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Company Profile

The optimum combination of electronics, optics and mechanics in the devices make every encoder into one of the most robust and reliable devices on the market. High levels of protection, an extended temperature range and durable electronics enable our products to be used in even the most demanding applications. Wachendorff Elektronik is inextricably linked with the world's first agricultural-based electronic operating concept developed by us back in 1998. Since then we have been optimising our successful core product, the OPUS series, and are meanwhile renowned for our innovative technologies well beyond Germany's borders.

Product Range

  • Control equipment: Control for handling unit
  • Control equipment: Control for machine tool
  • Control equipment: Monitoring unit
  • Control equipment: Remote control system for machine controls
  • Control equipment: Remote control system for the automotive industry
  • Encoder: Absolute encoder
  • Encoder: Absolute wire draw encoder
  • Encoder: Hollow shaft encoder
  • Encoder: Incremental encoder
  • Encoder: Incremental wire draw encoder
  • Encoder: Shaft encoder