Company Profile

Trust is not a gift

The quality and performance of KEB solutions is continuously proving itself in the equipment and systems of our customers. We create movement. And we are also always on the move. Always with the target in sight: To create the optimum drive and control technology solution that is tailored to your requirements. Trust is not a gift, but rather the result of hard word, ambition and reliability - "Made in Germany".

What started with an initial ignition and six employees in 1972 has since grown into a multinational medium-sized company with more than 1200 employees (750 of which work at the Barntrup headquarter location). Along with continuous growth, we have also remained an owner-operated company, which is now in its second generation. A small detail that makes us very proud. Structured growth for 40 years, a strong affiliation with our Barntrup location and the economic region of East Westphalia-Lippe (OWL): Reliability creates trusts, also in our role as an employer.

Today, KEB is made up of nine companies and offices in 17 countries with the following locations:

  • KEB Headquarters (D)
  • Schneeberg (D)
  • Paris (F)
  • Minneapolis (USA)
  • Marchtrenk (A)
  • Shanghai (CN)
  • Shinjo (J)
  • Mailand (I)
  • Wellingborough (GB)
  • Moscow (RUS)
We are also available in another 23 countries with qualified personnel at our KEB sales and service centres.