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  • Offer Profile
  • Ingeteam is a market leader specialising in electrical engineering and the development of electrical equipment, motors, generators and frequency converters. The company primarily serves four key sectors: energy; industry; marine, and rail traction, seeking to optimise energy consumption whilst maximising generating efficiency.
Product Portfolio
  • Energy

      • Wind power energy

      • We provide power converters, electric generators, control solutions, pitch control systems and wind farm holistic management systems in addition to a comprehensive range of services on-shore and offshore.
          • CONVERTERS

          • Ingecon® Wind in Low Voltage up to 6 MW and in Medium Voltage up to 12 MW.

            Harnessing wind energy to achieve maximum performance and reliability.

            In these 15 years of experience in the sector, we have equipped more than 15,000 wind turbines, based on our proven slogan: innovation and flexibility at the service of your wind turbine.

            As can be appreciated in the list below, we supply converters with a wide range of powers (the first parameter in the trade name), in low and medium voltage (LV or MV), two or three level (2L or 3L), single or parallel modules (S or P) and air or water cooled (AC or WC).
          • GENERATORS

          • Technology DFIG up to 6 MW; LV-PMG up to 6MW and MV-PMG up to 12 MW.
            All range of speeds.

            Generating more power and better power…
            We offer generators with a wide range of powers, asynchronous and synchronous, with different speeds (direct drive, medium and high speed), low and medium voltage (LV or MV) and air or water cooled (AC or WC).

            Our commitment is to offer customers the solution that is best adapted to their own specific requirements, providing reliability, maximum performance and low maintenance. This can be readily confirmed by market demand, with more than 15,000 generators supplied.

          • Ingeteam offers a complete portfolio of the products required to control your wind turbine such as PLCs; control cabinets; CMS; SCADA solutions and electric pitch control. This family of products, called INGESYS®, is directed at offering a comprehensive automation solution.

            This, together with our policy of "i+c: innovation plus commitment", allows us to offer customers either all-inclusive or partial solutions, fully tailored to meet each and every customer's requirements.

          • The Ingesys®Wind IT solution makes it possible to fulfill in a single system all the operation, analysis and management requirements of the developer’s wind farm portfolios, regardless of global location or technology.

            This scalable, robust, modular standards-based architecture makes it possible to adapt the system to ongoing customer requirements, thereby guaranteeing the investment made.
          • PITCH

          • The electric pitch control system regulates the wind turbine blade pitch angle with total control and precision, to maximize the wind energy harnessed.

            With safety as a key factor, the Ingeteam pitch control system has been designed to operate at high wind speeds and at turbulent sites. It enables the wind turbine to operate in compliance with the grid connection regulations during voltage drops and to perform controlled shutdowns in emergency situations.

            The Ingeteam pitch system identifying features include: high reliability and precision; full adaptability to customer requirements; compact design; and ease of maintenance.
          • INGECON® ΜWIND

          • An inverter for small wind systems of up to 6 kW, available with or without a galvanic isolation transformer.

            A grid connected family of inverters, available with or without a galvanic isolation transformer, suitable for a wide range of wind turbines in small scale wind power systems, ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 W.
        • Photovoltaic energy

        • A wide range of inverters, tailored to suit any type of PV system.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN LITE

            • A single-phase inverter range, designed for outdoor installation, with rated capacities from 2.5 to 6 kW. Available in versions with or without a galvanic insulation transformer.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN LITE U

            • 5 kW outdoor single-phase UL certified inverter. Available with or without a galvanic insulating transformer.
            • Grid connected - INGECON SUN 1PLAY

            • Plug & Play PV inverters intended for the residential and industrial sectors and for larger, decentralised projects.
            • Grid connected - INGECON SUN 3PLAY

            • A family of rugged, high-efficiency inverters with Plug & Play technology.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN SMART

            • A three phase inverter range, designed for outdoor installation, with rated capacities from 10 to 30 kW. Available in versions with or without a galvanic insulation transformer.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN SMART U

            • 15 or 25 kW outdoor three-phase UL certified inverters. Only available with a galvanic insulating transformer.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN POWER

            • A three phase inverter range, designed for indoor installation, with very high efficiency levels. With rated capacities from 50 to 210 kW, it is available in versions with or without a galvanic insulation transformer.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN POWER U

            • 100 kW indoor three-phase UL Certified inverter. Only available with a galvanic insulating transformer.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN POWERMAX

            • A three phase inverter range, designed for indoor installation, with rated capacities from 250 to 840 kW. Available in outdoor, integrated modules from 250 to 1680 kW, with a pre-fabricated concrete enclosure and a Medium Voltage output.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN POWER MAX "BEHIND THE FENCE"

            • In North America, the Ingecon® Sun Power Max is available for Utility-scale ¨behind the fence¨ projects that do not require UL compliance.
            • Grid connected - INGECON® SUN POWERMAXTER

            • A three-phase high efficiency inverter range from 275 to 917 kW with an AC/DC integrated block
            • Grid connected - INGECON SUN POWERSTATION

            • The complete turnkey solution, customized up to 2100 kWp.
            • Stand-alone systems & micro-grids - INGECON® HYBRID

            • A modular system that can be configured to suit the requirements of stand-alone systems and micro-grids, with rated capacities from 10 to 120 kW.
            • Stand-alone systems & micro-grids - INGECON HYBRID AC LINK

            • The new INGECON HYBRID AC Link inverter family creates a single-phase AC grid that makes it possible to integrate the PV and wind renewable energy generation.
            • Micro-wind - INGECON® ΜWIND

            • A range of inverters for small-scale wind systems of up to 6 kW.
            • Accessories - INGECON® SUN STRING CONTROL

            • A device to measure the PV generator string currents and detect any current faults.
            • Accessories - COMMUNICATION HARDWARE

            • A range of options for establishing communications with the PV inverters from either a PC or PLC.
            • Accessories - COMMUNICATION SOFTWARE

            • Applications for either local or remote PV plant monitoring.
          • Power Plants

          • We offer comprehensive solutions in the area of renewable energy power generation, specialising in the execution of solar thermal, biomass, hybridisation, biofuels, hydroelectric, cogeneration and biogas power plant projects.
              • CSP

              • Power plants by concentrating solar power (CSP) from a thermal fluid heating by solar radiation and its use in a steam turbine cycle for power generation.
              • BIOMASS

              • Power plants with biomass fueled combustion boiler for steam production and its use in a steam cycle with turbine for electricity generation.
              • HYBRIDISATION

              • Power Plants based on the hybridisation of solar thermal and biomass combustion technology, for lower consumption and improved power generation management.
              • BIOFUELS

              • Biodiesel production plants based on plant-derived natural oils.
              • HYDROELECTRIC

              • Hydropower plants harnessing the energy derived from falling water, through a turbine and electric generator.
              • COGENERATION

              • Power plants based on internal combustion engines or turbines, using fossil fuel (natural gas) for power and thermal energy generation (hot and/or cold).
              • BIOGAS

              • Biogas production plants based on the anaerobic digestion of organic matter. The biogas can be used as fuel for electric and thermal energy generation.
            • Smarts Grids

            • The Smart Grids concept gathers a set of control electronics components and power electronics units that offer an efficient and flexible solution for the voltage control, power quality, power-flow regulation and energy storage in transmission and distribution networks.

              Ingeteam offers a varied range of products based on its expertise in power electronics and in the protection and control field. Specific solutions can be achieved to solve the new situations related to the grid power management.

                • The INGEPAC® family of numerical technology protection, control and measurement equipment has been designed to provide comprehensive protection and automation solutions for different elements in an electrical grid. It offers a wide range of models with different functional features, making it possible to adapt to the needs and costs of each application.

                  All of the INGEPAC® equipment has been designed to work uninterruptedly in electrical substations and the most demanding environments, in compliance with the most stringent standards and requirements in the field of industrial electronics.
                • GRID AUTOMATION

                • INGESAS® is the family of products developed by Ingeteam to offer a comprehensive automation solution for electrical substations and generation plants using equipment with powerful communication, logical and realtime data processing features, specifically designed for these environments.

                  The INGESAS® family is the result of more than 30 years experience in developing products for the world of installation automation for a wide range of applications including continuous processes,energy generation, distribution and transport, rail and marine transport, water treatment and distribution, and the chemical sector.
                • ELECTRIC MOBILITY

                • The most advanced electric vehicle charging infrastructure

                  Ingeteam offers a range of products to provide a safe and reliable solution to practically all the present-day electric vehicle charging requirements. The range includes models for installation on public ways and others for private use.
                • ENERGY RECOVERY SYSTEM

                • A system installed in 1,500 and 3,000 kV railway systems to recover kinetic energy via regenerative braking.

                  When installed in traction substations, its reversibility is possible, allowing for the transmission of recovered energy to the main distribution grid. Studies carried out show that a saving of 30% to 50% of the energy consumed by the system can be achieved.
              • Industry

                  • Mining and Oil & Gas

                  • Necessity may be the mother of innovation. Easy and accessible mineral resources have been extensively exploited. Consequently, mines are resorting to exploiting more remote locations to find steel, copper and copper minerals and other metals and minerals.

                    The organizational structure of the services offered by Ingeteam, combined with its mechanical, technological, electrical and automation experience, Ingeteam is in a position to offer services that cover the whole lifecycle of any plant in the mining sector. The objective is to minimize the overall cost of the plant and use best practices, by combining instantaneous migrations for automation components, monitoring of spare parts and workshops for mechanical repairs.
                        • COKING PROCESSES

                        • In coal coking processes, using byproduct coke-ovens, volatile coal compounds evaporate and are driven off. These volatile compounds exit the coke-oven chambers in the form of hot primary gas. After exiting the coke-oven, this primary gas cools down, producing a flow of condensed liquid and a gas flow.
                        • MATERIAL HANDLING SYSTEMS

                        • An important part of plants, improved for the bulk handling of materials, incorporate storage and transport systems that optimize transfer times.
                    • Marine

                        • Electric plants

                        • Our products are especially designed for application in the marine sector. By working in close collaboration with the manufacturers of diesel motors/gas turbines we are in a position to cater for the specific technical and mechanical needs of each vessel, shipyard or shipowner.
                            • COMPLETE ELECTRICAL PLANT

                            • As part of our core business, we offer the Complete Electrical Plant of the ship. Ingeteam designs and manufactures all components of the power plant, from generators, through the main and secondary switchboards.

                              With the increasingly widespread use of power electronics in the marine world, it becomes more important that the entire ship's power plant is designed from a single part, so that all critical parameters, as well as liability, remain controlled at all times.

                            • MAIN AND AUXILIARY SWITCHGEAR

                            • As part of our integrated solution, for the engine-room, we build and deliver all types of switchgear, both low and medium voltage, using in-house design enclosures to maximize the robustness of our equipment.

                              The quality of our products and services is backed by the careful design and construction of equipment, acceptance tests carried out at workshops, for the purpose of obtaining the corresponding certificates. After more than 30 years of activity in this field we have acquired considerable knowledge and skill in this area.

                            • ELECTRIC GENERATORS

                            • Our products are especially designed for application in the marine sector. By working in close collaboration with the manufacturers of diesel motors we are able to cater for the specific technical needs of each vessel, shipyard or shipowner

                              The vast range of available products covers all the needs of electrical drives, installed on board, regardless of the type of vessel.

                              With the modular design of our generators we can supply customized generators that best meet the specific needs of each client and within short delivery periods.

                          • Marine propulsion

                          • Our flexibility in the design of electric propulsion systems guarantees tailored solutions, since each vessel requires a particular solution.
                              • TURNKEY INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS

                              • Electric propulsion is becoming more popular and its use is spreading to all types of vessels.

                                The main features of our electric propulsion system are:
                                • Excellent maneuverability of the vessel.
                                • Reduced noise and vibrations.
                                • More available space in the vessel for the cargo area.
                                • Flexibility in the location of the propellers.
                                • Improved life cycle cost, especially when there are large variations in load demand.

                                As designers and manufacturers of frequency converters, and motors and generators, we can define its basic parameters in order to achieve the optimal result for the whole installation, maintaining levels of short circuit, harmonics, etc. at its optimal level, so we provide in a single package all components of the system:

                                • Generators
                                • Transformers (when required)
                                • Electric switchboards
                                • Frequency converters
                                • Motors

                              • FREQUENCY CONVERTERS

                              • Ingeteam develops, builds and supplies low and high voltage frequency converters. Backed by years of experience and strong investments in R&D Ingeteam holds a leading position in all that concerns vector control, using the “Three-level” technology, to control rectifiers and inverters via optic fiber and using the most advanced semi-conductors (IGBTs,IEGTs and IGCTs)
                                All this allows us to offer safe and flexible solutions with interfaces that are easy to interpret and handle.


                                INGEDRIVE ® is a family of frequency converters, in low and medium voltage, designed to control synchronous and asynchronous motors. Due to its modular design, these frequency converters can be used in wide ranges of power and voltage. Moreover, due to their intuitive structure they are easy to use and maintain, allowing for easy system operation diagnosis.

                              • ELECTRIC MOTORS

                              • The Ingeteam Group manufactures all types of motors, alternating as well as direct current motors, required for the drives installed on board of the vessels, especially those used for electric propulsión and manufactured under the Indar brand.

                                For the past fifty years, the shipping industry has put to test and evaluated the robustness of the machines manufactured by Indar Over this period, Indar has become renowned and gained prestige in the market for the reliability of its machines, which are exposed to the most adverse operating conditions.

                                This extensive experience in the supply of machines for all types of vessels, fishing-boats, oceanographic vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, ferries, dredgers, etc., demonstrates the trust that shipowners and shipyards have deposited in our equipment.

                            • Automation

                            • We provide Integrated Automation Systems (IAS), for all types of vessels, with the following functions:
                              Power Management System (PMS). Integrated or independent system.
                              • Alarm system.
                              • Alarm extension system.
                              • Dead-man’s alarm and engineers calling system.
                              • Monitoring and control of auxiliary systems (valves, pumps, fans, etc.).
                              • Standby of pumps.
                              • Ballast automatic control system
                              • Control of anchors.
                              • Tank level monitoring
                              • Safety system
                              • Special automation systems:
                              • Dredging systems
                              • Lateral aggregate dumping/pumping/hopper system
                                  • Automation

                                  • Our system incorporates a fully redundant architecture:
                                    • Redundant network
                                    • Redundant processors (hot standby)
                                    • Redundant SCADA servers (hot standby)

                                    Allow us to obtain a high level of safety and comply with the most demanding requisites of customers and classification societies.
                                    Moreover, we supply high quality control desks, for navigation bridges, the ECR and processes (loading, dredging, etc.), compliant with the main safety and ergonomic requirements.