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  • STIEBEL ELTRON offers you many opportunities for saving energy.

    Make your home part of the advancing drive to save energy. Whatever decision you make regarding an individual product or system - our top quality products guarantee that you will always feel comfortable when your home is equipped with STIEBEL ELTRON technology.

    With STIEBEL ELTRON, you have access to the cleanest, most cost-effective and crisis-proof energy supplier in the world: Mother Nature.

Product Portfolio
  • Renewables

  • Electricity is the future

    Electricity from the sun, wind and water is energy that will still be available to us in tomorrow’s world. With intelligent, green building services, we assure you of self-sufficiency, security of investment and a sustainable future.

      • Heat pumps

      • The temperature affects how healthy and alert you are. The temperature range in which you constantly feel at your energetic best is narrow. Our top of the range heat pumps ensure a healthy room climate. This increases your living comfort and vitality.

      • Ventilation

      • Decentralised or central ventilation systems: fresh healthy air at pleasant room temperatures is always a particularly important feel-good factor. With the modern ventilation systems from STIEBEL ELTRON, you can breathe easily in new and modernised buildings.

      • System cylinders

      • If you rely on environmental or solar energy to heat your home and domestic hot water, installing a system cylinder makes perfect sense. After all, you don’t always need heat at the time it’s produced.

    • DHW

    • Hot water to carry your cares away

      Time to truly relax! Our efficient solutions reliably supply hot water – for your bathroom, kitchen and guest WC, as well as your commercial hand washing station.

        • Instantaneous water heaters

        • For your bathroom, kitchen or guest WC: instantaneous water heaters from STIEBEL ELTRON are all about convenient and energy saving DHW heating.

        • Small water heaters, wall mounted cylinders and floor mounted cylinders

        • Do you need lots of hot water quickly? We have the solution for your home – from small water heaters to wall and floor mounted cylinders.

        • Water boilers

        • A good choice whenever you need boiling water quickly.

        • DHW heat pumps

        • Are you modernising your house? Use heat recovered from the indoor air to get hot water with the DHW heat pump.

        • Hand dryers

        • Hand dryers leave your hands dry in just a few seconds.

        • Taps

        • Everything from one source: discover the right taps for our products.

      • Central heating

      • Enjoying warmth. A good feeling.

        Are you looking for a room heating system? We offer electric heaters and storage heaters with the right controls for your home. Discover more!

          • Electric heating appliances

          • Is your bathroom too cold, or does your recreational room need a radiator? Your electric heater will take care of this. Simply plug it in and enjoy the warmth.

          • Storage heater

          • Your storage heater is a clean and environmentally responsible way to supply heat in your apartment. Discover the benefits for new build and modernisation projects.

          • Heating controllers

          • Your heating controller enables you to regulate your electric heating appliance more efficiently – with weekly timers, frost protection and open window detection.