• Offer Profile
  • EnvironTec is a skilled, innovative company from Austria.

    Our many years’ experience have led to our specialisation in the development, production and marketing of gas-technology components for a wide variety of fermentation gas applications in the bio, sewage and landfill gas area.

    Our product portfolio ranges from fermentation gas reactor equipment to all gas purification and gas storage components right through to gas utilisation in flare systems. We are also happy to conduct the planning, conception and delivery of complete gas conduits and systems as well as their maintenance and inspection on behalf of the customer.

Product Portfolio
  • Exhaust air purification

    • High-performance products "Made in Austria" for worldwide use in the field of environmental technology

      Our company EnvironTec, based in Fußach in Vorarlberg/Austria, specialises in the development and production of gas components for a wide range of digester gas applications. Based on our innovative strength and many years of experience, we offer our international customers sophisticated solutions in the following areas:

      International export of Austrian know-how 

      Worldwide - that means from Asia with Indonesia and China over whole Europe up to America we could already equip numerous customers in the past with the following components from the range of the biogas purification, biogas preparation, biogas storage and biogas utilization:

      • Exhaust air purification
      • Digestion equipment: roof manhole RMH, double tube heat exchanger, gas dome GD, ball spray nozzle SU, sight glass IG, foam trap FT as well as lateral manhole LMH
      • Gas treatment: activated carbon filter ACF, biological gas cleaning, gas refrigeration dryer GC, ceramic fine filter FF, gravel filter GF, condensate collector CA, condensate pot CP as well as sediment pot ST
      • Gas storage: Gas storage models TG or TGZ as well as : Double diaphragm storage tank
      • Gas utilisation: biogas and sewage gas flare FA II, manual gas flare FA I and radial fan RV
        • Biogas flares

          • Biogas flares from the environmental technology specialist

            EnvironTec is your reliable partner when it comes to digester gas applications in the bio, landfill and sewage gas sectors. Our product range also includes biogas flares for gas utilization, all the equipment for digester gas reactors, and the components for gas purification and storage. We provide you with high-quality products for the construction and operation of your plant throughout Austria. We also take over the planning and conception according to your wishes. Our successful product is the gas flare, which we offer in various designs. Today we produce flares in large quantities and distribute them worldwide.

            Gas flares for any size of plant

            No matter how large your plant is, and whether it is a sewage gas, biogas or landfill gas plant, we have the right biogas flares for you. For more extensive plants, we offer the standard biogas flare. We build simple, manually operated gas flares ourselves. They are used in small-scale plants and perform excellently in high-temperature incineration plants. For CDM applications, for landfill gas incineration as well as tank cleaning, we offer special flares to our customers from Poland to France, in Italy, Germany and Romania.

              • Digester equipment

                • Worldwide professional appearance thanks to know-how from Austria

                  Our company EnvironTec is specialized in the supply of digestion equipment, which makes up a large part of our worldwide business with its various components, and this internationally. Our company also operates successfully in this field on the international stage, for example in the Czech Republic, Hungary or Germany.

                  In the past, we have successfully completed numerous such projects worldwide, which is why our company has many years of in-depth experience in the field of environmental technology with regard to digestion tower equipment. As a result, we are able to provide our international customers with tailor-made services, which are adapted by our well-trained experts exactly to the respective requirements. 

                  Thanks to this variability, we are able to provide our international customers with high-quality elements in every respect with regard to the appropriate digestion tower equipment, which, if required, present themselves from their flexible side in order to be able to actually meet the respective requirements. 

                  EnvironTec can supply you with the following products from the field of digestion tower equipment:

                  • Roof manhole RMH
                  • Double tube heat exchanger WT
                  • Gas dome GD
                  • Ball spray nozzle SU
                  • Sight glass IG
                  • Foam trap FT and
                  • Lateral manhole LMH

                  This enables EnvironTec to ensure that for every possible order that we take on internationally in the most diverse countries, high-quality, professional and equally effective and efficient solutions are delivered with regard to digestion towers. The choice of materials used for the production of our digestion equipment is also based on our priority to meet the highest quality standards. An example of this is stainless steel 1.4571, which is generally particularly suitable for digestion tower equipment.

                    • Roof Manhole RMH

                    • A sufficiently large and easy to open and close opening is required for the performance of repair and inspection work as well as for the insertion and removal of bulky equipment. The RMH roof manhole from EnvironTec is a solid and cost-effective manhole construction. As standard, the RMH manhole is available in four different diameters, and special sizes can also be supplied on request.

                      As shown in the picture, the roof manhole RMH is usually made of stainless steel 1.4571 and the sealing material is NBR round cord.

                      • Access opening in concrete tank for inspections and maintenance
                      • available in different diameters
                      • Frame length according to customer requirements
                      • with sealing collar for pouring into concrete ceilings
                      • with lid (not shown)
                      • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                      • Made in Austria

                      Applications and equipment

                      • Access and inspection opening for anaerobic digesters
                      • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                      • Cover gasket NBR
                    • Double-tube heat exchanger

                    • Our WT double-tube heat exchangers are used for heat exchange in biogas and sewage treatment plants. The medium, i.e. the double-tube heat exchanger WT, is uniformly heated by means of an energy-efficient countercurrent process and returned to the process flow. The design and construction is carried out and laid out according to the customer's specifications, which guarantees a cost-effective and effective execution. As can be seen on the following picture, our WT double-tube heat exchanger is completely made of stainless steel. This product is available both with and without insulation.

                      Advantages of our double-tube heat exchanger:

                      • customer-specific design and construction
                      • functional stability
                      • low risk of clogging
                      • low pressure drop
                      • high heat transfer due to large transfer surfaces
                      • consoles and frames adapted to the location
                    • Dom gas DG

                    • Gas domes - these are gas hoods - fulfil two tasks: On the one hand, they accommodate the most diverse equipment of the digestion head, such as safety devices, foam traps, inspection glasses and sight glasses as well as gas extraction devices etc., on the other hand, a gas hood such as the GD gas dome represents a sufficiently large opening for the introduction and removal of material or access opening, as can be seen from the corresponding illustration.

                      The EnvironTec Gasdom GD or gas hood is specially designed and manufactured to meet any customer requirement and can be supplied in a variety of configurations. Diameter and frame length are individually adjustable.

                      Usually stainless steel 1.4571 is used for gas domes and gas hoods. Other materials are available on request.

                      Gas dome GD - the properties at a glance:

                      Basis for various digestion tower head equipment such as agitator flanges, foam traps, sight glasses, safety devices, etc.

                      • Simultaneous access opening for inspections, maintenance and material input and output
                      • Design and manufacture tailored to customer requirements
                      • various configurations can be produced on request
                      • Diameter and frame length according to the respective requirements
                      • completely made of stainless steel 1.4571
                      • Made in Austria

                      Applications and equipment

                      • Access and inspection opening for anaerobic digesters
                      • Mounting construction for various digestion head equipment
                      • Reception of agitators possible
                      • Variable diameter and frame length
                      • Delivery for welding on or with sealing collar for pouring into digestion head
                    • Spray nozzle SU

                    • In the operation of digestion tanks, the formation of sludge islands floating on the surface of the digested sludge or the formation of entire floating layers may occur under certain circumstances. The Su ball spray nozzle from EnvironTec can be used to effectively combat the formation of floating layers without a container opening, with the aim of driving the floating layer fragments to the extraction device by means of a water jet. The water jet of the spray nozzle can be freely rotated and swivelled due to the ball joint construction (see illustration).

                      Since the work can be observed from the outside through the EnvironTec sight glass at the same time, it is not necessary to open the gas chamber of the reactor. In addition, the SU spherical spray nozzle can be used to combat foam. 

                      All metal parts of the SU ball spray nozzle are made of stainless steel, the ball joint is made of suitable, particularly high-quality and durable plastic.

                      Combating floating layers in digestion tanks and foam formation without opening the gas chamber

                      • freely rotatable and swivelling
                      • extendable according to customer requirements
                      • including ball valve
                      • weldable in manhole cover or with extra frame
                      • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                      • Ball joint plastic
                      • Made in Austria

                      Applications and equipment

                      • Floating sludge and foam control in digester gas tanks
                      • Metal parts in stainless steel or ball joint made of resistant plastic
                    • Sight glass IG

                    • Sight glasses or observation windows are used for simple and unhindered observation of the processes inside digestion tanks (e.g. formation of floating ceilings). The IG sight glass, behind which the EnvironTec sight glass system is concealed, can be integrated into a manhole cover or gas dome or simply mounted in the reactor roof or the outer wall using its own insert.

                      The IG sight glasses from EnvironTec - shown in the following illustration - are available in various sizes. As additional equipment windscreen wipers, spraying devices, sight glass lamps (also explosion-proof) as well as protective covers can be provided. The glass material is highly resistant and break-proof. The standard frame construction is made of stainless steel 1.4571.

                      • Simple observation of processes in vessels and reactor rooms
                      • high-strength glass material
                      • integrated windscreen wipers (inside) - outside optional
                      • Spraying device + protective cover optional
                      • Can be equipped with EX sightglass luminaires or camera system
                      • completely in stainless steel 1.4571

                      Applications and equipment

                      • Observation system for digester gas installations
                      • can be mounted in gas hoods, manhole covers or with its own insert
                      • suitable for reactor roof and outer wall
                    • Foam Trap FT

                    • During the operation of digestion tanks, foam may form in the gas chamber under certain circumstances (e.g. during mixing processes in the reactor, due to gas injection processes, an unfavourable composition of the digested sludge, temperature influence, etc.). The modern EnvironTec Foam Trap FT can detect the formation of foam in time and effectively prevent the formed foam from penetrating the gas extraction system.

                      The body of the foam trap FT is continuously monitored inside by light optics. If the foam formed in the gas chamber rises into the monitored area, the detection and immediate automatic activation of cleaning nozzles takes place. By means of a spray veil, the foam is held down in the foam trap and its penetration into the gas pipe system is prevented.

                      The precipitated foam falls directly back into the reactor chamber. The delivery is possible in different equipment variants (basic equipment, semi or fully automatic as well as on request including signal output to control system).

                      The EnvironTec foam trap FT is - as shown in the corresponding illustration - completely made of stainless steel 1.4571 and equipped with high-quality components and/or fittings.

                      • Detection and control of foam formation in the gas sampling dome
                      • prevents foam from penetrating the gas system
                      • Return of the foam to the reactor room
                      • with integrated cleaning nozzles
                      • fully automatic equipment optional
                      • Sensors ATEX-compliant
                      • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                      • Connection option for overpressure/underpressure protection

                      Applications and equipment

                      • Gas extraction systems for anaerobic digesters
                      • Body, piping system, nozzles in stainless steel 1.4571
                      • Sensors suitable for Ex zones 1 and 2
                      • Side manhole LMH

                      • During the construction phase of digester tanks, but also during operation and for conversion work, safe and easy access to the inside of the tank must be ensured. For this purpose, it is necessary to manage the lateral entry and exit for persons, but also the entry and exit of material and equipment.

                        The lateral manhole LMH from EnvironTec guarantees an easy and fast opening and closing of the manhole cover by means of a spindle lock and an additional sealing of the inward opening construction by the liquid pressure. Due to the inward curvature, no sludge particles or other solids are deposited on the lateral manhole LMH.

                        EnvironTec LMH side manholes - shown in the following picture - are supplied with free diameters between 600 mm and 1200 mm. The frame width can be ordered individually. The lateral manhole LMH is completely made of stainless steel 1.4571 and is suitable for hydrostatic pressures up to approx. four bar.

                        • Easy opening and closing due to screw spindle closure
                        • Pressure range up to approx. 4 bar
                        • Application range up to 100° C
                        • perfect sealing due to static pressure of the medium
                        • Lid can be swivelled, it does not have to be removed
                        • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                        • Made in Austria

                        Applications and equipment

                        • Lateral entry and exit into storage containers, pits, towers, generally in concrete structures
                        • We recommend diameters >800mm for material insertion or diver inserts.
                        • Complete in stainless steel 1.4571
                        • Screw cap - easy to operate
                        • Hydrostatic pressures up to approx. 4 bar
                  • Gas processing

                    • Modern gas treatment with innovative solutions "Made in Austria

                      Worldwide, professional and appropriate gas treatment is not only an important task in the field of environmental technology, it is also characterized by numerous challenges that have to be overcome with suitable components. For this purpose, our company provides a wide range of products that have already proven themselves many times over internationally.

                        • Aktivkohlefilter ACF

                        • Biogas consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide. However, depending on the substrate used for gas production, high concentrations of impurities such as H2S, siloxanes, other organic impurities or particles may occur. These in turn can cause irreversible damage to gas engines or gas treatment plants. Conventional gas cleaning systems such as scrubbers or filters can only remove such impurities - especially H2S and siloxanes - to a limited extent.

                          EnvironTec's ACF activated carbon filter - shown in the figure below - can cost-effectively reduce these contaminants to a level that is guaranteed harmless, resulting in lower operating costs and longer life for gas engines and other plant components. EnvironTec's ACF activated carbon filter with its unique tripod configuration is used to remove H2S and siloxanes. The special design of the gas inlet results in an even distribution of the gas flow, resulting in a longer lifetime of the coal charge and a significant reduction in operating costs compared to conventional products on the market.

                          The conical bottom of the ACF activated carbon filter, with its large valve, allows the spent activated carbon to be emptied comfortably, while the large manhole in the ceiling, which can be opened easily, allows easy refilling.

                          Applications and equipment

                          • Fine gas cleaning for the removal of hydrogen sulphide and siloxanes
                          • the three-legged installation for easy removal of spent coal
                          • the special design of the gas inlet for even distribution of the gas flow
                          • all gas wetted parts made of stainless steel 1.4571 / AISI 316 Ti
                          • Sampling connections for monitoring the loading of the activated carbon
                          • Insulation and initial filling on request
                          • Made in Austria
                        • Biological gas cleaning

                        • Biogas and landfill gas always contain a proportion of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). This is usually in the range of 1000 to 6000 ppm, but can also reach two percent by volume or more. Often this H2S has to be removed from the gas, either for environmental reasons or due to a risk of corrosion. EnvironTec's desulfurization process in the form of biological gas purification (see illustration) is a cost-effective yet highly efficient solution.

                          As already mentioned, this is a biological process that requires no chemicals and virtually no consumables. If a limited amount of air (approx. 10 to 15 % air) is added to the gas throughput, special bacteria (e.g. Thiobacillus) convert the H2S into elemental sulphur and sulphuric acid during biological gas purification.

                          The bacteria only need

                          • Oxygen
                          • Nutrients and trace elements (NPK886)
                          • growth areas

                          Oxygen is added in the form of compressed air. The automatic control regulates the amount of air according to the respective demand, which correlates with the amount of gas. The artificial fertiliser (NPK886) available in all countries of the world is used to supply nutrients and trace elements. The design of the plant complies with VDI Guideline 3478 and the currently valid ATEX regulations.

                          • Biological gas purification for H2S elimination
                          • fully automatic execution
                          • high efficiency at low operating costs
                          • environmentally friendly / no disposal costs
                          • Quality requirements of the Vidi guideline 3478 are fulfilled
                          • no chemical consumption (NAOH, H2O2, FE3CL)
                          • Easy operation and maintenance
                          • Container design in PP or GFK
                          • optionally with gas analysis (CH4, CO2, H2S, O2)
                          • optionally with own hot water preparation
                          • optionally with Profibus coupling Siemens ET 200S

                          AREAS OF USE

                          • Municipal or industrial sewage treatment plants
                          • Chemical industry
                          • paper industry
                          • dumps
                          • food industry
                          • farming

                          DESIGN PARAMETERS

                          • Gas throughput of: 10-5,000 m³/h
                          • H2S Raw gas concentration up to: 20,000 ppm (2.0vol %)
                          • H2S distance: > 95 %
                          • Gas temperature at inlet: up to 45°C
                          • Gas pressure at installation location up to: 120 mbar
                          • Ambient temperature: -30 to +50°C
                        • Gas refrigerant dryer GC

                        • Biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas always contain saturated water vapour. During combustion, the water vapour causes corrosion damage to the gas engines and turbines. Malfunctions caused by these damages lead to considerable downtimes and high repair costs. By using gas drying, as with the gas refrigerant dryer GC from EnvironTec, the service life of the engines can be considerably extended and the maintenance costs noticeably reduced.

                          The condensation of the water vapour in the gas takes place in the gas refrigerant dryer GC by lowering the temperature and thus leads to dehumidification. The condensate is separated in a trap downstream of the cooling system and discharged via a siphon. The dehumidification also increases the efficiency.

                          The EnvironTec gas drying process using the GC gas refrigerant dryer, which is presented in the following diagram, is a cost-effective solution. The gas drying modules can be supplied for the capacity ranges from 100 to 6000 Nm³/h gas throughput. Special designs are also available on request.

                          Further applications are arrangements in combination with reheating upstream of activated carbon filters and feeding into a gas pipeline to avoid re-condensation. To save energy, the gas refrigerant dryer GC can be extended with an additional module consisting of an air cooler and a tube exchanger.

                          • Gas cooling for dehumidification of biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas
                          • Compact, split and special versions available (e.g. container)
                          • Condensate discharge via siphon or pressure-independent with pump
                          • Increasing efficiency and protection for gas engines and BHKW´s
                          • simple operation
                          • Wetted parts in stainless steel 1.4404/1.4571
                          • optional with reheating
                          • optional with pre-cooling for energy saving

                          AREAS OF USE

                          • Municipal or industrial sewage treatment plants
                          • Chemical industry
                          • paper industry
                          • dumps
                          • food industry
                          • farming

                          DESIGN PARAMETERS

                          • Gas throughput from: 100-6.000m³/h
                          • Gas temperature at inlet: max. 105° C
                          • Gas temperature at outlet: min. 3-5° C
                          • Gas pressure at inlet: -100 to + 500 mbar
                          • Ambient temperature: - 20 to + 45° C
                        • Ceramic microfilter FF

                        • Fine filters such as the ceramic fine filter FF from EnvironTec are used for the fine purification of sewage gas or biogas. This allows fine particles ≥ 8 µm, but also condensate mist, to be separated, so that a gas that is largely free of foreign substances is available for further gas utilisation. The EnvironTec FF ceramic fine filters (see illustration) are equipped with filter cartridges made of pantel (special chamotte). The gas flows through the filter cartridges from the outside to the inside, while the impurities are separated on the outer wall. The filter material used is chemically resistant or neutral, has a high filter performance with low pressure loss and is easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner.

                          Possible condensate can be discharged by means of an optional syphon or condensate separator. On request, the ceramic fine filters FF can be equipped with differential pressure measurement (U-tube or individual pressure gauges) and water level indicator. The EnvironTec ceramic fine filter FF are completely made of stainless steel 1.4571.

                          • Separation of the finest ingredients and moisture from biogas/sewage gas
                          • Fine cleaning of the gas e.g. directly in front of gas engines
                          • low pressure drop
                          • easy cleaning due to removable filter inserts
                          • Differential pressure measurement and automatic condensate drain optional
                          • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                          • Made in Austria

                          Applications and equipment

                          • Gas cleaning of solid particles and condensate mist
                          • Pore width 150-210 µm
                          • optionally available with differential pressure measurement
                          • Water level indicator and condensate drain
                        • Gravel Filter GF

                        • Biogas aus Faulbehältern bzw. Biogasreaktoren ist wassergesättigt sowie teilweise mit Schmutzpartikeln beladen. Zusätzlich kann es zum Eindringen von Schaum in das Rohrleitungssystem kommen. Der Kiesfilter GF von EnvironTec stellt eine einfache Grobreinigung des Biogases sicher. Das Gas strömt dabei durch eine Kiesfilterschicht, dabei werden Schmutz, Schaum und Kondensattropfen abgeschieden. Die Reinigung des Kieses bei normaler Verschmutzung kann mittels Wassereinspritzen durch die Reinigungsdüsen bzw. Freispülen erfolgen, ohne dass der Filter geöffnet werden muss.

                          EnvironTec bietet den Kiesfilter GF für verschiedene Volumenströme und Drücke an. Der Kiesfilter kann optional mit einem Kiesentnahmeflansch sowie Differenzdruckmessung ausgestattet werden. Im Folgenden sehen Sie eine Darstellung der EnvironTec-Kiesfilter, die komplett aus Edelstahl 1.4571 gefertigt werden.

                          Die Eigenschaften des Kiesfilters GF im Überblick:

                          • Abscheidung von Grobpartikeln und Schaum aus Biogas und Klärgas
                          • Kondensatabscheidung
                          • Schutzeinrichtung gegen Flammrückschlag
                          • wartungsarm
                          • Differenzdruckmessung und Kiesentnahme optional
                          • komplett in Edelstahl 1.4571
                          • Made in Austria

                          Anwendungen und Ausstattung

                          • Gasgrobreinigung auf Faulgas bzw. Biogasanlagen
                          • Herstellung in Edelstahl 1.4571
                          • Zusatzausstattung optional
                        • Condensate pot CP

                        • Biogas or sewage gas is water vapour saturated gas. Typically, the formation of condensate water occurs in digester gas plants and their piping systems due to the influence of temperature. Condensate in the pipeline parts can lead to blockages at low points, deposits, corrosion and the like.

                          The EnvironTec condensate separator for low-point drainage effectively and safely collects and removes condensed water in the pipeline system. The CP condensate collector is usually installed directly in the pipeline, but can also be flange-mounted below pipeline low points. The condensed water collects on the tank walls or on the partition wall and is collected at the tank bottom. The water is discharged manually by means of a ball valve or automatically by means of an automatic siphon or condensate separator. Level indicator or sight glass are optionally available.
                          The CP condensate drain pot can be supplied in various sizes and equipment variants (basic equipment, semi-automatic or fully automatic). As shown in the illustration, EnvironTec condensate separators are made entirely of stainless steel 1.4571, the substructure of stainless steel 1.4301.

                          • Effective collection and discharge of condensate water
                          • large storage capacity
                          • no pressure loss
                          • optional with automatic condensate separator
                          • optional with fill level indicator / sight glass
                          • easy cleaning
                          • completely in stainless steel 1.4571
                          • Made in Austria

                          Applications and equipment

                          • Effective collection and discharge of condensate water
                          • Large storage capacity
                      • Gas storage

                        • High-quality biogas storage facilities from the global player EnvironTec

                          As an international player in the field of environmental technology with worldwide export activities, for example to Turkey, Sweden or South America, our company has various gas storage variants in its range, for example biogas storage facilities, in order to be able to supply a tailor-made solution for every order.

                            • Gas storage TG / TGZ

                            • Environtec has two pressureless gas storage systems, which differ in principle in the type of enclosure construction. The model TG gas storage tank consists of a galvanized sectional steel construction which is clad with trapezoidal sheet metal. The model TGZ gas storage tank consists of a prefabricated metal silo made of galvanized corrugated sheet steel segments with lateral stiffening profiles and a conical roof. The storage membrane consists of high-quality, leak-tested and UV-resistant special plastic. It is fungicide-inhibiting and flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 B1. The membrane is completely self-contained, free-standing in the container and therefore has no steel parts in direct gas contact.

                              It is fastened or equipped with a connecting flange made of stainless steel (material no. 1.4571) at the cone tip of the housing of the gas storage tank (see illustration) and at the bottom of the gas bag. A floor protection mat is applied to the concrete foundation to protect the storage membrane. The gas tanks are equipped with a hydraulic overpressure or underpressure safety device and a mechanical overpressure valve as well as an optical level indicator and underpressure monitoring.

                              • Pressureless gas storage of sewage biodeposits or special gases according to ÖWAV regulation sheet 30.
                              • robust housing in galvanized steel with accessories
                              • short assembly time
                              • optionally with powder coating or trapezoidal sheet cladding
                              • hydraulic and mechanical overpressure and underpressure protection
                              • optical level indicator with optional 4-20Ma signal
                              • optional with gas compressor station & UPS system
                              • optionally with gas warning system
                              • optional with pre-shaft equipment

                              Applications and equipment

                              • Tank sizes from 10 to 6,000 m³
                              • Operating overpressure approx. 1-2 MBAR
                              • Ambient temperature -30°C to + 50°C
                              • max. permitted gas temperature +50°C
                              • max. permissible operating pressure +5 MBAR
                              • max. permissible operating vacuum -2.5 MBAR
                              • max. permitted roof snow load 120KG/m² for TG, 75 KG/m² for TGZ (higher snow loads on request)
                            • Double membrane gas holder DM

                            • The outer membrane forms the actual protective construction and is always under an overpressure necessary for the statics. The processes inside the accumulator can be observed at any time through a viewing window built into the outer membrane. The actual usable accumulator is the inner membrane, which is a double membrane accumulator. This diaphragm moves depending upon filling degree upward or downward. With the gas accumulator with foundation plate the soil diaphragm seals the accumulator space opposite the concrete foundation. The membranes are attached to the foundation with the aid of the anchoring ring.

                              Each double diaphragm accumulator is calculated individually with regard to the loads (internal pressure, wind and snow loads). As a result, membranes with high tensile strength are selected. According to DIN 4102 B1, the PVC-coated membranes are flame-retardant, fungicidal and have increased UV protection. In order to protect the membranes from the substances contained in the biogas (CH4, CO2, H2S etc.), the inner and bottom membranes have a special coating.

                              The supporting air blower provides the necessary pressure for the gas accumulator to absorb the external forces such as snow and wind load and to generate the initial pressure on the gas system. A separate air hose connects the blower with the double diaphragm accumulator, which is presented in the following figure. The non-return valve prevents the air from escaping if the blower fails.

                              For safety reasons, a pressure regulating valve is built into the air system. This valve regulates the operating pressure and closes automatically in the event of a minimum required overpressure (static stability, fan failure) in the outer diaphragm. This device ensures that the accumulator remains stable when gas production is present. The fill level measurement enables an optimal utilization of the storage volume and control of the downstream devices (e.g. flare, motor, burner, etc.).

                              • Double membrane gas container for the storage of sewage gas and biogas according to ÖWAV regulation sheet 30.
                              • Cost-effective gas storage solution up to 12,000 m³ storage volume
                              • with ultrasonic level measurement
                              • with low-maintenance and energy-efficient supporting air blowers
                              • with hydraulic over- and underpressure protection
                              • short assembly time
                              • optional with standby support air blower
                              • optionally with gas warning system
                              • optional with pre-shaft equipment

                              Design parameters

                              • Container sizes from 10 to 12,000m³
                              • Operating overpressure approx. 5-50 MBAR
                              • Ambient temperature -30°C to +50°C
                              • max. permissible gas temperature + 50°C
                              • max. permissible operating pressure +50 MBAR
                              • Max. permissible operating vacuum -2.5 MBAR
                              • max. permissible roof snow load 150 kg/m²
                              • max. permissible wind load 150 km/h (higher snow or wind load on request)
                          • Gas utilization

                            • Sustainable Austrian quality for the international market in every respect

                              With regard to professional and proper gas utilization, our company is the right contact. Our international customers - for example from Portugal, the Philippines, Italy or Israel - thus benefit from proven functional and professional systems of gas utilization "Made in Austria".

                                • Bio and sewage gas flare FA II

                                • In the operation of biogas plants or sewage treatment plants it may be necessary - e.g. due to the start-up phase as well as repairs or consumer accidents - to burn excess gas safely. The EnvironTec FA II gas torch series provides the operator with an automatically functioning, safe and low-emission gas torch. Due to its robust and functional design, the FA II biogas and sewage gas flare primarily guarantees a long service life, low maintenance and constant availability.

                                  The FA II biogas and sewage gas flare works fully automatically, i.e. after receipt of the start or stop signal, the corresponding fittings are automatically opened by the control system (Siemens SPS) and the ignition process is initiated at the same time. The flame is continuously monitored by a UV sensor. The respective standby or operating status is indicated on the switch cabinet by means of control lamps and reported to the central control system. As standard, the FA II biogas and sewage gas torch is equipped with a plastic switch cabinet (IP54) with integrated Siemens PLC control.

                                  Alternatively, an automatic firing system can also be used. Gas combustion is carried out by diffusion burners as standard, but can also be equipped with an injector burner as required. The FA II biogas and sewage gas torch can be equipped with additional accessories such as pressure control, pilot burner system, electric armature heating or temperature monitoring on request or if required in accordance with the respective requirements. The FA II biogas flares from EnvironTec are - as shown in the following illustration - made entirely of stainless steel and are equipped with high-quality components and fittings.

                                  • excellent price-performance ratio
                                  • Low-noise and low-pollution according to TA-Luft
                                  • concealed combustion
                                  • fully automatic control, fall monitoring and ignition device
                                  • certified fittings
                                  • incl. deflagration protection according to ATEX
                                  • wide working range (partial load ratio)
                                  • completely in stainless steel
                                  • Various accessories available on request
                                  • Made in Austria

                                  Applications and equipment

                                  • Fully automatic working gas torch for combustion of biogas and other combustible gases according to TA-Luft
                                  • Safe and low-noise combustion
                                  • Pilot burner system, pressure control, trace heating of the valve section, injector burner on customer request
                                  • Control cabinet available in stainless steel (standard plastic IP 54), on request with display for flare status indication
                                • Manual gas flare FA I

                                • When operating biogas plants, it may happen that more gas is produced than can be used. To prevent unburned gases from entering the atmosphere, they are burned using a gas flare. The operation of the manual gas flare FA I, a biogas flare, starts by first opening the manual flap. The gas can now flow through the pipe and mix with the combustion air in the flame tube. The start button on the control box ignites the gas, and closing the manual flap terminates the process. Before ordering, it may be necessary to check local and legal requirements to see whether it is possible to use a manual FA I gas flare on the biogas plant.

                                  The manually operated biogas flare FA I is designed as a simple, manual gas flare for emergency flaring of biogas and is supplied without flame monitoring and automatic control.

                                  As shown in the figure, the EnvironTec FA I biogas flares are made entirely of stainless steel 1.4571 and equipped with high-quality components and fittings. When selecting the individual components used, special attention is paid to robustness, durability over many years and low maintenance.

                                  • open combustion
                                  • manual control and ignition
                                  • manual flap with DVGW certificate
                                  • Flame arrester with ATEX certificate
                                  • Rope tensioning incl. tensioning device, anchor
                                  • Made in Austria

                                  Applications and equipment

                                  • Condensate collection/separation in piping systems of digester gas plants
                                  • body in stainless steel 1.4571, substructure 1.4301
                                  • Condensate discharge manually or by means of siphon or separator pot