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Company Profile

DEGERenergie is one of the pioneers and technology leaders for intelligent solar tracking systems. As an internationally active, future-oriented company our products are used worldwide for the optimum utilization of solar energy. Since 1999, we have been consistently developing new ideas and concepts for the optimum use of solar energy through solar module tracking. We develop, build, produce, and service intelligent tracking systems for photovoltaic modules. We thus make this technology of the future more efficient and consequently, more economical. In doing so, we systematically minimize product development costs and pass these cost savings on to our customers. Despite the constantly changing competitive situation, we therefore create a clear advantage for our customers in an increasingly networked global economy. The DEGERenergie systems represent a significant increase in performance and thus a substantial improvement in the cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic systems. Intelligent single- and dual-axis tracking systems generate up to 45 % more yield than fixed systems and have clear advantages over astronomically guided systems. Planning, instruction, training, and service--at DEGERenergie you can find all the experts you need. After all, solid expertise improves and sustains the entire systems’ efficiency.

Product Range

  • Photovoltaics: Tracking systems
  • Photovoltaics: Tracking systems for concentrator photovoltaics