Business Profile

The B.T.S.® Biogas company consists of a team of engineers, biologists, chemists, agronomists, engineers, designers and marketing experts. For over 20 years, these highly qualified employees have collected experience in the design, construction and operation of biogas plants. B.T.S.® Biogas is a pioneer in terms of service, consultation and biological support.

B.T.S.® Biogas stands out with its wide range of products and solutions that are tailored to the individual customer's requirements. Thanks to its Full Service contracts, the company is available to offer complete servicewhich includes maintenance, technical servicing and biological support. B.T.S.® Biogas is therefore able to provide an occupancy rate of at least 8,000 full-load hours annually as well as optimal biological and technical process conditions with maximum operational reliability.

In addition to specialist knowledge in automation and software development, the company offers proven solutions for components and various types of biogas plants. The product range includes sophisticated plants modules from 50 KW to 1.5 MW, which produce biogas not only from renewable resources. B.T.S.® Biogas offers types of plants that exclusively use agricultural residues such as manure, wheat, rice, or corn straw and use landscaping material or even organic wastes.

The company applies innovative technologies to produce safe, high-quality products that fascinate and excite its customers. Through the proven technology of the BIOaccelerator, fermentation is accelerated and the methane yield is significantly increased, whereby existing plants are overhauled and optimized in a very short time through a "re-powering".

B.T.S.® Biogas operates on the principle of economic cycles and also involves itself in the upstream and downstream processes during biogas production. The company has years of experience in agriculture and knows its customers' needs. Therefore, it is also able to find solutions even when it comes to fermentation residue utilization, land management or animal husbandry.

The agricultural specialist B.T.S.® Biogas has its own "Metanlab" laboratory in Porto Mantovano/Italy, where experience and expertise ensure the optimization of the seed, harvest and silage as well as the biochemical operation of the biogas plants.