Business Profile

At Malmberg, we always put our strive to find the most natural solutions. The ones that produce renewable fuel and renewable energy. That purify drinking water and wastewater. That minimize environmental danger and hazardous emissions. Quite simply, solutions that put people and the environment first. It has been our focus from the start in 1866.

We want to give our customers the most profitable, functional, long term solutions on the market. We do this by always giving our utmost. We want our customers to feel that when we get going, it is always at 110%. The vision we have formulated is deeply rooted within our organisation and is reflected in everything we do.

Pure energy. Clean water. And a constant focus on caring for our planet and its resources. Our values are the basis for our work to contribute to sustainable development. Expertise, creativity, openness and joy are the keywords in all our projects. We design and construct water treatment plants that provide people with clean water. The biogas plants we build reduce dependence on fossil fuels. We drill wells and create systems that make use of groundwater and bedrock for energy storage. And we ensure that everything works by providing reliable, comprehensive service. In short – what we do makes the world a somewhat better place to live in.
In the past, the present, and the future.