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  • We make your energy use efficient

    Since 1987 our core business has been to optimize the efficient use of our clients' energy resources. With our profound knowledge and long experience we are the ideal partners to enhance the efficiency of your energy-related systems and reduce your operating costs – guaranteed by contract!
Product Portfolio
  • Solving major tasks with expertise and efficiency.

      • HOCHTIEF Energy Management helps you to:

      • One of the most successful organizations on earth is the ant population. These tiny animals master even seemingly overwhelming tasks without losing their patience.

        Their working principle: optimum efficiency.
        This covers not only an intelligent and therefore highly efficient deployment of energy, clear communication, short distances and decisionmaking procedures, but also a sharp instinct for precise timing, team spirit and the ability to rapidly find solutions in real circumstances. With this approach, ants manage to cross deep
        chasms, master obstacles and stem heavy loads – achieving the virtually impossible, reason enough to take a closer look at this principle.

        The core business at HOCHTIEF Energy Management is the efficient use of energy – following the example of our industrious friends.

        The difference: we offer our customers a comprehensive range of contracting services and other auxiliary services relating to the supply of energy and media. We endeavour to always produce
        clear, traceable relations and keep tabs on the whole process: from the individual needs situation,
        to the conversion of energy enduse into effective energy and media, distribution and billing to the actual procurement of energy.

        Trust in us as your reliable partner for greater energy efficiency, lower operating costs and reduced environmental pollution.

        • Increase energy efficiency
        • Reduce energy costs
        • Create cost transparency
        • Improve the corporate result
        • Free up capacity for core business
        • Avoid risks for company and efficiency
        • Optimize operation and life cycle of buildings, facilities and infrastructures
        • Reduce CO2 emissions
        • Lean on a strong and highly qualified partner

        We take the weight off your back in fields whichare not part of your core business.

      • Best approach: the shortest route to your goal.

      • Efficiency also means reaching your goal without diversions, acting pragmatically, focusing on individual challenges and implementing the corresponding solution. To increase efficiency, we begin by analyzing the customer’s individual needs. Our engineers examine the existing facilities and processes, before developing end-to-end options, to ensure a reduction in energy consumption. In a second stage, we assess how effective energy or media can be best supplied and distributed for the case at hand. We identify existing energy losses and find solutions which increase efficiency for the long term. If required, we also support you in the procurement of energy.

        Our ability to provide these services with precise timing and absolute efficiency is based on our internal “navigation system”. Our long experience and the continuous exchange of knowledge within the HOCHTIEF corporation enables us to rapidly identify the best solution for your situation.

  • Efficiency, intelligence, transparency. The underlying system counts.

      • Products and services: an intelligent system for tailor-made solutions.

      • Independently working team players: these minute insects have mastered the art of harmonizing two contradictory factors. Above all, they understand how to invest their own efforts in achieving the best result for all: a successful role model also pursued by HOCHTIEF Energy Management. The energy efficiency approach
        permeates the entire company: the controlling unit profits from improved figures, the environment from lower CO2 emissions and the management from greater capacity for core business while marketing enjoys the enhanced corporate image.

        Contracting means the fulfillment of contractually defined promises such as effective energy savings, lower costs and emission reductions. The investment is either refinanced through the energy savings or by the supply of effective energy and media.

        HOCHTIEF Energy Management is your onestop partner for a wide variety of services. Our contracting models ensure that the required effective energy and media, such as heat, cooling energy, air, water or compressed air are made available cost-effectively and reliably.

        Our products and services create added value for our customers – throughout industry, in hospitals and public property, large complexes and facilities.

        Energy-saving contracting:
        We invest across the sectors in state-of-the-art technology and share the savings with our customers. The refinancing of the required measures is secured by the savings achieved. This guarantee also applies when the customer handles the financing of measures alone.

        Energy supply contracting:
        We supply the required effective energy and media at fixed prices, from facilities upgraded and operated by our company. We manage operations and guarantee savings through costeffective prices for the entire duration of the contract.

        Full service contracting:
        Full service contracting presents an extended type of conventional contracting which also includes other services, e.g. infrastructure services for production sites and properties.

        Technical facility management:
        We provide technical services to achieve and maintain economically and environmentally friendly operation of technical systems.

        Energy services:
        Other services cover energy procurement, meter management and billing (ENBIS©). We help to maintain transparency.

  • Experience, expertise, teamwork – we combine all three qualities.

      • Experience meets innovation: ready for new projects.

      • Where a diversity of services are united, the capacity exists to master even major challenges. The same applies to the ant population. The key factor is to utilize the strengths and expertise of the individual and to invest this so that the whole team profits. The structures at HOCHTIEF follow this principle. HOCHTIEF Energy Management belongs to the Services unit of the HOCHTIEF stock corporation. We have been responsible for
        planning, financing and realizing energy and media supply measures since 1987. The HOCHTIEF stock corporation provides integrated services for all life cycle phases of infrastructure projects, properties and facilities, with a view to creating and then enhancing sustainable, future-oriented value. We cover the entire process chain from development and planning to construction and logistics, portfolio management, operation and management.

        We work on a modular basis, for an optimum interconnection of all services. This comprehensive project perspective facilitates efficient management to the benefit of our customers.

        Always on board: the combined expertise of an international construction provider, synergies and decade-long experience, which automatically flow into each new project. Solutions for diverse projects and challenging targets pave the direct and therefore shortest route to the customer. And our experts? These are always available, motivated and committed to solving your tasks and working together with you to scale new heights.

        This gives you the peace of mind that you need. Rely on HOCHTIEF to continuously enhance the values you entrust to us.

  • Energy efficiency

  • The efficiency mission.

  • Do you want your energy systems to operate more efficiently? Just leave it up to us!
    We make it our job to save energy and reduce operating costs for our industrial, public and private customers. As our clients, you enjoy enhanced efficiency of your properties and systems, plus greater capacity to focus on your core business. To achieve this target, we operate, optimize and modernize facilities for the generation and distribution of heat, chilling energy, compressed air, air-conditioning, electrical power, lighting, steam, water and other media required for efficient business operations.

    Our customers already save around 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

    Profit from the benefits of our services: Try our customized contracting models and enjoy lower operating costs and more efficient use of energy.
    Our head offices in Duesseldorf and Hamburg, plus our 13 other regional offices throughout Germany ensure direct and efficient communication.

  • Contracting

  • More efficiency. Guaranteed.

  • Our contracting portfolio helps customers to cut operating costs, operate their energy systems more efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions. We plan and realize efficient solutions for your individual challenges and then monitor the ongoing facility state and energy consumption. As contractor, we bear the efficiency guarantee risk. Our full service contracting option provides additional technical and infrastructure services on top of the basic portfolio.

    • Energy saving contracting
    • Energy supply contracting
    • Full service contracting
  • The reliable path to contracting

  • To enable us to guarantee our customers maximum planning security, we have added a number of upstream steps to the actual contracting process. The aim here is to permit accurate advance analysis and long-term assurance of the project cost efficiency.

    Rough analysis / potential analysis
    A rough analysis is used to establish realizable cost-cutting and optimization potential on the basis of the present energy consumption, facility condition, conditions of use, facility capacity utilization and the required investment.

    Cost-effectiveness assessment
    Together with the customer, we examine and assess the economic viability and feasibility of the project. If the general concept does not conclusively show that the identified savings potential and the joint implementation of the contracting project are not economically realizable or will not yield reasonable profits, the project is not continued. The customer does not incur any costs for this stage of the project. If, on the other hand, the identified savings, the optimization options and the related investments are in line with the customer's expectations, the project enters the next phase.

    Detailed analysis and cost-savings concept
    In the course of the detailed analysis that follows, the data available is examined in more detail and supplemented by collecting further details. On this basis, we develop a cost-savings concept and a financing plan to cover the investment, if required; define guaranteed savings, for which we bear the efficiency risk, and develop a binding offer. If the results of the rough analysis are not confirmed by this in-depth examination, the project again ends at no cost to the client.

    Contract conclusion
    If we are commissioned to realize the project, the fee agreed in advance for the detailed analysis and concept is deducted from the overall project costs.

  • Energy saving contracting - Our promise: guaranteed energy and cost savings.

  • Our energy saving contracting service saves our customers energy and costs to the extent guaranteed by contract.

    We optimize your energy generation and conversion processes and can also manage the entire operation of your existing system technology. Our company bears the risk of achieving the guaranteed efficiency increase and ensures legally approved facility operation plus total supply reliability. The measures we implement enhance the quality of your supply and reduce operating costs.

    The savings we achieve are shared with our customers. This helps to refinance the required measures.

    Our guarantee promise also applies if the customer handles the financing of these measures independently.

    Our spectrum of services includes:

    • Efficiency increase of existing power generating facilities and integration in the overall concept
    • Compilation and realization of financing concepts with partners for the overall measures taken
    • Assumption of performance guarantee
    • Constant facility condition monitoring, energy consumption monitoring
    • Continuous fine-tuning of facilities
  • Energy supply contracting - Our promise: we supply you with useful energies at a guaranteed low price

  • As part of our energy supply contracting service, we provide you directly with the required effective energy and media for use in on-site facilities, optimized by us. We guarantee our customers real savings through the use of competitively priced effective energy and media. We take care of all related measures and provide a continually reliable and efficient energy supply service.

    Our spectrum of services includes:

    • Planning and turnkey construction of power generating and distribution facilities, including the instrumentation and control systems required
    • Take-over and upgrading of existing power generating facilities and integration in the overall concept
    • Modification of existing measurement facilities to meet specific customer requirements
    • Facility operation and maintenance
    • Procurement of the primary energy required (electricity, gas, oil, etc.)
    • Supply of effective energy (chilling energy, heat, compressed air, etc.)
  • Full Service Contracting - Our promise: we provide more – guaranteed

  • Our full service contracting option provides our customers with a comprehensive portfolio, including all normal contracting services plus a whole range of additional services for the various production sites and properties.


    Our spectrum of services includes:

    • Infrastructure services
    • Technical services
    • Administrative services
  • Lighting contracting - Bright solutions

  • Light – a source of endless potential for energy-related optimization

    Electrical lighting, whether in public buildings or commercial/industrial premises, provides a great potential for saving energy costs. HOCHTIEF Energy Management has already realized numerous projects in this field, both for outdoor illumination (local authority, streets, building walls, outdoor premises, lighting effects), and indoor lighting (industrial, administrative, education, event locations and hotel sector, hospitals).

    We provide the following services:

    • Guaranteed savings
    • Guaranteed quality (certified)
    • Guaranteed higher efficiency

    We provide customized products for your individual project, from "plug-and-play optimization" (S) to "integrated lighting contracting" (XL):

    • S: Basic optimization
    • M: 1:1 Replacement of lights
    • L: New lighting concept
    • XL: Integrated contracting
  • References

  • Industry

    • Benecke-Kaliko AG, Eislingen site
      Energy supply contracting

    • Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Facility modernization and reconstruction
      • Facility operation


      • 24% CO2 saved (corresponds to 3,796,200 kg CO2/a)
      • 48% solvent emissions saved (corresponds to 4,045 kg Cges/a)
      • Significant and sustainable reduction in operating and energy costs for media supply

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Lower energy costs
      • Reduced emissions
      • Greater supply reliability
      • Greater availability
    • Continental AG, Hanover-Stoecken factory
      Energy supply contracting

    • Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Facility operation
      • Facility optimization
      • Supply of effective energy
      • Media supply
      • Planning and advice

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Reduced overall energy costs in the first two contract years by the guaranteed 5%
      • Minimized risks
      • Greater reliability of supply
      • Synergy effect from exchange of experience with other plants
    • ContiTech AG/Phoenix AG Hamburg
      Energy supply contracting

    • Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Facility modernization and reconstruction
      • Facility operation
      • Facility optimization
      • Supply of effective energy
      • Comprehensive energy supply advice


      • The 2007 and 2008 measures realized for and with the customer will achieve total savings of around EUR 750,000.

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Reduction in media and purchase prices
      • Increase in energy efficiency in the energy control center and factory
      • Modernization of system technology and availability
      • Maximization of energy cost transparency
      • Takeover of additional services affiliated with the operating company
    • Heideblume Molkerei Elsdorf-Rotenburg Energy supply contracting

    • Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Facility optimization
      • Construction of new facilities
      • Supply of effective energy
      • Facility operation

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Guaranteed savings for reduction of annual supply and disposal costs by at least 10% up to the end of the contractual period (10 years)
    • Saint-Gobain Glass Deutschland GmbH
      Energy supply contracting

    • Energy supply contracting

      Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Assumption of media supply services at the Stolberg and Herzogenrath factories as of 01.06.2004
      • Facility optimization
      • Facility modernization and reconstruction
      • Supply of effective energy
      • Facility operation


      • Approx. 10,000 t CO2/a

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Reduction of operating and energy costs for supply of media by 15-20 percent per annum
  • Real Estate

    • SI-Erlebnis-Centrum Stuttgart
      Energy supply contracting

    • Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Facility operation
      • Facility optimization
      • Supply of effective energy


      • HOCHTIEF Energy Management saves the tenants of the SI-Center costs of EUR 175,000 per annum.

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Energy supply contracting with guaranteed savings
      • A reliable supply for the contract period of 13 years
      • EUR 326,000 saved in the first year.
      • In 2004 and 2005 about EUR 500,000 were saved per annum, while over EUR 1.1 million were saved in both 2006 and 2007.
      • The tenants benefit to 100% from the savings!
    • Easynet GmbH, Data processing centers Hamburg
      Technical facility management

    • Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg data processing center
      Services provided by HOCHTIEF Energy Management:
      • Redundant design of sensitive systems
      • Coordination of emergency plans
      • Facility operation
      • Facility extension or reconstruction

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Interruption-free operation of the power supply and mains replacement systems.
    • DRK Kliniken Berlin, Westend
      Energy saving contracting

    • Services provided by Hochtief Energy Management:
      • Facility optimization
      • Facility modernization and reconstruction
      • Extension of existing DDC/building service management


      • Guaranteed: EUR/a 165,000; EUR 228,000 achieved in 2007.
      • Guaranteed: 700,000 kg CO2/a; 1,100,000 kg achieved in 2007.

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Reduction in energy costs without investment by the customer
      • Use of regenerative energy through installation of a solar thermal system
      • Transparency of energy consumption for the buildings
    • Augsburg Hospital
      Energy saving contracting

    • Services provided by HOCHTIEF Energy Management
      • Facility optimization/modernization
      • Construction of new facilities
      • Planning and advice
      • Financing
      • Maintenance and upkeep


      • Guaranteed annual energy cost savings: EUR 2.8 million (32 % of energy procurement costs), CO2 savings 12,800 t/a

      Customer benefits

      • Reduced energy costs
      • Reduced emissions
      • Direct budget relief
      • No own investment required
      • Greater supply reliability
      • New facilities at "zero cost"; solution to modernization backlog
      • Maintenance and servicing budget relief
    • Sozialstiftung Klinikum am Bruderwald, Bamberg
      Energy saving contracting

    • Services provided by HOCHTIEF Energy Management:
      • Facility operation
      • Facility optimization/modernization
      • Facility construction


      • Operating and energy cost/unit price savings in 2nd year of operation. Based on 2009 prices: EUR 1.9 mill./annum
      • Savings: 36% (based on the contractually fixed prices from 2005) for electricity, natural gas and water, plus the chemicals for water treatment

      Customer benefits:

      • Significant cost relief
      • Greater supply reliability
      • Top supply quality
  • Public Sector

    • German Hygiene Museum, Dresden
      Energy saving contracting

    • Scope of services:
      • Supply of chilling energy on the basis of a facility contracting agreement
      • Facility construction and financing
      • Facility systems maintenance
      • Duration of contract: 15 years

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Utilization of groundwater as regenerative source of energy
      • Low dependence on energy price fluctuations
      • Preparation for utilization as flood-water relief facility
      • Operation and maintenance risk is borne by HOCHTIEF Energy Management
      • Function and availability guarantee for the duration of the cooling energy contract
      • No chilling installations in the visible part of the building envelope
    • Ladenburg municipal authority
      Energy saving contracting

    • Scope of services:
      • Modernization of four boiler plants (town hall, school, outdoor swimming pool, stadium)
      • Optimization and partial renewal of lighting installations
      • Retrofitting of DDC controllers in all properties and connection to building management system
      • Remote monitoring of all the properties
      • Hydraulic optimization of heat consumers
      • Duration of contract: 14 years

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Guaranteed reduction of energy costs
      • Sustainable reduction of current costs
      • Extensive modernization of key building services installations
    • Pool 24 Berlin
      Energy saving contracting

    • Scope of services:
      • Installation of modern heating systems and boiler facilities
      • Installation of eight cogeneration units for production of energy from combined heat and power operations
      • Maintenance of technical facilities
      • Control, monitoring and documentation of energy-efficient operations

      Savings p.a.:

      • 2.200 t CO2/a

      Cost savings p.a.:

      • EUR 450,000 p.a.
        21% in total

      Benefits for the customer:

      • Operating and energy cost savings over a period of ten years of approx. EUR 4.5 million (21 percent of costs to date)
      • Reduction of CO2 emissions by total of 22,000 tonnes