heat and save energy.

                          • Stäubli Quick Release Couplings: A Superb Solution For supercomputer and Datacenters

                          • Supercomputers and datacenters operate very much behind the scenes, yet they play an important role in many aspects of our lives. They serve multiple purposes and are used to perform complex scientific or engineering calculations, predict weather patterns and climate change, and even model the spread of viruses and pandemics, amongst their many and varied tasks.

                            Such powerful computers require highly efficient water cooling to keep the CPU’s at their optimum temperature to reduce failure rates and achieve ultra-low power consumption levels.

                            Stäubli’s proven track record and expertise spanning some 25 years in liquid cooling for electronic components within the Aerospace and Rail sectors, two highly regulated industries, served to bring Stäubli’s CGD quick release coupling technology to the fore as the optimum solution for this demanding application. This decision was also reinforced through Stäubli’s international presence and the company’s production capacity

                            Stäubli’s CGD quick release metal couplings provide a flush face, no leak solution at the point of connection and disconnection, guaranteeing the integrity of the cooling circuit. The capacity for high flow volume, combined with the liquid seal protection offered by the precision design of the connectors mating surfaces, delivers both the highest levels of performance, and long term reliability, essential attributes for a project of this nature.

                          • A pre-assembled connection solution for tailor-made AGVs

                          • Flexible, failsafe connections

                            A secure connection for transmitting power to drive systems requires a high-performance, vibration-resistant connector with flexible connection cables.

                            Not only was the CombiTac modular connector system from Stäubli readily adapted to WFT’s specific needs, it’s also extremely robust and offers high current-carrying capacity, thanks to Stäubli’s innovative MULTILAM contact technology. Connecting multiple drive axles to the control cabinet on the base frame required flexible wiring to allow a 360° range of motion in all directions, while also ensuring a failsafe connection. In discussions with Stäubli Electrical Connectors during the project development phase also the complete wiring specification was fine-tuned, so the CombiTac solution is delivered with pre-assembled wiring harnesses from about 20 inches to almost 40 feet in length. This shortens installation times while also eliminating sources of error during assembly, thereby ensuring smooth operation in customer applications without limiting maneuverability. The required cable length can vary from one WFTM.I.T. design to the next, and Stäubli flexibly adapts its assembled supply as needed.

                          • Creating urban mobility with the right connection

                          • Modern, urban eco-mobility: that’s Silence, a Spanish start-up company offering a sustainable driving alternative with its powerful but easy-to-use electric scooters. Leading the change to responsible electric mobility, Silence relies on a removable and rechargeable battery – and on the modular CombiTac connection solution of Stäubli.

                            Robust connector solution needed

                             “We had the dream to develop an emission-free and noiseless scooter for more convenient city traffic. We also wanted to make the bike easy to handle for our drivers”, says Juan Carlos Pablo, Operations Director of Silence. 

                            One of the special features of all the Silence electric motorcycles is the removable, yet powerful battery. We required a robust connector solution that ensures a safe and quick plugging and unplugging of the battery pack on the scooter”, describes Juan Carlos Pablo.

                            Standardized CombiTac option implemented

                            In close collaboration with Silence, Stäubli evaluated which CombiTac solution with which end pieces would work best for all different e-scooter models. The jointly defined configuration guarantees a solid connection solution with the necessary signal and power contacts and at the same time provides high reliability and the required performance.

                          • E-mobility Innovation: modular high-performance battery systems

                          • Darmstadt-based technology leader AKASOL develops and produces an impressive range of innovative, modular high-performance battery systems for electric and hybrid utility vehicles. International vehicle manufacturers count on its reliable and scalable batteries. Thanks to robust and compact CombiTac connectors including custom pre-assembled cables, AKASOL AG can guarantee safe, long-lasting operation for its customers’ electric vehicles.

                            Robust connectors for high-performance batteries

                            AKASOL’s modular and flexible product portfolio stands out for its very high energy density and exceptional thermal management, allowing for compact and freely scalable design. Developing a high-performance, modular OEM battery system called for a highly powerful, robust and reliable pluggable connection solution that was also extremely safe and had the necessary certification for use in the automotive industry.

                            Custom solutions for absolute safety

                            Stäubli worked jointly with AKASOL to configure a solution based on the modular Stäubli CombiTac system, flexible enough to support a 30% increase in the battery design’s performance even without any design modifications. Stäubli also implemented the connection with pre-assembled cables according to the specifications of AKASOL’s OEM customer.

                          • Quick and reliable connections for AGVs at the world’s largest container transshipment port

                          • PSA Singapore is preparing to meet the future growth in global trade by constructing a new port with fully automated terminal operations to revolutionize the future of shipping. Self-driving platforms are automatically charged during the operation process. The Quick Charging Connection solution from Stäubli provides only 20 minutes charging time for every four to five hours of continuous operation while fast battery replacement systems are implemented for maintenance purposes, integrating Stäubli’s Multi Connect System. 

                            Efficient and economical solution

                            The Stäubli connection solutions ensure productivity and continuity in the AGV operation at PSA with the Quick Charging Connection system promising high power transfer in a minimum time. Thanks to the resistance to harsh environmental conditions and water ingress, this connection and charging solution grants high reliability and efficiency, which is due to the unique properties of the used MULTILAM contact technology. Furthermore, the battery exchange during maintenance is carried out very quickly thanks to the automated coupling of all needed connections.

                            The Stäubli engineering experts thoroughly supported the implementation on-site and interacted closely with both PSA engineering team and involved technology suppliers to deliver a safe and dependable, high power electrical transmission solution for PSA battery-powered fleet.

                          • Against great odds: Solar power in the Antarctic

                          • Many countries have installed research bases in the Antarctic to conduct various studies in this very special landscape and its unique climate. Temperatures below
                            -89 °C, winds over 200 km/h, extreme variances in hours of sunlight, with up to 16 hours in the summer and only two during winter, pose tremendous challenges for both research teams and equipment. PV connectors from Stäubli are part of a demanding new field of application: installing solar power in the Antarctic.

                            The challenge

                            The Antarctic is one of the most inhospitable places in the world. Spanning 14,000 square kilometers and with extreme climatic conditions including temperatures as low as ­89.2 °C and winds more than 200 km/h, the challenge was to develop, install and test the performance of PV technology in such a fragile environment. Due to the variances in sunlight hours, the timeframe was very limited: the installation had to be completed before the seasons changed.

                            The solution

                            To successfully implement the pilot plant with 1.2kW, all partners worked closely together. Both the extreme temperatures and variances in hours of sunlight had to be considered for the installation of the PV system: The solar panels were vertically mounted onto the wall of an existing machine room, with a 90° tilt and N orientation and at a considerable height to overcome heavy snow accumulation as well as wind present at the site..

                          • Chinese cars in motion thanks to Stäubli connectors

                          • The challenge: With an annual output of 1 million units, JAC needed connection and tool changing solutions that offered the utmost efficiency, dependability and durability in their manufacturing process – particularly during assembly and testing processes.

                            The solution: Stäubli’s Multi-Coupling System (MCS) provided JAC with a safe and reliable connector solution, customized for their needs. With MCS, different energy sources can be connected by a single motion at a single point. During the assembly process, the MCS is used to connect all fluid and electrical circuits. Stäubli’s MPS tool changer provides JAC with flexibility and minimal technician intervention during the manufacturing process, particularly during the handling and welding processes. Water, air and electrical circuits can be connected and disconnected simultaneously.

                            The result: Stäubli’s quick couplings, MCS and MPS systems have made JAC’s manufacturing process more efficient and reliable. Due to the low maintenance required to maintain these systems, JAC has been able to significantly lower its operating costs, optimized their facility’s efficiency and improved productivity.

                          • Ground breaking contact technology for innovative switchgears

                          • Xi’an XD High Voltage Apparatus Co. Ltd., based in the northwest of China, is a leading manufacturer of innovative high-voltage equipment. The increasing demand for high-power systems that are small in footprint challenges the PTD manufacturing industry. By relying on Stäubli’s latest MULTILAM innovation ML-CUX, Xi’an XD High Voltage Apparatus benefits from a high performance contact element with flexible design and excellent short circuit carrying-capacity to provide its customers a very efficient solution.

                            Excellent performance for higher productivity

                            The latest Stäubli innovation in its electrical connectors’ portfolio piqued the engineers’ interest at Xi’an XD High Voltage Apparatus. The MULTILAM ML-CUX is a two-component torsion spring with “stretchable” design, compact and flexible. This new contact element provides highest performance and low-loss energy transfer as all MULTILAM products do. The unique Stäubli contact technology scores with excellent and constant current-carrying capacity as well as minimal transition resistance due to its sophisticated construction technique.

                            Stäubli’s demanding quality tests guarantee extremely durable and reliable electrical contact solutions. Therefore, all MULTILAM products from Stäubli provide dependable long-lasting operation.

                            The design of the ML-CUX contact element allows for installations with very little space. Based on its features and functionality, fewer contact elements are required for the same or higher power, enabling a more compact system design with less heating. For its latest series of innovative high voltage GIS products, Xi’an XD High Voltage Apparatus has successfully implemented the new MULTILAM flexo ML-CUX contact elements in various highly demanding busbars.

                          • Modular cubes with modular connection system for Smart Factory

                          • The Korea Smart Factory Association (KOSF) is a federation by the Korean government developing solutions in the field of industrial machinery and process automation. Its main mission is to support small and medium manufacturers that do not have the financial means and know-how to design new smart factory solutions on their own.

                            The modular solution for the modular cubes

                            The modular CombiTac connector system provides tolerance compensation and ensures highest contact reliability when one Smart Cube is interconnected to another. The connection types can be entirely configured as required, whether there is fluid needed or data and signal or any other combination with power. This modular connection solution can be integrated in any construction as panel mount system.

                            All in one with personal consulting

                            The solution implemented by Stäubli impressed KOSF by its reliable and stable performance as well as the ruggedness of the air coupling module in the CombiTac. Further it convinced, because the connection is very efficient. The Smart Cubes can be interconnected very quickly and link all medias at one time. The vicinity of the Stäubli engineers and the cooperative development of the best engineering solution to interconnect the cubes supported KOSF’s concept of the modularity of mobile process automation cells. The Smart Cubes benefit from Stäubli’s reliable, robust and modular CombiTac system.

                          • Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) - A Partner in Leak Testing Excellence

                          • The challenge: CTS’ leak testing can be conducted across a wide range of environments from vacuums to settings that experience upwards of 500 psig of pressure. In order to test properly for leaks across a variety of media, the company must utilize couplings that are of the highest quality and meet specific requirements to ensure accuracy. 

                            The solution: Stäubli’s RBE quick release couplings meet these requirements due to their compact size and rugged design. The connectors stand up to the “sometimes-extreme pressure required to ensure accurate tests, keeping compressed air, and trace gases like helium contained“.  The modular RBE coupling offers a wide range of component materials and seals, and features an easy-to-use, built-in button locking system. "Stäubli quick release connectors help keep cycle time at a low rate, which allows us to test more parts in less time. That's a good thing for our customers."  - Thomas Beischel, CTS R&D Product Manager.

                            The result: CTS has committed to implementing the Stäubli connector into two-thirds of its testing systems and has experienced increased performance and quality of results associated to this connection method. The compact design of the Stäubli connector provides a low volume, leak free connection, allowing for faster calibration and increased confidence in the overall result. Eliminating volume and leak connection risk is integral to leak test instrumentation as well as leak test systems, and the Staubli quick connection provides a cornerstone of confidence to both CTS and CTS customers.
                            “Stäubli’s connectors are a compact, low leak solution with a unique design that allows our team to place these fittings with confidence in critical locations for a variety of client applications." - Thomas Beischel, CTS R&D Product Manager.