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  • Welcon is an experienced company within the production of all types of welded and finished steel constructions.

    Business objectives
    The defined business objectives of Welcon A/S are:
    • 1) Through a stable development of production technology and machinery we must be able to deliver products of an accurate quality and at the right competitive price.
    • 2) The demands and needs of our customers must always be our highest priority and our organization must be structured to handle this at any time.
    • 3) The time of delivery must always be kept in accordance with the customer.
      • Technology:

      • Technologically Welcon stakes on the most productive welding methods. The latest welding methods are tested and proven before use. Today the main part of the welding methods is focused on automated welding. The efficient machinery enables Welcon to produce a wide range of steel constructions.
      • Facilities:

      • Welcon has production facilities of more than 25,000 m2 (268,000 Square foot) and a large modern and efficient machinery. With these facilities we can handle even very big and heavy constructions, and still have the best facilities for mass production of smaller constructions and material.
      • Quality:

      • Welcon is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Furthermore, we are approved according to EN 3834-2. The great experience with the elaboration and control of the documentation enables us to cope with the increasing demands for documentation of our finished products.
      • Organization:

      • The organization of Welcon is constructed to give high a priority to flexibility. This means that the reaction time from decision to action is as brief as possible.
      • Construction:

      • The engineer department of Welcon is also able to assist in design, construction and documentation of projects and material, all of it in compliance with the specific requests and needs of the customer.
      • Surface treatment:

      • Welcon has at its location in Give a large and very modern facility for surface treatment:
        2 shot-blasting booths of each 7,5 x 37 m., and 2 large paint booths of 15,8 x 37 m., in which we do surface treatment to the highest requirements demanded by our customers.
      • Testing: 

      • All subjects are tested according to the specific requirements of the customers, and Welcon also assists in preparing proposals for testing procedures and related documentation.
        We co-operate closely with NSK, who makes tests at our premises and proves these tests according to the specified requirements.
      • Assembling:

      • Welcon can handle the complete assembling of the subjects before delivery, either at the factory or with the customer.
      • Delivery:

      • All material and components can be delivered exactly according to the wishes of the customer - both in relation to place and time.
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