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Business Profile

From the standard drive to the tailor-made precision gearbox
Our drive is your success. Since more than 35 years Melior Motion is supplier of high precision gearboxes to robotics and automation industry. Providing customer-oriented standard solutions as well as individual solution is our number one priority. From our headquarters in Hamelin, Germany, we develop, produce, assemble and test innovative precision gearboxes for the global market

Get ready for Industry 4.0: Precision gears for robotics
In 1985, we developed and delivered the first precision gearbox for the robotics industry. Today, our latest patented designs provide the optimum solutions for the robotics industry.

This is achieved by our focused, motivated, reliable and highly qualified team who provide innovative ideas and solutions for your specific application requirements, together with constant developments to improve further our products and service.

Melior Motion Precision gears for all applications
The goals and the productivity of our customers are at the center of our work. What we do not offer from our standard catalogue, we develop for your individual requirements. We have launched the extremely compact and accurate gearbox series PSC from this spirit of invention and with the experience of over 35 years in the development and manufacture of high-precision, zero-backlash gearboxes. The unique characteristics of precision, long life and outstanding energy efficiency exceeds the performance of all other products in the drive technology market. Our meliormotion® product range can be used everywhere that precision, positioning accuracy, compactness and efficiency are required..

Internationally successful
As a supplier to international robot manufacturers as well as automation solutions and many other applications, we have been established for many years – and at the same time stand for constant innovations. In this way, we ensure that the applications of our customers remain efficient and precise. To enable us to offer the best solutions and the best service in the future, we are focused on continuous improvement, because we know that real value comes only from the highest quality.