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The Best Foreign Trade Promotional Tool
The Spanish Manufacturers´ Association of Construction, Public Works and Mining Equipment, ANMOPYC, is a sector, private and non ? lucrative organisation founded in the year 1982 with the purpose of defending the interests of the Spanish Construction, Public Works and Mining companies as well as contributing to strengthen their presence in foreign markets.

Ever since, the Association?s characteristic thoroughness and competitive features have favoured the progressive growth of its members and their actions abroad. Nowadays, ANMOPYC represents a wide variety of firms located all over the Spanish geography who rely on the Association when considering to begin or consolidate their international presence. Given this goal, ANMOPYC thanks to the support and collaboration of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) designs and develops our sector Foreign Trade Promotional Plan on a yearly basis.

ANMOPYC has received the recognition of different Spanish and foreign official entities, a highly professional staff with a vision for future and great capacity to adapt to chang