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    Pioneering technology, premium quality and reliability – these are the special challenges that, for us, are inseparable from photovoltaics. AVANCIS has risen to all these challenges – with lasting success in the development and production of cutting-edge CIS solar modules; with ground-breaking achievements that set us apart as the avant-garde of photovoltaics; and with products and services that share the sun's most important feature: continuity.
Product Portfolio
  • CIS modules: the next generation of photovoltaics

  • AVANCIS is committed to manufacturing premium-class solar modules. This means optimising the manufacturing process in terms of quality and costs, refining the details of the already very elegant design, and raising the durability and yield stability of the whole photovoltaic system to a high level. We are continually developing our PowerMax® product range based on CIS solar technology and can therefore offer our customers outstanding quality combined
    with exceptional returns.
      • PowerMax® – Premium class photovoltaics

      • The successful AVANCIS brand is well known on the market under the name PowerMax®. All PowerMax® CIS-modules have one thing in common: An extremely high electricity yield (kWh pro kWp) possible due to spectral sensitivity, excellent low light performance and a low temperature coefficient.

        All PowerMax® modules not only meet the highest technological and aesthetic requirements, they are also among the most economical on the market. The basis for this success is our fully integrated industrial production process.

        From 2014, only the last stage of evolution PowerMax® SMART is manufactured and marketed.
            • POWERMAX® SMART


              The PowerMax® SMART modules were specifically developed for use in large, commercial rooftop systems and open spaces. However, due to their unique mounting profile and their attractive design, they are also suitable for smaller rooftop systems and architectural solutions.

              PowerMax® SMART are frameless CIS solar modules that use an intelligent mounting profile of two steel backrails allowing a mounting clamp that is not attached to the front of the glass modules. This allows the glass to be mounted almost seamlessly creating a pleasing look.

              The backrails on the extremely thin and light PowerMax® SMART modules allow maximum mechanical loads, making these modules not only ideal for maximum snow load zones but equally suitable for use with extremely steep inclinations. Installation of the frameless modules below angles of 10 percent is even allowed.

              We think that is pretty SMART.
              PowerMax® SMART Value
              External dimensions 1587 x 664 mm²
              Thickness 37.0 mm
              Weight 16 kg
              Junction box protection class IP65
              Dimensions of the junction boxes 70 x 64 x 13 mm³
              Cable lengths (-plug / +socket) 170 / 300 mm
              Cable cross section 2.5 mm²
              Connector type LC4
        • PowerMax® solar modules from AVANCIS – the advantages at a glance

        • Choosing AVANCIS PowerMax® solar modules means not settling for compromises. It means deliberately opting for advanced CIS technology that combines cost-effectiveness and efficiency with sophisticated design and aesthetics. Our outstanding CIS photovoltaic systems are accompanied by convenient service: PowerMax® solar modules are easy to install, low-maintenance and available from a wide range of dealers and installers.
              • Highest yields

              • Highest efficiency of all the thin-film technologies, very good performance in low light conditions and the broadest spectral response: PowerMax® CIS solar modules are particularly cost-effective.
              • Highest snow load

              • Snow loads of 551 k/m², such as those found in high snow load zones, present no problem for PV systems with PowerMax® solar modules.
              • Superlative quality

              • Certified quality at each stage of production and rigorously tested product criteria ensure the stable performance and resilience of our PowerMax® solar modules.
              • Maximum output

              • PowerMax® offers performance-optimised module design with outstanding module partial shadowing performance; a bypass diode allows the solar current to continue flowing even in shade.
              • Easy installation

              • You only need four screws to mount a PowerMax® solar module for your photovoltaic system. The junction boxes also come ready fitted with cables and MC4 connectors.
              • Elegant design

              • With their attractively shaped aluminium frame, hidden mounting clamps and wafer-thin CIS coating with jet black pinstriped appearance, PowerMax® solar modules simply look great.
          • High-performance, stylish PV systems: buying PowerMax® CIS solar modules

          • Are you a private customer, business customer, wholesaler or installer impressed by our PowerMax® modules who would like to buy them or include them in your portfolio? If so, please use these pages to tell us your exact requirements – we'll then be in touch very shortly.
              • For private customers

              • High-quality solar modules for your home.

                Are you interested in installing a photovoltaic system with CIS modules on the roof of your house? Find out more here.
              • For business customers

              • high-return solar modules for your company.

                Do you want to put the roofs of your commercial or agricultural premises to good use by installing photovoltaic modules with CIS technology on them so that you can generate attractive returns? Then you've come to the right place.
              • For installation engineers

              • Add our CIS solar modules to your portfolio.

                Are you an installer of photovoltaic systems and interested in AVANCIS CIS solar modules? Here you will find an explanation of how to make a purchase and how to use our comprehensive service.
              • For wholesalers and project developers

              • become our partner.

                Do you sell large numbers of photovoltaic modules and want to add our CIS modules to your portfolio? Are you planning a large-scale project where you would like to integrate a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system?
            • Application examples: photovoltaic systems with state-of-the-art CIS solar modules

            • On paper, our many years of experience in research, development and production would fill many volumes. Our CIS solar modules have been developed so that they can be used universally – from large PV systems to rooftop solar systems for private homes. But the best thing to do would be to take a look for yourself at some examples of our projects in diverse application areas.
                • CIS solar systems on roofs of private houses

                • Solar systems with high-quality, attractive PowerMax® CIS modules from AVANCIS are generating excellent returns on private roofs.
                • Photovoltaic systems with CIS solar modules for agriculture and industry

                • The roof of an industrial property or agriculture warehouse can contribute to the company's income return: photovoltaic systems with CIS technology.
                • High-return, attractive architectural solutions: building-integrated CIS photovoltaic systems

                • Architectural solutions that are both sustainable and beautiful: building-integrated CIS photovoltaic systems as solar roofs or solar façades.
                • Solar power plants with CIS photovoltaics: generating sustainable solar power efficiently

                • Solar power plants/solar parks generate large amounts of renewable energy. With
                  CIS photovoltaic modules, they do this particularly efficiently.
              • CIS technology

              • CIS photovoltaics: efficient solar energy

                The main feature of CIS technology is its wafer-thin semiconductor layer. The layer thickness of the CIS solar cells is around one hundredth of that applied to crystalline silicon solar cells. Just 2 µm is all it takes to capture the sunlight very efficiently and convert it into sustainable electrical power. CIS, which is synonymous with CIGS, stands for the constituents copper (Cu), indium (In), gallium (Ga) and selenium (Se).
                    • CIS photovoltaics

                    • CIS – clean, efficient thin-film photovoltaics

                      One of the key challenges we face today is to use renewable energy sustainably. As one of the most recent photovoltaic technologies, CIS/CIGS offers huge potential for the future. With a wafer-thin coating layer just 2 µm thick, this technology saves valuable resources and requires much less energy to produce than other solar cells.
                  • Advantages of a CIS solar system

                  • CIS photovoltaics: sustainable manufacture, best yields in low light conditions and attractive design

                    CIS technology, the next generation of photovoltaics, offers considerable advantages. As a solar pioneer and leading manufacturer of CIS solar modules, the team at AVANCIS is working hard to increase these advantages still further and ensure even greater yields from CIS solar systems.
                    • Research and development

                    • Systematic further development of high-performance, sustainable solar modules with CIS technology

                      We have been carrying out successful, pioneering research into CIS technology since 1981. We were the first to start series production of CIS modules in Camarillo, California, and have since then broken numerous world records for efficiency. We hold many patents and have received countless awards for innovation. Furthermore, our pilot line in Munich is continuously enhancing the efficiency and environmental performance of our CIS solar modules.
                    • Manufacture of CIS solar modules

                    • Premium quality and state-of-the-art technology: manufacture of high-performance CIS solar modules

                      A major advantage of the manufacturing process for CIS technology is the fact that it uses the minimum of production stages and much less material and energy. A single, end-to-end inline production process considerably reduces complexity compared to crystalline silicon solar cells: from the delivery of the substrate to the packaging of the module, AVANCIS takes less than 30 steps.
                    • CIS world records

                    • Ahead of its time: CIS solar modules from AVANCIS feature world-record-breaking efficiency

                      As a pioneer in CIS photovoltaics, we are working continuously on improving CIS technology. With our own pilot line, motivated research department and commitment to being the best, we are developing the next generation of extremely high-performance solar modules in our laboratory. It is vitally important to us that these modules perform outstandingly not just in the lab, but also in practice.