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  • Offer Profile
  • MENNEKES is a leading manufacturer of industrial plugs and connectors with subsidiaries and branches in over 90 countries.

    Our range of products today numbers over 11,000 different standard and specialised items. The range covers standardised CEE industrial plugs and sockets in different shapes and designs: plugs, connectors, sockets with and without switches, plug and socket devices for containers and for camping, and products for numerous other purposes, as standard devices or developed specially to meet particular customer requirements.

    In addition we have been working on the development of charging connectors for electronic vehicles since the 90s. Over these years MENNEKES has developed a charging devices that fulfil all today’s needs while being ready for those of the future. MENNEKES submitted this as draft standard to the IEC early in 2009.
Product Portfolio
  • Electric mobility

  • As a pioneer for electric mobility solutions and leading supplier of charging systems, Mennekes presents the most extensive system program of charging stations for any requirement: ranging from sets with control panel and charging stations as well as IT for networked charging systems and charging columns for parking grounds, wall-mounted charging stations for underground parking and parking garages up to home chargers for single and multiple family homes and AMAXX charging stations with power and charging receptacles for industry and workshops.

    This makes it possible to realise charging solutions for any requirement with charging outputs from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW per charging point. As wired ready for connection product solutions or as customised projected and parameterized system solutions. Perfectly equipped for all requirements. Furthermore, expandable at any time and able to be linked intelligently via a control panel.
      • private and semi-public areas

          • Charging columns

          • Charging stations are used at parking grounds, e.g. at hotels, company or other private parking grounds. All charging stations are available with two charging points so that two electric vehicles can charge at the same time. The well-designed, robust steel-plate enclosure is electrolytically galvanized, grounded and available in black and silver.
          • Wall-mounted charging stations

          • Wall-mounted charging stations are used in underground parking and parking garages, e.g. hotels shopping centres or other privat parking grounds. All wallmounted charging stations are available with one charging point. The well-designed, robust stainless steel enclosure is powder-coated and available in black.
          • AMTRON® wallboxes

          • Mennekes, one of the leading suppliers of charging systems for electric vehicles, has expanded its comprehensive range of charging stations with a new generation of wallboxes. AMTRON® wallboxes are state-of–the-art with regard to technology, functionality and design. The clever and functional design integrates a convenient cable holder. The enclosure itself acts as the cable hanger, thereby dispensing with additional hooks, rolls or other fixtures. Both fixed and portable charging cables can be quickly and simply stored in this manner.