Company Profile

More than 30 years of experience with cables and corresponding customer fidelity confirm that we are the right partner for you worldwide. Our extensive standard product line as well as our cable specialists offer you a cable solution for any application, no matter how extraordinary.
Our "just in time" comittment allows us to fill your orders quickly. Backed by our substantial inventory, we ordinarily ship out your orders within 24 hours.


Over the past 30 years, ConCab kabel has established itself as a worldwide leading cable supplier with an extensive product range of cables and wires for the automated and robotic industry, machine building industry and the automobile industry.

In order to be successful worldwide, we focus on reliability, quick service, individual customer support and care which is combined with a wide range of high quality cable products in stock.

Reliable quality:
ConCab kabel is committed to supplying high quality products. Our long-term relationships with our customers confirm you can rely on the high quality products and service that our dedicated team provide. ConCab is known to keep its promises!

All our cables are continuously tested and improved to adapt to the changing demands in the market. Our company is ISO 9001:2000 certified which ensures a high level of quality not only on our products but on all our processes.

With over 9000 different products in stock, we generally ship out orders on the same day and deliver within a short period of time to any location worldwide.
Specially cut lengths or extraordinary packing requests are also processed and shipped without any delay.

Individual customer care:
To make sure that each customer is provided with the support and care they need, they will have a single contact at Concab. This one-to-one relationship and the continuous development of the Concab Team ensures a high level of customer service

With stock of over 9000 different products, our catalogue only reflects a small selection of the vast range of cables and wires we keep. We can also provide custom-made cables for your individual applications needs with small quantities and quick deliveries we are in the best possible position to offer the service you require.

Take advantage of the years of industry knowledge and expertise we have and call us now for you cabling needs.

You will not be disappointed!

Product Range

  • Cables: Cable chain
  • Cables: Cable joint
  • Cables: Connection cable
  • Cables: Control cable
  • Cables: Deep water cable
  • Cables: Fire resistance cable
  • Cables: Flexible cable
  • Cables: High temperature cable
  • Cables: Microcable
  • Cables: Resistant cable
  • Cables: Robotic cable
  • Cables: Servo cable
  • Cables: Underwater cable
  • Robot parts: Cable