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  • KWB stands for Kraft (power) and Wärme (heat) from Biomasse (biomass) and is synonymous with cutting-edge biomass heating systems from Austria.
    We have been developing and producing innovative premium heating system solutions since 1994. From that time on, we have repeatedly reconfirmed our continuous innovative strengths in the further developments we produce as a brand manufacturer. Starting with the first wood chip heating system with fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system, the development of the under-feed combustion for wood pellet heating systems, to the establishment of the first (and currently the largest) private research and development centre for biomass in Europe.
Product Portfolio
  • Pellet heating

    • KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating system

    • The KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating systems with cleanEfficiency technology are among Europe's best-selling wood pellet heating systems and are the cleanest wood pellet heating systems in the world. Their power consumption is much less than that of a standard television set. But most importantly, they can cut your heating costs by half!

      The under-feed combustion system, invented by KWB, ensures completely smooth combustion processes and enables emissions within the regulated guidelines. Thanks to the efficient combustion, emptying the convenient movable ash container is easy and comfortable, and is necessary only once every two years (depending on the size of the system).

      Heat simply and cleanly
      • With a footprint of just 0.75 m²
      • convenient movable ash container
      • fits in any boiler room
      • emissions within the regulated guidelines
      8, 12, 15, 22, 25, 30, 35 kW
    • Easy operation

    • In the power range up to 12 kW, the wood ash is only emptied every two years with a convenient, moveable ash container. Combined with the 6-year KWB Comfort Guarantee, operation is made easy.
    • Simple drive concept

    • Energy-saving drive motors for pellet and ash transport ensure low power consumption. A large rotary feeder with metering screw permits a safe and efficient pellet feed.
    • Simple planning

    • The fully integrated and volume-controlled return flow boost enables connection of the wood pellet heating system to any existing heat distribution system. Unlike conventional wood pellet heating systems, there is no need for an external return flow boost. This saves you additional installation costs.
    • Straightforward assembly

    • The modular system with lightweight and compact components allows the new KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating system to be easily moved into a boiler room. No matter whether you have to negotiate narrow passages or steep staircases – the compact dimensions of the heating system make installation straight forward. The fully installed heating system has a footprint of just 0.75 m².
    • Clean due to 96% efficiency

    • The special springs installed in the heat exchanger ensure optimum heat exchange and low exhaust gas temperatures.
    • Clean thanks to emissions at the measurability limit

    • The special geometry of the dust separator with cyclone effect produces eddies in the combustion gases. The heavy dust particles then sink and do not enter the chimney.
    • Clean due to controlled combustion

    • Combustion is continuously monitored and optimally controlled by the broadband lambda probe, which ahs been specially developed for biomass heating systems. A new ceramic ignition element with flame detection ignites the combustion intermittently within approx. three minutes. You benefit from low energy consumption and high operational reliability.
    • Clean due to under-feed combustion system

    • In the new KWB Easyfire wood pellet heating system, the pellets are pushed gently onto the burner plate from below. The fuel bed therefore remains completely stable and no additional dust eddies are generated. The pellets burn out completely in four clearly delimited combustion zones.
  • Wood chip and pellet heating

    • KWB Multifire wood chips/pellets

    • The KWB Multifire pellet and wood chip heating system can be fired both with wood pellets and with wood chips. A fuel hopper ensures minimal power consumption and quiet operation. As a result of a high material quality and system components that have been optimised over many decades, the heating system is extremely robust and compact. A wood chip heating system for those who attach great value to economical operation of the heating system.

      The movable ash container is convenient. Two ash removal screws automatically transport the ashes from the combustion chamber into the attached ash container. Additional monitoring of the ash fill level ensures maximum cleanliness in the boiler room.

      Robust all-rounder for economical heating
      • Unique, patented 100% heat exchanger cleaning with special turbulators
      • Under-feed combustion system with casting quality
      • Minimal power consumption due to hopper
      • KWB MultiFlex ash removal
      • Maximum processing and material quality
      • Robust conveyor systems optimised trough shape (quiet and energy-efficient)
      15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 kW
    • Quality-cast robust under-feed combustion system

    • Thanks to its cast-iron burner plate/cleaning unit, the KWB under-feed system represents a heating system that is highly-efficient and operationally reliable in the long term. This makes for trouble-free firing, even of ash-rich fuels such as forest wood chip and wood chip from short rotation crops.
    • Robust fuel-extractor systems

    • The KWB conveyor systems achieve an extremely high level of wear resistance because individual components are produced from stainless steel and the gear units can also handle particularly heavy loads.
    • Robust thanks to extremely high processing and material quality

    • All conveyor systems in KWB Multifire wood chip and wood pellet heating systems have long service life and a high resistance to wear. Only KWB offers stainless steel spirals in the feed area, an optimised trough geometry and a maintenance-free, double-sealed heavy-duty gear unit.
    • Robust thanks to KWB MultiFlex ash removal

    • In addition to the standard combustion chamber ash removal, there is also the KWB MultiFlex burner extension. In this case, the burner plate is equipped with an efficient cleaning mechanism. This makes the KWB Multifire even more reliable when using ash-rich wood fuels that tend to produce slag.
    • Economical: Hopper ensures minimal power consumption

    • The hopper with its stable design is only available from KWB. A light barrier system in the container automatically regulates the fill level. The hopper extends the service life of the fuel extractor and minimises power costs because the conveyor system starts up less frequently. (Manual operation is also possible).
    • Economical: Multi-mode: wood chips or pellets

    • The KWB Multifire allows operation with wood pellets or wood chips. This makes you more flexible when selecting your fuel.
    • Economical: Unique, patented heat exchanger cleaning with special turbulators

    • Newly developed, self-cleaning special turbulators guarantee continuity for efficient operation. The KWB heat exchanger guarantees a consistently high efficiency and maximum cost effectiveness.
    • Economical: Decade-long optimisation of system components

    • The modular KWB Comfort 3 microprocessor controller is both easy to operate and capable of expansion to accommodate larger projects with remote maintenance, SMS control or InterCOM systems.
  • Log-wood heating

    • KWB Classicfire log wood heating system

    • It is still in fashion to use log wood for heating. With a burning time of up to 20 hours, the KWB Classicfire combines the benefits of traditional wood heating with the convenience of modern heating systems. The KWB Classicfire can fire log wood with a maximum length of 55 cm and coarse wood chips.

      A lambda sensor ensures high combustion quality and very low emissions. A combination of the KWB Classicfire and a KWB buffer tank or stratified storage tank is ideal because it optimises utilisation of the heat generated.

      Reliable and traditional heating
      • for firewood up to 55 cm
      • Separate convenient heat-up door
      • Large fill area
      • Low emissions
      • Proven firing concept
      20, 30, 40, 50 kW
    • Proven firing concept for low emissions

    • A high-temperature circulation combustion chamber guarantees optimum burnout. The combustion air is supplied via separately regulated primary air and secondary air shutters. The results are low emission values, extremely low accumulation of ash and low consumption of log wood.
    • High level of operating convenience

    • The generously dimensioned front door ensures a high level of convenience when heating. There is also a separate heat-up door. The spacious fill area with lower burnout is designed for log wood; however, it can also be charged with coarse wood chips. A special extraction system ensures that any carbonisation gases produced cannot escape when opening the combustion chamber door.
    • Simple KWB control system

    • The 2-button control unit with dial and intuitive graphic display is a KWB innovation. A logically structured menu sequence shows users of KWB heating systems how to adjust the all the personal parameters for heating circuits, buffer tanks and DHWC.
    • KWB lambda sensor

    • The lambda control system employs permanent flue gas analysis via the lambda sensor to ensure high-quality combustion and minimum emissions, even if fuel qualities and quantities fluctuate.
  • Large-scale solution

    • KWB Powerfire wood chips/pellets

    • Our power package is one of the most compact heating systems in the 150 to 300 kW power range. The KWB Powerfire can be fired with wood chips or pellets and is perfectly suited for supplying regional district heating networks and larger buildings and systems (contracting). 

      In this power range in particular, the payback period is particularly short. This means that the KWB Powerfire can also be leased. The "Energie Genie" (Energy Genius) and "Energy Globe Award" innovation prizes are proof of the high product quality of the KWB Powerfire.

      Quiet power package for reliable heating
      • Compact rotary-grate combustion system
      • Cyclone combustion chamber for minimum emissions
      • Convenient 240-litre ash container
      • Extendible substructure
      • Full 10-year guarantee
      130, 150, 240, 300 kW
    • Innovative rotary-grate combustion system

    • The rotary-grate combustion system is a unique system in which the fuel is pushed sideways into the pre-combustion chamber and conveyed onto a rotary grate. The fuel is transported through the combustion chamber by means of grate rotation through approx. 270° before a special grate cleaning system handles ash removal.
    • Minimum power consumption

    • The KWB Powerfire features the lowest power consumption in this power class. This is achieved by the compact system design and by avoiding mechanical resistance in the area of the conveyor technology as far as possible.
    • Low emissions

    • A sophisticated air duct with rotating flow ensures complete burnout, minimal emissions and the best possible removal of fly-ash particles in the downstream cyclone combustion chamber.
    • What counts is the solution as a whole

    • For heating systems in this power range, expert advice is needed throughout the entire duration of the project. You can rely on your contacts at KWB to provide both up-front and follow-up support. We always have the solution as whole in mind, not just the heating system.
    • The ultimate in service-friendliness

    • The overall substructure, including rotary-grate combustion system is easy to extract. This simplifies the work of service personnel and saves time and money. The full 10-year guarantee provides maximum security. External ash extraction into a 240-litre ash container keeps maintenance requirements low.
    • Remote maintenance

    • The user-friendly KWB Comfort control platform provides the following extensions for reliable operation of your heating system:
      • KWB Comfort Visio – enables remote monitoring and remote operation
      • KWB Comfort SMS – enables operation and monitoring by means of SMS
      • KWB Comfort InterCom – enables data exchange with external systems
  • Hot Water Storage Systems

      • KWB Comfort control system

      • All KWB biomass heating systems are operated with the simple and convenient KWB Comfort 3 control system. All settings are made using just 2 buttons and one dial. The generously-sized and clearly-arranged graphic display ensures good legibility. A logically structured menu sequence shows users of KWB heating systems how to adjust all the personal parameters for heating circuits, buffer tanks and DHWC.

        The user-friendly KWB Comfort control platform provides the following extensions for even greater convenience:
        • KWB Comfort SMS
        • KWB Comfort Visio
        • KWB Comfort InterCom

        Simply more convenient to use

        • 2-button operation with dial
        • Large, clearly-arranged graphic display
        • Logical menu sequence
        • Also available with remote control unit
  • Control System