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    Bühler has supplied sample conditioning systems to the world market for over 40 years. Amongst our references are chemical plants, power plants (both nuclear and combustion) petrochemical, food industry and many others.

    For over 40 years Bühler Fluidcontrol stands for outstanding solutions and products for hydraulic power packs and lubrication systems. Our comprehensive range of components is application specifically designed.
Product Portfolio
  • Gas Analysis

  • The life and accuracy of process analysers depends on reliable sample conditioning systems. These systems must be professionally designed and the components employed in the systems should be specifically built for demanding applications. Bühler has supplied sample conditioning systems to the world market for over 40 years. Amongst our references are chemical plants, power plants (both nuclear and combustion) petrochemical, food industry and many others.

    Bühler's success and growth in this highly competitive market has depended on one credo "DO NOT COMPROMISE". The challenge for us is to continually improve the range of our products specifically designed for sample conditioning systems.
      • Sample Gas Probes

      • A comprehensive range of advanced sample probes in a modular design. Heated or non heated, up-stream or down-stream filters, also for hazardous areas.
      • Sample Gas Filters

      • Particularly designed for sample conditioning systems. Filter elements easy to change due to the Buehler unique connection. Easy maintenance also for the heated version.
      • Sample Gas Pumps

      • A rugged design proven in hundreds of sample systems, pumps condensate carrying gas streams. Low noise emmissions due to mounting console with shock absorbers.
      • Sample Gas Coolers

      • A very effective range of heat exchangers made from various materials in connection with high performance cooling systems provides exceptionally stable dew points, an essential issue for trouble free analyser systems. Compact physical dimensions require little installation space. A broad range of accessories help to discharge the condensate efficiently.
      • Flow Meters

      • Material composition and configuration are particulary made for sample conditioning systems. Needle valve and flow controller are available optional.
      • Accessories

      • Needle valves, directional valves, fittings and various pressure regulators for the professional design of sample systems.
      • NOx converter

      • Easy and reliable conversion of NOx to NO. Long lifetime, no production of CO and CO2. No cross interference with water.
      • Analysers

      • An interesting range of portable and stationary gas analysers with various configurations and measuring principles.
    • Fluidcontrol

    • Fluidcontrol has, for over 45 years, stood for the effort to maintain a long service life of fluids and components in hydraulic and lubrication systems. Fluidcontrol achieves a reduction of energy consumption due to the control and stabilisation of a fluid's operating temperature in precise ranges. Fluidcontrol is the reduction of wear and tear in fluid power and lubrication systems by means of advanced filtration and cooling systems. Fluidcontrol stands for reduced consumption of fluids due to proactive leakage control enhancing operational safety and the protection of the environment.

      The focus on these particular market segments provides the market with highly specialised services and advanced products available in many countries around the world.
        • level temperature tank top

        • A broad range of level switches / sensors for the monitoring of liquid level only or combined level and temperature. The integration of a comprehensive range of essential functions reduces space requirements and installation cost in hydraulic power packs and lubrication systems.
        • level

        • Designed for tank top installation, indicate the oil level both visual and electrical.
        • level - external installation

        • Always as combination of visual and electrical level control for operating pressures from 0 to 360 bar.
        • temperature

        • Comprising bi metal temperature switches up to controllers with digital display and up to 4 programmable alarm outputs. A comprehensive range based on contemporary technology and standardised menu structure.
        • pressure

        • Transducers and electronic pressure switches for ranges up to 600 bar.
          Flexible cable connection and the easymont rail system allow a very cost effective installation particulary for applications where the indication is required remote from the measuring point.
        • display and control units

        • Display and control units with a standard analogue input signal 4 - 20 mA. Different adjustable indication units for level, temperature and pressure.
        • water alarm units

        • Effective monitoring of free water in oil. Easy to install, cost effective.
        • filter monitoring

        • Monitors the remaining dirt holding capacity of elements in tank top return line filters or in-line filters (back pressure or differential pressure). Thermo lock out and two alarm points are indicated visual and electrically.
        • customized solutions

        • Versions according to costumer specifications or in-house standards.
        • oil- / water coolers

        • Brazed plate coolers offer by a far better performance than traditional shell and tube heat exchangers. They also are cost effective and are of compact construction.
        • oil- / air coolers

        • A broad range of air blast coolers with a maintenance friendly design. Available also with integrated circulation pumps for off-line installation.
        • cooling / filter units

        • Off-line filter units combined with very efficient brazed plate coolers.
        • offline filter units

        • Neatly arranged on a compact installation manifold with "very little demand for installation space", these units offer highly efficient off line filtration with low noise pumps.
        • oil filter

        • Complete filters and replacement filter elements from famous, original sources.
        • circulation pumps

        • For applications in fluid power or lubrication systems, with low noise emissions and good suction characteristics.
        • sub systems

        • Hydraulic and lubrication systems include frequently auxiliary sub systems like kidney loop filtration, cooling circuits. We design and produce such systems or mobile units according to your specification.
        • cooler calculation programme

        • Use our dimensioning program to help you select a suitable cooler for your application.