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  • Logwin. Your Logistics.
    Comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions form the core of our business – from procurement logistics right through to delivery. For our customers this means dependable logistics and more space for their core business.

    Group Structure
    Logwin has bundled similar activities in two business segments: Solutions and Air + Ocean. This corporate structure reflects the aim of continuously improving its services, creating maximum transparency and consistently using synergies.
Product Portfolio
  • Logistics Services

      • Transport

          • Sea Freight

          • We safely transport sea freight shipments to any destination – as one of 570,000 TEUs each year, as part of a combined LCL shipment or using special transport for oversized loads.

            Logwin coordinates the entire process, from choosing the right modes of transport and loading equipment to ensuring reliable shipping, including pre- and onward carriage. Modern IT systems provide an up-to-date overview of the shipment status at any time.

            The sea freight services provided by Logwin include:
            • FCL and LCL shipments
            • Intermodal and combined transport
            • Gateway transport
            • Project logistics
            • Pre- and onward carriage, door-to-door
            • Buyers’ consolidation
            • Seaworthy packing
            • Customs clearance and documentation
            • Global shipment tracking
            • Transport insurance
          • Air Freight

          • By air freight around the world: we bring your shipments to any destination quickly and on time – even when things do not run as planned. As a global air freight specialist, we offer regular flight connections between every important commercial destination in the world.

            From urgent component parts and sensitive electronics to high-quality textiles in our AirTextainer boxes, we find the right transport solution for every shipment. Naturally, we also make sure that hazardous goods are kept safe. Logwin operates a global IT system that provides up-to-the-minute details about the shipping status of your products around the clock.

            The air freight services from Logwin include:
            • Air freight imports and exports
            • Full and part charter
            • Sea-air or air-sea shipments
            • Door-to-door transport
            • Express shipments
            • Transport of hazardous goods
            • Packing
            • Customs clearance services
            • IATA Agent
            • Transport insurance
            • Global shipment tracking
          • Retail Network

          • Special network for retail

            From fashion to cosmetics and modern electronics, we deliver directly to the point of sale – quickly, reliably and on time. After all, our logistics network for the retail sector specialise in this area.

            Logwin manages the transport of goods into stores with a particular focus on Austria, Germany, and Spain. Other countries are closely connected to the same retail network. Logwin also provides additional services, carefully tailored to customers’ requirements and the needs of the industry.

            Logwin offers:
            • Supplier management
            • Europe’s largest specialist network for the transport of hanging garments
            • Inner-city supply with short delivery time windows
            • Supply of goods ready for different departments and store shelves
            • Transfer of goods between stores
            • Returnable container management
            • Returns management
            • Stocking shelves and displays
            • Unpacking pre-picked goods ready for sale in the shop
          • Project Logistics

          • Unusual projects – our strength

            Large, heavy, urgent? Whenever shipments become a challenge, we draw on our extensive experience and expert knowledge. We ship entire factory systems and coordinate the combined delivery of all individual items on-site. We safely deliver sensitive high-tech equipment for further processing or transport ship propellers weighing more than 20 tonnes to the shipyard by air.

            The global Logwin team organises the entire project – from planning the route and coordinating different carriers to arranging appropriate packing for shipment. Logwin also manages customs clearance and transport insurance for your major projects as a professional, reliable partner.
          • Air Charter OBC

          • We make it simple - Air charter and OBC’s

            Whether a charter, onboard courier or express air freight outside of standard working times, you benefit from a branch-based infrastructure, fast response times, personal order processing and the many years of experience of our coaches.

            We keep the overview of all the separate transport stages and keep you informed about status and agreed milestones at all times using our state-of-the-art IT systems. Not just online, but also via emergency call line. Direct line +49 800 747 0 777.

            Air Charter and OBC's – Logwin’s services:
            • Personal Shipment Coach
            • 25/8 availability
            • 1st response within 15 minutes
            • Planes and helicopters, full or partial charters
            • Onboard courier
            • Express air freight
            • Special transports
            • Customs services worldwide
            • DGR shipments
            • Ship-parts logistics
          • Ship Parts Logistics

          • Full steam ahead – with Ship Parts Logistics

            Ships usually order spare parts when they are needed, so rapid delivery of the required components is especially important. We deliver components and spare parts for ships directly on board – be it in the shipyard, in port or out at sea.

            To this end, Logwin operates a global network of Ship Parts Logistics centres. These are responsible for coordinating orders and arranging fast delivery.

            The IT platform Lots Ship Parts provides up-to-date information about shipping status and can also be used to manage stock.

            Ship Parts Logistics – Logwin’s services:
            • Transport
            • Interim storage
            • Consolidation
            • Transit clearance
            • Customs formalities
            • Transport insurance
            • LOTS Ship Parts
        • Logistics

            • Warehousing

            • Warehousing – the right place for every product

              Logwin manages more than 500,000 square metres of space in modern warehouses around the world with equipment to accommodate customers’ needs. With intelligent warehouse management systems and technology such as pick-by-light, driverless transport systems and automated warehouses, we ensure efficient processes and a high level of process reliability.

              As a financially strong logistics partner, Logwin develops appropriate warehousing concepts for every industry and invests in advanced solutions. At the same time, Logwin is able to provide a variety of additional services at the customer’s request.

              Logwin’s services in the area of warehousing:
              • Pallet and block storage, high-bay racking, shelving and small parts storage
              • Tailored storage solutions and options for multiple users
              • Interim storage, cross-docking, complete logistics outsourcing
              • On-site and off-site solutions
              • Stock placement, picking and removal strategies
              • Customised warehousing for industries such as fashion, automotive, industry, chemicals and consumer goods
              • Inventory management with a modern warehouse management system
              • Returns processing
              • Interfaces to customer software, integration of warehousing and shipping software
              • Transparent flow of information: customers have a complete overview of the movement of goods at all times
              • Dispatch handling
            • Value Added Services

            • Value-added services – tailored and flexible

              We complement the smooth flow of goods with additional services for individual industries, including pre-assembling equipment, adding labels to textile products and stocking display units.

              In close cooperation with customers and with a detailed understanding of specific needs, Logwin develops customised services that perfectly complement transport.

              Logwin’s services create added value in the following areas:

              Additional services related to logistics:
              • Grouping
              • Co-packing
              • Display construction
              • Adding labels and barcodes
              • Returns management
              • Disposal
              Additional services related to production:
            • Quality control
            • Finishing
            • Prefabrication
            • Pre-assembly and part manufacturing
            • Sequencing and kanban delivery
            • Packaging development and optimisation
            • Development and management of transport and storage boxes

            • Administration and control:
            • Freight management
            • Call centre
            • Order processing
            • Quality management
            • Provision of staff
            • eFulfillment

            • E-fulfilment: solutions for online retail

              We offer modular service packages for online retail to meet the special demands it places on logistics and IT. On request, Logwin is also able to link state-of-the-art online shop solutions and modern IT systems to the customer’s software. Logwin organises the flow of information and goods securely and transparently. Customers thus receive a complete logistics service from a single provider.

              The following components are available for individual service packages:
              • Logistics: Procurement, warehousing, distribution, returns, value-added services, freight cost optimisation
              • Internet: Scalable, state-of-the-art online shop software that supports multiple clients, brands and languages
              • Financial services: Invoicing, e-payments, debtor and creditor management, international transactions
              • Information: Product information system, tracking, data warehouse, campaign monitoring
              • Multi- and cross-channel retail: Transparent control, information and coordination across all sales channels
              • Customer care: Multilingual customer care centre with a scalable 24/7/365 service, defined service levels, inbound and outbound service, reporting
            • Transport Management

            • Efficient transport management

              We are a flexible and reliable partner when it comes to managing all shipments for retail, production and the processing industry. Our services include the management of transport for procurement, between plants and internally as well as the organisation of distribution transport to the customers of our customers and the transfer of goods between branches and production sites. We choose the appropriate mode of transport to suit every need and, especially for overseas shipments, combine carriers to arrive at efficient multimodal transport solutions.

              Logwin has many years of regional experience and is able to rely on a network of high-performance partners in addition to its internal transport capacity. As a result, Logwin manages regular national and international transport by land, sea and air.

              Logwin’s transport management services:
              • Global control of the entire supply chain
              • Intelligent transport solutions for land, air and sea freight
              • Individual industry solutions and special transport
              • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence logistics
              • Plant-to-plant transport and internal shipments
              • Regional freight forwarding and other special transport solutions
              • Access to a network of tried-and-tested partners
              • Rail expertise
          • Industries

              • Industrial engineering

              • Global supply chains for industrial engineering

                The trade of machine parts and entire industrial systems has become faster and more global, making it more complex. We plan every process from order receipt to delivery and control international supply chains, covering procurement, interim storage, the movement of goods and distribution. We coordinate shipments from different suppliers in multiple countries and arrange transport to recipients around the world – including quality control and individual packaging.

                When transporting industrial systems and other heavy components, Logwin selects the most suitable mode of transport and ensures a smooth handover from one carrier to the next in the case of multimodal transport. In the area of production supply, Logwin synchronises the delivery of finished and semi-finished goods to production processes using precisely timed shipments.

                Services at a glance:
                • Worldwide procurement logistics, including eSupply® supplier integration
                • Distribution of finished and semi-finished products
                • Direct shipments and plant-to-plant transport
                • Production supply and disposal, kanban concepts
                • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply
                • Specific warehousing, e.g. Coil handling warehouses
                • Value-added services
                • International heavy shipments
              • Automotive

              • Just-in-time automotive logistics

                International, reliable and high-quality solutions – we offer professional logistics for the automotive sector along the entire supply chain. Our global logistics network connects both manufacturers and suppliers to procurement, production and sales markets.

                With individual logistics concepts, advanced IT systems and modern warehousing solutions, Logwin reliably manages production-related services as well as spare parts supply and distribution.

                With Logwin, customers in the automotive sector benefit from:
                • Worldwide procurement logistics, including eSupply® supplier integration
                • Direct shipments and plant-to-plant transport
                • Production supply and disposal, kanban concepts
                • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply to the assembly line
                • Flexible warehousing solutions
                • Tailored distribution logistics
                • After-sales service and spare parts supply
              • Chemicals

              • Safe logistics for the chemical industry

                Hazardous substances call for demanding logistics concepts. We plan, manage and optimise the entire supply chain, paying extremely close attention to the special requirements of each product. It goes without saying that we comply with all rules and regulations, particularly those concerning safety and environmental protection.

                Specially trained Logwin employees are responsible for proper storage as well as the transport and handling of different substances. Chemical logistics sites operated by Logwin have certification and meet the most stringent industry standards.

                Logwin offers:
                • Procurement logistics with multimodal transport solutions for all carriers
                • Warehousing
                • On-site logistics
                • Global freight management
                • Hazardous goods management by experts in chemicals and waste
                • Certified chemical logistics sites, e.g. according to ISO 9001 or SQAS We also provide value-added services in this area, including:
                • Waste management
                • Cleaning of containers and vehicles
                • Drawing of samples
                • Filling and repackaging
              • Electronics and high tech

              • High-tech products: delicate and time-critical

                In the high-tech industry, speed really matters. We make sure that smartphones, integrated circuit cards and electronic components reach their destination quickly. Logwin manages the professional handling of these sensitive products – both in storage and in transit.

                Logistics solutions:
                • Safety Storage
                • Picking
                • Reverse logistics: incoming inspections, categorisation, professional pre-installation
                • Equipment logistics and installation service
                • E-commerce logistics with order fulfilment
                • Transport solutions:
                • Special logistics (e.g. positioning by crane)
                • Repair logistics (SWAP service)
                • Overnight service
                • Spare parts logistics with delivery to the technician
                • Integrated disposal concept
                • Tracking and tracing
              • FMCG

              • Consumer goods – on the shelf on time

                Available around the clock: we deliver fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) on time to the point of sale for retailers and manufacturers. We know the industry and understand what is most important – after all, Logwin has worked with customers dealing in food and drink, home cleaning products, personal care and cosmetic items, and DIY supplies for many years.

                Logistics services
                • Storage and order picking
                • Traceability in line with EU Directive 178/2002
                • Value-added services
                • Returns handling, cleaning
                • Advertising material and event logistics

                Intelligent distribution concepts

                • Global transport control
                • Shipment consolidation
                • Container stuffing
                • Tracking and tracing at every stage (barcode, RFID)
                • Supply chain event management
                • Security concepts (C-TPAT)
              • Retail and fashion

              • Up to date for retail and fashion

                Rapidly changing trends and seasonal peaks are nothing special for retail companies. The same is true for our logistics. As a fast and flexible partner, we make sure that shelves are replenished and manage warehousing as well as many additional services.

                In the area of fashion and lifestyle, Logwin is a market leader for hanging garment logistics in Germany, Austria and Spain.

                Logwin’s services

                • Global procurement and production logistics
                • Distribution logistics with store logistics
                • Garments-on-Hangers (GOH) transport
                • End-to-end intercontinental connections
                Logistics and services
                • Logistics and warehousing
                • Global supply chain management
                • Textile finishing
                • Quality control
                • Value-added services:
                  • Attachment of security tags
                  • Labelling and relabelling
                  • Placing on hangers etc.